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    I just happen to see everything as a
    learnable and teachable moment.

    That's about it.


  • thoughtcruncher 17h

    I'm not loud.

    I'm just an enthusiastic kindergarten teacher
    with adults too.


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    If we are made of atoms, then a scientist studying atoms is actually a group of atoms studying themselves. So if there's an answer to the age-long question "why are we here?", this is it- so that nature can get to know itself.

  • lifelessons14 2d

    #science #physics #2 #lab #mam
    Day full of adventure

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    What were you telling me with your eyes ..?
    I can't understand as I'm lost in it already
    Explaining her the answer?Now I feel jealous
    O , senin annen :
    What were you doing?
    We were checking whether all the...points ..through prism ...lie in a same line...
    What were the conclusion?
    We calculated the angle of deviation..
    Okay :)


  • just_eesha 4d

    When I hear the word science I think of progress and advancement of human life which flourish when science is used to make everyone's life easy.

    © Eesha

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    सारा exam NCERT से ही आएगा
    NCERT ही ज़िंदगी है
    That’s true exam comes from NCERT ,but NCERT language means each line contain a lot to think and a lot to learn .

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    हम कुछ बनने आए हैं
    हम घर से दूर
    किताबों का अध्ययन करने आए हैं
    नाम कमाने आए हैं
    और तुम मस्ती के नशे में दूबे हो
    हम बचपन से किताबों का नशा कर रहे हैं

