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    We burned like gothic candles that exploded like spiders across the stars.

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    The thought of being comfortable in loneliness is scary.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 3w

    Scary Romance

    Scary is my romance,
    Scary to her for the depth,
    Scary to me for her fear.


  • kriti_dinesh_shukla 3w

    Do one thing everyday that scares you

  • jcourage 3w

    just tried to clog in
    scary things that bugs me
    it silently burst somehow
    and overflow to the sea


  • lavender_lizzy 3w

    All the children are gone

    The fields of flowers are empty
    Beaches, and pools abandoned
    No more trees are being climbed
    All the children are gone.

    The parks are empty
    Swings are swinging slowly to a stop
    No one is on the slides
    The sandbox has no friends
    All the children are gone.

    No more smiles
    The happy laughs faded away
    There are no kids running and playing
    All the children are gone.

  • simonemichelle 4w

    "Why are you doing this?"
    "It's nothing personal, really," said Daria nonchalantly. "We just need a replacement for Angel's baby."
    "B-but the why couldn't she just get pregnant again?"
    "Oh my dear, it's not that simple. She's gone away for a while." She put her hand on the back of her neck, before walking dreamily out of the room.
    Lake and Edmund looked at each other, both with their arms crossed.
    The panic in my chest rose.
    "Lake? What is happening? Where is Angel?"
    Lake looked at me, expressionless. "Angelina is dead. Mum still hasn't come to terms with it, and I don't think she ever will."
    My eyes widened. "What happened to her? Lake?"
    He sighed.
    "Look, this situation hasn't been easy on any of us. My family has been dealing with this for quite some time. The only way for things to get better, for us to make it RIGHT, is to find a replacement for Angelina." His eyes dropped to my pregnant belly.
    "Make it right? What's that supposed to mean? I can't stay here. My family..."
    "Will never know." Lake looked at me gravely. "That's all been taken care of, Lavender."
    I backed away from him, nausea churning my stomach.
    "Lavie dear, it's okay," said Edmund, in a voice barely louder than a whisper. "You'll be fine here with us. We'll take real good care of you so don't worry." The way he said that gave me chills.
    I bolted for the door and ran down the hall. I cleared the stairs in a matter of seconds and leapt to the floor, falling over as I landed. I scrambled to my feet, legs like jelly, making my way to the grand double front doors before slamming against them. The doors were locked. My whole body went cold as the realisation of what was happening finally dawned on me.

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    Traversing Phlegethon

    Exert from my latest novel! Please enjoy 🥰

    -Simone Michelle Heinis

  • entertainer 4w


    The light of hope shows a path to the fallen wolfs it brings the smallest sight of bright to the darkest night with the sound of wolves howling in the woods and the screaming sounds of dying mortal who heart is eaten by the wolf of the lost moon.
    Bring me souls bring me life's its the night of howl and eating under the light of moon this is your darkest night because we will eat your souls and you wont know because we are knights of moon we rise in darkness we are wolves
    We are humans but the blood moon will make us wolve we will eat you with your bones there will be no sign of your existence we are wear wolfs we are hidden in your kind but we are different we only eat you for food
    We will eat your skin drink your blood and clean our teeth with your bone you will come to your death because you love your camp in woods but you bring us food in the blood moon
    We are not nightmare we are reality but when we eat you it will be our greatest dream comes true welcome to the woods
    This is blood moon
    This is blood moon
    This is blood moon...

