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  • amimmy 2d

    मैने देखा है

    परिंदों से भरा वो शहर था,
    ना जाने कैसे दरिंदों से भर गया है,
    वादियों में छुपा वो शहर था,
    ना जाने आंसुओ में कैसे डूब गया है,
    लगता था जैसे कुदरत ने उसे खुद तराशा था,
    ना जाने किसने पैरों तले कुचल दिया है,
    खुदा ने उसे जनत के तोहफों से नवाजा था,
    ना जाने क्यों जहन्नम में वो बदल दिया गया है,
    मैने तो उसे परिंदों के साथ ही देखा था,
    ना जाने क्यों अब वो दरिंदो से भरा हुआ दिखता है।।

  • therudeanon 2w

    Do not just hit like without a read! To do so is a huge compromise.


    One of the most used applications in our phones. The first app people mostly download post buying a new phone is 'Whatsapp'. The name literally has replaced the term 'Message' from our day to day conversations. You doubt? 'Bhai, Whatsapp kar de yaar'!. See. Yes. That's the impact of the tech evolution it brought to the world in 2009.

    When in India, it costed 1Rs. Per SMS, whatsapp came in as a savior for couples and groups of friends. I believe, in the credits for making a complete generation get addicted to social media and internet, WhatsApp has its fair share. I personally needed an android phone just because I wasn't cool enough without Whatsapp for my friends. Back then I cared, now I don't.

    With Android and iPhone developing, whatsapp followed a consistantly growing path while introducing amazing features which were no less than a miracle back then in 2009-2012. Features like sharing pictures, videos, texting multiple people at once without needing a specific personal code unlike BBM messenger, everything was so intriguing to the generation. Currently it's good and safe for the parents as well to use the location sharing features to track their kids when in need. Sharing memories and daily wishes through videos and photos is a craze among the middle-old aged groups these days. Sharing the live status of your life on whatsapp status feature is yet more addictive addition the app brought in with its updates few years back. What's more better to convince your angry girl/guy over a voice text when they're not receiving your calls aye?! Yes! We all use it and it's nothing new that I mentioned till now. But let's move further.

    Will it be right if I say Whatsapp=Addiction=Privacy at Risk?

    Think. The pictures you've shared, updated on status, the video calls in short dresses you've had with your better half (both current and previous ones) to make beautiful memories, did it all just vanish? Like mist in the air? Or was it just being captured and stored somewhere, so that it can be transmitted to the rightful receiver when you make a request? Do read about the server capacity of Whatsapp once to get the understanding of how vast and strong is the backend to handle the incoming and outgoing requests per second.

    Below are my points from multiple sources that I do not claim any responsibility of authentication for.

    1. WhatsApp will store your billing information even if you delete account
    2. Photos, Videos and Contacts will not be deleted even if deleted by user
    3. WhatsApp may share your phone number with third-party

    The first two information is stored in the server 'EVEN AFTER YOU DELETE THE INFORMATION FROM YOUR END FOR 30 DAYS'. 30 Freaking days!.

    Have we ever read any terms and conditions ever of the app till date? Maybe we should today, with the latest privacy update the app has forced us to accept and align with.

    Key points mentioned below:

    1. With the newly updated policy, the Facebook owned messaging platform shares insight to the kinds of data it collects from users and also data it shares with other Facebook services.
    2. The messaging platform is asking users to accept the updated privacy policy latest by February 8, 2021.
    3. The company also confirms that any user failing to accept the updated WhatsApp privacy policy will lose access to their account.
    4. The messaging platform reveals that the information it shares with Facebook Companies include account registration information, details on how users interact with others including business, mobile device information, IP address, among others.
    5. WhatsApp highlights that it collects some more information from devices such as "battery level, signal strength, app version, browser information, mobile network, connection information (including phone number, mobile operator or ISP), language and time zone, IP address, device operations information, and identifiers (including identifiers unique to Facebook Company Products associated with the same device or account)."

    If you have read the content above, what did we just do? What is whatsapp seeking from us?
    In layman terms, WhatsApp is causing us our privacy for a free unlimited chatting service. In my thoughts, it's no where lesser creepy than knowing that a random guy was enquiring about you in your society or area and then within next few days you start receiving messages calls from unknown number, scaring the hell out of you.

