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  • neshamah 1w

    If life shows you every reason to leave her, show her one reason to live in her.


  • d_thoughtartist 15w


    Hey you woke up,
    Be thankful for another breath,another sky

    Isnt it wonderful to see the chirping ladies on the trees

    The innocent walls of cement n sand which don't say anything despite of any tragedy or harmony around.

    Why cant we celebrate the other day,or everyday of our lives ,whats wrong in exchanging a smile with stranger who wanted that assurance that
    Yes everything is going well!!


  • mori_yyah 16w

    Never cling to the unworthy hands of suicide.
    It shows defeat.

  • rebel_writes 22w

    Walking dead

    I've gotten comfortable with my demons
    My dreams are their playground
    My thoughts are their palace
    I try to evict them but they return with more
    I wake up in tears and go back to sleep in it's puddles
    My life is a joke and you keep reading, just pass the comic
    Forgive me if I've fantasized about being gone today
    Hoping to find relief in the form of a Savior
    I won't arrange the meeting
    When he decides He'd see me I'll meet Him then
    And finally I'd ask him the one question that has been on my mind since I was twelve
    Why was my life full of pain?
    The most timid, shy and accommodating person you'd ever know
    I'd always put a smile on my face
    Under the smile you admire is a sad face shown to a select few
    No one has to know my problems
    But He does
    I just hope one day He'd hold my hand and give me more understanding
    Bless my soul
    Time after time tear drops still escape
    I might just drown myself with these waves
    Suburban hell these homes are just graves
    Everyone has demons
    So I'd keep living my sad life still hiding my demons
    I'm your favorite walking dead.

  • her_pen_speaks 24w

    #mentalawareness #suicide #saynotosuicide #live #breathe #bismillah #sistersofjannah #muslimahsontherise

    Everyone seeks a reason to live.
    The only difference between you and them,
    Is that you've found yours, and they haven't.
    Or maybe they have, but have forgotten it.

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    Ours is a Ummah of brothers and sisters.
    Ours is a Prayer, said side by side.
    Ours is a greeting of peace upon peace,
    Hand in hand, and chest to chest.

    Because ours is a world that's full of trials.
    Because life is hell, for Muslims on earth.
    Because this is a journey,
    and all travellers are weary.

    You need no reason to be your sister's keeper.
    You need no excuse to be your sister's shield.
    Be your sister's smile, her laughter.
    Be the reason she lives today, to see Jannah tomorrow.


  • oluwatomisin 28w


    We all get hurt,
    We all have a reason to commit suicide,
    But the Ability to turn that sadness,
    Into a reason to strive harder and be strong,
    Makes us demigods here on earth.

  • iinshaakber 28w

    Kyun darr raha hai jeene se or jaa rha hai marne!
    Kyun laga hai iss zindagi se tu haarne!
    Tere peeche tere apne hain unhe to dekh;
    Kyun jaa rha hai tu ye bewakoofi karne!


    क्यूं डर रहा है जीने से और जा रहा हैै मारने।
    क्यूं लगा है इस ज़िन्दगी से तू हारने।
    तेरे पीछे तेरे अपने हैं उन्हें तो देख;
    क्यूं जा रहा है तू ये बेवकूफी करने।

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  • francisdante00 29w

    A colleague of mine attempted suicide last week, and that inspired this piece. It's never the answer, depression can be dealt with. Talk to someone today, don't bottle it up inside until it's too late.

    #suicidalvibes #darkumour #saynotosuicide

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    Suicidal Vibes

    His wife would rather watch an episode from Zeeworld than listen to him mumble about how his day went

    His pastor would spend the whole day advising him to pray, but wouldn't stop for a second to hear what he had to say.

    His best friend was a choleric, and always found something wrong in all he said, scolding him always and never giving real advice.

    He had bottled everything inside for too long, and decided it was time to pull the plug.

    He leaped off the bridge and closed his eyes, the breeze hit his body hard, the air was cold, he could feel goosebumps all over his skin.

    At this point he smiled, because then he realized that contrary to public opinion, suicide didn't feel so bad after all....


  • louisaene 32w



    I don’t know how I managed to, I just knew that I was able to find my way home after fighting against his tight grip. I really can’t explain how devastated I am right now. My fiancé suddenly became a beast just because I didn’t permit him to have sex with me.

    It's not the first time I am experiencing this but the difference is, I got away this time. I thought ken was different. He is a Christian. He speaks in tongues. In fact, he is the youth pastor of his Church—so respected and admired.

    Why is all this happening to me, am I cursed?

    What ken did to me this evening brought back the memory of the incident that took place five years ago in my room when I was on campus.

    It was not really my fault because I wasn't aware of his plans in the first place. It was like the usual visit to my place after examination, before the end of the semester. I was happy to see him as usual. We were in a relationship, though he wasn't the Church type but he is a good guy and caring at that.

