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  • raisoni_divya 10w

    #bahut test tube tode hai #sci student���� #itni badi lyf mee chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai.����

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    Haam science student hai,
    Kisika dil nahi todte,
    Hum test tube todte hai.


  • tiny_sparkle99 21w


    Life isn't easy for anyone
    But it is difficult differently to everyone,
    For some it is difficult
    For some it is moderate difficult
    And for some it is extremely difficult.


  • wanderpen 27w

    You are all stardust

    If i could give you one sane advice
    It would be this-

    Smile. Smile until your cheeks hurt,
    Laugh. Laugh alot and never hold it back,
    "The society hotel" would make it difficult,
    but i hope you find some peace during your stay,
    Stay and see for yourself, each day is a new day,

    I hope you stay,
    and reach out and touch someone,
    For people love long bear hugs or just a friendly pat,
    Just go out, go out and
    Allow yourselves to have some fun,

    you were always worth it, you were always enough,
    keep your chin up while you gaze, for you are a stargazer,
    Stars died in the supernova just to make you,
    You are the afterglow of creation,

    Remind yourself this on days when you feel low,
    You are all stardust , and maybe that's all you ever needed to know,
    If i could give you one sane advice, it would be this-
    Smile. Smile until your cheeks hurt,
    Smile and live for more smiles.

  • ether_speaks 56w

    Seeking to collaborate!

    Hi fellow Mirakeeans!

    I'm seeking to collaborate on a short story (sci-fi) and a poem collection. I've got a nice idea (for the story) and would love to connect with YOU and undertake this journey.

    Interested writers please DM me on Instagram, the link is given in my profile.

    Hope to have a great and fruitful time with you!

    Yours truly,


  • areebaqazi 60w

    Best Friends are like alleles
    "Two slightly different form of a gene"
    Their combination makes you complete
    Their separation creates mutation,could be harmful or useful
    And most common type are harmful,like cancer.. not like an actual disease but more like memories
    İt kills you inside everyday.

  • amoghavarsha 66w


    I'm not Hi-Fi....
    But Using Wi-Fi....
    To Watch a Sci-Fi....
    Hey!!! ... Gimme Five....
    Good Evening...

  • sishithapilli 68w

    No one has an ugly brain

    Inside your ugly mind you hide a gem,
    It is so pure that your touch might turn it red.
    As the feather drops the gem gets polished,
    So smooth its made where thoughts like pearls stem.

    Caress it as your energy gently flows,
    The more you try the more it connects.
    Ask your questions and it always answers,
    Just stay with it until the end.

  • sishithapilli 68w

    Psi energy

    It was so random when I found the magic within,I was bloomed and blossomed by its intricacy.Never was I so tumbling and shivering over this new treasure I had.Only soon I saw in everyone around.But all in vain,they couldn't see it for themselves.Its not time that needs to show them.Its their inner eyes that need to be waterwashed

  • diwakaran 69w

    (Cool breeze)
    They met each other unfortunately!
    He stalks at her.
    She was confused.
    He told "I love you" with a smile.
    But, she didn't reacted anything.
    They didn't have common likes and dislikes.

    Being a Physics* student, he argued that unlike poles attract eachother.

    She controls her laughter. But it was leaking by the Corona discharge...!

    And finally, his love succeed through the Electromagnetic Radiation.

  • emmexuel 86w


    The time is here, finally! Lagos, advanced. Danfo Buses flying... For real! I'm shocked!
    This Future is great but the conductors still hang. Even in the Air! Screaming out to passengers, fighting one another.
    Sale Droids! Wow, technology speaking pidgin English. I really wanna buy one.
    I have to still look around, I still have time, what year is this?
    Wait, What? Air Soccer? This Future Lagos is awesome but I gotta get home. My time is almost up, gotta get back to my Lagos to make this Lagos a true reality.

  • raghavendralaxman 86w


    Robots manufacture humans...
    I time travel in search of you...
    It was a new era...
    but still you seemed so familiar...
    But how, you ask..??
    You never ever had a heart at all...

  • the_pacifier 90w

    Blue Eyes

    Walking through the bar stumbling & tipsy.
    Sat near a guy looking little frisky,
    Stunned & mumbling he offered me a drink,
    We talked all night, silly jokes & a wink.