  • iexist 4w

    The Black Mansion

    The black mansion stood on the shoreline
    Held its head high
    Shining like a diamond
    With pride, its summit touched the sky
    The branches of the trees surrounding it
    Gave it a creepy look
    Although scared of its appearance
    The five siblings stood at the mansion’s nook.
    Somehow, they gathered the courage
    To open the shiny black gate
    Whatever was going to happen next?
    It all depended on their fate.
    Once inside the mansion
    With relief, they gave out a sigh
    But it didn’t last long
    For they heard a girl’s cry!
    Their bodies tensed
    Their throats dry,
    “Whatever shall we do?”
    Asked each of them, with a look of wry.
    Another shriek followed
    Next came a laugh, so malicious
    The youngest one was on the urge of crying
    While the others became more anxious!
    Slowly they proceeded
    And climbed up the wooden staircase
    A mystical sound filled the room
    Chilling winds blew all over the place.
    The sound grew louder
    As they drew closer to the upper floor
    When they reached upstairs,
    They saw a wooden door.
    Hard against the door,
    They pressed their ears
    The sound continued
    For what looked like years!
    Eventually, it came to a halt.
    Replaced by a women’s voice
    Bewildered, they all wondered
    Why this sudden obstruction of noise?
    They kicked open the door,
    And what they saw left them tongue-tied
    The television sat comfortably on the desk
    With relief, together they all sighed.

  • fervent_writing 7w

    Late in the dreadful night
    Eyes began to dream
    Soul wrapped with lane of memories

    She ain't a strong lady
    As illusion subjugated reality
    She hid eerie feelings under her blanket.


  • loving_heart 10w


    Every page of her book
    Tells her scary story of
    Her life sometimes she
    Herself becomes so
    Scared to touch the
    Book she closed it and
    Put it in the darkest corner
    Of her heart where no-one
    Can find it .


  • intuitivepoet 11w

    You could only hurt yourself trying to prove the wrong as wrong

  • normancrane 11w

    As I Lay Decaying

    I remember sharp morning light piercing the trees.

    Glacial wind.

    The voluminous silence.

    I remember the heaviness of my backpack, the crunch of the undiscovered under my boots, and the awe of solitude in the mountains.


    Sudden emptiness underfoot—

    My body descending while my mind lingers, immobile for a few more sensations of its final landscape, as my soul, or whatever binds mind to body, stretches like an elastic...

    Until the downward pressure is irresistible and my mind snaps back:

    The unfathomable sensation of impact.

    The horrid pain.

    Followed by the merciful snapping of the neck. Audible, echoing…


    The coarse sound of my own breathing.

    No feeling below the jaw.

    No mobility except the eyes, through which the darkness slowly dissipates, revealing the grey sky of an autumn afternoon across which scatter the black crows of despair.

    When you've nothing but thoughts, thoughts achieve a terrifying dimension.

    I should have told someone where I was hiking.

    They won't find me in time.

    I expect to die because such is the rational expectation. If not coldness, dehydration, or eventually starvation. Perhaps an animal ripping apart my throat. Perhaps madness.

    But my body does not die. My cognition endures.

    The minutes fall away.


    A rain shower passes, moistening my face and throat. Although I have no voice, my mouth must be open.

    Night chills me.

    I hear ruthless nocturnal predation.

    I persist.

    On the break of the seventh day, a bird perches on my weathered face and drops a split worm into my mouth.

    Insects follow, and I imagine them as a parade of nourishment marching single-file within me.

    My broken body begins to decay.

    At night, wolves tear away the dead and dying flesh.

    Ants eat skin off my face.

    Autumn cocoons me in her fallen leaves.

    But always a creature drags them from my eyes, so that I see the clouds, the fluid sky, the surpassing of time by time. Months. Human legs step over without stopping, without identification. The leaves disintegrate. Snow accumulates like dust. Spring reveals dirt, moss and a mound with eyes. Years. I must be consciousness in a skull by now. I remember:

    As I lay decaying, the wolf with the woman's eyes would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades.

    I lose time.

    So many skies have passed.

    When the she-wolf gazes down upon me as if at her own reflection—

    I understand.

    That night I prowl through her eyes.

    I learn to bend my fingers: roots, branches; my arms: trunks; and feel through my antennae: swaying grass…

    How good the first taste of human meat, lashed by vines and ripped apart, consumed in the darkest caves. But humanity is mere appetizer. What I crave is civilization. To grind flesh and skyscrapers into sludge, to spear tanks and eviscerate data centers, to pull down airliners as effortlessly as a frog catches flies. But I am young, and long shall on your decaying world I feast.