    Be wise, make your own decisions.

    #Whatsapp #Privacy #Safety #Stalk #SocialMedia

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    Do you use Whatsapp? This one's for you!


  • amoghavarsha 5w

    Forget safety.
    Live where you fear to live.
    Destroy your reputation.
    Be notorious.


  • journey_to_insightfulness_ 7w


    Whenever I go places fear accompanies me .
    The day when I can walk out without any fear would be My Day. A safe and secure environment is what I dream for and where girls are not judged for every freaking thing!

  • jcourage 7w

    is a place considered to be safe if you can't display your anger?


  • uyirttezhu 8w

    ... தலைக்கவசம்...

    விலை மதிப்பற்ற உயிரை
    விபத்தில் இழப்பது நியாயம்தானோ?
    அலட்சியமான சில செயல்களால்
    அவசியமான உயிரை இழந்திடலாமோ?
    சட்டம்தான் சரி செய்ய வேண்டும் என்றில்லாமல்,
    சாமானியர்களும் சாலை விதிகளை மதித்து நடந்தால்,
    சாலை விபத்தினால் நிகழும் சாவை தடுத்திடலாமே!
    வாசகங்களை மட்டும் வாசித்து செல்லாமல்,
    வாகனங்களில் பயணிக்கும் பொழுது தலைக்கவசத்தை
    அணிந்து செல்வது பற்றியும் யோசியுங்களே!
    சிரத்திற்கு கீழே அடிபட்டால்
    சிறு காயம் தானடா,
    சிரத்திலே அடிபட்டால் உனக்கு
    வாழ்வே இல்லை யோசிடா.
    தலைக்கவசம் அணிந்து வாகனத்தில் நீ பயணித்தால் ,
    தலைமுறையே அமைதியாய் வாழும் உன் வீட்டினிலே.
    காவலருக்கு அஞ்சி அணிந்திடாமல்,
    காலனுக்கு அஞ்சி அணிந்திடுவாய்.
    தலைக்கு வந்தது தலைப்பாகையோடு
    போனது இது பழமொழி,
    தலைக்கு வந்தது தலைக்கவசத்தோடு
    போனது இது புதுமொழி...
    - உயிர்த்தெழு நதியா

    #mirakee #mirakee_tamil #tamil #uyirttezhu_quotes #uyirttezhu_poems #life #dobetter #Helmet #safety

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  • dreamer4 13w


    Work is my only escapism..if that is taken away from me too..I will turn crazy.. into someone you don't know...someone you thought I could never turn into...but I will surprise you...with a new side of me...it isn't happy..it isn't bright...it is the opposite..and it will make you run away from me... something you should have done long long ago... something I should have let you do.. long ago..On these days, if you call out to me...you wouldn't see a nice side of me... but you'll turn to ashes...when you see me burn with pain...cause that is all I am left with...so do me a favour and please stay away from me.. because my mind is a dark place...so dark that you will be engulfed in too..so please don't look.. because it is a scary place too...that makes me shiver to the bone..it makes me .. makes me scream...it turns me... into a crazed being...that knows no light..no love..and no sympathy..
    I want to escape...run away and never look back to here too..but there are chains that bind me..that never let of go of me... these heavy metal chains..have left me scarred...and bleeding..but there's still no escape...no way out...the only way I see out is to lock myself in forever...in a prison..of my own...where no one can see me...from where I won't need to escape... where I will atleast be left alone...even if it is just to rot and die... atleast I won't be tortured anymore with pain.. atleast I will be able to find myself a secure place...where the beasts of my mind won't scare me..haunt me..and leave me bleeding..

  • _disha_jn_ 13w

    And....with this, I'm back again on Mirakee....
    But only for a short time. I might have to halt again in a few days. But that's okay. I would try to keep bringing out my thoughts on this amazing platform and keep you all updated.


