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  • lost_logophile 11w


    A journey of million miles,
    With plethora of loops and labyrinths,
    Going forward seems like coming backwards,
    It is hard to hold my compass,
    Sometimes I forget my life's purpose,
    And it's hard to make that one right decision
    But sailing forward to show my determination;

    Sailing on my voyage amidst the raging ocean,
    With my eyes wide open and a heart which is broken,
    The waves found that my soul was not free
    But I was riding those blazing waves,
    That someone will find me and free me;

    My mind full of different thoughts,
    Each figuring out a escape plan, which still fails me,
    I even tried growing wings, but I still fly aimlessly,
    Searching for a companion, but I am still stucked
    This doesn't mean I'll end my quest here,
    I will find a way to master it, own it,
    And I'll show that I am worthy of it,
    For my life's journey starts from this quest!

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  • lost_logophile 24w

    Anguished Heart!

    The One who Died in Darkness!

    I have done nothing with my life
    Spent my days traped in a loop of self-hatred,
    Covered myself in darkness, afraid of the light,
    I exist in a nightmare of my own creation.

    I stripped my soul bare, just left it to die,
    I tore my heart to shreds to no longer feel,
    I wear fake smiles, I do my best to pretend,
    No one discovered the truth when I pretend.

    I filled my mind with negativity,
    And there is no rooms for positivity,
    Something that pulls me down, a strong gravity,
    To the bottomless pit which leads to infinity.

    I'm frozen in a hell I haven't tried to escape,
    There's a decaying corpse lying at my feet,
    Tears may blur my vision, but I know his face,
    He's a dead remnant of whom I aspired to be.

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    Anguished Heart!

    The One who Died in Darkness!