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    Never again, I say, as you extend your
    Cup to me, just a sip, you coax me, but you
    Don't know what curse I must bear, I was once
    Parched with a thirst for all things of beauty
    In a forest I went to seek the fairest of them
    All, a maiden white as snow, and as she
    Bathed in the moonlight, I used to steal
    Glances, to drink in the lusciousness of
    Her glistening flesh, till one day, her
    Gaze struck me, oh the light from my heart
    Was gone, and icicles pierced my flesh,
    When I was turned inside out, to my
    Beastly form, she whispered, beauty
    Would give herself to the one worthy
    Of her, the one who wins her heart, not
    The one that wishes to conquer her
    Like a trophy to be kept in a locked chamber,
    And since that day, I prowl the wilderness,
    I rage within the walls of my curse, for one
    Brush against my lips turns the sweetest
    Wine to poison, no, don't offer me your cup,
    Offer me hope If there is any, 'cause a beast
    Lies waiting, for beauty to come rescue him

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    If this were a fairytale,
    I would be a poor little girl,
    More fragile than the china
    I would be cleaning in the
    Mansion of my evil stepmother,
    But I would be a prize, where else
    Would the prince find a more
    Beautiful, more obedient, more
    Compliant damsel to save,
    But here I am, smashing your
    Moulds with my gaze, I am not
    Your angel to put on a pedestal,
    If this were a fairytale, I would love
    You, even if you kept me a prisoner,
    But here I am, ripping off the shackles
    You adorn me with, no, if this is
    Your love, I'm better off without it,
    Maybe I need saving after all, 'cause
    This world is rife with danger, but
    Let me tell you what no fairytale
    Would, wicked or wise, a queen worth
    Her crown always saves herself

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    #mirakee #shortstory #flashfiction #mermaid #ocean #love #fairytale #reimagining #retelling

    . . .

    (A Reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid)

    "You're leaving… tomorrow?" Gideon's voice cracked. His gaze fixated on her light, ocean blue eyes. Endlessly searching their depths for a confirmation as the moon shone bright above them; a protected pearl always sailing above the sea of skies.

    The waves of the Sufian ocean rushed to kiss their feet, and Kaila hesitated. Seeing the strange look that was plastered on the boy's face. 'He looks sad…' She thought. But despite this, she still nodded. For indeed, they would set sail the next morning.

    'I'll only be gone for a few days.' Her eyes brightened, optimistic. 'We'll still see each other. And you are still to play me that song, remember?'

    Gideon smiled. Of course he remembered! It was a song solely for her, and only her. Kaila was his joy, and the more days they got to know each other, the more times he felt that feeling blossoming in his heart. He had admired her ever since they first met. A calm, starlit night at the Palace Gardens. Where she danced gracefully like the wind, a smile planted on her face as she thought of one man.

    The Prince.

    He had heard of the special girl who accompanied His Majesty, his cousin, all throughout the days. But it was only then did he meet her. Gideon complimented her skill, and Kaila had smiled at him. A sweet smile he found quite captivating. And before he knew it, they began to see each other every night at the nearest beach. Where he would play the flute and, until midnight, talk to her about life, the ocean, and love.

    Kaila snapped her fingers in front of him.

    'You seem to be lost in thought.' Her eyes showed concern. 'Are you alright, Gideon?'

    He shook his head, and smiled shyly. "Why, yes of course. I was just… obviously thinking."

    Kaila could not speak, but the lad cherished her silence. The girl was gifted with eloquent eyes, and that itself was enough for him. Gideon treasured her, for she was like the ocean. Kind and caring to those who treat her in the same way, but strong against those who don't. He had also learned that she loved fish as much as she loved the water. That she liked collecting seashells as the sun rose in the horizon. She was unique. She was beautiful.

    'Do you think it will happen?' she suddenly asked him. 'Marcus taking me as his bride?'


    'Marcus told me that if he could choose his own bride, it would most certainly be me.'

    They stared at the dark sea, listening intently as it roared with every wave. Gideon clutched his flute tighter. "Does he truly make you happy? Do you really feel the love in your heart when you are with my cousin?"

    Kaila smiled, her eyes glistening. 'Of course I do! I really do. I had loved him ever since we first met.'

    'It sounds selfish, I know. But I really do hope he chooses me over Gandrel's princess. So that I may also---'

    She paused.

    "What is it, Kaila?" Gideon held both her hands. He saw the worry that flickered across her eyes, and it set his heart blazing with concern.

    'Nothing.' She tried to smile. 'But Gideon, what if… what if I don't get my happily ever after? What if Marcus won't choose me?'

    He held her hands tighter. Wanting her to feel his warmth. Wanting her to know that he would always be there.

    "He will," he whispered. "He will choose you; for there is no reason as to why someone could not love you."

    "You are perfect, Kaila. Even your flaws. Your flaws are beautiful. You're beautiful."

