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    Darwaja Chota Hi Rehne
    Do Apne Makaan Ka,
    Jo Jhuk Ke Aa Gaya
    Samjho Wahi Apna hai...!!


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    After Breakup

    They coincidentally meet after one of their breakup

    Boy: You look beautiful today. I heard you took 3 months to overcome our breakup. I’m sorry.

    Girl: No I took 6 months to overcome our breakup, after 3 months as my heart healed and I released you took me for granted, you made me feel you are doing favour on me by being loyal to me, being with me, spending time with me, after all this I should have done breakup with you but I put you above then myself respect that break my heart even more than our breakup. So breakup I had with myself it took 3 more months

    Waiter: How may I help you?

    Girl: One red wine please

    Boy: But you don’t like that

    Girl: My taste is changed for better and I prefer to have drink alone as I’m here on date

    Boy: Oh! How is that lucky man?

    Girl: Ya he will be lucky of course because he would know what he is getting and you must be known what you have loss, but now I’m on date with myself so excuse me please.

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    Tanka 51

    Hierarchy is
    nonexistent among the
    honorable; there
    is only ability
    and proportional respect.


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    Newton's 3rd law is most universal
    Even it is applicable to "Respect" too.


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    The unsaid words of a martyr...... ❤️.....
    The bond which can't be expressed in words... #maa♥️
    The sacrifice is unmatchable.... the loss is un repairable...... Martyrs are immortals...... Salutes �� ����♥️
    #writersnetwork@mirakee #mirakee #thoughts#mine#martyrs#shaheed#bharatiyesena #respect#bharatmatakijai

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    aa jaaunga maa♥️

    sukoon sa hai yahan
    shaant hai yahan hr pal
    or maddham si hai hawa
    samandar si geherai hai
    sahil bhi hai sahara
    mera yahan
    par phir bhi tum bin
    soona sa lagta hai
    jahan yeh saara
    mujhe maa
    tabhi toh jahan hai mera sara
    sirf tumse maa
    kamna thi meri ki
    aakhri baar tumhare aanchal se lipat jaaun
    pr reyt ki tarah waqt fisal gaya
    mere hathon se
    Or bharat maa ke aanchal se lipatkar
    so gaya main geheri neend mein
    chaahakar bhi ab neend se jaag na paaunga
    or ek baar phir tumhare aanchal se
    lipatkar so na paaunga
    aansoo meri yaad mein tum
    bahana na maa
    anmol hain yeh aansoo
    inhe meri yaad mein sinjona tum maa
    main door nahi gaya hun tumse
    aankhe band kar ek baar pukarna maa
    phir tumhari lori ki gungunahat sunne
    main lautkar aa jaaunga maa

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    MOTHER - who gives you birth and pamper you like no one in the world can do
    SISTER- who is besides you, stand for you, help you to take decisions
    WIFE - who loves you makes you happy, stay with you in every situation and makes you stronger
    DAUGHTER - who makes you proud, happy and even cry but not painful tears i.e, tears of love and happiness
    Woman is the finest and great creature of god
    You are nothing without them
    So never disrespect woman.... They are not ordinary women.... They are wonder womens
    Always respect them ❤

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    We are all alone, born alone, die alone, and—in spite of True Romance magazines—we shall all someday look back on our lives and see that, in spite of our #company, we were alone the whole way. I do not say lonely—at least, not all the time—but essentially, and finally, #alone. This is what makes your self-respect so important, and I don't see how you can #respect yourself if you must look in the hearts and minds of others for your #happiness
    .......-Hunter S. Thompson

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    Each star gazing towards her..
    So was the moon gawking..
    She has found the perfect partner
    To confabulate her secrets with..

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    प्यार हो अगर तो प्यार करना ।।
    रह जाओ अगर तन्हा तो मलाल ना करना ।।

    होंगे यूं तो कई और तेरे चाहने वाले ज़माने में ।।
    मिल जाए अगर कोई मुझसा तो इंतज़ार ना करना ।।

    प्यार हो अगर तो प्यार करना ।।
    खुद का थोड़ा एहतराम तो करना ।।


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    I will tell you a good story, the story is about me and my family. We went out on the 17th to an escape game. We went round and rouns to pray Asr, Subhan'Allah. We left so early so we could pray then play. However, we were not destined too, so we played, we won. Alhumdulillah. We rushed to go go pray Asr, we found a small corner and the 3 girls prayed while my cousin looked out, then we swapped around and i looked out while my brothers prayed. The beauty of Islam, we prayed however we could, we then rushed to westfield to go pray Maghrib, when we got there we already saw a few people getting ready to pray Jammat. The man may Allah (swt) reward him motioned us to join him and we all did. And that has remained in my heart since yesterday, the moment he recited till the end, i slid next to my cousin and prayed. While doing this i couldnt believe how beautiful it felt, my heart quivered full of love Subhan'Allah, I prayed and cried throughout the whole prayer. May Allah (swt) accept our prayers with the sincerity and love we did. When i told my cousin she replied how beautiful our deen was ♥ and i couldnt agree more. My heart burst with so much love for my brothers and sisters, that will forever remain in my ♥.

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    My Agony...

    Drained,carrying the burden of these hefty tears...
    But too selfish to let them escape...
    Trapping them forever in this heart...
    Too selfish to let the pain get away...
    Cause to let go means to relinquish the roots of my agony...
    And letting go aches more than the present suffering...
    The mere idea of losing that thoughts breaks apart my soul...
    Ergo this torment will accompany me to my grave...
    Disintegrating my spirits,my heart,my soul,my everything fragment by fragment..

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    She sighs;
    So she sing !!

    It hurts;
    But She will never
    Utter !!

