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  • wattsonswritings 13m

    Calamity (9/11)

    Been around a thousand souls, (7; a)
    Experienced a thousand vibes, (7; b)
    Still can't fill this enormous void. (8; a)
    Looking for a specific kind. (8; b)
    "Too much of expectations", (7; c)
    Says the more logical side. (7; b)
    Then interrupts the dreamy one, (8; c)
    "Go for it. It just feels so right." (8; b)

    I am sorry if I seem like a fool. (10; d)
    Just in deprivation; deprived of you. (10; d)
    Yours is the most doubtful encounter I pant for. (12; c)
    However, you're the missing piece to make me whole. (12; c)
    Crossing oceans, rambling pavements with wandering eyes (13; b)
    Expecting a familiar face from a long, lost life. (13; b)

    If I am just dreaming, let me sleep. (9; e)
    Waking without you is calamity. (11; e)



  • devilfish 12h

    The Art of Chaos

    Chaos unwinds like a serpent coils
    Swirling around the sky like an omen
    Birds hit the gravel like precipitation
    Feeding this merciless monstrosity in this murder unspoken muzzled by the menacing moment as it moans it's silence
    Into the sinful sediment soaked soil I march
    Into the marsh grave so silent
    God would tremble
    Demeanor disassembled from the violence
    Of the ear shattering silence
    Echos of your hubris
    And the piercing of Poseidon's trident
    In a torrent of elements and their rage
    In an untimely occurance the dust settles
    And war remains pain remains
    It's not the same

  • oddgoddess 1d

    I dream in colors
    So everything isn't black & white
    I've been beaten black and blue by my own hands because love was something I didn't understand
    Not without condition
    Not without suspicions
    But I've learnt not to create storms by expecting them
    I'd still see the light in you while standing in the eye of the storm
    But you're still viewing things in black and white

  • iexist 1w

    Heart is so sensitive
    It gets hurt so fast.
    It won't forget the sadness.
    It won't forget the past.
    The heart knows
    When it is weak
    But still it stays silent
    There is nothing it could speak.
    It craves for more
    The heart wants what it wants
    Just leave it alone
    It's tired of all the taunts.
    There isn't any regret.
    Help it be happy again
    The real pain is in heart
    Not in brain.
    He might have tumor
    His head might pain
    But the torture on his heart
    Is what drives him insane.

  • sammiegirl 1w

    Basket of Kittens defeats the Demons

    It all goes static
    I still have to practice
    You look at an addict and don't see if he has talent you just look at him and
    see the habit
    The demon easily acts as a magnet, attaches to anyone willing to attract it
    One side tells me to attack it
    The other side tells me to match it
    They wanna see the rabbit, not realizing there's magic
    Put kittens in a basket
    Cactus under the pillow,
    Put butterflies on the fabric
    I woke up in a dream and was floating on a mattress
    Don't show when
    It's established
    Don't show when it's tragic
    Is it wrong or right to me to have balance
    I see good, I see bad
    I only know that they have it


  • devilfish 1w


    I think I saw you in my sleep
    Can you keep the sound from startling me
    Cutting into and burrowing into me
    It's all so harrowing the dream in midnight gleams of high beams in Atlanta dreams
    The star that shines so bright it beams
    It boast it seems as if I were ice cream
    Or a midnight creek a grassy stream
    A moonlight dream

  • devilfish 1w


    Shallow water
    Where I come to wake
    To drench in last night's sweat
    I've got my dignity at stake
    I rob the visionaries of their torch
    And of their stake
    The breath I'd make
    Right after I'd wake
    In the dreams of it's wet lucidity
    In between the heat of her legs
    In the flesh
    And water skin
    We mesh
    A God in the flesh
    And water skin
    So wet
    Let diamonds drip like

  • devilfish 1w

    Billowing Smoke

    I watch your laugh emit the music of an angelic harmony blended into an orchestra
    A synchronized symphony
    A petal of philosophy
    To watch your proud fire of curiosity
    And the way you stop to smell the scent
    Never hastily increasing your velocity
    Your pace
    Your brilliant face
    And it's radiant luminosity

