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  • ravikantwriting_94 2d

    What is miracle?

    Anything which you don't understand.

  • autumn_touched 4d

    Your eyes told,
    Soft lies,
    My heart heard,
    strong love.
    You played the game of fire,
    My sins turned into ashes of satire.


  • frame_n_beard 1w

    Na jane kitne ghanto tak tera intzaar kiya
    Tere jaldi na ane paar phone baar baar kiya
    Ae ZOMATO wale kya dushmani thi meri tujhse
    Ki ek hi plate mangaya tha chicken
    Usme se bhi thoda haat maar liya.


  • frame_n_beard 1w

    Har baar tujhe bhulane ke yaad mai kuch khaas bhul jata hun
    Kabhi college id toh kabhi metro ka pass bhul jata hun


  • ankitj 2w


    The effect of COVID-19 on stalling larger public movement and isolating techniques to curb the spread of a pandemic has concerned the Opposition in Parliament to such extent, that they wasted no time proposing the Private Member Bill to control population and bringing 2 Child and related policies !

    Are they expecting a burst in Birth Rate by December 2020 or January 2021 ??

  • ravikantwriting_94 2w

    Child lying to parents
    Parents lying to child
    Teachers lying to students
    Students lying to teachers
    Father lying to mother
    Lovers lying to each other

    • We are living in a Real world •

    - ravikant

  • moon_at_heart 2w

    Describe life you say?
    Well, life around me
    Is presently a rat race.
    Actually, a race for-
    Toilet paper!

    I know we need the
    Coveted stuff,
    But of all things
    To stockpile
    We've chosen...

    Our lives have been
    Because of
    A contagious bug
    That's been proven
    Harmful to our

    We fear the unknown.
    We worry for our
    Everyday livelihood
    If our neighbor
    May unknowingly
    Infect us with
    A Viral Monster.

    The stocks are down,
    Oil prices plummeting
    To who knows how low,
    And there's always the worry
    Of, well, you know...
    No toilet paper!

    All in all
    Life is good.

  • ravikantwriting_94 3w

    When I am lonely
    I need someone to be with
    When I am with someone
    Again I feel lonely

    I am a wise man

    - ravikant

  • shubhamjoshi 3w

    महिला दिवस

    आज है चर्चा समाज के ठेकेदारों में
    महिला दिवस की बात हो रही सत्ता के गलियारों में,
    इस दिन पर किसे बुलाएं दो शब्द बोलने को
    सुबह से लगे पड़े हैं सब विशिष्ठों के कद तोलने को

    कोई कह रहा बुला लेतें है दरोगा जी को वो सुरक्षा का पाठ पढ़ाएंगे,
    कब नहीं निकलना चाहिए बेटियों को घर से, इसका समय बताएंगे

    किसी ने दिया सुझाव वकील साहब को बुलातें हैं,
    वे ही हमारे बिगड़े शोहदों को, बाइज़्ज़त छुड़वाते हैं
    एक बोला इसके लिए डॉक्टर साहब को मनाते हैं,
    कब नसीब होगा 'पुत्रसुख', ये वही तो बताते हैं ।

    किसी दी सलाह कहीं से काज़ी साहब को बुलाने की,
    हर दम आगे खड़े होतें हैं जब बात होती सस्ते में तलाक करवाने की
    5 बेगमों के साथ आएंगे,
    नहीं होगी चिंता महिलाओं की भीड़ बढ़ाने की

    नाम कहा किसी ने तब पंडित जी का,
    बोला कि महिलाओं के लिए आशीर्वचन भी पढ़ देंगे
    किन - किन मौकों पर अछूत हो जाती है नारी,
    लोगो को इसका पुनर्पठन भी कर देंगे

    फिर याद आए वो जो जिनसे नौटंकी कार्यक्रम के फीते कटवाए थे,
    पिछली सरकार के बंद किये दारू के ठेके, उन्होंने ही खुलवाए थे ।
    सभी हुए एकमत फिर, जब नेताजी का नाम हुआ
    नारी सशक्तिकरण का समर्थक, इनसे बड़ा भला कौन हुआ ।।

  • whengonelsleeps 3w

    A very silly story I wrote in a nursery rhyme like poem.

