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  • chronically_chill 1w

    Life is passing by so fast that I...

    Life is passing by so fast that I...

    Need to press the brakes and request a break before I break down from stress that weighs heavily

    And since I suppress the pain and don't decompress every day this worry is deeply embedded in me

    So on occasion it affects me negatively

    See all I wanna do is write my narrative with a few friends to share it with

    Circle's small because I can't stand arrogance so it's imperative to be hesitant of who I'm creatively pairing with or sharing an eclair with

    Everyone wants to be great but they skip steps like a stair lift

    So I'm bringing back preparedness without a care to give about opinions that are comparative or meritless


  • chronically_chill 1w

    Observe and Ponder

    Through the use of evil tactics and inconceivable distractions to deceive the masses through screens of phones, TV's and tablets..

    A population of ignorant, celebrity obsessed social media addicts was successfully established

    See I just observe and ponder in this world conquered by greed

    I learn as I wander in search of prosperity

    But with nuclear warfare on the horizon..

    I've never been more scared for my life than right now

    So I write down all these thoughts that have me feeling tied down tight to the ground

    These thoughts that make me feel like I've drowned

    These thoughts I need a break from but can't seem to escape from

    So most of the smiles I put on are just part of a disguise I use in public so I don't reveal the darkness I hide and harbor inside


  • mr_shubham 1w


    Bas ab hunar or nhi mujhme ke isaq apna chupa saku..
    Tumhare bina bhi mene bas tumhi se isaq kiya h.


  • mr_stellar 1w

    Delight in Every Drop

    Each poem of mine has some rhymes.
    Well, what is she, how can I write her, my pen is producing feverishly kinky chimes.

    What can I call her, when her name itself is an epic?
    She pushes me into a mesmerizing dilemma, her grin gives me an ecstatic kick.

    Her hair flows flawlessly like the river Nile.
    Her puritan class character is what made me beguile.

    Like the pristine form of rain, she is a resplendent delight in every drop.
    Whenever she comes near, my senses jump a freakishly long hop.

    What's in a name, its all in the game, no; this doesn't fit for an eternal beauty like her.
    Why is it so, why is it so, I can't find a reason, I stutter in love and err.

    Her wits and guts are as sharp as her pointy nose.
    Even when she becomes old, I would still want to give her a daily rose.

    I like to hold her hand and sit on top of a hill forever.
    Now I know that I'm blabbering, that's how she ignited my fervor.

    Time may come and go, but an epic literature will always stand and create history.
    A poem is not enough to describe my lady's enchanting and enigmatic mystery.

    © Stellar Ram 2018

  • mr_shubham 1w

    Maaf karna maa mujhe!!

    जकड़ कर रखा था! मुझे मेरे काम की जंजीरो ने! इसीलिए कुछ कर ना पाया में।।
    माफ़ करना 'माँ' मुझे इस दीवाली घर ना आ पाया मै।!

    बेबस था थोड़ा छुट्टियां मिली नही मुझे। उनको क्या पता कि ' माँ' से दूर इतना कभी रहा नही मैं।।

    6 महीने हो गये 'माँ' करीब से तुमे देख ना पाया में।।
    माफ़ करना 'माँ' मुझे इस दीवाली घर ना आ पाया मै!

    फोन पर अपनी खैरियत को हमेसा अच्छा बताती हो।
    मुझे पता है माँ अपनी परेशानियों को तुम हमेशा छुपाती हो!

    घर की याद बहुत आती है मुझे। पर क्या करूँ तुम भी तो कभी जोर देके बुलाती नही मुझे।।

    ये दीवाली 'माँ' अकेले मनाना तुम।
    हो सके तो अगली बार जोर देके बुलाना तुम।।

    दीवाली पर लौटने का वादा पूरा कर ना पाया में।
    माफ़ करना 'माँ' मुझे इस दीवाली घर ना आ पाया में!!

    माँ दीवाली तो बस बहाना था। मुझे तो बस तुमसे मिलने घर आना था।।
    क्या करूँ बाजार की मिठाई से बस पेट भर जाता है। मन तो मेरा तुम्हारे हाथ की बनी खीर का लालची बना बैठा हैं।।
    कुछ दिए मेने यहां भी जलाये हैं। मगर सायद ये मेरा घर नही इसलिए कुछ रोशन नही हो रहा।।
    अब इस से आगे कुछ बोल नही पाऊंगा।
    माफ़ करना माँ मुझे इस दीवाली तुमसे मिलने मै घर नही आ पाऊंगा!! " हैप्पी दीवाली"


  • iamartlover 2w

    Your soul is zephyr that
    can not be described,
    Your heart is the best
    medicine ever prescribed.

  • hunt_shaman 2w

    Let's cohere

    I'm stayin low, maintaining and yearning for peace
    In these empty streets, still I'm complaining and burnin my trees
    Payin the fees.
    Dreaming of a moneyless earth
    Wishing for a simpler way of life, for a state of mirth to trigger a rebirth to see what this life is worth
    Without dependency on wealth.
    Which causes us to forget everything else including our health.