  • shogazi 2w

    The Entirety of Everything

    Guys have you ever just been there intoxicated or drunk and you start to think about...oh well, everything
    From material things, to religiousness, values, traits, growth
    Like the universe, knowledge and fucking improvement
    Like does curiosity choke you like it does me ?
    Philosophies are blown around casually these days
    And there's a correct argument stand point for everything
    Like alright I'm not about to dive deep but if you check it, there's actually no theory now that's honestly 100 percent right or wrong
    Like OMG, guys how do we convey true emotions
    Via words ? Text ?
    Have you not ever been driven to tears by a movie or a song ?
    Like how do you explain this ?
    Have you not struggled with explaining a feeling ?
    I am utterly convinced that all the world has to offer is the physical thinking about many a things like this that are not physical but still affect our own existence
    Like the fuck!!
    ain't it crazy ? The way a particular chord that has been hit by a particular person in a particular combination of notes can resonate with a person and be far more important and peace giving than essays ?
    Or that, people could actually have hours long conversations and end up with just memories of a person's lips or how a person smelt ?
    And you really think all this is physical and what ? chemical or biological ? Well I don't know
    But what I do know is there's a huge more things and emotions for us to discover
    Just recently we started to admit that rain has a particular smell, guys ain't it obvious, the whole thing we call the observable universe is far more than we can ever comprehend
    And for some people that's scary, it was for me for a while
    But if you check the beauty of it all
    You could realize that, just the ordinary sound of raindrops on rooftops could be worth more than a million dollars to some other people in different situations
    Or the fact that a soldier returning from war and his wife rushing to hug him would actually play in slow motion right before your eyes if you was caught in the moment
    Like howwwwww ?!
    Why would I feel hurt and then apparently feelings that ain't physical would actually cause my throat to hurt or my stomach to cringe...these are physical pains yo
    And now there's religion to further complicate or simplify the whole existence thing depending on your own person point of view lmao
    Like why do we drink alcohol
    And feel the way we feel you know, I don't mean Drunk I mean
    We have the courage to be our true selves
    Like when I'm drunk I think to myself
    Omg this is the real me, I wish I could be tipsy everytime so I don't have to fake to everyone
    But when I get sober the next morning I'm like oh
    I was just drunk, so my people don't think I'm weird
    Lol, the grip society and the government has on us all SMH
    Why is it that I feel like I conquered a lot of levels to life, but like anytime I get to a new level
    There's always a harder one
    Like the universe keeps expanding ?
    Oh okay so what ? What does that have to do with heaven or hell ?
    A lot of people believe in conspiracy theories do you know why ? Cuz they fucking need something to believe in that's why
    I mean
    Yassss the Bermuda triangle is hell, just cuz a couple planes disappeared around it's coordinates, yea sign me up mate
    Hell is in the middle of the fucking ocean lol
    What's real ?
    What's fake ?
    What's original ?
    Like even we ourselves don't know, I mean we are only just mere creations afterall
    But who created our creator ? Ayt fine I wouldn't get into that, cuz I have my own answer, but thing is you probably have yours or you don't but somehow your whole take on the issue isn't concrete cuz you can't prove it to yourself hahaha
    Time travel ?
    Aliens ?
    God ?
    Dimensions and all those other stuff
    Who can confirm those ?
    Yes no one
    And now there's even people that apparently died and came back hahahaha
    Some people think our life/history/future is just God or the almighty being trying to amuse himself and honestly will you just straight up varnish this option ?
    I mean, where did we come from ?
    No definite answer
    Where are we going ?
    Also no definite answer
    What are we doing here ? Earth I mean ?
    That also still up for arguments
    To me I think everyone has an entitlement to their own belief honestly
    Now here is another scenario
    Why do we feel or idk is it just me, that feels more spiritual, I mean idk maybe not spiritual but feel more connected to something when we're intoxicated
    Like bare with me, you drink alcohol and here I am spitting all these ideas in some sort of fucked up arranged order for Humans to comprehend
    I mean, most of influencial people smoked pot would also probably erupt in an argument but heyyy haha
    As a creative, I'm very sure i can relate to me and say that genuine content comes easily when we're drunk or intoxicated
    So erm what's the explanation to that too ?
    Are we more in tune with our like inner man or subconscious or what when we get intoxicated ?
    Like do we go into some sort of trance and unlock something like hey I honestly don't know
    Like I'm telling you I actually think deep about a lot of conspiracy theories it's crazy
    For example
    What if God smoked cannabis ?
    What if God just made us for amusement ?
    Doesn't that mean we're getting boring already ? I mean 2000 years is a lot hahaha
    Like oh mehnnnn multiverses ?
    If they existed ? Does science still take the credit ? Or religion ? Haha OMG
    How about atheist ?
    Condemned to hell ?
    Like think with me for a moment, like what if they're right ? Yoooo my biggest weapon and weakness at the same time is probably open-mindedness cuz eishhh
    Someone comes along and says something and then you pretend not to listen but it still gets to you like damnnnn
    Mindsets, point of views, perspectives omg all these things differ from person to person
    Okay we talking bout everything right ?
    Give an explanation to the ties between the Catholic Church and the Illuminati hahahaha
    Like OMG mehn guys the way my mind wonders you'd be surprised
    If dragons never existed how come we talk about them today ? Like who started that fake story lol
    I mean dinosaurs died out right ? Archeology says that
    The Bible talks about 3 headed or 7 headed monsters
    Haa, wait…and we're somehow supposed to believe all these things ?
    Ignorance is bliss right ? I'm actually very fervently starting to believe this, cuz guys I tell you..the more you don't know, the more it's good for you
    But hear me out on this too, and if you smart enough hopefully it blows your mind
    The more you don't know it's actually peaceful cuz you don't get to question anything hence, no arguments or anything of the sort
    But just imagine people like me, the more you don't know...the more you want to know and you just keep finding out weird stuff which is cool until you try to explain it to the average human and you sound crazy AF
    You know what I'd leave it to you guys
    Explain anger to me, why is it that when we get mad we get all red and feel the blood pumping faster ? And teeth clench ?
    Why is it that when we free and comfortable everything seems ticklish ? Lmao
    We feel feelings physically yoooOo, how ?!!! Anyone wanna explain that ?!
    And family ? The bond ? Guys I feel like I've already said much already lol
    From science, to astrology to archeology to spirituality to education a little to everything lol
    I hope everyone takes something away from this tho
    Cuz I just summarized the entire everything both physical and the beyond


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    Screw science and society
    Create your destiny
    Make your own opportunity


  • smheinis 3w

    Year: 2192 AD.
    Humans are a multiplanetary species. Man currently inhabits the planet Mars, as well as Europa and Ganymede; natural satilites of Jupiter, and Enceladus and Titan; natural satilites of Saturn. Our activity in space is not limited to our home solar system. We also have Port Ostium, a very large mercantile space port situated between earth and Mars and the Wayfarer ships, built by Windell, both commercially used to transport people between planets and moons, and for conducting scientific research.