  • sammiegirl 1w


    Goes without saying
    With emotions displaying
    I'm the drama queen for openly complaining
    With most people, you don't know what motive they're chasing
    Masquerading as something else,
    Notice they're faking
    Every time you don't have faith in me, its insulting as it is betraying
    You should be ashamed of yourself, this behavior, its degrading
    Emotions containing
    Oceans flowing still, and stay waving

    I hope you know what you're saying
    Emotions can be draining
    Who are you saving?
    What are you creating?
    To where are you escaping?
    A lot of people mistake their own making
    Then there's other people who don't know what they're facing
    What road are you taking?
    Is it both? Are you failing?
    Or are you lost that you're the only thing left remaining?
    Where you go, you will be paying.

    Something so amazing
    Contemplate the painting
    Swaying my fingers across the framing
    Its so engaging
    The colors you taste, give u more as you're craving
    Steady pacing
    The anticipation is enraging
    Engrave you in my heart with no intent of replacing
    Tracing you with my eyes,
    Gazing, exchanging trading looks at each other
    The space between us is almost embracing

    I'm so sick of waiting
    Wasting my time sometimes,
    Emotions decaying
    So broken I'm fading, and oh so
    Close to breaking
    I'm so sick of explaining myself
    When nobody is changing


  • devilfish 1w


    I'll wrap myself in petals
    God, it feels too much to be this fucking
    It's evidential so I vanquish my presence
    Extinguished my Flames
    And burned with my essence

  • devilfish 1w


    V for Vexed
    D for distress
    I feel I am less you touch you took from me
    I struggle with sex
    With my voice
    Is it my choice?
    I struggled with my voice
    Is it never enough
    I'm left with no choice
    I'm never enough

  • the_crescent 1w

    I have a little dog, I call him woolen veil.
    He has spotty back and a fluffy tail.
    He goes around the house saying bow bow bow bow bow,
    When he takes no bath, mom says no no no no no!


  • ranaarts 1w


    Hey dad ..
    Whenever i fall down
    You become my holder
    Now its my turn .......
    Just wait and watch your child
    With start on shoulder
    Love ❤️ you Papa ❤️

  • iexist 2w


    Ignoring her fears
    Hiding her tears
    Screaming inside.
    So many judging voices!
    She's so terrified.
    No one there for her
    She is so alone
    Being on her own
    It feels like forever.
    Curled up into her arms
    Her head on her knee
    Filled with intense pain
    But no one can see.
    Looking at her
    I feel something similar
    Will she be happy ever?
    I wonder...
    I wonder ...
    I just wonder .......

  • ranaarts 2w

    Vo din

    Koi kush bhi kah de
    Koi frkk na pdta tha,
    Jis din hrr koi bss
    Remote ke liye Ldta tha
    Vo din bhi kya din the
    Jbb Tution ke liye jldi uthna Pdta tha ..

    Miss you school holidays

  • ankit_the_writer 2w

    I am a stalker, you are a picture
    I am a drunker, you are a liquor
    I am a star, you are my flicker


  • devilfish 2w

    Valentine's Velvet Cape

    In morning sunshine haze
    And sunset
    with an iridescent glazea of a milky honeydew drop of the moonlight and it's lunar rays of of a twinkling gaze into the truth illuminated with moonbeams of empathy
    And motherly love holding your pain meaningfully and tenderly
    Encompass and envelop me in a blanket of safety
    For when I'm lonely and I need my own company in the intricacies
    The instances where I was not enough for me
    I needed that luminosity to fight the dark that tries of overcome me
    For that i will love me
    Self doubt won't knock me into the ground
    I won't sit i get back up and stay in tune
    I seethe fumes
    I breathe in red
    And blow it out in fumes that change hues and subdue the most angelic tune with a melody of a memory in nostalgic frames of time
    with me and you
    And you and me
    Intertwined and uncombined
    Somehow Apollo's light captured me as it emmites bright thoughts of insight myself and I smiled in delight
    And kissed the Moon goodnight
    In an uninterrupted slumber
    With time that doesn't divide and
    Limitless and passionate
    Felt in blissful energy we cannot see
    In the infinity