    He wrapped her small frame in a tight embrace, not wanting to let her go. "But… if he does hurt you, promise me that you won't drown in sorrow. I'm here, Kaila. I have always been."

    The girl considered the matter, and a few drops of tears fell from her eyes. Not being able to earn the Prince's love, and hand, is risky. She could lose it all.

    "When the sun rises on the day after his marriage to another," The Sea Witch's voice echoed in her mind. "You shall turn into sea foam and die a lonely death."

    She hugged Gideon tighter as more and more began to fall.

    "Kaila," He wiped her tears away with his thumb. "Do not despair. You will get your happily ever after."

    They stood in a comfortable silence as the stars watched them from above. The waves continued to sing, and he held her hand once again, kissing the back of her palm.

    "Goodnight, my lady." He covered the sorrow with another smile. "I wish for your happiness."

    Kaila curtsied, and Gideon watched as the maiden gracefully walked back to the Palace Gates. Retiring for the night in preparation for the dawn's voyage.

    "I love you," he whispered. Allowing the words to fly with the evening breeze, hoping they'd somehow reach her.

    "I shall await your return."

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    Kaila could not speak, but the lad cherished her silence. The girl was gifted with eloquent eyes, and that itself was enough for him. Gideon treasured her, for she was like the ocean.

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    #mirakee #poem #retelling #fairytale #dark #wolf

    "Little Red"

    Little Red, lonely Red,
    The Shadow's at your door.
    It screamed, kicked, punched,
    Glass crunched.
    Yet you still lay on the floor.
    Why, little Red?
    Are you afraid, little Red?
    Look, it's breaking the wood!

    Stand up, little Red.
    Push the window panes.
    Grab your cloak, little Red.
    And cloth for wounds of bane.
    Flee, little Red!
    Jump, run, wherever you can!
    The scarlet leaves are calling you.
    Follow them.

    Don't listen, little Red.
    Don't be lonely Red again.
    The trees are weak, they always bend,
    And speak of non but shame.
    But what did they say, little Red?
    That you're a worthless chap?
    Why, woe to them!
    Don't listen, little Red.

    "But truth it is, the trees don't lie."
    "The Shadow thinks the same."
    "You can't even ace a test of ballgame."
    "No wonder why you get bruised all night."
    A Dark Wolf, little Red.
    Big, bad, fast.
    "It's nice to see you again, little Red."
    Don't listen, run like it's your last.

    Faster, little Red!
    But wait! Look, a house!
    Knock on the door, little Red.
    And an old woman comes out.
    "A sweet child, a pretty child." She says.
    She takes you in as her own.
    Days have passed, you're happy now.
    But all is just a joke.

    The Woodland guards enter the house.
    Followed by cruel Woodland Queen
    The innocent woman is charged of rebellion;
    So her throat gets cut to seams.
    "So cry, Young Red. I'll listen. I'm a friend."
    The Dark Wolf came back quickly, then.
    Getting bigger, the more tears you shed.
    Getting bigger, mouth wider,

    Then there was no more little Red.

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    "Little Red"

    (A metaphorical retelling of Little Red Riding Hood)

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    Why the Ocean is Salty

    Sipnget, goddess of
    Darkness, was tired of her
    Kingdom in the sky

    So she asked the god
    Ang-ngalo to build her a
    Mansion white as snow

    He got white bricks from
    Asin, the salt king and so
    They started to build

    But Baybay, goddess
    Of the ocean could not sleep
    Amid the building

    One day she could not
    Stand it anymore and sent
    Waves to sink the bricks

    The salt dissolved in
    The ocean and that is why
    It is salty now!


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    El Rey de la Nieve

    El rey de la nieve, desconfiado de que ella guardaria su identidad en secreto, la siguio hasta su tierra. Una vez alli la enamoro y, de a poco, fue aprendiendo a querer su calor. Al ver a sus hijos: uno con sus ojos de color celeste palido, la otra con su pelo casi blanco, se dio cuenta de que tambien los amaba con locura.

    Una noche ella no pudo seguir guardando el secreto. El enfurecio, y desatando una ventisca desapareció. Se había engañado, se permitio confiar, y ahora lo habia perdido todo.

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    I managed to make a little blurb from the #mirakee prompt. Anyone wanna tell me if I should actually develop it or not? #believe #retelling #cinderella #excerpt

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    You would never believe me if I told you that I, a mere maid at this point, got proposed to by the prince at the only dance I've ever formally attended, then rejected his proposal in front of everyone, before vanishing in an edible carriage drawn by mice. But its true and I can prove it.

