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  • dilkashzindagi 1h

    उसकी आंखों में पन्हा मिल जाए,तो
    ज़रा इत्मीनान से पढ़ना उसे ।
    उसकी मुस्कान तुम्हें छू ले ,तो
    रूह की बाहों में भरना उसे।
    और अगर रोक ले वो तुम्हारी हर मुशिबत को तुम से पहले,तो इश्क़ की अमानत सा रखना उसे।

  • sobheshtypes 16h

    होंठो पे फिरसे वही हसी
    और दिल में अनगिनत ख्वाब लेके वो आगे बढ़ चली है
    जो भी कोई उसे बांधने की कोशिश में लगे थे
    उन सबको पीछे छोड़्
    उस पिंजरे को तोड् , वो अब उड् चली है ।।


  • vswrites97 17h

    ग़रीबी का सफ़र

    सोचा ना था उन्होंने इस सफ़र के लिए
    घरों की ओर चल पड़े अपनों के लिए,

    कहां तो सफ़र तय था सिक्कों के लिए
    अब दर-ब-दर भटक रहे उम्मीदों के लिए

    पहुंचा दो उन्हें भी अपनी मंज़िलो पर
    क्यों खड़े हो अब यू नाउम्मीदी को लिए,

    अब उन घरों के दीए भी बुझ गए है
    लौटने दो उन्हें फिर एक रोशनी के लिए

    एक कतरा निज़ाम हो उन्हें खुशियों का
    उन उन्निंदी आखों में ख़्वाब के लिए

    ज़रा सी इज्ज़त ही दिला दो उन्हें
    वो जान तक लुटा देंगे तुम्हारे लिए...

  • _swati_773 21h

    Missing uh my♥️

    The thought of losing uh was the worst feeling ever ,
    But being with uh and still can't talk to uh is much worst than losing uh...
    Either uh be with me forever or move from my life (+_+)
    Can't bare this pain more

  • dreamgirl2606 21h


    Jab bhagvaan khush hota hai
    To baarish krta hai
    Jab bhagvan bot khush hota hai
    To mehmaan bhejta hai
    Or jab bhagvaan bahot hi zyada khush hota hai to
    Ghar mein lakshmi ke roop me ladki bhejta hai

  • h4x0rblack 22h

    If Your Have Someone Who Listens To You Through All Your Scolding And Anger Silently... Is Showing You The Most Sincere Form Of Respect You Can Ever Feel.


  • backstorypoetry 1d

    Point of view is mandatory but it is not necessary the other need to take it...
    Don't take ego into mind as it will let go of your mind.
    #egoistic #ego #win #lose #break #respect #insult #desperate #humanity

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    Point of view is your mindset that differs from each other
    All have their ego of winning their point of view
    But whether it breaks or gathers other person's respect is never their consideration
    To fulfill their egoistic point of view, they fall to desperate degraded levels
    Whether it's worth for humanity or not needed to be thought about!!!!!

  • whatjessithinks 1d

    You ask her for her nude pictures and she declines. "No, I would never do any such thing," she says.

    You proceed to convince her that all the other girls are doing it and it's cool.

    She reaffirms what she'd said. "No. I'm not like the other girls."

    You continue trying to persuade her, telling her she'll love it, telling her she'll enjoy it, telling her you'd never share it, telling her you love her or her body.

    She says she doesn't feel comfortable doing it.

    You hold the key to making her do anything you want because you know her secret. Blackmail her into doing it. "I'll tell everyone your secret if you don't."

    Or you just keep asking incessantly hoping that one day she'll get tired of you and send them or thinking you can try to convince her that it's normal.


    #saynotorape #feminist #feminism #power #equalityofgender #respectnforwomen #respectofdecision #respect #women #men #story #shortstory #secondperson #writeup #saynotorape #sons #daughters #female #male #girlpower #selflove

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    Am I right or...?


  • _swati_773 2d

    Me to me(part :3)

    You are special to me♥️don't think of other's ⬛
    Just come back to me until the time goes away
    Just come back to me until it's too late and nothing will be left
    Just come back to me until your skin gets old and wrinkled,
    Just come back and give peace to my soul it's very lonely ⬛⬛⬛⬛

  • karanagrawal 2d

    Don't show over respect to someone that you bargain for your own self-respect.