    My boyfriend came visiting and I made him comfortable in my abode by preparing his favourite meal and made him feel at home.

    The sun began to say farewell to daylight and the twinkle twinkle little stars took over the mantle from day and stood in the gap for itself.

    My roommate had gone for vigil as the semester was over. He had never slept in my place before, neither have I in his place even though he stays alone. I was surprised because it's past 8 and he wasn't making plans of leaving anytime soon.

    As if reading my mind, he said he won't be leaving as he planned to spend the night with me before going home and moreover, he knows my roommate had gone for vigil. I didn't want to argue.

    I adjusted the bedspread in the room and I made sure the door was properly locked, then we went to bed together.

    And in the middle of the night, I felt a movement on my body. I thought it was cockroach but I knew it wasn't somehow, then he spoke in the dark, "Baby I want to feel you a little, maybe it will help me sleep as I'm finding it difficult to sleep." When did I turn to lullaby? I said in my mind.

    Still struggling to open my mouth and say the word "NO, PLEASE" became a problem for me. While still contemplating how to turn him down without upsetting him, the pleasure I was getting wouldn't allow me. Many thoughts ran through my small mind and I finally said NO... NO... NO... DON'T.

    But my plea fell on deaf ears. I got up and turned on the light and behold the TONY I saw was not the guy I knew and loved. He was so strange and different.

    Before I knew what was going on my clothes and body were separated. Until today, I can't explain how that magic happened within seconds. "Please don't", was the song I sang till my roommate came back in the morning.

    I ended everything with him and I hated him from that day onward.

    Or is it when I visited my friend from the fellowship and how I was raped in his room, I wished I died that day. The looks on his friend's face and neighbors, I picked my shattered self and walked head down to my room.

    Or when I went to a remote village for service and the accommodation I was able to get because I was new to the area, how thieves visited that day and raped all the ladies there, of course I was not excluded.

    I sometimes asked myself how can one person, I mean one small lady, have 3 rape cases in her life time from different men—beasts I mean.

    I intentionally stayed away from men, anything men at all for four years.

    Ken changed everything. I mean, he was an angel sent to wipe my sorrow and pains away, at least so I thought.

    The testimony from his congregation about him gave me no doubt that he was the one.

    TONY blamed me for what he did to me, he blamed me for raping me, imagine that!! For years I was with the guilt that I caused the rape, but I realized it wasn't my fault in any way.

    Ken taught on rape on one of the days I went to church. Yes, I realized I had forgotten God and had to go back to Him. My life was empty, full of bitterness and pain. I needed to be free at least, I want to drop the heavy loads I was carrying daily.

    It was so obvious that something was missing in my life, something no man can give. I resumed going to Church and studying the word.

    I was invited to ken's Church and l liked the atmosphere and decided to stay, I decided to pitch my tent there. That was when the announcement of their youth programme was made, I gave it a thought to attend.

    After hearing the word from the mouth of an handsome preacher like Ken, I was broken and I rededicated my life to God.

    We became friends and finally got into a relationship. I finally thought THIS IS IT.

    I was happy, he was happy too and everything was just fine. I thought he was different because he talked about marriage, the very first guy to tell me he wants to get married to me.

    WHY? WHY?? WHY???

    All men are after sex! I screamed at myself many times in the bathroom.

    Sleep had lost its place in me that day, so I decided to surf my phone.

    In the process, I saw a post on Facebook about rape by Louisa Ene Winnie and thought to read through. I then decided to tell my friend about my ordeals. I decided to share my story to let someone know how I have been feeling.

    Gift was my roommate from year one until we graduated. She was devoted and humble. I have always admired her—everything about her—but I felt since we were both Christians there is nothing special about her. Notwithstanding, deep down I knew she was a better Christian than I am and a true one at that.

    Fortunately for me, we attend the same Church but she is married with two kids and I try to avoid her most times in Church for no particular reason if you ask me or maybe am not being truthful to myself.

    I know she somehow knew about me and pastor Ken (as he is fondly called by members).

    I phoned her the next day and after exchanging pleasantries I told her I wanted to see her and it was very urgent.

    Gift is so caring that she agreed to see me that day and we fixed a venue for our meeting, of course my place.

    Immediately I saw my friend I couldn't hold back the tears, as I cried on her soft shoulders.

    After some minutes of silence she said pastor Ken told her what happened and he is asking for my forgiveness.

    I wasn't surprised because I once introduced him to Gift as my roommate and friend in school. But I didn't think he would tell her what he did to me, oh sorry, what he wanted to do to me.

    She told me the same guy who attempted to rape me reported to her that I no longer answer his calls nor respond to his messages. “He must have lost his mind. What is he thinking?" I said and immediately narrated my side of the story to Gift. She just smirked after my long narration.

