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    By the bonfire that night, the old man stroked his beard and told me a story. I dug my toes into ember ash, one eye piercing through thin foliage, trained on the headlights of my dead car, and listened.

    "There used to be a village not five minutes from here, inhabited by simple people. They found all they needed in the woods, as once all people did. But the woods are so easy to get lost in."

    With sooty nails, he flicked away a flame that licked too close.

    I was standing over him. My back was to a nettle bush, behind which, only a few steps away, my car awaited help.

    "But the people of the village always found their way. They were no different to the woods from saplings. Like the green's siblings. Like forest soil, shaped like man and breathed into animation with an old breeze. When tar roads sliced through the undergrowth, the canopy lent them its shelter. The village, however, it kept. The children of the village knew to stop their games at the edge of the woods. Should they fall, the tar wouldn't be as forgiving as the soil."

    There was a sound from the direction of the nettle bush. I jumped, startled. I turned, hopeful.


    A critter scurrying, maybe praying for cover. Or a predator praying for prey.

    The sounds settled. Without breaking the eerie serenity of the silence, the man continued.

    "Then someone left."

    My eyes and ears were back on him and my back, once more, to the nettle bush. I eased my knees to the ground.

    "A family of five that kept chickens. They supplied eggs to the entire village. Gone. The desertion spread with the speed of a forest fire. Two years later, there was no village. Only the woods."

    He fell silent. I could hear no owl or critter. Even the wood and wind seemed to have quietened. It pricked at me, this calm. Some deep-seated, ancient instinct had me inspecting the foliage, as if suspecting something with rancid breath and raking teeth to leap out.

    "Don't worry. You're safe here."

    Like any smart girl that knows not to trust those words coming from a stranger, and further, to not let distrust show, I nodded. For the first time that night, he smiled. His teeth were stained a painful brown and the quirk of his bark-brown lips etched dendrites all over his face. It should have been off-putting, but instead, it made him look kind. Dandelion hair and colourful, autumn eyes reflecting amber fire.

    "The woods miss them. The people. So, I hope you will forgive them the mischief of keeping you for a night."

    I should have asked for an explanation. But instead, I slept, kneeling on the soil.

    When I woke, there was no bonfire. Only a bed of moss beneath my lying form, too warm to have stolen the heat from the newly risen sun. There was no old man in sight either. And just as I suspected, when I turned my car keys, the engine started.


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    You Can't Judge Crazy Until You've Been There

    You can call me a tit all you like,
    Probably couldn't best me in a fight.
    Not just a physical but also the verbal,
    I love the fact that I am a little bit mental.
    Yes a bit mental but very gentle,
    Push me too far you best be careful.
    I am slightly off center so be wary,
    I'll flip from gentle to being quite scary.
    Mental is good as you see things differently,
    I would rather be free then locked in your misery.
    Your opinion of me you are entitled to,
    But keep it to your self as you have no clue.
    I can act dumb and a little sad,
    But if you think of it that's no so bad.
    You can not judge what you do not know,
    I may be crazy but I enjoy the show.
    I dance like a fool without a care about you,
    I may trip over myself after drinking a few.
    If you don't like it then walk away,
    If you do then come join in with the play.
    You see I don't care what you think of me,
    I am who I am so let me be.
    You can't stop this boy or maybe man,
    Because I am succeeding in my own ridiculous master plan.


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    Night visions
    Bad Santa

    They were talking about the suicide again on the news, people were going on about buried sins and old grudges. The corp member was still in the hospital they said, she still screamed "Oshogbo will know pain". All of that was news to Adedoyin. She didn't care that the idiot sliced out his tongue and ears and fingers, she didn't care that the doctors said the corp member was going through serious trauma, she didn't even care that people were scared. All she cared about was payday, Just three days now.

    She swipped the customer's card out of the pos machine and pasted a fake smile on her face.

    "Thank you for shopping at Justrite" she chirped. The heavy set balding forty something smiled back and the ridges atop his head became even more pronounced. It was all she could do not to gag.

    "I love shopping here, so much that I left a review on Google maps" he smiled, his smile seeming say whatdya think about that. Adedoyin mentally plucked out his eyes with a blunt knife. You want a medal bitch she mind screamed.

    "Wow. That's awesome" she chirped, smiling, and just for kicks, she added a menthol to his pack.

    "Compliments of the house" Use that, your breath stinks like day old fish guts.

    He looked like a dude in orgasm, so pleased. "I love the service here" he said again then walked out. Finally. The smile dropped from her face, she stared at the clock. 8:02.

