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  • untold_soul 10w

    Women in India is no longer safe. Here men are thirsty for a woman's body!! They don't love the soul of a lady, but they fulfill their lust!! Every day around 100 rapes are effectuate in our so called MOTHERLAND!!! Are we all safe in our society?? Ahh! Just a second our preamble says that our Indian society is made of certain qualities. What are they? Aren't they Sovereign Democratic society, Justice to all, provides Liberty, Equality, Fraternity? Am I right? Do all these qualities equally apply to every member of country?? Let's talk about all of these one by one:
    1. Sovereignty- the quality of being independent. But here in this country women can't even try to think to be independent. Because as soon as they take a step forward to be independent, the male dominance party try to show each and every female minority party that YOU CAN'T LIVE ON YOUR OWN, IF YOU TRY THIS BABY YOU WILL BE RAPED BY SOMEONE!!! Let's give a big round of applause to the male dominance party!!!
    2. Justice- the quality of providing every one with fair judgment. Ohkay!! Then where that fair judgement go when it comes to solve a rape case?? Yeahh!! Offcourse you guys might have been given goose?? Lol!! Will you take that bribe also at the time when it will be a rape case of your lady?? Achha you will not! Cause she is your and other lady's, they are not a part of your family and so you will let them go and die!! Slow claps for you too!!
    3. Liberty and Equality- the quality of providing freedom to every one without any partiality. Ohhkk!! So according to you, a son of a well known personality is allowed to do every bullshit out, but a girl on the other side is not allowed to roam with male friends because they are considered characterless! Achha achha, so if your sister goes out with you, she is characterless!! Woww!! You are also a male na?? Hey audience a slow claps for them too!!!
    4. Fraternity- the quality of brotherhood. But, just a second bruh!! In our society do backbiting means brotherhood?? Because every third person out of five does the same shit!! In our society being in brotherhood we can harrass a women, rape her, abuse her, or torcher her, haina? Achhaaaaa, means you do the same deed with your wife or girlfriend or friend or sister or mother? Do you? If with them then, who are those unknown women of yours walking on the road? They are no one yours and you can surely do any fucking act with them!! Slow claps you morons!!!
    I being an open minded girl, who is INDEPENDENT, who is bold enough, challenge all other girls and females to join me for a week, do tell me about your experiences and will surely now harrass their mentality!!
    #stopcrimesagainstwomen #saynotorape

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  • _dark_tales_saurabh_ 12w


    "Happy Father's Day.✨
    Fathers are the purest form of love",someone said.

    "Not for everyone",a 6 year old rape victim sobbed.


  • suhani05 13w

    I have not just written a poem..i had written my frustration..!! Really guyzz..day by day the cases of rapes..acid attacks..etc. r increasing too much..!! The person who had been raped feels helpless ..hopeless..worthless..lifeless..so just stop doing this all guyzz...��..now it's too much..
    N specially ..during this lockdown..i had heard many rape cases..nd in most of the cases..father..brother..or any other male of the family raped the girls of their home..!! After listening this type of news... really i have no words..these ppl r just the shit of our society.. nothing else..
    Apart frm the rapist..if we talk abt the government..then they r salable..��..2 paiso me bikne vala sarkaar h h hmra..nd we expect justice frm them..no guyzz..the government will surely not take action agnst these things ever..We should take action..for ourselves..❤️
    Every morning ..i waked up..open the newspaper ..n i read the same news daily..a father raped his daughter..some neighbours kidnapped a little 6 year old girl..i really don't know wtt is going on...wtt these type of ppl want..!! I just want to say plzz stop doing this all..��..
    Nd ..if uh r seeing these things happening in ur surrounding then plz take action towards it..even if uh don't know the person also ..bcuz may b later your daughter or sister will be at that place..or the girl with whom this all is happening is also a daughter of someone..is also a sister of someone..So plzz help girls ..n be active..n say no to rape..��
    Thnkyou ��

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    वाह रे मानव..!!