    To be continued.....

    I'm Winnie making impact.

    I say NO to rape.

    I say NO to suicide.

    Yes to freedom in Christ.

    I help singles lead godly healthy relationship.

    I Write, Speak and Advocate.

    ©Winnie Ene Louisa

  • addyquame 33w


    The wavy edges of the western clouds glowed red like the sides of burning paper. A flock of birds sailed in the skies in a V-line formation as the setting sun totally disappeared behind the clouds. The land became saturated with a weird orange light. The strange hue danced on Jude's eyeballs as he burnt his huge diary on the rooftop. The fire devoured the papers like a famished orphan who had just been given food. The blue ink on the pages turned purple then black before the burnt pages crumbled into grey ashes.

    Jude used the kitchen knife to expose unburnt pages and the flames washed over them anew. The heat stung his eyes. His face was a burning saucepan. A tear rolled from his eyes into the fire and made a short-lived sizzle. The flames crackled as they licked the hard cover of the diary. The yellow flames turned blue and green. The orange light in the atmosphere was cooling to a dark shade of pink. Bright patches of gold, purple, pink and orange were splashed through the clouds. But inside Jude all he felt was the grey of despair. His life was a painting without colours. It didn't matter now. No one would know his story.

    Jude walked over the hot ashes with his bare foot. He felt nothing. His eyes were glazed over. He walked to the edge of the building and looked down. There was no one in sight on the quiet street. The three-storey building was on the outskirts of Ibeju-Lekki. The sky was losing its plummage of colours. The sun was sinking into the horizon. Jude mechanically drove the kitchen knife into the side of his neck. Blood gushed from the spot in wild torrents like water from a fountain. His lifeless body fell over the edge as drops of his blood fluttered around him. His corpse hit the ground sideways and the knife went through the other side of his neck with a squelch. The clouds grew ashen with dusk and grief.

  • stephenwrites 34w

    CAN I?

    He asked me where have you been?
    He knew not that I'm on a journey to a land of no return.

    She asked me how was your day?
    Of course she knew not that she taunted me 'cause I had no days just dark, gloomy nights.

    So here I am, in the lower station of the lower wagon of life,
    Wondering if I'll get another if I lose

  • deziola 35w

    Suicide is not the way to heaven, it is the hell you are running away from.
    @ Queen's Quotes.

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    आशिकों की आशिक़ी मुकम्मल ना होने पर कुछ ऐसा हुआ..!! लेकिन क्यूँ हुआ ऐसा ?? #SayNoToSuicide
    ©️स्वरचित ✍️
    #Penned by #me
    #Lokesh_Kr. ❤️
    @junaina @aarchiee @mummas_girl @unspokengirl @milishamishra_official @angelthakur @biradarjyothi @ranjeeta_kanojiya @rani_shri @bindu_singh_rajput

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  • bineesh05 38w

    So the sun doesn't seem to shine...
    Day and night you're walking the line...
    Life just seems to be so wrong...
    Your pain just makes time seem long, so long...
    I want you to keep going on...
    Soon your pain and misery will be gone...
    Trust me, things will be just fine...
    I can't wait to see your face wear that smile, in a while...
    (Dr.Bineesh Balakrishnan)

  • i_nahid_noman 39w

    Suicide Is Never The Answer

    I was on my bed with thoughts knocking at my door
    With tears in my eyes I was holding a pistol
    Didnt knew what to do, you made me crippled
    But I Was Wrong.....
    Without You I still had many other reasons to live for

  • bineesh05 40w

    I know you feel guilty, low, hurt, and you're all alone...
    But this sickening phase of your life will soon be gone...
    Live in day tight compartments and cover more ground..
    You'll be surprised how quickly things turn around...
    This world needs more fighters and you can be one,
    Who faced abject adversities and won hands down...
    (Dr.Bineesh Balakrishnan)

  • theinsaneink 43w


    To quit from life,
    Is not a wit so wise,
    Ever thought about those eyes,
    Who stand by you, without despise.
    So what if you were not suffice,
    It won't make you any less of wise,
    And you don't know,
    That even life sighs,
    After every single suicide.
    You know you fought hard despite,
    All odds on your side.
    May be success got misdefined,
    On your gullible mind.
    That once you lost,
    Never tried to find,
    The lost gut and your mind,
    Which was one of its kind.
    But you turned blind,
    And at once declined,
    A hug from life,
    A hope in parents' eyes,
    An advice from someone wise,
    A prayer which is always revised,
    That no matter how much
    Broken are you,
    You can revive,
    You can survive,
    You just had to not let,
    You and your hopes die.


    #quit #saynotosuicide #nosuicide #pod #twt @mirakee @kamyap @gratefulsoul

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    What does this number mean to you?