    Started hanging out watching the sunrise,
    He often gets lost in my deep blue eyes.
    Weeks into relation, found out I was pregnant,
    Spent hours talking with the baby, expectant . . .

    Then one day he just disappeared,
    Leaving no clue & a house cleared.
    I felt devastated like lost in a maze,
    But grew up stronger, had a child to raise . . .

    Working day & night I saved money.
    To get my revenge from an old buddy.
    Went through the operation became a man,
    Disguised myself with a plan . . .

    Gathered courage & traveled back to that day,
    Sat in the same bar waiting for my prey . .

    Suddenly came a girl with an empty glass of ice,
    Mesmerized I mumbled, "Damm those blue eyes" . . . !


  • elgardner 110w


    ∆retherra Volume One ©: "Aerosus and the Keys to Ascension"© By ELGardner ©

    An Epic Book Series of science fiction, fantasy, time, adventure, family, and the power of the human spirit! | Aretherra© (r-terra)

    The Journey Begins Soon!

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    Day Dreaming

    "Day Dreaming is a calling for those who are truly awake."


  • unfathomed 119w

    Where time stands still

    I would have been ok to be this way if i was in space,
    Zero gravity and the world at sleep...
    Suddenly my foot slips and i'm amongst the meteors, stars, fire and planet,
    All alone, dying slow...
    No one to reach to, zero expectations,
    Being sure that slowly and steadily this will pass and it'll soon be over...


  • annamaerae 120w

    Saturn 2(b)

    The crew stared at the glass. Saturn loomed in front of them, dust clouds gathering in one corner like a whirlpool for radiation.
    "What was that?" Georgia barely spoke above a whisper.
    Jackson asked, "Want me to replay it?"
    "So help me-" Georgia jumped up, lunging for him. Dallas held her back. "If this is your sick idea for a joke-"
    "Hey, I know I'm no peach, but I'm not crazy!"
    "Debatable." Dokota muttered.
    "Everyone...remain...calm." Dallas breathed steadily. "Let's resume protocol-"
    "We're leaving, then?" Georgia sounded hopeful.
    Jackson sneered, "Don't want to crush your dreams, sweetheart, but we haven't been affected, yet."
    "What're you talking about?"
    "Are we on fire? Is there contamination? Did anyone die?"
    Georgia growled. "Get to the point."
    "We have been given a direct protocol for situations like these. Whether we want to or not, it's a step by step process. The next step after communications with an unknown source?"
    Everyone became quiet again, knowing the answer. Dokota was the only one to say it out loud. "Investigate."


  • annamaerae 120w

    Saturn 2(a)

    "Dallas?" Dokota sounded nervous. One look at Georgia said she had every right to be.
    Dallas straightened...slowly. "I don't know." She didn't need to ask the question.
    Jackson whistled. "How about that!"
    Saturn had stopped rotating. Everything came to a standstill.
    Georgia fell back against her seat. "Your call, captain."
    "Redirect coordinates to original rotation. Until we figure out what's going on."
    With a nod, Dokota tapped in said coordinates.
    "Any word from home base?"
    Jackson shook his head. "Nada."
    "What happened, there?"
    "I'm not sure, but I'm just getting static." He hit a few more switches. "Wait...I'm getting something..."
    "What?" Dallas came over.
    "It's...it's morse code." Excitedly, Jackson swung around the panel. "Hang on...this is huge!"
    Everyone grew quiet as he opened the link to their headsets. There was a ringing, more static, and then...the hollowed voice of a ghost.

  • masquerade 123w

    This is a published work on Wattpad... So please don't indulge in plagiarism.

    #death #dystopian #apocalypse #life #love #sacrifice #sci-fi @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    "Captain," Jason whispered.

    I nodded without looking in his direction.

    "Let it go. The ship will be overloaded and we may miss our destination," Jason warned.

    At the same time a tower of ice came down with a deafening crack, spreading it's icy shards.

    I looked up at the sky. There was an eerie, purple halo in the pitch black, starless sky.

    'The dark star', the astronomers called it. All the fuel of sun had run out faster than expected.