    Because of our obsession with money,
    Humans have since been acting funny
    And in the midst of this addiction, We've placed ourselves in constant affliction,
    Staying stressed our lives a mess.
    So distracted, stayin stuck inside our minds,
    Runnin amuck stayin confined, yet we're awestruck by illusions, stayin blind.
    Unlucky is humankind, they can't unwind,
    What we search for we never seem to find
    It appears mankind needs to become aligned.

    Humans are stressful, they stay astray in this cesspool.
    Just regretful, always longing to be successful.

    We must realize we're the creators of reality In this society.
    Its all about perception, transcend your anxiety.
    Escape your dubiety, take a stand defiantly
    Don't stay controlled by secret societies.
    I'm done accepting normality, gotta overcome my fear.
    Can't stay here, to unclear and drear, let's cohere and appear as one under new atmospheres.
    I'm tryin to find peace in this world 
    But these thoughts won't cease and I can't release until I'm fully deceased in this world.

  • iamartlover 2w


    Suffer the pain of the torn mind
    Feel the want of the unloved kind
    Glory in the love of the lost forlorn
    Cherish thoughts of the freshly born

  • ericwinnert 2w

    If I wrote a poem a day
    What would happen?

    If I wrote a poem a day
    I would learn to think.

    If I wrote a poem a day
    I could express this stink.

    If I wrote a poem a day
    I should manage my time.

    But most important of all
    I'd be able to drop the blasted rhyme.


  • immaturepoetammy 2w

    I did let you in my castle,
    Till I didn't know your hustle,
    And when I found out,
    I was already in love with you,
    What more I could do?
    My chances of survival were already few,
    What more I could do?
    I gave you access,
    I was so impress,
    But I didn't know how to express,
    So I did the best I could do,
    Though my chances of survival were already few!
    I put my heart on to the table,
    Presented you with a staple,
    Offered you my label,
    But what you actually wanted was my PayPal,
    So, I didn't do what I could do,
    And finally I am through you!


  • kokevin 3w

    Born Fighter

    This is my poetry,
    My one & only therapy.

    Lost my own soul on my journey seekin' purity.

    Used to pray to God,
    Will I ever seek divinity.

    I badly want forgiveness,
    It's what I plea.

    But as time goes on,
    My perspective has changed, Learned religion ain't shit,
    It's all a fantasy.

    But anyways - Some fellas put they work on,
    Some just be lazy,
    Some fellas always busy,
    But me; I just be crazy,
    And sometimes I be busy;
    On bein' who I am - I'd rather be myself than be a phony,
    But still I get discriminated by my family and friends,
    Hopin' that they realize I stick to what is real,
    But then I realized that Ignorance just never ends.

    November 15th, 2000,
    A couple of months before 2001,
    My momma gaved birth to his one & only son,
    The doctors was surprised I never cried on day one,
    Never shed a single tear as a new born child,
    So the Doctor tried to smack me,
    But I SMACKED him back.

    Damn, I felt like simba!
    The chosen one.

    I'm a born fighter,
    & Also a born lover.

    I'm a born gangsta,
    & Also a street hustler.

    Gotta keep my love for poetry,
    It's in my roots,
    I Just gotta make sure - I don't eat the forbidden fruit.

    Brown coat, Jeans, Yankees Hat, Timberland Boots,
    With a T-shirt and a Gold Chain,
    That is my fashion.

    Do you have problem with my chain?
    Cause the only chain they wanna see that's wrapped around my neck, Is the chain they use for criminals like prisoners in check.

    Haters gonna hate,
    But you gotta keep the faith.

    I murder fake friendz,
    I seal their own fate.

    You fake ass bitch - Why you snitchin' on my back?
    The friendship was stone solid,
    But then - You made it crack.

    Remember back in class when it was you and me?
    Now I'm wonderin' - Why the hell we enemies?

    You used to be my homie,
    Now you act like you don't know me.

    This is my poetry,
    My one & only therapy.

    - kEVIN k


  • marbledmallard 3w


    Take me back to when
    Having company was enough
    No need for fancy silver
    When nobody was out of touch

    To when music seemed so right
    And words were meant in song
    Always there on the radio
    Sang, we, all day long

    To when time was not limited
    Afternoon always meant to play
    Running and chasing with happy hearts
    Fun was everywhere spent in every way

    To when stories were told each night
    And laying on bed meant not to sleep
    Just adventures with imagination
    Till clouds covered our sight deep

    To when simplicity was treasure
    Money did not mean the world
    When bond was all that was needed
    Which gave joy both to boys and girls

    Back to when growing up seemed impossible
    Not in a hurry on what could be
    Dreaming each heart's out
    While balancing reality

    To when friends were friends
    And no traitors yet
    Where wrong could be forgiven
    Leaving the past and forget

    To when the breaking of dawn
    Meant a new day of fun
    Then you realize you're in the present
    And it's a rising of a different sun


  • samabishekofficial 3w

    I can see Many ,
    I Can love you only My Honey!
    I give you the priority,
    You're my stability,
    I found the light,
    Which comes from your sight,
    In order to see that right,
    I fix my glass tight,
    And I found you delight !
    And now ,
    I thank how sweet you're before and
    I think how bitter you grow Now!
    I caught in the heat so,
    I don't want to drag my feat.