    वाह रे मानव..!वाह रे मानव..!!
    तेरे कर्म के अनुसार..तू कहलाना चाहिए एक दानव..!
    कभी एसिड फेंक कर..तो कभी छेड़कर..
    कभी बीच बाजार जलील कर..तो कभी बलात्कार कर..!
    बतला जाते हो तुम परिभाषा हैवानियत की..
    बतला जाते हो तुम समाज में नहीं बची है जगह इंसानियत की..!!
    इंसानियत तो छोड़िए जनाब..
    जो बेटी अपने पिता के गोद में खेलने के देखती थी ख्वाब.. वो उसके शरीर से ही खेल खेलकर उसे दे दिया जवाब..
    कि अपनी भूख मिटाने के लिए ये कितना गिरेंगे इसका है ही नहीं हिसाब..!!
    यारो जिस पर बीतती है..उससे पूछो...!
    तुम्हारी मां बहन को बिना पूछे को छुए..तुम सिर्फ इतना ही सोचकर देखो..!!
    तुम्हें लगता है हम औरतों में सहने की हिम्मत नहीं..
    तो सुनो औरत का दर्द समझना तुम्हारी किस्मत में नहीं..!!
    जितना खून तुम हैवान में होता नहीं..
    उतना तो एक लड़की 5 दिन में बहा देती..
    पर बात सहने की नहीं है..
    बात कहने की है..!
    पर एक औरत कहे भी तो किससे..?
    वो तो चंद पैसों में बिक चुका है..
    इंसाफ दिलाना था जिसे..!!
    पर मेरी एक बात गौर से सुनना हैवानों..
    ये औरतें ही लाएंगी एक दिन इतना कहर..
    इंसाफ तुम ही इन्हें दिलादोगे पीकर जहर..!!
    एक सवाल समाज से..
    ये रेपिस्ट जब अपनी सीमा लांग रहें..
    तो तुम क्यों नहीं सीधा-सीधा इन्हें सूली पर टांग रहे..?
    एक सवाल मां बाप से..
    क्या आपके मुंह पर लगे हैं ताले..?
    आप यही सोच रहें ना..क्या मेरी बेटी को मिलेंगे ससुराल वाले..!!
    और तुम सब बना दोगे इन सब का सिर्फ एक किस्सा..
    सलाखों के पीछे होता हर एक रेपिस्ट..
    अगर इंसाफ दिलाने में तुमने भी लिया होता हिस्सा..!!
    तुमसब दो दिन मोमबत्तियां जलाओगे..
    2 दिन बाद सब कुछ भूल जाओगे..!!
    ऐ हैवान..!! तुम्हें नहीं पता कितना एक औरत सह लेती..
    पर जरा सोच..कतार में तो खड़ी है तेरी भी बहू बेटी...!!
    सच कहते हैं लोग..नहीं तुम्हारा दिल बिल्कुल नरम..
    हो भी कैसे..! बेच आए हो तुम जो अपनी शर्म..!!
    जो मर जाए..उसके लिए प्रोटेस्ट में बाजी लगाने को हो जाओगे राजी..!!
    सोशल मीडिया पर प्रोटेक्ट गर्ल्स वाला स्टेटस दो तुम डाल..
    पर तुम खुद वही हो..जो सड़क पर लड़कियों को देख कहता है माल..!!
    सुन ऐ हैवान..अब तो बंजा इंसान..!
    वरना तुझ जैसे हैवान के लिए बैठा है ऊपर भगवान..!!

  • _griffin_ 15w



    When she felt her back aching and her soul fading did you let her go?
    When she begged for mercy with her eyes all teary asking for you to stop it did you leave her alone?
    It's funny how now on your knees you beg for clemency....
    Your eyes were of rage and now they scream mercy
    Your lips in a grin now they're upside down...
    When you spread her apart and you went straight to town
    Question....do you think of her now?