    About this post

    Please please please share this post!! I would like to have open discussion on this very topic. Let's go y'all!! It's something that I always wondered. I've heard and seen such disgusting thoughts of people on this very topic and I can't even begin to explain how sick all of this makes me. If you too share my sentiments then pleaseee let's have a discussion in the comments ��


    I've heard tons of interviews, done enough case studies and read about enough incidents to surely last me a lifetime. But everytime I come across something like this, the biggest question that always strikes my mind is that, no matter what I wear, what makes the other person think that he's allowed to do whatever he wants just because I'm showing some skin? Like, what gives you the right to harass me? Their control issues is their problem and not hers. Even if I'm running around naked, you still won't have the right to touch me. Just sayin.
    Don't make it her problem. Don't make her go through additional suffering by blaming her, after what she's faced. And please for god sake, point your fingers in the right direction, it might do the world some good��


    #wordsandthoughts #words #thoughts #mirakee #writersnetwork #poem #poetry #abstract #writer #poetsofmirakee #writersofmirakee #writerstolli #women #safety #women_empowerment #rape #sexualharrasment #molest #monsters #life #depression #Blame #mindset #awareness #society

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    To all the people with disastrous minds.

    To all those people with petty mindsets
    I hope you don't mind my questions
    But do feel free to answer.

    This won't be too long I promise.

    But I ask you, If there is a man,
    Outside his home late at night
    Would you still call it a mistake?
    A mistake, as people might take advantage of him and of the darkness outside.
    Afraid that if he doesn't change his stance
    He might get harassesd
    Just because he was wearing half pants?

    Huhhh.... Sounds odd... dose'nt it?
    Because the situation you just stated was stupid

    But I wonder? Would it still be as difficult a question to answer,
    If only, there was a "her" instead of "him"

    Because that is just obvious right? After all who told her to wear shorts? Why couldn't she just stay at home? Why did she have to go out at night? She is the one who invited those monsters to her and sadly, as a consequence it happened, what should not have happened.
    After all, "she was asking for it", right?

    Answer me!
    Answerr Mee!!

    I tried to not make it long. But I guess I can't help it at all.
    Because this is something that goes on and on and on.
    In this dirty game of monsters,
    she always becomes the pawn.

    No one ever knows the entire fact, but what they do know is, whom to blame, and that one thing always remains intact.

    To all the people with such disastrous mindsets. Please wake up.
    It's not her fault. No one ever asks for it for themselves. You might be stupid enough to think it actually to be true,
    but the victim is much more intelligent than you.




  • mmbftd 14w


    What makes a nest?
    Is it fear?
    The need for comfort?
    A warm blanket
    Connected to thin cold skin
    In the night?
    Twigs and sticks
    Constructed by miraculous
    Birds as the frenzy to complete the task overtakes them?
    Ignoring dangers
    Hunger pangs
    One singular mission
    To complete on time
    Before the sacred eggs
    Join this world.
    Nests are needed now and then
    A step into a life often dangerous and overwhelming.
    What makes a nest?
    The care given in it's planning?
    In it's very architecture?
    The Jumping Spider creates
    In perfect timing
    Her nursery nest
    With a secondary smaller version not far from the first, a small step away from home for her brood of teeny babies.
    Her construction may look haphazard to those who've never had time to watch the process from beginning to end. But it never ends for the mother spider, she is in constant movement, modifying and improving her nest. It is pliable but steely strong. She moves her abdomen back and forth, back and forth, a dance of the universe. A movement she has known since she was born. Her white reflective lines of web deposited with the comfort of repeated motions; like the brick layer on the street, one brick on mortar and again, and so it goes.
    Her web catches and refracts the light. It makes beautiful rainbows at just the right angles. And yet this nest has no angles. No hard corners, no theory of buildings here. And yet this is a caring nest. After a few days she feels it will protect her and her future, so she lays her eggs and they are in a ball like structure of golden yellow hung just right at the top of the nest, the most North it can be.
    She will tend to hundreds of tiny spidelettes. She will care about them, guard them with her life and nurture them with foods she has spent weeks collecting and depositing around the inside and outside of the nest. Her brood will not starve. They will feel safe and know no fear for these first weeks of their lives. And mother's careful eyes will be on them at all times. As she restructures this nest to accommodate their growth. Pushing her body up and down to widen the structure for the growing brood so they have room to move around inside.
    I watch in awe, tiny black shadows inside the nest, undulating like waves of life as she sits guarding, a larger black shadow beneath them, also inside.
    She keeps the 3 doors of her nursery nest sealed up, and exits only to feed and collect food for them. She is a lovely and caring creature.
    And what makes a nest?
    Four walls and a crib?
    Two arms and full breasts?
    A womb pulsing with two heartbeats. Hot blood whooshing as a lullaby?
    Twigs and sticks, buildings and bricks, webs and slits. Feathers and fluff to cushion the bed.
    A nest is needed. It is required. For us to all become.
    And we yearn for such safety still, even as time makes us big.
    I want to build a nest. For myself but also for you. I will use my love for it's base and my careful eye for it's walls. I will use my compassion for it's size, it must be big enough to comfort everyone.
    And though I've never been a mother, I will use the templates set out by nature. Whether nurture or that. It's all around us. This primal information passed down in instinct. I hope we don't forget how to build nests for each other.
    What makes a nest?
    Let me start with that alone.