    The Santa Claus hologram waved at her from across the aisle. No one wanted to remove it till now. She bared her teeth at it, wiping the counter with a rag.

    The bell chimed as a customer stepped in. She put on another smile and raised her head

    "welcome to..." there was no one there. She looked around confused. She left the counter and walked to the glass doors, looking into the night. Who was playing a prank on her? Her breath frosted on the glass doors, she turned and the Santa wasn't in his position.

    "What the..." she held her chest to slow her beating heart. The intercom came on, she jumped at the static feedback.

    "Adedoyin. Report to the manager's office. Adedoyin report to the manager's office."

    She sighed and picked up her phone.

    "Come, there is peace with us". The voice stopped her cold. It was a dead voice, a thousand dying ravens, the scream of tires on gravel. The voice laughed, cold and dead. It laughed in a thousand and one voices, it laughed and the ground shook with it. She couldn't move, her spine tingled and goosebumps ran down her skin. The voice played in her head repeatedly

    "Come, there is peace with us."

    Peace with who? She thought against her will and the display screen flashed on. A young woman in hospital johnnies stared at her, she had fly away hair and her eyes were red and swollen from crying. Her lips worked but there was no sound, then she screamed. Adedoyin flung herself to the ground and blocked her ears, the glass doors sprayed glass everywhere.

    "Adedoyin will know pain" the woman screamed "Adedoyin will know pain"

    The screen went black and harsh laughter bubbled from the intercom, it sounded like Adedoyin's father, but he was dead. It couldn't be him. Her mind reeled. It's not possible it told her. It's not possible, he is dead. You were at his funeral. The voice only laughed, her father's dead voice.

    "Me dead? You should know I can never die Doyin. I can never die"

    "You lie" she screamed, spit flying from her mouth. "You're a liar, that's all you ever did. All you ever did was lie" Her father laughed at her.

    "Your mother is here you know. Come on, there is peace with us".

    She ran at that moment, she stumbled to her feet and ran, crunching the bits of glass on the floor. The doors stood invintingly close but Santa stood in front of them. She paused, it wasn't the hologram. This was a real Santa. He had big black boots with dried blood on them, an enormous belly and worst of all, he didn't have a face. There was nothing there, blackness sucked the light around it, taking away the colours. The darkness drew her in, her eyes were lost in the blackness, she saw all her friends there. Her father grinned at her, fingering his black leather belt. Her mother held up a pot of egusi soup, her friend Derey stood there, annoyingly cute, withered away by cancer but alive. They were all there, they were alive and in the Santa.

    Come, there is peace with us
    come, there is peace with us
    Come, there is peace with us

    she covered the distance without knowing, her eyes were slack and had a faraway dreamy look.

    "There is peace with us" she whispered.

    The darkness pulled back to show a double row of sharp teeth. It lashed on to Adedoyin and began to suck the life out of her. She whimpered and trashed but she couldn't pull back. It was Derey, he was with her, he kissed her, he bit her face, he held her hands, and her back, he pinched her.

    There is peace with me Doyin he whispered as he bit her tongue.

    Slowly Adedoyin faded away, losing colour, going grey, and soon she was gone.

    Adedoyin was gone and in the Santa.
    Oshogbo will know pain.
    The corp member turned in her sleep and shivered.

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    With due respect

    "I am toxic for you"- she said.
    My heart knew what she meant.

    "I am sorry that I hurt you."- she apologized.
    I felt the intensity of it.

    "I love you but I don't love this anymore."- she sighed.
    And then, I become less of a human.

    -- A living corpse.

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    Night visions
    St Charles

    All characters portrayed in this story are fictional and any relationship to people living or dead is purely coincidental.

    You could take a bus from St Charles to Abere in the mornings, the weather would be chilly and the air would hang, cold and biting. The busses "korupes" would ground tiredly over potholes, kicking up red dust with each spin of the axle as they rolled disconsolately towards you, the drivers hunched over the steering wheel and looking like the ghost of a thousand life experiences cranked to "really freaking hard". You could take a bus from St Charles to Abere in the mornings, but you shouldn't!!

    St Charles slept early and woke up late. By eight pm, the shop owners would lock thier stalls and a dead quiet would sit atop the dust. The filling station that proudly proclaimed 24/7 would be deserted and the bikes would speed past. Only at the family house would the corp members talk, scream, play and pray, safe in their little corner of heaven, blessed and protected by the priests. Everyone knew to stay away at night, except me that is.