  • mr_shubham 3w

    Tera wo pyaar!!

    Tera wo pyaar

    Jese sharaab ke aadhe hosh se joojhta ek sharabi.

    Jese man ka shor ander hi dabaye betha ho.. bo jese daayi sadak par baayi or imaarto ki parchai me khud ko khamos chuapaye ho..
    Tera wo pyar jo use abhi abhi apna bnaye ho..

    Bo yun thandi hawa ke thapedo ke jese chuna or bhag jana..sadak pr se udi thodi si dhool se thoda dhyan bhatka magar..
    Thoda hawao ka sahar liya or bapasi ho rhi thi purani bhuli hui yado ki jo kahi purani kitabo ke bich panno kahi dabi thi..

    Tera wo pyar..

    Jaise jail me band ek kaidi jo bahar ki duniya me bapas milne hi bala ho.
    Magar dosto se bichadna ek pal gawara na ho..
    azaadi jese ansuo ki tarha chehre ko chuti hui us bichadte hatho ko thame hue ho..tera wo pyaar kalai ko jese bandhe hue ho..
    Teri wo yaad ..man m kahi daabe hue ho..


  • thisissodeep 3w

    The pictures

    Time is money
    Money is time
    Gotta get 'em while I can
    I want pictures of Spiderman

  • chronically_chill 3w

    Let's Not, Let's

    Let's not regret, let's reflect
    Let's not neglect, let's respect
    Let's not obsess over checks, let's keep our possession obsessions in check
    Let's not stress, let's forget and progress
    Let's not discriminate and hate because of color, let's create a place where each race can equate and relate to one another
    Let's not keep up with the kardashians or fashion trends, let's keep up with the economy and which candidates the greedy corporations are lobbying
    Let's not be ignorant and ignore an idea because it's an anomaly, let's come together to bring down these damn monopolies
    And let's stop the mass toppling of trees, let's save them because the obvious honesty is that we need them to properly breathe


  • chronically_chill 3w

    Peace of Mind

    Peace of mind is the reason I rhyme thoughts released from mine

    Peace of mind

    Peace of mind is why I take some sticky green and pack it tightly inside this piece of mine

    Peace of mind

    Peace of mind is why I'm constantly confined and peace of mind is all I'm looking for in this life I've magically arrived

    Peace of mind


  • kokevin 3w


    I'd be glad if I witnessed divinity,
    But I just wanna speak to myself.

    I rely on my own creativity.

    I relax on my poetry,
    This poetry is my therapy,
    This therapy is infinity,
    Poetry is the world to me.

    I calm down sittin' down on the ground,
    I smile cause I don't wanna frown.

    I refused the throne,
    Cause I don't need the Crown, Materialistic people let me down.

    And so I levitate - I'm floatin' on a sea.

    Flyin' like a butterfly, But I sting like a bee.

    I look up to the skies & I talk to the tree.

    As I think outside the box, Time tick-tocks.

    Think outside the box, Time tick-tocks.

    Had to move away, So far away, Thinkin' of the things I should have known.

    I fell out on my friends, I'm on my own.

    I fell out on my friends, I'm on my own....

    I guess the people think that I'm insane,
    Something's got ahold of my brain,
    I am scared, I scream for help in vain!

    I am scared, I scream for help in vain...

    I was about to scream like lion's roar,
    But wait I see the devil at the door...

    Alright, The demons almost took my soul,
    Demons almost took my soul.

    Took my soul, Took my soul...

    Demons almost took my soul...

    I wanna be at the state of peace, I am up against an angry beast.

    I think people need to mediate,
    My minds at state of war, I meditate.

    I reminisce the past; I'm too late,
    I think of what is next,
    I contemplate.

    Learn to fill and empty out your plate,
    Blessings come around,
    Keep the faith,

    Phonies come around,
    Close the gate,
    I killed the demon, sealed his own fate.

    I ain't let them demons drag me down,
    My mind is far away,
    Out of town.

    I ain't let emotions get me,
    I'd rather see the rough reality,
    I'd rather feel the truthful cruelty,
    I can't tolerate dishonesty.

    Do you even have a sympathy?
    Do you even speak sincerely?
    Do you love your partner, Honestly?
    Im waitin' for the answers, Patiently....

    - kEVIN k


  • mr_shubham 3w


    Ye baat bahut purani thi....
    Wo masoom si ladki meri deewani thi..


  • bluntsmokecamoflauge 4w

    To me, happiness was a torch engulfed in the fire of hope and the moment it was passed down to me the flames went out.