  • vaishsb 2d

    We all are equal

    Yes people are different.
    So are there ethnicities .
    But at the end we all are humans .
    We have human blood running across our body .
    We have same heart which beats .
    Yes everyone matters .
    We all are equal .
    And everyone should be respected.
    And each life matters.
    By Vaishnavi

  • golden_mean 3d

    Today, I woke up early. (��)
    My son had his camps,(��)
    I wanted to cook rajama - my favorite,(��)
    But then my husband doesn't like it.(��)
    I loved a new drap I saw online,(��)
    But my girl cried for a frock.(☺)
    My daily soaps are best past time(��)
    Mother in law asked for leg massage . (��)
    I had a kitty party with my friends,(��)
    But my little one got injured (��)
    My passion was dance ,(��)
    But dad wanted me be a bride.(����)

    We don't find food,sleep,a dress or free time to be a great sacrifice. But spend a day sacrificing all this you will exhaust !!

    Now imagine her doing one or the other each day and sometimes major once like career ,love etc.
    I don't think we can describe her in words
    That's what we call a women

    She is love, perserverance,kindness.
    She is epitome of sacrifice


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    Is what she lives up to
    Respect her!


  • backstorypoetry 3d

    How often we beg with people to love us, isn't it?
    Though they're not meant to be with us.
    We throw or kill those people who don't deserve to serve us anymore.
    We keep trying things that will help us in becoming stronger but nothing happens. It's better that we walk away from those things because our motive is over or our path were meant to be together only till that date.
    Not because you are selfish, do it because you have self respect.
    People will talk about you, they will insult you but it doesn't matter in the long run of life.
    We got to keep walking, keep fighting because we need to grow inorder to succeed.
    #selfish #happy #sad #selfrespect #growth #serves #respect #life #hardwork #success #insult #fight #strong #motivational

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    Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.

  • _the_thinker_ 4d


    Respect or don't expect.


  • galpokatha 4d

    Forehead kisses

    She craved his forehead kisses
    Than she ever craved those lustful smooches


  • pktomar 5d

    know ur self

    when uh
    know ur worth.
    No one can
    make uh feel


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  • tamashamishra 5d


    Kitabon ki un panno ki jese
    Zindegi ki un lamho ki jese!
    Bachpan ki un yadoon ki jese
    Hathon ki un lakeeron ki jese!

    Jiban k har mod pe apni mojudgii batati rehetii hai......
    Ye imtihaan hi hai Jo har waqt hume satati reheti haii!!!

  • _kesar_vishnani_ 1w

    This time we all are suffering from the epidemic
    And what we have to do is to cooperate with our people.... We should respect doctors, police , workers , and many other people who are working for our safety ....who all are working hard without caring of their own life and in this great epidemic ...we should not fight ...we shouldn't discriminate on the basis of caste , religion , or anything.... We have to fight together...

    #respect #life #love #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Vo shaqs...

    Vo shaqs bhi ekk insaan he
    Usse galiyan matt do
    Vo shaqs Ka bhi parevaar he
    Usse maro matt
    Usse bhi dard hota he
    Vo apni jaan ki parwahh kiye bina
    aapna kartavya nibha rha he
    Din raat ekk karke
    vo inn halato me hamara chhaataa banke khada he
    Bhukh , pyaas ki parwahh kiye bina
    bss dusro ke liye kaam karr rha he
    Aapne pareevar se durr reh karr
    vo bhi khush nhi he
    Lekin sabki suraksha ke liye usse
    unse durr rehna he
    Vo shaqs bhi ekk insaan he
    Hamara kaam unka saman karna he


  • dilkashzindagi 1w

    तूने तो कह दिया उसे बेवफा और बाजारू
    लेकिन उसे बेटी होने का फ़र्ज़ भी निभाना था,
    माना साथ चलने का वादा किया उसने
    लेकिन चलना भी तो उसे मां-बाप ने शिखाया था