  • youth_against_rape 15w

    Ye jo log hai na jo apna kaam chhor kar dusro ke kapdo pe comment karte hai
    Bas wahi jaante hai ki aakhir mai wo apne khokhle zameer se kitna ladte hai
    So girls, agar agli baar se koi aapka dupatta aise hi kheech le toh please wo uss hi ko pehnake aana
    Kya pata shayad aapse zyada zarurat hai usse uss dupatte se apna mu chuppane ki aur sahi mayne me apni soch badalne ki
    Judgement sahi logo pe nahi, galat kaamo pe hone ke liye ladoge toh shayad sach me iss desh me badlaav dekhoge.

    #stopbullying #standupforyourself #youthagainstrape #rapemuktbharat #girlpower #indian #womenssupportingwomen #safety
    #harrassment #womensupportwomen #indiaeveryday

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  • awakensleepingbeauty_ 15w

    Muskuraiye aap....

    Car ke sawar..marne ko taiyaar,
    Bas inhe hi hai jaldi..baki sab to bekaar,
    Ye tezi se chalenge,
    Line tod aage badhenge,
    Aur jo bolo koi kuch inhe,
    To apni akad ka dum bharenge,
    Har kisi ki hai unchi jaan pehchaan,
    Har kisi ka hai koi na koi jugaad,
    Aur kuch mahaan log to aise hai jo,
    Apne paiso se jamate h apni dhaad,
    Acha kuch log vakt ke hisaab se chalte hai,
    Ye din ke har pahar ke sath badalte hai,
    Subah inhe kaam par jaane ki jaldi hoti hai,
    Jo inke lehje me hadbadati hui galiyo se jhalakti hai,
    Dopahar ko nikalne wale jara araam se chalte hai,
    To aise logo ke katuvachan bhi dheere dheere nikalte hai,
    Shaam ko to inhe bas kaam se ghar bhaagna hai,
    To raste me har kisi ko uski ma behen ka naam lekar tarkash dagna hai,
    Aur jaha har shaam raat ke aangan me utarti hai,
    Kuch Mahanubhavo par sharab ki khumari chadhti hai,
    Us vakt to saari duniya jaise in janab ki ho jaati hai,
    Aur Jameen par bichi ye sadke inke baap ki ho jaati hai,
    Raah me chalta har shakhs inhe bauna lagta hai,
    Kanoon... huh..vo to inhe bacche ka khilauna lagta hai,
    Khair ajkal to rawayat bhi yahi hai,
    Ki jske paas bada paisa,badi gaadi hai,
    Unke liye to gunah kar bach jaane ki sahuliyate saari hai,
    Aur jo insaan sadko pe dhang se chale, Sabhi niyamo ka palan kare,
    Unki har trah se ho rhi bejaari hai,
    Unhe hi to bhugatni musibate sari hai..
    Ab kuch aur jaanbaazo se milenge,
    Ye subah Shaam bike par udenge,
    EK na ek din kisi se to bhidenge,
    Aur ye takra ke neeche karenge,
    Agar vahi mar gaye to thik,
    Varna uth kar ye ladenge,
    Bahas jarur karenge,
    Aur bas khud ko hi Shi kahenge,
    Kyunki agar kisi car, jeep, bus ya truck se takraye,
    To galti har baar badi gaadi ki hi maani
    Samne koi bhi ho,
    Koi buddha hai,laachar hai,
    Chahe koi kisi ko aspataal le ja rha ho,
    Ya koi ambulance wala betahasha siren baja rha ho,
    Magar inko kya karna saheb,
    Inko kya fark padta hai,
    Pta tab chalta hai jab inka koi apna is
    bheed me marta hai,
    Ji haa..hum me se bhi bhut hai jo aksar aisa karte hai,
    Hum bhi to akhirkar inhi sadko se gujarte hai,
    Aur apni apni pareshaniyo me har roz safar krte hai,
    Jab koi aisi ghatna hamare sath hoti hai tabhi ye baat samjhte hai,
    Ki jindagi to aakhir har ek ki amulya hoti
    Sadak kinare sone walo ki bhi musibate
    atulaya hoti hai,
    Phir chahe vo alishan gadiyo me ghumne wale ho,
    Motorcycle par safar karne wale,cycle
    chalane wale ya paidal chalne wale,
    Saheb...akhir jeene ka haq uparwale ne hum sabko hi diya hai,
    Akhir paida hokar kisi ne koi gunaah to nhi kiya hai,
    To kyu hum apne apko thoda sa bhi nhi badal sakte,
    Akhir kyon hum in sadko par sambhal kar nhi chal skte......