    #verysilly #nursery-like #two #profane #inspired #could #have #been #satire #inspiration #poetry

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    The Economical Indifference

    The country of Allswellville,
    Was just another country,
    With its normal ongoings, outgoings,
    showings and overshowings.
    People were rich and poor,
    smart and dumb,
    You get the gist,
    The country was fun.
    It was going well, nice and dandy,
    Until suddenly, things went crazy,

    The stock market suddenly dropped,
    Like it was hot,
    Things that were Hot,
    Could not be bought,
    The prices grew,
    over the fucking moon,
    That so very soon,
    The price of a spoon,
    Was worth the actual moon,

    The President was perplexed,
    The Prime minister was distraught,
    The Ministers were distressed,
    And the Queen was pissed off,
    "Who? wha-how?!", the Queen said,
    In her squiggly ass voice set,
    "What's the meaning of this madness?
    My dog's worth the Earth and Thanos' gauntlet,
    Surely who's job was it then,
    To handle our money and pricey profits?"

    The President and the Prime minister,
    Took a moment to look at each other,
    "Oh, your majesty, how should we know?
    Perhaps its none but our Missus Caramello,"
    "Oh, you mean the girl from Chelsea?"
    "Yes, your honourable majesty!"
    "And she is our Minister of Money!"
    "Yes, your honourable majesty!"
    "Then", asked the queen, "where is she?!"
    "Well you see.." but before they could finish,
    In comes the Country Butler, Finneas the Finnish,

    "Oh, Finneas, Butler of all the land!
    Will you tell us what is Missus Caramello's plan?"
    But the butler was really depressed,
    He took his torn hat off his head,
    "I.. I cannot say,
    She has plans but not of mone-ay",
    The butler stood with quivering lips,
    Biting it down, zipping his lip,

    The prime minister stepped forth,
    "Speak, lad, tell us her thoughts,"
    But Finneas held his breath,
    "Speak, Finneas, tell us her guess."
    But Finneas knew it's for the best,
    "Speak, Finneas, please, best friend!"
    But still Finneas was deaf,
    And so the Queen shouted away,
    "Tell us, Finneas or you'll be stripped away!",
    And finally, With some care,
    Finneas let out his air,

    "She got so freaking bored of this goddamn economy,
    But then she felt her fish was so much more cooler,
    And started to paint pictures of her pet fish, Permanently!,"
    The prime minister gasped,
    The president alarmed,
    The ministers were aghast,
    And the Queen then croaked,
    "What?! The fish is more important to her than our economy?"
    "Yes, your honourable -" "That's enough, buddy."
    "Oh why, oh why we bought her that fish?!
    We should have bought her less cooler fish!"
    "The fish is so cool,
    She calls it Mr. Blue
    Damn that cool looking Betta is ruining our value,"

    "Quick, you gotta make her halt,
    Our stocks are falling apart,
    Our rich can't eat, Our poor revolt,
    Get to it, she's our last resort,

    But before they can,
    Queen and her gang,
    They realized that they can't walk,
    They simply can't afford to walk,
    "Oh no, quick, call her on her phone,
    Before the price per minute becomes a loan,
    But the line was cut before they dialled,
    Now the panic has turned to a wail,

    "Oh woe is us, our country is doomed,
    All because of that damned Mr. Blue!"

  • ovais43 4w

    Exclusive Piece of Poesy

    Kindly tag your friends. I want to share this poesy with as many people as possible.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #satire #ironical #english #literature #society #life #earthlings

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    21st century's God


    Thy wealth, health, sex and abode;
    Have become 21st century's God.

    Though you don't worship openly,
    But you always sing its every ode.

    Thy wealth, health, sex and abode;
    Have become 21st century's God.

    You keep thinking about them only,
    Thy wit, thy wisdom, it will erode.

    Oi Humans! Just think for a while;
    Behave yourself or get furloughed.

    Thy wealth, health, sex and abode;
    Have become 21st century's God.


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  • upsilon400 4w

    Chastushka about smoking

    He breathed in a good long one.
    He was sucking on his pipe.
    Both his lungs turned black a ton.
    He thought smoke smelled berries ripe.

  • upsilon400 5w

    Tall Brother

    He sat on his chair
    and thought of something to say.
    He thinks he should say "Get lost".

    Quickly, he gets up
    and almost said what he thought
    before he hit the ceiling.

  • unkemptrini 5w


    I am not ashamed of demeaning people, I'm not ashamed of being rude and unapologetic, I'm not ashamed of depriving people of what they deserve, I'm not ashamed of being disrespectful to people, I'm not ashamed of discriminating people on the basis of caste/creed/social and financial status.I'm not ashamed of cheating on people and living a luxurious life at their expense. I'm not ashamed of judging others and not looking at my own faults. I am not ashamed of causing pain in others life and being happy about it. I'm not ashamed of being lazy and wothless. I'm not ashamed of not doing my own work sincerely. I'm not ashamed of taking everything for granted. I'm not ashamed of spending a life without any form of struggles or hard work. I'm not ashamed of calling myself a human being. I'm not ashamed of existing and continuing life the way i do.

