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  • mentally_till 14w

    Our House

    Our house would have been round
    Round doors, round rooms, round bed, round tub.
    We would have had a garden, a swing, a fence and a dog.
    A spiral staircase, a library, an old stove and I guess it doesn't matter now, does it?
    We would have felt safe.

  • _rhymeandreason_ 20w


    The sky is shaded in hues of pink and purple,
    Reminding me of fields of lavender and lilac,
    Its flowers, longing to be found in between the pages of a sonnet.
    The setting sun, reminding me of a forlorn lover,
    Waiting to be reunited with his dearly beloved.
    On days like these,
    I feel like Sylvia Plath's poetry,
    Her words - my soul,
    Her verses - my body.
    I feel like Vincent's starry night,
    His canvas - my mind,
    His paint - my disarrayed thoughts.
    I wonder,
    How does the ugly corners of your mind,
    Create something so horrifyingly beautiful.
    What is so comforting about melancholia?
    Why does loneliness feel like the best companion?
    I sigh and smile,
    For I do not know the answers,
    My mind remains crowded,
    Yet my pages, blank.

  • _rhymeandreason_ 21w


    If our love is the garden of Eden,
    You are the forbidden fruit,
    And I, Eve.
    My heart knows not what is right,
    It is like the serpent, that lures and tempts.
    If our love is Metamorphoses by Ovid,
    You are Ianthe,
    And I, Iphis.
    My heart knows not what is right,
    It is like Telethusa, at the feet of Isis.
    If our love is a greek island,
    You are an ode to Aphrodite,
    And I, sappho.
    My heart knows not what is right,
    And so it weeps at night, in silence,
    For my love does not beget love,
    It spawns fear and sorrow.
    I smile, for I feel love,
    I cry, for it is a sin.

  • blackk_grrrrll 47w

    I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

    Action replied by action, peace by peace.
    Take you in all light and lull you on a sea
    Of flowers whose petals have mouths, mesmerized
    centerfold, upsweep toward sleep.

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  • blackk_grrrrll 47w

    I was war. She was piece
    I was disaster. She was beauty
    I was the moon. She was the sun
    I was sorrow. She was happiness
    She was my salvation. I was her destruction


  • blackk_grrrrll 47w

    To love is to share life together,
    to build special plans just for two,
    to work side by side,
    and then smile with pride,
    as one by one, dreams all come true.

    To love is to help and encourage
    with smiles and sincere words of praise,
    to take time to share,
    to listen and care
    in tender, affectionate ways.

    #loveislove #lovestory #loversquotes #wlwlove #sapphic #instagramwriters

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  • creative_logophile 64w

    Okk, okk, okk. This isn't a proper poem.

    I just came to Mirakee to talk about her™. Because what di we do when we have a huge crush on our friend? We listen to 'She' by dodie, cry, write bad poetry, and spam strangers on the internet talking about her.

    Ohk soooo she's an internet friend and also she's bisexual but I'm 105% sure she doesn't like me, not rn at least, so yeah ��������


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    I wish she knew how beautiful she is,
    How a single text from her
    Can make my heart do a somersault.
    Does she realise my mind keeps going back to her?
    Does she know I care, I care so much?
    I wish she would stop criticising herself,
    Just for a moment see herself like I do.
    And just for a moment, see 'us' like I do.
    I would talk about her in poetry,
    But she's poetry herself, that girl.
    She says no one likes her.
    Doesn't she realize I do?

    ©Manya Agarwal

  • creative_logophile 64w

    Guys, gals and non binary pals, what do we do when we have a crush??
    We log into mirakee and write bad poetry ����

    Useless tags:
    #bi #bisexual #crush #newcrush #friendcrush #girlcrush #sapphic #unrequitedlove #cheesy #onesidedlove #her #she #seriouscrush

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    We were just supposed to friends.
    You weren't supposed to occupy my thoughts and cloud my ability to think.
    ©Manya Agarwal

  • lesbiabken 95w

    What Are You Looking At?

    warmth more comforting and consoling than the memories of warm earth sifting through my tired fingers as I dig soft dark tombs for bulbs clenched firm and gentle within my grasp

    eyelashes; a gentle breeze

     sweeping the sunlights dust off your cheek

    as your brown eyes that bring me all of the comforts of home in a single, hurried glance

    sweep around the room

    What are you looking at?

    comfortable silence settles on your lips

    and I know, I know my eyes are supposed to fixed on this evening's choice of entertainment.  

      Darling, believe me, I know.

    But I can't tear my eyes off you distractedly pulling your lower lip between your teeth and suddenly I am as fixated on the features of your face as you are in the blue glow spilling over the room from the tv

    What are you looking at?

    Fingers; tense and firm digging into the crooks of your sharpened elbows. I'm almost unable to fight the overwhelming urge to pull them within my own and kiss the anger out of them but it passes through me and I can't help but think there is a much better use for those fingers.

     A smile plays at the corner of my lips as I think about your fingers just as tense, buried in the mattress as my head lay buried between your thighs and my heart lay buried somewhere in your chest.

    My knees cross. My hands find each other as I twine my own fingers together the way I long to grasp yours. My eyes sink into them and I realize I could lose myself in a spiral of thoughts but then your laugh, a sound that has brought me more clarity effortlessly than years of trying to hunt for it.

     The eyes I've found home in meet mine.

    What are you looking at?

    i don't know how to explain that before me i see every adventure i'll ever embark, i see the hand i'll grasp in terrified fear as i take whatever steps I take next, i see summers leaving bits of my skirt hanging on barbed wire as I tear through the alfalfa, butterfly net clenched in excitement, I see you like stars directing me home. I just want you to take me in your arms because in them I have found where I belong. You are my favourite place.

