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  • gayatrich 120w

    শারদ শুভেছা...

    Yes...its autumn, finally.The time of the year when cool windy breeze waves you hi,when nature turns itself calmer,when scorching sun recedes to the other hemisphere,reliving us of it's burning snarls...but all these vocabulary outbursts are meaningless to the Bengalis who eagerly await for one thing this time of the year;their mother's return to the earth.Devi Durga returns to her home,what Bengali's callb"baperbari" & whole of Bengal rejoice to "Dhaker tal".The time when microphone start playing,"বাজলো তোমার আলোর বেণু...."
    Life seems bit less gloomy with gatherings, deity worship & conversing our deepest desires to Maa.All the fun gets distributed in 4 major days,which includes dressing up,meetings,onjoli,pandel hopping.Its the time of the year when elders meet the juniors,friends spend time having " adda",lovers stroll the pandels with hater opor hat" r parar puchke gulor "prosad khawai matamati".The saddest part is dashami;when Maa returns to her husband ,Lord Shiva.The deity gets immersed in water which symbolises her departure from us.As Maa leaves us to ourselves, we continue our sojourn in leading our lives with greater hopes for the coming times & obviously the next pujas! We feel sad,I agree but yes we also know to carry good memories & celebrate our lives... which our tradition proudly teaches us!
    I earnestly pray that, let this Durga puja be of good health, wonderful memories,awesome gatherings,greater beginnings & delicious food!Let us celebrate it with fun frolic & laughter. Let Maa Durga shower blessings on each household,so that irrespective of their caste,color, creed,status, people may have fun with their loved ones!
    You know why these wishes? Coz it's not just an occasion for Bengali's guys,Durga puja is an emotion!