  • devilfish 3w

    Slit Throat

    A skilled swordsman with 2 eyes to look
    And a third eye to see
    My tongue is a weapon that I only
    Yield in my home where I lay my head to sleep in sheets soaked in sardonic feasts dripping in gluttony, greed, grease, and the heads of my enemy
    Wearing necklaces of their teeth
    the beasts left in my bed at my feet where they fervently feed endlessly in tormenting agony as their hunger is cursed to never cease and their speech impediment dawn on the wordless pleads with salted fields of rotted crops and infertile seeds
    I sensed it easily the breath you tried to ensnare in your now bared teeth
    You don't scare me
    If my blood is threatened
    I Pierce through tension cut into flesh
    Into velvet mesh of a melting death
    Red rivers swept the current of conflict
    Where I stomp on your crown a crooked thorned now contorted crown
    Aborted from the wombs that put life into your body as it grew to arouse
    I'll grab the umbilical strings and hang you so your feet dangle 3 feet from the ground you won't ever touch until your heart stops to pound
    Cancer crab claws pull you into the opposition of my moon while I drag you to your doom and I watch bubbles dance as you drown to never be found an unsung tune
    I don't have the weak conviction of your splitting persecutory anxiety it elicited glitches of anger as it twitches seeping through the cracks of your limited vision
    Airways closing from the unrelenting constricted pipes not properly fitted
    Now riveting from the ripples that are ripping out stitches of your misplaced ego and tearing the friction from your fake caring
    You're cowardly clenching your pendant
    Don't offer me peace when you were a second ago so charged for this so daring
    I hereby declare war
    In an instant you won't be in one piece
    I won't leave until your existence is no more
    You enter my house and you don't close the door
    You try to get me off center
    A stupid splinter
    You won't leave until I satisfy rage at my Capricorn Core
    I'll destroy you until I hear your fear rip as your hypocrisy falls with your falsified fear
    As the world will hear the earth tremble as your head hits the floor no help to aid you here
    Let my Oriental Mars explode in a watery eruption my waves erode your mood contagion a cacophonous Crackle of cutting corruption
    That oozes in temperament
    An eminent artist and poet
    It's evident watch my essence glowing a ruby red floret growing
    Luminescent full as the Blood Moon
    My wrath a monsoon as it rises now flooding
    And suddenly the bud of eloquence blooms into a nightmare of your every fear
    You're decadent a fetus at it's detriment
    Declination a dilettante beast
    I consume you into the fertile soil where you decay away from the realm of all that is prevalent devoid of intelligence
    I seethe fumes and strike my desert of pity with a monsoon of fury

  • iexist 3w


    Armoring me from the world’s cruelty
    Protecting me always
    To make me happy,
    You know hundreds of ways.
    When I am with you
    I feel like the tinniest person alive
    When I am with you
    I feel so brainless and naïve
    I can feel your presence
    Even if we are far apart
    It will seem unnatural
    If I call you smart.
    We laugh at each other
    Call each other by stupid names
    Mimicking each other
    Playing senseless games!
    Irritating you
    Is the best feeling ever!
    Making you angry
    I always try to endeavor
    Nonetheless, I can’t deny
    That the time I spend with you is the greatest.
    You are incomparable
    For you are the best
    You protect me like a shield
    And fight for me like a sword.
    Your each and every quality
    I have always adored.
    Whenever I am stuck in confusion.
    You always come to my rescue
    For everything you have done for me
    I want to give you a heart full thank you..

  • iexist 3w

    This place is full of people who express themselves by pouring down their thoughts into words.
    It's completely useless to post this since this is where people 'write'. But still i will post!

    #express #pod #mirakee #read #write #poem #rhyme

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    How Do you express yourself??

    Some express themselves with colours
    Some express themselves by fighting
    Some express themselves by dance moves
    And I express myself by writting.