  • dr_parameshnaidu 12w

    #mirakee # writersnetwork #scary story's

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    scary dreams
    A short story

    In the full moon light
    I am walking alone in the street of nagovar
    Full moon light turns into scary green gleam
    To the far of my optic there was a shadow
    Which seems like a wolf
    When i get excited to see there is nothing but it is my phantom

    I went little far
    My encephalon sensed some one following towards me
    when i turned back in front of me there is a umbra
    it's look so horrible and my adrenaline raised like a heart beat
    some time later
    my eyes are opened and i was shock, it is a scary dream

    Thanks for reading friends

  • pinheadcreepypasta 12w

    I Was Born In Space

    As you might've guessed by now, I was born in space. Not like IN space like floating around born to aliens from a far away planet. No, my parent were aboard the 2050 Space X Shuttle. They were part of a long mission that was to last up to 20 years. So yeah, within 24 months I was there with them. I grew up on this massive ship that held about 100 people at first but of course I was not the only child born here. In my age group there are about 10 of us and we got to explore this gigantic place all alone most or the time. I've seen things throughout my life that I'm told people back on Earth have no knowledge of. So that's where the interesting stuff comes out. Things that I find normal living my life in space are supposedly terrifying to people back on Earth. For starter's and I'm not sure why but there is no sun in space. I'm told that Earth has a "Sun" that heats the planet and gives people a sense of time with night and day but there isn't one here in space that I have seen. Second there are these missive crafts that stay just far enough away that we can never really see them in detail from wherever we are in space. People back on Earth apparently can't see them at all. Not even with their strongest telescope. That seems to be the primary reason why we're up here. They were noticed on a previous mission back in 2020. The third thing is that from where we are in space we can see constant movement around the planet. Like small shuttles moving around just outside the atmosphere. It's unclear to me if it something from othe countries or something sent from the massive craft just out of sight. The fourth and final thing is about the ocean. We can see very large things in the ocean. Monstrous creatures deep down. We can see them up here because we're so far away from them. They're so massive that people on Earth can see them but they don't pay attention to them because it just looks like ocean floor. I watch them move around all the time. Sometimes I can see one take a ship and drag it down with huge tendrils. This scares me the most. That something that big is lurking down underneath the planet that billions call home and will one day soon be my home also. I don't care if people believe this or not but please, let me know what about this information scares you the most.

  • saloni_04 12w

    Divine is really divine when it comes to the powers he has which we don't and so are thunderstorms. #scary #strong #lights #thunder #hopeulikeit #pod

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    So mysterious
    Is the nature.
    It grants love,
    Yet shows
    It's deadly anger.
    The terrifying lights
    Appearing in the sky,
    The sound of thunder
    Gushing so strong,
    Showing the power
    Of nature.

    The lights
    So strong, so scary
    Striking towards
    Mother Earth.
    In a way,
    An angry human
    Exploding out
    In anger and frustration.
    Yet a beautiful way,
    The Creator
    Teaching mankind,
    To love his creation
    Yet not to take it
    For concede.

    I wonder,
    Why are thunderstorms
    So terrific.
    But I feel,
    When mankind
    Has the right
    To express anger,
    Then nature
    Deserves to show his.

    - Saloni Shetty.

  • victoriaibukun 16w

    Vivian's whip

    Mrs Vivian is my boss.
    Although she is very strict,
    She scares me mostly when no one is around at work.
    In the dark, she does those things to me.
    She is actually nice, using the cow whip on me.
    My other masters, will let everyone use the iron on me at work.


  • normancrane 17w


    Even among my more troubled patients, Richter was unique. The level to which he was disturbed without any known cause or stimulus was unprecedented, and so I considered him my prized patient, the broken mind upon which I would sail to psychological stardom. This was even before I personally witnessed him bloom and unseed.

    The primary cause of Richter's psychosis was nightmares. He experienced them constantly, cyclically and, when they reached their inevitable crescendo, with such completeness that to describe them as his counter-reality would be an injustice to his terror. They were hyper-reality, more real than the everyday world for you or I.