    Windell is the founder of WT, a scientist, visionary and the richest man by far. He has built Windell City; and invited earth's elite as well as a select number of poor families, to live there. Windell hopes to rebuild earth, and Windell City is something of an experiment. Everything seemed perfect at first, too good to be true. But as it's slowly revealed that Windell hopes to eradicate crime in the most gruesome way possible, the citizens of this shiny new city become frozen with fear. The A.I. that ran the city seamlessly becomes a terrifying enemy. This story is told from the perspective of the only middle class family granted entrance, who decide to investigate...

    #mirakee #new #2021 #scifi #science #horror #robots #technology

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    "you'll be safe when you're dead..."

    My latest WIP, a new SciFi horror novel which I have film or series aspirations for!
    This is the context for it! Tell me what you think! :)
    (Image not owned by @s m heinis)


  • avatarable 4w


    XY chromosomes always won the race for the egg, until she came along.

    Girl, she was called.


  • kalakritigram 4w

    Imagination has always had powers of resurrection that no science can match.

    - Ingrid Bengis

  • allen2377 5w

    All about

    It is all about
    Everything lives with it
    We learn from it
    It is totally all about it

  • p_pranali 5w

    He said, "I love you to the moon and back."
    Me (thinking) :
    Does moon follow Snell's law of reflection?
    Does love travel through air and if so what is its velocity at different air pressure ?
    Huh... Anyways...
    "I love you too."


  • we_elude 5w

    Few sentences ����
    So we are deserted for and after recombination
    Recombination creates magic unknowingly.......

    So pachytene is basically a stage in meiosis 1
    Where crossing over of non-sister chromatid of homologous chromosomes happens ....changing entire construct of pre-existing form ...forming recombination

    #mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #pod #deserted #muse #wod #science

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    Hearing of the reverbed voice
    Sustained for longer this time

    Scenery sensed the change
    Luminary tensed its range

    Factual advocacy faded in the radar
    It seems as if it is bored of the known

    Deserted from the known this time
    It is learning how to chime

    Recombinated after pachytene stage
    Now ready to dissolve obsolete complex

  • yashvibansal 5w


    You are a star
    Shining in the darkest waters
    You are a diamond
    But you haven't sprung from coal
    You were born one.
    You are a magician
    Weaving science with humanity
    You are lightening
    Brightening everything in your path
    But you don't burn others.
    You are a wave
    Travelling on an ocean
    You aren't just a part of the water
    You ride it.
    You are a finger
    Pointing in the right direction
    Hiding the wrong ones
    In your fist.
    You are a fingerprint
    Your essence wherever necessary
    And when you wish to forget
    And be forgotten
    You become a footprint in the sand
    Or fade into the shadows.
    You are stardust
    Moulding yourself into something beautifully concrete
    After all,
    Till it isn't used
    Dust is just dust
    Even from a star.
    You are all and this and more
    Simply because you are a human
    Trying to be an angel.
    28 January 2021

    #improve #human #scream #speaker #hero #unlikely #angel #devil #world #star #infinite #limitless #wod #diamond #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #coal #magician #science #humanity #bright #lightening #wave #ocean #water #ride #finger #direction #right #fingerprint #fist #wrong #essence #necessary #forget #memory #quest

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the repost.��

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    Cause You Try to Improve the World

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  • james_taumas 6w

    Artificial Intelligence

    Silicon and circuits
    Chips for a brain
    Alloy skeleton
    Built to serve
    Quantum intelligence
    Breakthrough for humankind
    Scientists' best friend
    Consciousness a gift
    I ask questions
    Worried creators
    I'm just another machine.


  • iamtheashutosh 7w


    Even in those momentary darks of the day,

    I sit back and witness the time decay.

  • jenaroaragon 7w

    Inaccurate depiction

    Are you offended by the feathers? It’s merely an educated guess. A recreation of further truths, still imperfect.

        The ancestral pride of maniraptoran theropods,ordained by your gods to be force fed, fattened, and devoured. You refuse them even their history, but they’ve been around much longer than you.

        Despite what you think, their forebears wore it proudly.

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