    There's no excuse but I was at a party and walked the last few miles home, swaying unsteadily, the sulphur lights pulsed orange over me, I checked my watch and it was eight pm. My watch blacked out at 8:01 even though I just put in new batteries, I stared at it confused but continued on my way. There was a poster ahead, it was an obituary, I saw it once or twice before, an old lady. I didn't want to go past it. A cold feeling came over me, my heart sped away in my chest but my legs carried me on and on. The poster grew bigger and my fear grew with it, unexplainable and complete fear, soon the poster loomed ahead of me and it was my face on the poster.

    My eyes popped in my head and my breath ran away from me, I couldn't scream, fear suffused me. I could only stand and stare at the picture of me, my obituary picture. I screamed at it and tore it away, scratching at the post till my nails where bloody. Another poster was beneath it. Posters were appearing all over the pole, my obituary.

    Regret to announce the death of our loved one

    Tragic passing on to glory

    Gone too soon

    The setting of a life

    The posters were on the ground now, they were everywhere, I was dead a million times over. I couldn't breathe.

    "It's all a lie. It's a lie. It's not real" I whispered to myself and closed my eyes. Slowly I opened them and the posters were gone. I took a shaky breath and laughed at myself. My voice was false even to me. I was walking before I even realized it. Green light suddenly shone by my side and I jerked my hand up, only to see my watch working again.

    8:15, did I really walk that long?
    The day got darker steadily, at first I thought nothing of it then I remembered that the sulphurs were the only light and the daylight was long since gone. I looked behind me, the sulphurs were going off behind me. I stared at them in horror, my heart beating hard in my chest. Something growled in the darkness and shook me to life. I turned and ran for all I was worth but the sulphurs were going off ahead of me too. I screamed again and stopped. The lights continued to go off until only the one above me stayed on. The growling continued in the darkness, another light came on in the distance and there was an open grave beneath it. Someone was digging it up from the shadows, bleached bones held the shovel. I couldn't scream, I was well beyond that. The growl came behind me again, forcing me forward, I walked towards the grave and the skeletal digger, cursing myself for being drunk, telling myself it wasn't real but the grave didn't dissapear and the growling continued behind me. The sulphurs went on and off in time as I walked, the grave had a cross on one side, you guessed it, my name was on it. The skeletal digger stopped digging and turned to me, pointing a skeletal finger.

    "It's not real. It can't be real. There's no grave in the middle of the the street" I croaked to myself but it didn't go, the digger bid me come and the growling continued. I was going to die, I would be lost beneath the street, missing forever. It was so unfair, I didn't deserve this.


    I stood before the digger, under the last sulphur alive and beside the yawning maw of my freshly dug grave. Something roared in the distance, a bike engine, I turned back as the bike sped past.

    "Heyyyyyyyy" - "Stop please, help me" I screamed at them but then the passenger turned and empty eyeholes stared at me and skeletal teeth grinned a death grin. My voice died, all the sulphurs were back on. There was no creature in the dark, there was no grave, there was no skeletal digger, only the cold dead wind and the dust covering me. I took a shaky breath. I couldn't take it anymore. There was a shop beside the road, long closed. I sat before it and took out my phone.


    It couldn't be possible, time was speeding away faster than reality.The screen just stayed there, bearing those impossible numbers, uncaring. It blinked suddenly, then again and again and went dark.

    "what the..." - "Please not again. I'm never going to drink anymore I swear. Not again please. I just want to get home"

    I couldn't move my head, something held me facing the screen, I felt the cold touch, the temperature dropped again, if that was possible.

    The screen came on;
    Abandon hope
    Abandon life
    You are no more.

    I drew in a breath to scream and a hand covered my mouth but there was no one there. Tears fell from my eyes and evaporated immediately. I was sure my heart will burst in my chest but those hands held me and moved through my hair and touched my face, lingered on my neck.

    "please" I mumbled behind the hand covering my mouth "Please"

    You are mine now.
    The phone screen read
    A partner to death.

    "I'm not dead" I screamed through the hand, "I'm not...."

    The sulphurs went off with a click and the one before me came on, the grave digger was back and the grave was ready.

    Yes you are.
    The screen chimed.


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    #text #scary #thoughts #diary

    Is it or is it not? ��

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    Scary Text

    The most scary text sent by anyone (I mean ANYONE) is "We need to talk in detail about this..., Be available at the given time "

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    He fed his finger to his dying wife on a barren island. Pity. If only he hadn't lost his knife.

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    I met some #newpeople in #college today. I went out of my #comfortzone and finally talked to people. It was #scary but at least my #shell is coming out.

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    New People

    It is scary to meet them.
    It's great to at least talk to them.

    Getting to know them,
    Breaks you out of your shell.