    Earth had frozen to an icy hell! Humans and animals alike had perished. Scientists tried their best to save the earth, but the Satanic sun had sucked all energy, leaving the world in darkness.

    The few survivors of the apocalypse, had been shipped to an earth like planet, in the Andromeda galaxy.

    I looked back at my space-ship. That was the last ship, with the last bit of fuel left on earth. The ship was packed with two hundred odd humans, all destined to reach Planet E.

    I strained my eyes for any more sign of life.

    "Captain,there's no one. We should be moving before the snow freezes our fuel," Jason sounded impatient.

    With one last lingering look at our planet, I turned around to start the ship.

    Just as my feet touched the steps, I heard a scream.

    "There's some survivor," I shouted.

    "There's none. We need to survive," Jason  dragged me.

    Nevertheless I started running towards the source of sound.

    I saw a young lady with her son. The child was wailing as the mother's foot was trapped in the snow. 

    I rushed to help her to her feet and brought them both back to the ship.

    "Captain, we can take either the mother, or the child," Jason commented.

    "But the child is small. We can include both," I argued.

    "Even a small shift in weight can change the course. It happened the previous time since you took that couple who were reluctant to leave each other. That time there was fuel. I managed to steer. This time it's simply impossible," Jason glared.

    "Take my Paul then," the mother pleaded, holding out the child.

    "N-O-O-O-O-O," wailed the child, clinging to her.

    "Leave them both here," Jason said through clenched teeth, "We've no time to lose."

    "I'm the captain, I order you to take them both," I commanded.

    "Not anymore. Not when the lives of others are at peril," he retorted.

    "Put the engine to heat. I'm coming with the child," I said in a voice of finality.

    Jason left.

    "Get in both of you," I turned to them.

    They scrambled in without any question.

    I spoke into my communicator, "Close the doors."

    "Yes," Jason responded as the doors closed, and the ship started to rise before my eyes, "Who's left behind?"

    "The captain will go down with his planet," I chuckled to myself, surveying the barren landscape.

    I turned off my communicator, threw it, moving towards the abandoned city, towards death.


  • ds_world 123w

    My first Fiction Series.

    Hey Guys I posted the 1st chapter of my Fiction Series "The Future Of Today's World-Ozrio". Support me at patreon. Short stories are available for all. Chech this link to see my series also given in comments.


  • britney_writes 124w

    "look outside. What's the first thing you laid your eyes on? "
    "there's nothing out there, we're in a fucking desert! "
    "if you would just erase the cruelty and hatred you've so firmly written within yourself, then maybe you'd be able to see it"
    "what the hell is this? A psychological analysis? " I rubbed my already sweaty palms together and starred sternly at the man standing beside me. He has been in my life since the night of the wave. The night I lost everything and anything dare to me. They weren't even supposed to be out there, no one was. Stupid Mark! I cussed out. I should have been the one drowned in that stupid foggy eruptive wave.
    He placed his thin web hand on my shoulder and whispered "look again"
    With tears filled eyes I brought my gaze to scan the empty land again. Right there in the center of the land, life stared back at me. Her arms outstretched; with sparkling hazel eyes she gave joy and hope. Her lips curved into love and warmth.
    Four years ago since the night my inner strength and will was strictly tested, I've been a bitter hateful and regretful vessel wandering the dry surface of what was once man's home.
    I shut my eyes reminiscing in all and just like the wave took away the life I once had, life gave it all back to me.
    "What do you regret now?"
    "I regret that I've only been able to dwell in the dreadful gloominess of the past, unconsciously denying myself and the rest of mankind second chance to Life"

  • girlwithglasses 127w

    Feels II

    Is this love?
    I can remember how many times I asked myself that question
    And how a faintly NO would follow
    I felt a bit hallow
    But loved it
    Now that I've found this happiness
    My mind won't let me be
    I was pressurised
    I was Terrified
    I was Horrified
    Cause it reminded me of a nostalgic feeling
    I was happy but scared too
    But something inside me told me its time to break free
    And feel what there is to feel
    In your eyes I found strength and the courage to move on
    And sometimes I felt like ending it all
    But I held onto you
    Your voice
    Your words
    I always talked to God about you
    Cause no one has never cared about me as you do