    You felt like a man destroying her life...
    That drug in that drink...
    That threat from that knife...
    You took it away didn't take her for a wife
    But you felt alright abusing her that night....
    You hurt her physically now she's traumatized...
    Even with her reflection now there's no eye to eye...
    She's not blind but you are I didn't save her so so am I
    Why didn't you mind you own business you just had to end a life....
    You raped her...you didn't hesitate to take her you were all for it...
    And now you have to pay for it....

  • rahmanlawal 16w


  • ga_bree_lla 16w

    My body my power

    No one was there to save me that day,
    Not my father ,not my mother
    Not my sister nor my mother
    Not even the man who would become my husband years later,
    Everyone felt far away

    It's strange how few seconds can turn your life to a new direction,
    It changes how you think or act and even see your reflection.
    The dark memory still haunts my brain,
    And I feel I'm the one to blame

    I took it all in saying it's my fault,
    My fault for every stroke, for every assault.
    Every night I'm awake,
    Wondering how much of this pain I can take.
    If only he listened to my cries and pleads,
    Maybe I won't be this weak
    Maybe I won't hate myself and feel disgusted

    But then it stung to me,
    Enough us enough,
    I am tough,
    No one has the right to pull down my wings ,
    Because I'm brave and beautiful,
    I'm strong and I'll be successful.
    I'll love my body and praise it,
    I'll praise my eyes because of the tears that fell that night,
    My hands because of the fight.
    I will take away all negative thoughts and bloom like a flower ,
    Because my body is my power.


  • ifynoella 16w

    Dear Rapist.

    Thank you for tearing through me
    and cutting my fragile parts.

    Thank you for threatening me
    That if i speak you would tear me apart.

    Thank you for feeding
    In my weakness.

    Thank you for being so inconsiderate and inhuman.

    This scar I know exist but
    I will fight till it won't get the totality of me.

    Your actions do not change how I think about others for you are just an atom in a million of good ones.

    I hope you forgive yourself
    as i have forgiven you.

    From your Victim.


  • adepejufadayomi 16w

    We are fighting,
    Not just because,
    We are passionate,
    but because,
    We are survivors.

  • omotakin 16w

    Lots of questions to respond to
    Answers made friends with danger,
    People's world might crumble if I let them out
    I shut my mouth like an armored vault
    Thought I could bear the burden alone
    A dream I wish could come through.

    My timid heart couldn't bear the burden
    Incest or rape it doesn't matter what I call it
    It only has one name where I come from
    “Taboo”, that's what it's called
    What story will I tell this fetus when its fully grown and ready for this world

    This isn't the world I wished for this young one.
    My young fetus, mama will have to send you on a journey back home
    You don't fit in here.
    Mama isn't cruel,
    I only ran out of options


    @mirakee @mirakeeworld #omotakin #abortion #saynotorape @inkywords

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    Out of Options

    This isn't the world I wished for this young one.
    My young fetus, mama will have to send you on a journey back home
    You don't fit in here.
    Mama isn't cruel,
    I only ran out of options


  • ayoroland 16w

    Say No To Rape

    SAY NO TO RAPE is all I'm shouting here again
    This act of criminality is getting so lame
    I cry in an unexplained tears of pain
    How on earth could a human inflict so much pain

    Some men have even decided to be an animal with aroma
    Of every female they encounter, gazing at where to banter
    They have come to a thinking that her consent isn't needed when breaching
    Oh my my, thou foolish men of lies

    Shes a lady, i wail
    She also has a future, i cry in anguish

    So animal, you claim by performing your sinful act you're justified
    Not minding she's a flower or flour
    You saying, she wore a dress that aroused your pintle
    Or your were just a cock without feelings haunting for whom to mate forcefully

    The punishment for your action is meant to be castration
    In which no pity is to be offered when castigated in the city
    No amount of words you say can save you from the curses of this world

    Now Again ️️️

    With my Gospel of saying No to Rape
    My sister needs her freedom when she walks on the street
    My friend needs her safety so we could stop worrying when she's out
    Thier freedom, their safety is all I'm fighting for !!!!