    Each nightmare gripped him for weeks, first whenever he slept but soon creeping into his waking life, so that he had no respite. Indeed, the nightmares gained power over time, adapting to his emotions and evolving to maximize their own atrocity, until they attained peak horror and released him, never to return.

    Sometimes a few peaceful days would subsequently pass, but even those were stained with the dread of a new nightmare to come.

    However, it is this act of peaking, which I shall in my professional capacity call the bloom, and which I first witnessed two months ago, that has shaken me to the core, not only as a psychologist but as a human being.

    I witnessed the following through a secret window in a clinical room mocked up to resemble Richter's bedchamber:

    After suffering several hours of unrelenting mental anguish manifesting itself almost grotesquely in the physical realm as perspiration, tremors, self-mutilation and incomprehensible muttering, Richter falls suddenly to sleep.

    The slumber, which to my observations appears deep, lasts two hours and thirty-four minutes.

    It ends abruptly as Richter leaps to his feet, tears off his clothing, digs his nails into the top of his scalp, and proceeds, in much the same brutal manner, to tear the skin off his skull.

    His screams are unbearable, although it is unclear whether they are the result of mental pain or the physical pain of his auto-deskinning.

    Once his skull is exposed, he proceeds to tear the skin off his face, which, in the most unbelievable way resembles less human bone and musculature than the petals of a bloody dandelion.

    No longer veiled by skin, this face-flower achieves a gloriously yellow colour and blooms before my eyes!

    One madness of flora and fauna!

    But swiftly, as the screams intensify, the flower begins to wilt, the hanging veils of skin climb his face, enclosing it—

    Before bursting forth to reveal a spherical seed head.

    As a wind of screams rages within the chamber, breaking the blowball and dispersing its multitude of nightmare seeds, reality ripples.

    Finally the wind subsists, silence returns, and Richter stands: an immobile, headless body.

    The veils of skin form an orb above his neck, he falls, and when he awakens in the morning his head has been biologically re-created. His memories of the entire incident are faint, fading…

    The entire process leaves no visible scars and no physical evidence.

    Thus my hypothesis: Richter is not only man, but an organic manifestation of the nightmare impulse, a sentient host for a parasitic nightmare laboratory whose creations are perfected in his mind before being disseminated into humanity at large. The nightmares we experience, often dulled as if through a fog, Richter has already experienced countless times at an impossible clarity.

    Whether he is the only one of his kind I cannot say.

    In the coming weeks, I must complete my written study and submit it for peer review. I predict it will revolutionize the field of psychology, the understanding of the mind and introduce finally the notion of horror as a living entity: an incubus among us.

  • ashish_ve 17w


    Don't you think it's Scary If you are aware of Purpose and Validity of someones in your life.


  • yoitsleohere 17w

    Ok this is my attempt on making a short horror story!! Feel free to comment your opinion and if you have any ideas on how I could improve it!!! All likes, comments and reposts are appreciated!!!!
    The broken mask

    By @yoitsleohere

    Ok so I live basically in the middle of nowhere, the closest house from ours is 3 miles away. So the only thing around our house are fields. I live in a bungalow and my room is the last room on the right. Just above my window is a motion censored light so whenever a car drives by it will turn on.

    Now on to the story, I was 18 years old, it was a cold November night, I was in my bedroom working on some documents I had to finish for work. I finished at around 11pm. I was about to get into bed when I saw the motion censored light come on. I thought it was weird because I didn't hear anything go past, so I.went up to my window and opened the curtain slightly. What I saw shocked me. There was a figure staring back at me wearing a black mask.

    The person ran as soon as we made eye contact, I ran and grabbed my phone and called the police. The police arrived 15 minutes later and never fount who was outside my window. All they found was a broken black mask.
    #depressed_bean #yoitsleohere #horror #scary #story #stories #broken #mask #Halloween #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee

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    The broken mask