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    Tales of the Corpse

    Which was why Vikramaditya could not defend himself when Vetala suddenly turned and without a warning, he hit the king hard on the head with a rock which was in Vetala's hands. The last thing Vikramaditya knew was that there was a sharp pain in his head and then a numbing darkness as he feebly heard Vetala run away from the place.
    E book by SA Krishnan
    Free on Amazon Kindle

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    Tales of the Corpse

    The king was surprised when he heard the sound of the fruit crashing. Because it did not sound like a fruit. At all.
    True enough, Vikramaditya was shocked to see something red inside the fruit. Glowing beautiful red.
    The king’s breath caught in his throat as he pulled out the ‘thing’ and he saw a huge ruby in his hands. The ruby which was the size of his palm.
    "What is this?" He demanded looking at the stone and he looked at Mal Deo who was studying the king with a happy smirk. "Is this stone for real?" Vikramaditya's head was reeling.
    In the past too, the man had offered fruits before. Vikramaditya had ordered that none of his people should touch it as he had put it away... and to think each had a ruby in it.
    Mal Deo got up as he nodded at the king. "My name is not Mal Deo, your majesty. My name is Shita Shil. I know you do not believe me." He said with a small smile. "I know you would have this stone tested, after I am gone." The merchant actually chuckled as he continued. "I live near the forests where the Godavari flows. I have a hermitage there near a cemetery." Vikramaditya said nothing but he was suddenly feeling cold as he let the other man talk. "I have presented you with many gifts for the past two months, your majesty. In return of that I request you to come to my hermitage, during the fourteenth day of the dark half of the coming month. I have a special work for you." Shita Shil told the king.

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    Krishna: The Conquest of Mathura

    Jarasandha was an impressive man. He was the father of twin daughters, both of whom had married Kamsa. He was seven feet tall and he towered over all the other men working under him. Not many knew it, but Magadha was one of the few kingdoms of Bharatha which allowed non-Aryans free entry into the kingdom. That was deliberate. Though the subjects of Magadha had initially protested against it, they found that the non-Aryans were not exactly what was made out of them. They were as normal as themselves and most Aryans found themselves including the non-Aryans there in their trade and other activities.

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    Image from ROverhate via Pixabay: #butterflies

    #love #retelling #sad #arrangedmarriage #AncientTimes #china #StarcrossedLovers #folktale

    Left from a challenge I completed awhile ago, but i submitted something else other than this.

    Thinking about my other post, "By the River of Tears," decided to post this one too, instead of waiting for Valentine's Day (got something else for that too :) )

    A retelling of the Butterfly Lovers, with a twist...
    Let's give it a happy ending (^_^)/
    Poem: Fleeing Under the Love of Butterflies
    It was nothing new
    A faked death

    It was nothing new
    Arranged to someone's else

    It was nothing new
    to be oblivious, until it becomes out of reach

    It was nothing new
    But with an element of my own

    It was nothing new
    I conquered our fate for us

    I let go two butterflies cajoling in the air
    A symbolism of our love

    However the message they take
    Is the message they wish to perceive

    Hushing my sweet dear one
    I wiped the tears away from her face

    Promising her we'll be safe
    She wraps her arms around

    Sobbing away she told me
    Thank heavens! I thought you were long gone

    Don't ever leave me again
    I don't care if we live in shambles

    So we set sail on a secret riverboat
    Boarded to a peaceful mountain

    Me and her, sitting and watching the sunset
    A peaceful and secluded abode we lived

    Happy and content to reach to our old days
    A blessing I would have missed


    The Butterfly Lovers, one of China's 4 Great Folktales, actually has a sad ending. One was arranged to be married to someone else and the other one died after finding out. On the day of the wedding, the one that was engaged to be married traveled past her lover's grave. She jumped into the grave, wishing to be with her deceased lover, and all came out was a pair of butterflies, the two lovers.

    Their tale reminds me of Romeo and Juliet...
    If only famous love tales could have a happier ending...

    I'd imagine them faking their deaths, then sailing away on a riverboat down the winding rivers in between mountains...

    Story/poem tagged under my other tags. Do check them out if you want ☺️

    #AStoryWithinAPoem #OfEpicsAndTales #OfTragicBygoneLove

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    Butterfly Lovers

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    We know the tale.
    We know the song.
    We know the story
    Of a queen gone wrong.

    Mirror, mirror
    On the wall,
    Who is fairest
    Of them all?

    We know Snow White.
    We know the little men.
    We know the story
    Of what happened then.

    We know the Prince
    Who came to find
    His one true love
    And break the bond.

    But what ever became
    Of that young girl?
    How did the rest
    Of the story unfurl?

    I saw a beauty
    Set apart
    Take up the queen's
    Darkest art.

    I heard her speak
    Into a glass
    As if no time
    Did ever pass.

    A child played
    Inside a garden.
    I felt the queen's
    Soft heart harden.

    "Mirror, mirror
    On the wall,
    Who is fairest
    Of them all?"


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    Classic fairy tales bring hopes (and tonnes of dolls) for young children. But with modern times, the inner feminists of these classis princesses rises too. #fairytales #retelling


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    "Make sure the food isn't spicy!" The mistress orders.

    She smirks as she adds another spoon of spice.

    Cindrella isn't that kind anymore.
    -Mansi Gururani