  • mrspectacular 7w


    While on a road trip,
    I meet this old block chip.
    A fine young man
    For whom I make bold to say I stan.

    He is at a checkpoint under the scorching sun,
    It must have been in no way fun.
    We come upon him with our driver.
    Flagging us down, in fear we did shiver

    He asks that we, off the road, clear
    In our mind is a gripping fear.
    We clear as instructed,
    For we want no feeling of duty obstructed.

    Right then, he asks about our start-off point & destination;
    This we tell him without procrastination.
    Discovering we are academics
    He smiles, giving some advice-mix,

    Asking that we place our focus well
    In order that we have a life that's swell,
    That he says, in pidgin.
    The silence is much, you could hear the sound of a pin.

    I am stunned,
    My fear is gunned.
    I look at him, his face spelling tired & stressed,
    By these he is being caressed.

    Something is spurred in my person,
    Like someone had committed a treason.
    I wonder who it was,
    I proceed with a noble cause

    To find out how much he would earn for standing under that sun & even in the rain.
    I am struck by a nerve cutting pain
    I discover a soldier like himself earns a 5-figure wage,
    I think to myself, what a carnage

    Because some peasants earn the kind of salaries these heroes were to make.
    These peasants take the lion share of the cake
    While the lions take the leftover
    What an unfortunate irony to discover

    I think to myself, what a nation
    That celebrates the lax to all's consternation
    And disgraces the hardworker to same
    Need I say more than it's a big shame.


  • grotesque 8w

    Depression: 1.2


    I am gradually realising that love is not about just loving. It's also about spending a lifetime just breathing. I think, all the lovers need to understand that while we all feel love in a different way, we also need to let go to be in love more. May be when we lose something, we know we aren't living anymore. I think that's the perfect definition of being in love. Fragments of everything is love; culmination of feeling too much and feeling nothing. Disappointment is love too. I think, what we always want to know and cannot know is love. Love is so much more than just a feeling of being in the pages of books of the bestseller. Love is....... Love is.
    Everything and everyone is love.


  • ovais43 9w

    Public ki mashoori wastey


    Public ki mashoori wastey
    Public transport may hum
    Bechny lgey pizzey pastey

    Public ki mashoori wastey

    Public ki mashoori wastey
    Chaley jo hum xra tez tez
    Public hi boli ahistey bae ahistey

    Public ki mashoori wastey

    Public ki mashoori wastey
    Nagr nagr ghumey hum to
    Kay azbar huye sabhi rastey

    Public ki mashoori wastey

    Public ki mashoori wastey
    Nikamon sey hath milaye
    Dunya k kiye tarley wastey

    Public ki mashoori wastey

  • ovais43 9w

    Dost ya Ghost


    Hadh hy dost sarey ghost ho gaye
    Badnaseebi jo aj wo host ho gaye

    Khaney ko mili hmein insani biryani
    Paish phr sarrey huye toast ho gaye

    Bhala puchy hum koi cannibal hein
    Jo murdey sarey agey roast ho gaye

    Hadh hy dost sarey ghost ho gaye
    Badnaseebi jo aj wo host ho gaye

    Nikamey they ye to maloom hi tha
    Magr aj to ye sab uttermost ho gaye

    Kya kehny k nikamo ki fehrist may
    Secondary they, foremost ho gaye

    Hadh hy dost sarey ghost ho gaye
    Badnaseebi jo aj wo host ho gaye

  • ovais43 9w

    Normally I don't like to participate in any contest or challenge. Well, I do have some reasons for this. But when it comes to the most precious person and soul like Carolyn, the mind thinks differently. She's a real and pure soul. Yeah, I can keep on talking about her for more than a decade. So, here is my lame contribution. Have a look ladies and gentlemen.

    Acrostic Phrase

    War on Water

    #acrostic #agoldensparrow #ovithepoet
    #cees_water_chall #waterchallenge #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #english #literature #satire #irony

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    A Golden Sparrow


    Watch the clock, wait for the ball to drop
    Amidst every politician's speech my dear
    Rarely you'd find the fragments of peace

    Old man's saying can never be forgotten
    Nation's interest has exposed their intentions

    Water; a reason of all the crimes
    A golden sparrow of all the times,
    Treasure that everyone yearns for.
    Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth;
    Remnants you'll see, all around the globe.