  • wiseriver 16w


    An incessant focus
    On the negative like the
    Hathras rape takes focus
    Away on the inspiring ones
    Like this poor boy,who carried
    Both his parents, a distance
    More than 150 Kms, just
    On his shoulders, to safety and
    Security. Not a single mention
    From any reputed media
    Know it what the media hunts for
    The bad and the ugly. You the
    Reader should know what to discern
    And encourage. Will you?


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    The Parent Trap

    Please read in Caption

  • jseppala 16w

    The Beacon

    Lord, you are not the storm
    But you are with me there
    A beacon on the rocky shore
    Saying "Come and meet me here
    Where it is safe and the wind is calm."

  • awakening 16w

    स्त्री क्या वजूद है तेरा,
    दिया जनम तूने जिस संसार को,
    उसी संसार में न कोई अपना तेरा,
    लगाते है लोग बुरी नज़र तेरे अरमानो को,
    कुचलते है लोग तेरे हर जज्बातो को,

    बता स्त्री क्या वजूद है तेरा,
    खड़े है लोग देखने तेरे हालातों को,
    है तैयार तुझे जलाने को,
    बोल स्त्री क्या सोच रही है,

    क्या डर है जिसे तू छिपा रही है,
    जहा तुझे पूजा करते थे,
    आज वही सब तुझे शर्मसार करे फिरते है,
    जिससे जुड़ा है नाता तेरा,

    वही कर रहा चीर-हरण तेरा,
    जहाँ तेरे पैदा होने पर देवी कहा जाता था,
    आज तुझे कोख में मारा जाता है,
    बता स्त्री क्या तूने ये सोचा था,
    बोल न स्त्री क्या कसूर है तेरा,
    आखिर कहा बचा है सम्मान तेरा..!!


  • neha_020 17w

    Women empowerment has meant all around
    Girls are free to go around,....go around to explore
    But....why so girls are still afraid to step out..??
    The words from everyone's thought is 'SAFTY'
    Is the word still converted into actions??
    Or just there is mind of fame to do so...
    Making a fun of them, treating them as a doll
    Why so stupidity.....1000s of cases in a day
    Can someone believe?.....there is a bloody tears rolling through every single girl out there...
    Recent news shook all of us....a girl can't even bear hearing that..
    Is still humanity present in this world of dignity, a world of only fame, a world where just the words are used, a world where everything happens just as the blowing wind, which comes and it feels but we just ignore that small breeze... which creates a big weakness for others...
    Why so girls suffer this....not only girls, there are some opposite gender who too suffer with...
    At times we shy to talk about this, a just random thing for others, just taking it lightly and making fun of it....
    But why so girl should be in a mess??
    Why this country has been too free towards crimes n murders??
    Why there is no conclusions to it??
    Should we girls be locked in a room doing nothing?
    Why there is no direct justice to this?



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    Why so??