    What am I looking at?

    Everything. You. God, what could be my whole future sitting sleepily and stoned less than a foot away.

    Words I wish I could say tangle in my throat like the half abandoned crocheted scarf sitting somewhere in my memory.

    What are you looking at?


  • glass14 103w

    The Flower Girls

    One is like a field of prairie-fires basking in the warm, sure light of sunset
    Friendly and fiery
    The second like a handful of violets, scattered in a garden and sprinkled with morning dew
    Serene and shy
    They were so different, but they never clashed
    They were never too estranged from each other to not find themselves in the other, a modern Yin and Yang
    One of them fell for their opposite
    A hard fall she fell for her
    But it didn't seem to hurt
    We don't have a conclusion for our two Flower Girls
    But we might have one soon.

  • biwalute 105w

    [Sorry for not posting in a while. I was taking a mental health break, but I'm happy to start (slowly) posting again. Thank you all!]
    #personal #vent #sapphic #wlw #lesbian #lgbt #hopelessromantic

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    I long for the impossible
    Yet, I fear I will receive the inevitable.
    It's all my fault, I know it...

    Strange it is: the reassurance of friends.
    They say I'll find her,
    But each day
    I grow farther from her
    And deeper into the ground.


  • godlessfemme 106w

    Her laughter

    Her laughter is my grip on textbook sanity,
    But drives me to madness in its own sweet ways,
    She giggles, when I kiss her earlobes,
    Leaving my rationale to dissolve in each soft sound.

  • theplottwistisreal 133w


    I sit in shadows to avoid the spotlight
    I've never cared for my wants
    But you
    You have turned me into a villain
    I am greedy
    I crave your touches when they can't be mine
    Miss your lips when I've never had them
    I never want to let you go, keep you caged like a bird so you'll sing me pretty songs at dawn
    I want to hide you in a box
    Lock and key thrown to the sea
    So I know that no one else can have you
    You've made me selfish
    My skin a constant shade of green
    Because I'm envious that he gets to touch you in ways that I never could
    That I never can
    Your smiles are not just mine
    Your hand touches other hands
    And I'm supposed to smile and laugh
    Because how can I explain to you that I want to rip apart whoever even breathes your air
    I want to be the one to breathe you in
    My oxygen tank that I can't afford
    I just stare at you from the window while patting my empty pockets
    I couldn't pay for you
    I would need the world
    I secretly hoped he would break your heart
    I secretly hoped I could mend it
    Then maybe you'd try to kiss me again
    Then maybe you'd hold my hand
    I cried when I found out you solved things
    I can't believe how selfish you've made me

  • limbo_bird 141w

    Sapphic Overtones

    Over the garden wall
    Eve dared to peep one day
    She saw two women kissing
    She was forced to look away.

    They said it was a lie, a sin
    An illusion of an abomination
    Then what is this temptation
    Coming from within?

    I see the curve of your breasts,
    Of your hips, of your unpredictable wit
    And I feel a flaming tug, drawing me in
    But I know I can never win.

    I want to scream hallelujah
    As I imagine you kissing on my neck
    But my faith can't forgive this blasphemy
    So I try to keep my love for you in check.

    They said it was a snake
    They said it was the devil.
    They said it was fake
    They said it was evil.

    They said so many things
    But I could not believe
    That it was anything but love;
    Something Adam cannot give.

    I see the arch of your back,
    Of your smile, your effortless style,
    The smirk on your lip,
    My arms around your hip.

    And you scream hallelujah
    As we defy every rule I've ever known
    And we scream hallelujah
    As we give in to our demons.

    And I scream hallelujah
    With every kiss, with every touch
    Oh darling, I love you so much
    As we scream our prayers to each other.

  • godlessfemme 148w


    I have lost my sanity.
    I never thought I would fall,
    So deeply in love with her.
    It took me a while to concede,
    Yet I feel like I've known all along.
    I love her like no one else can.
    I love her with my heart, my soul,
    And every fibre of my being,
    Every chamber of my heart,
    Has her name etched deep inside.
    I've been lonely, forlorn,
    And each tear I shed,
    Is worth it.
    And I know what keeps me bereft.
    It's a small wedding band,
    Worn on her left.

  • biwalute 152w

    Her name was honey.
    How could I forget?


  • biwalute 152w

    To Have Her

    To have her is to
    Let her lay her sleepy head
    On your thighs,
    Let her put your hands
    On her warm hips,
    Let her braid your hair,
    Let her put whipped cream
    On the tip of your nose while baking,
    Let her take the whole blanket a night,
    Let her love you.
    And you:
    Love her and do not hold back.


  • biwalute 152w

    She can sit wherever she pleases.
    On the kitchen island,
    On the carpet,
    On the balcony,
    On the roof...
    Of all the places,
    She chooses to sit next to me.
    Every time she does so, she asks
    Me the same thing:
    "Do you wonder what it would
    be like to travel the galaxy?"


  • biwalute 152w

    She was shapely
    With the smoothest hips
    And the peachiest lips.


  • biwalute 152w

    Rain On The Roof

    With pastel skies,
    Ruby eyes,
    And sepia tries,
    The open road winds
    Until the small white house
    Appears amongst the birches.
    I feel her grab my hand and lead
    Me into the house where no one
    Will find us, hear us, or hurt us.
    We are finally where we wanted to be:
    Alone together with her head in my lap
    And listening to the rain on the roof.