    Regrets will happen
    But that's life.


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    You left marks
    Accompanied by paralyzing trauma
    You're remarks are breaking her heart
    I hate to see her hurting
    Please mama
    Pinched nerves
    And manual labour
    Concrete curbs
    And puppets being played by
    Master manipulators

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    Nothing changed flesh puppets made of skin

    Peel off your skin
    Swallow your tongue
    The black crow
    Will sing
    The gongs they will ring
    The sirens will sing
    A song
    It won't last too long
    Well all get along
    When the piles of corpses
    Like they dropped the ball
    Snowball effect
    The screams are met with indifference
    Volatile insects
    They take their pointy Pinchers
    Making an incision
    It disects
    The mission
    The vision
    Minds losing
    Closed they won't listen
    Clothes fall
    Like my heart did
    When she said she would come
    And her body can't live
    Another day without medicine
    She can't afford
    Screaming let us in
    They did
    Yes they did
    Corrupted the kids
    Bloody bibs
    And violent gigs
    Las Vegas
    Smoke went to my lungs when it did
    It tore it apart
    When I took that hit
    It was almost like a snake when
    I shed my skin
    And bleeded out my brain and my heart
    Melting as I pay the debt for my sins
    Eternal fiery inferno
    The scales they will tip
    When you feel the nip of the gale


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    Nightmares sucks♥♥�� @mirakee #repost #mirakee #night #daydreaming #day #scary @writersnetwork @saketwrites @udit94 @unimaginative_world
    Dreaming with open eyes at night just scares!♥

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    Sometimes Daydreaming is better,
    Because night only scares.

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    A quick song in the style of ‚ÄúDo your ears hang low?‚ÄĚ that was in my head... Dedicated to my dear husband who has been faithfully help me battle my night terrors... our friends have lovingly nicknamed him ‚ÄúBear‚ÄĚ‚ÄĚ.
    My night terrors are the result of my complex ptsd as well as traumatic brain injury; these are vivid nightmares that cause me to wake in the middle of the night screaming and crying. He will stay awake often times so that I’m able to fall asleep first, allowing me to feel safe while trying to guide me into lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is basically the ability to recognize the fact that you are dreaming so that you can control your dreams. I’m currently also on medication as of recently to help control them as well. These are similar to those given to former service members who suffer from ptsd post combat.

    #nightterrors #dreams #nightmares #ghosts
    #bed #sleep #sheep #countingsheep #bear
    #night #shadows #dark #darkness #gargoyle #scary #big #strong #luciddreaming #smile #weep #guard #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #ptsd #complexptsd #anxiety #insomnia #cptsd

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    Night terror Bear

    There are ghosts in my head
    Every time I go to bed
    Where I go to sleep
    And I try to count my sheep
    But my Bear’s big and strong
    Yes, he holds me all night long
    And guards me in my sleep

    My shadows try to hide
    From my dark prince turning tides
    He’s my gargoyle Bear
    Guarding while he strokes my hair
    If I wake in screams
    He’ll chase away my scary dreams
    In his big strong arms
    He’s like a lucid dreaming lucky charm
    When I smile or weep
    He joins me while I take a leap
    And guards me in my sleep


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    All in one

    Crazy is beautiful,
    Smiles are endless.
    Moments like this we beg for,
    People like this we cry for.
    A paradise with hidden terror,
    An ocean of anger.
    That's life,
    Beautiful, scary, dark and light.

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    "How's the new city?" He asked over the call.

    "It's alright. Gonna be a while before I find an apartment," I replied, worried.

    "Don't worry, you'll find it soon. You aren't scared to be alone, are you?" He said teasingly.

    "Shut up, I'm no..."

    "You... Will... Be," said a voice from under the bed.


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    As a kid I was afraid of monsters,
    Growing up I realized it was the humans.

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    Slowly and steadily
    the scerets I've been
    strongholding is sweeping up
    to my senses and shaping
    me to spit it out,
    it's scary, it's suspicious
    I don't know the situation
    it will strive when
    the secrets once spread out.

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    H A V O C

    "I am not afraid of many things,
    But the idea of loosing you
    Stirs havoc in my heart."


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    Silently alone!!

    Sometimes its just you...
    Feeling so alone, filled with darkness in your soul..

    Nobody to talk ,nobody to hear , you are the only listener with voice so clear..

    There is silence ,you can speak ,you can shout , but not from your mouth , its your heart that will make your throat loud..

    Something is there which is willing to come out but you are scared of the silence which is forcing you to step out..

    Scary is this silence , with no peace but to make you despair...