  • _rakhi 19w

    एक डिजिटल सर्वे के हिसाब से अगर आप अपने मास्क को बार बार छूते हो, या एक मास्क को दुबारा बिना धोए पहनते हो तो भी आपको Covid 19 होने की सम्भावना है! ( और जो medical वाले मास्क आते है दस, बीस रुपय तक उसे एक बार पहन कर फेंकना चाहिए।

  • sreeramvan 20w

    I wait for the day,
    To be free,
    The day,
    I can travel,
    To not worry about
    All the harms,
    That can happen,
    To have a hope,
    Of better future,
    Of the days,
    Everyone one of us,
    Feel safe,
    Have the freedom,
    To be who we want to be,
    To go beyond,
    To explore the world,
    All the new possibilities,
    A day,
    We await,
    As always..

  • poetryfromsoul 23w

    You don't find happiness in safety
    of your beloved one, there are many
    fighting with life threatening diseases
    for new journey to begun
    Having enough to satisfy gist of your
    status is what make you worried, but
    there are many juggling day and night
    to save a life is what make them harried

    You are not grateful for opportunities
    you hold, that routine and studying
    always sounds you dull & bore
    But many are there praying
    for the boring routine you carry,
    Coz somewhere they believe
    this path can take them to
    destination called as merry

    You are not satisfied with what
    you have, desire of having more
    is what you always combat
    Money and status has always been a
    concern, but sharing and caring with
    our love one isn't you yearn
    Jealousy and comparison are there to
    accompaind you, but rising and shining
    together is wish of only few

    The routine some carry may be boring
    But there are many where every single
    moment is more like warring
    The tensity of making living and the need
    of courage of fighting are some thoughts
    one is going through, whereas there are many
    who ignore all these facts and find
    hard to chill with brew.


    #satisfaction #happy #life #safety #optimism
    #positivity #desire @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #thoughts #love #generosity #ceesreposts #augustpoetrycollection_shruti

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  • alxita 23w

    "Saranggola" is a Filipino word for kite.

    ~~ Saranggola ~~

    Buto't balat, lumilipad
    Ako'y sa labas, 'yong saad
    Nakahinto sa pintuan
    Gusto ko'y kapayapaan

    Bakit may babala pa dyan?
    Ulat mo'y 'di pakikinggan
    Saranggola'y nasa langit
    'Wag nang kayang magmaliit?

    Ilang beses uulitin?
    'Di kailangang saloobing
    Sutil, gusto ko'y liwanag
    At pribasya ngayo'y basag!

    Ngunit lumipas ang oras
    Kapayapaan sa wakas!
    Dahil dito, s'an ka na ba?
    Ikot mundo, s'an talaga?

    Wala! Gitna ng kawalan!
    Napahamak sa salita
    Kung sumunod ka sa utos
    Tulong 'di na nagmalimos!

    Susunod, sumunod ikaw!
    Kung 'di, langit ay 'di bughaw
    Sa payo at utos sa'yo
    Ligtas buhay! 'Wag maligno!


    Skin and bones flying in the air
    I'm outside, and I hear your heed
    You have stopped just by the doorway
    Oh, I just really want some peace!

    Why in need to warn me this time?
    Your heeds I will not listen to
    My kite is flying in the air
    You don't need to belittle me

    How many times should I repeat?
    I don't need your sole attitude
    That's stubborn, what I want is light
    And privacy that's now broken

    After that, but now time has passed
    Finally for once! Peace at last!
    Because of this, where are you now?
    Your world's rolling, where're you really?

    Nowhere! The middle of nowhere!
    Lost and doomed by the words you said
    If you have listened to their heeds
    You could have never begged for help!

    Next time, you should listen closely!
    If not, the sky would not be blue
    Advice and commands said to you
    Saving your life! No scary times!
    -- SUMMARY --

    This metaphorizes the fact that children should learn to follow upon their parents' advice or commands, since it may prove to even be life-saving for them!

    "Buto't balat, lumilipad" (Skin and bones flying in the air) is actually a short, Filipino riddle which describes a kite.

    -- NOTE --

    Yes, early post!

    This is the first time to write a Filipino poem! The first part is Tagalog, while the second part is an English equivalent to it. It may not be directly translated as I slightly altered and lengthened some parts, so that each line has 8 syllables!

    #kite #danger #advice #parents #listen #follow #safety #life #child #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 13, 2020, 9:02 AM (GMT+8)

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  • mini_panda 24w

    What is the feeling of safety nowadays?

    Staying away from people !