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    में कहूं या ना कहूं।।
    आपके साथ राहु या ना राहु।।
    मगर ज़िन्दगी जब भी कोई तकलीफ़ आएगी।।
    मुझे सिर्फ आपकी याद आएगी।।
    जाने अंजाने कोई ना कोई आपकी सीख
    मेरा ज़िन्दगी भर साथ निभाएगी।।
    ज़िन्दगी के रास्ते को पार करते समय
    मुझे सिर्फ आपकी वो उंगली याद आएगी।।
    जिसने मुझे अपने कदमों से ले कर
    अपने पैरों पर खड़ा होना सिखाया है।।

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    Women are not doll.
    They are the one's who have the "potential" yo bring life from "HEAVEN TO EARTH", after God.

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    Simplicity at it best; finally at its real "Heaven". -Arvind (r.v.)
    #RESPECT #india #goadiaries

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    शालीनता उनके व्यक्तित्व में बेमिसाल है,
    राज्य शायद जरूर छोटा रहा हो पर,
    "मनोहर" जी का अस्तित्व अतुल्य विशाल है।


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    #Save the Earth
    Say no abutments

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    Woman in Despair

    She is crying because she's abused
    She is sad because she's disrespected
    She is lonely because no one cares for her
    She is afraid because everyone treats her so bad
    She is broken because everyone broke her.


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    We all wanna join a popular gang in the school,
    We all wanna live our lives with style, attitude and freedom,
    We all wanna be like our role models and idols,
    But have we ever thought of the poor kids who don't even have a pillow to sleep on?

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    अभी टूटा नहीं है ख्वाब मेरा
    की अभी खुन में गर्मी बाकी है
    ललकार मत ए कातिल
    कि वतन से वफा बाकी है
    इश्क में भले हम थोड़े कच्चे हो
    मोहब्बत वतन से बेशुमारी है
    कुछ गीदड़ आए थे देश मेरा
    अतिथि समझ बैठा देश मेरा
    खातिरदारी खुब की
    पर फिर कातिल ने रंग दिखाई
    उसके सारे नापाक इरादे सामने आई
    हमारी अच्छाई को कोई
    हमारी कमजोरी समझ बैठा
    फिर क्या
    फिर बस हमने एक F16 गिराई
    शायद तब भी बात समझ नहीं आई
    सहमा कातिल तिलमिलाया
    अलग अलग बातें सामने आई
    आखिर उसने भी थोड़ी बुद्धि लगाई
    फिर बात बातचीत पे आई
    बेकार अब उसने गुहार लगाई
    भुल जाता देश मेरा
    पर उस कातिल ने
    देश के बेटों की लाशें बिछाई
    वो हमें कमजोर समझ बैठा
    और गुस्ताख ने पीठ पे गोलियां चलाई
    मैंने कहा था
    टूटा नहीं है ख्वाब मेरा
    अब कमजोर नहीं है देश मेरा
    घर में घुसा
    घुस के गीदड़ो का संहार किया
    दुनिया में फैली आतंकवाद की गंदगी को
    कितनी नाजुकता से साफ किया
    टूटा नहीं है ख्वाब मेरा
    कि देश प्रेम अभी बाकी है
    कैसे हार जाए देश मेरा
    यहां बच्चे बच्चे ने वतन से दिल लगाई है
    मिट्टी पर कुर्बान होने को
    बेसब्र हर जवानी है
    टूटा नहीं है ख्वाब मेरा
    की वतन से वफा अभी भी बाकी है

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    #have unity
    #respect women

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    Two genders

    Two genders
    One slender and one tender
    A man and a wo-man
    Most say they respect God ,
    To be honest they are not
    Cause if they respected
    They wouldn't have discriminated
    A girl child born
    Why does the entire family mourn
    They kill her hopes
    Tie her up in so called "maryada's" ropes
    Shatter her dreams
    And continue to scream
    Silently she sits in her room
    Waiting for a man her so called groom,
    A girl is much softer than a feather
    Why o why you think she is just to make batter
    She is the one who makes your life better
    Without her you would not even be matter
    Now as she grows
    The male's fear rose
    He tries to destroy her courage
    Convince her for a marriage
    Then the brutality starts
    There is no event in which she can take part.
    One roams without chains
    One lives in pain
    , You are a female you should not roam outside
    Always stay at the backside
    Stand down do all the house work
    Let me enjoy and surp
    you are a female you should serve ,
    You are a female you should live conserved
    I am man with no rules and regulation
    You are a female you shouldn't read post matriculation.
    She lives her entire life
    Trying to be a good wife
    Always follows commands
    Life never fulfils her any demands.
    With all the sadness on her shoulder
    She thinks she can't hold it any longer
    Takes a deep breath
    With all her wrath
    She shouts to the world
    Now she has nothing to hold
    Who the hell is society
    To decide who makes tea?
    Who the hell is society
    To decide my destiny.?
    A woman she is
    All her life she has been suffering
    Her entire life seems to be buffering
    A woman is such and investment
    Which has deep sentiment
    She must be handled with care
    To destroy her you must not even dare
    To touch her you need her permission
    Give her recognition
    She would win the world
    Just with her intelligence not with any sword
    She is a brave woman
    Respect her , you ain't a caveman
    Give her freedom
    She would use her wisdom
    She would then give her heart to you
    Just to be yours till the Earth is living
    Provide equality
    Without any partiality
    Give her privilege
    Don't discourage
    Love your woman , remove fraternity
    And she would love you till eternity
    Have some unity
    Without her you can't achieve all that's written in your Destiny.
    © Santosh

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    उमड़ रहे है जज्बात तुझमे सिमट जाने को,
    जैसे कोई भूखा हो गरीब,दो निवाले को।।