  • whatjessithinks 16w

    It could be ejaculating on a girl's jeans on the bus.

    Begging for nudes.

    Intentionally brushing his/her body with your genitals or hands for pleasure.

    Unnecessary remarks about his/her body.


    It doesn't have to involve vaginal penetration to be called a sexual crime, it could be forced anal, oral or fondling of genitals.

    Don't assume she's playing hard to get, don't assume the tears are for pleasure.��‍♀️
    No is no.

    #saynotorape #nomeansno #respectforhumanity #protectthevictim #nomorerape #notorape


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    If you have to beg, trick, harass or force someone to give you any form of sexual pleasure, with or without penetration, until he/she gives in, it is a form of sexual assault.


  • ellathedream 17w

    Again, Part 1

    A daughter, A niece, A mother, An aunt, A grandmother

    A son too? Wow, A nephew, A Grandson

    A girl, A woman

    A person, A life


    But still.

    Consent, Consent, Consent

    An alley, A church

    A school, A home

    Thirteen, three

    Seventy, Seven

    A bush, An office

    My boss, My uncle

    My neighbour, My step dad

    My teacher, My friend

    My pastor, My Imam

    A celebrity, A politician


    I said no!


    Please stop


    I'm begging you.

    Thrust, thrust, thrust

    Five minutes tops

    I cried

    I begged

    I'm a virgin

    Wait, let me rephrase that

    I cried

    I begged

    And then I died

    Blood, oh God there was so much blood

    Stop struggling

    It's just sex

    But I was five

    But I died

    You're pregnant

    The Doctor will see you soon

    Are you sure about this? "Yes", I reply shakily

    i can't have this child

    i swear to God i'm not a murderer

    it wasn't my fault

    My first time was at sixteen. Oh, with who?


    Depression, drugs, alcohol

    Therapy? No, I heard it was a suicide

    What's that noise?

    Who's that man??

    I'm not safe

    I don't want to walk down here

    A top, A skirt

    A hijab, A scarf


    A life

    A tragedy, A story

    A person

    A victim

    A hash tag

    A RAPE


    A body, A life

    A trauma. I can't get past this

    Oh no

    A death

    A rape

    I died


  • eri_oye 17w

    The Rape Victim

    His violent arms have held me down.
    Somebody help me now!
    I'm fighting hard with blood and sweat.
    My screaming, to him, is not even a threat.
    His coarse voice sounds like a wild bear.
    Oh! I just wanted to disappear!

    With that evil thing of his,
    He's defiled this poor helpless miss.
    Every entry leaves a worse feeling.
    The next groan is deeper than the latter.
    To him, my pain doesn't even matter.

    Now, he's left me with this scar.
    He's done me too much mar.
    This memory will never leave me,
    But I hope, soonest, I'll heal.

    I still wish one thing though,
    Not to punish or take revenge tomorrow.
    But to this promise I will cling —
    Never to raise a delinquent as this thing.


  • shimile_ 17w


    Their eyes followed me as I walk past
    I noticed, which was why I walked fast
    Six in number, all standing in the same corner.

    Three flats away from my house
    I heard one of them compliment my ass
    Trust me I ignored
    Then another complimented my lips and
    I kept mute because to me they were pests

    Suddenly the sixth person demanded I say thanks.
    With a shaky voice I said no. Best believe I was scared shit less.

    Stomps on the ground, approaching like elephants
    I made to run but they were faster and bigger
    A hand over my mouth and the rest in other places
    Thought it was all over when I had the courage to tell someone.
    The response I got was "what were you wearing"?

  • tolu_writer 17w

    Say No To Rape

    The act of rape,
    And inexcusable offence.
    No one deserves to experience such heinous act.
    Rapist are worse than animals.
    At least animals give a form of consent.
    Rape destroys more than the sex organs or the body.
    It affects the mind and soul.
    Sometimes it's unable to heal from its scars.
    There's no excuse for anyone to be raped is there?
    When someone says no, let it end there.
    And try to salvage the dignity you have left.
    I really am not blaming only MEN for raping,
    Nor saying only WOMEN get raped,
    That's not really the point.
    No one deserves to be raped,
    And no one has a reason to rape.
    The act isn't right, it shouldn't exist.
    So I urge everyone to take a step,
    No matter how small, take a step against rape.
    You don't know who the next victim could be.
    Instead of waiting or blaming God unecessarily for seemingly doing nothing,
    We already have the power to do something,
    We have stood watch enough waiting for someone else to act.
    But only the rapists have acted.
    It's time for us to make our move and put an end to this.

  • eri_oye 17w

    The Bold Step

    "I'm worthless" is all that's in her head.
    "I'm useless, nothing but a living dead."
    Now, she feels less of herself,
    All she sees is an empty shelf.
    In the twinkle of her poor helpless eye,
    It was stolen from her, that which she held so high;
    Her virginity,
    This, she had vowed to keep from immorality.
    The tomorrow she imagined has gone with the theft.
    Now, all she has is nothing left.
    No more visions to cherish,
    Even the wildest dreams have gone to perish.

    But it is she who stands now in your presence,
    Only with a major difference.
    She's now made, she's all new,
    It feels like her dreams are coming true.
    "There's more for me that tomorrow holds,
    More, that even eyes are yet to behold."
    Suddenly, all these wishes have life again.
    Life now offers something outside pain.
    With this energy, she awakes day and night,
    To make real, this future of hers so bright.

    What could've happened? I know you're guessing.
    Let me quickly add, to save you from stressing.
    It is just some pep,
    That I call THE BOLD STEP.
    She spoke out, bringing to book,
    The evil of that rapist, the crook.
    Now, nothing can stop her from making a reality,
    All of her fantasy.

  • whatjessithinks 17w

    You ask her for her nude pictures and she declines. "No, I would never do any such thing," she says.

    You proceed to convince her that all the other girls are doing it and it's cool.

    She reaffirms what she'd said. "No. I'm not like the other girls."

    You continue trying to persuade her, telling her she'll love it, telling her she'll enjoy it, telling her you'd never share it, telling her you love her or her body.

    She says she doesn't feel comfortable doing it.

    You hold the key to making her do anything you want because you know her secret. Blackmail her into doing it. "I'll tell everyone your secret if you don't."

    Or you just keep asking incessantly hoping that one day she'll get tired of you and send them or thinking you can try to convince her that it's normal.


    #saynotorape #feminist #feminism #power #equalityofgender #respectnforwomen #respectofdecision #respect #women #men #story #shortstory #secondperson #writeup #saynotorape #sons #daughters #female #male #girlpower #selflove

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    Am I right or...?


  • pres_tige 17w

    The dead also speaks

    It was just the cuteness of my face
    Yet it brought fire to your waist
    That made you feed your awful thirst

    It was just an innocent smile
    But it made your body run wild
    You became so thirsty
    That you had to act so nasty

    What then would I have done to make you look away?
    But you chose to have your way
    And took my life in the process

    Words from a broken soul!


  • the_anon_alpha 17w

    You are the cause of your actions
    You are a wild animal
    You are a deranged human
    You deserve death and worse
    You have no right to live

    That is what you are as a rapist
    A Wild animal in human form
    You should be killed
    And your body should be devoured by animals
    There's is no justification for your sins

    The trauma your actions lead to
    You should suffer worse
    Those that support you should be ostracized
    There is no reason for your actions

  • adepejufadayomi 25w

    Every touch looks like an abuse.

    Every talk seems like a way to hurt you.

    Every deed doesn't seem right.