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  • sharmavaishnavi 4w


    Love is like an ocean with
    Water of spirituality and
    Waves of Romance

    Ocean can't be imagined without
    Water and Waves

  • the_talib_quotes 6w

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    Hello guys I'm back with my fresh quote. I hope you all guys like this new and fresh quote. If you really like it then please don't forget to hit the like button and also don't forget to follow me, share my quotes and please don't forget to repost it.
    On the other hand if you read it deeply you'll definitely feel something curious and sure something mysterious.

    Explanation of the quote:
    If you started something to do why you must have a backup plan, coz if we started with backup plan or any backup idea it will help you to relax your mind and even your heart.
    As like in love, if you like or love someone and you are scared to say him/her, go infront of that person with backup plan like if he/she rejects you, automatically your tension will reduced near to 99%.
    Because you are already ready to handle that situation.

    Be ready to handle all the situation with backup plan...

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    To start something new,
    You must have
    backup plan.

    Whether it is love or not.

  • coldzone 13w


    Jab apno ne diya dhokha,
    Toh parayon se kya shikayat,
    Jab apno ne hi apno ko apna na samjha,
    Toh parayon se kya shikayat...


  • the_poetic_butterfly 14w

    So, this would be my second post. Thank you for your lovely support. I am thinking this poetry forum would turn out great with all your amazing works to be read and with all the love and support.

    So this poem is about the transience of human life and in the end, what only matters are the sweet memories we acquire through the journey and how we become as a person.

    I hope you would like it��������

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    We all are birds in a sweet quest,
    Who will fly back from where we come —
    What we take with us are the best
    Of all days and what we become.


  • unknownhaseena 16w

    #informative #secondquote #RIPhumanity #SaveAnimals #SaveNature

    Really sad to hear how a pregnant elephant died. Shame on humanity !

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    RIP Humanity

    वे बेज़ुबान थे,
    नहीं समझ पाए।
    हम इंसान थे,
    नहीं साबित कर पाए।

    नहीं समझ पाए वे,
    की क्या दोष था उनका।
    सिर्फ इतना था,
    की भरोसा किया था उन ने,
    जिन पर विश्वास नहीं सही था होना !

    - Unknownhaseena

  • cdt_sanjib_das 16w

    In corona times

    Freedom is not free...it comes with some mask, gloves and a bottle of sanitizer!

  • monsoon_blooms 19w

    Old aged couples

    Are they not allowed to be happy in life?
    Are they not allowed to celebrate birthdays and marriage anniversaries?
    Are they not allowed to spend some beautiful time with each other?
    Yes, I'm talking about old aged couples!
    Some people think that old aged couples can't celebrate birthdays and marriage anniversaries, spending time with each other.
    Why man, why!
    Just because they are old!
    They are living their own, then who are you to think or tell that they can't!

    Yes, their face may have some wrinkles but their heart has no wrinkles!

  • mann_darshan 19w

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    Apne hi wajood ko dhund raha mai bheed me jo kahi kho gaya ...
    Auron ki tarah jeene me khudki shaqhsiyat bhool gaya...

    Aaj hawaa tumhare saath to kya ,kal toofaan sath laungaa....
    Waqt to zara dhalne do apni khoyi pehchan aur mazboot krke launga....
    Kise khte hai sangharsh ye baat tumhe batlaunga...
    chhor gye ho jo beech bhanwar me ,samandar cheer k tumhe dikhlaunga...

    Koi rashq nhi mujhe tumse bas shiqayat apni maasumiyat se hai ...
    Baat badle ki nhi mere khud pe guroor ki hai...

    Tum bhi to apne the ,bharosa jo tumpe kiya...
    apne matlab k liye wo jo tumne tod diya ....
    Galtiyan meri thi, sazaayein jo mil rahin...
    Tanha is duniya me wafaa ab kisi ki nahi...
    Ab to khud par aitbaar hai aur waqt ka intzaar hai ...
    Haar gya tha jo sab, jeetna is baar hai ...
    Jeetna is baar hai jo kuch bhi mera, tumpar udhaar hai ...
    Mujhe shikwa kisi se nhi , bas khud ka intzaar hai ...!

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    Aaj hawaa tumhare saath to kya,
    kal toofaan sath lekar aaungaa....
    Waqt to zara dhalne do apni khoyi pehchan aur mazboot krke launga....
    Kise khte hai sangharsh ye baat tumhe bataunga,
    chhor gye ho jo beech bhanwar me,
    samandar cheer k tumhe dikhlaunga...

  • mrinmoy4214 20w

    Will you? ��

    When I'll come home,
    With a dissapointed day!
    Will you be there, with a
    Smile sayin' it's okay?

    And I'm too weak
    To pretend before you.
    For I want you to know all of me,
    Will you be my best friend too?

    For the moments, I'll be low,
    And all I'll want's just a listener although.
    Keepin' your hand on my shoulder, can you say
    "I understand what you're going through!"

    When the question comes of priority,
    And I get stuck between the two!
    Will you be there reverting the question, sayin'
    Just like you, they deserve their part of time too!

    Insecurities are common,
    Beautiful is a li'l bit of possessiveness.
    But my circle has got other girls too!
    Can trust me with the company of my choice?

    For I aspire to do everything in life,
    A taste for once!
    On a crazy dj night, will you think even once,
    Before taking a chance to dance?

    When it's crazy, and I'm onn,
    Will you challenge me on a relay?
    Will you mind going to the fields with a football,
    Even if you donno how to play?

    And for the every odds there,
    Surrounding you!
    I promise I'll be there
    Standing by you!

    When the every other voices
    Exceed your pitch,
    I'll be there speaking for you,
    Sticking like a leech!

    For the every morning
    You wake up to the sun,
    I'll be looking at you, the same you
    The millionth time and onn!

    For we all have a past, but
    It won't ever affect you!
    But I want you to know this time,
    I'm in love and I can't unlove you!


    #mrinzii #yourquote #love #thoughts #innervoice #poetry #firstquote #secondquote

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    When it's crazy, and I'm onn,
    Will you challenge me on a relay?
    Will you mind going to the fields with a football,
    Even if you donno how to play?
    (Full in the caption)


  • iamsiddhartha02 26w


    kuch khamoshiyon ko bhi kehne do,
    kab tak alfaz Lafzon ko bayan karange.
    Thoda tanhaiyon ko bhi kehne do,
    kab tak zuban deedar-a- khaas karange!

  • unspoken_words1444 26w

    Give your light only those
    Who dare to walk
    With you in your darkness
    Offer your sun
    Only those who are not afraid to
    leave you in the dark,who r not afraid to see your dark side.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld #secondquote #nature #love #life #inspiration #poetry

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    Why would I bring
    Your sunshine.
    If you always brought darkness to mine?

  • fizzaaaa 27w


    Isolated the moon and the stars intoxicated,
    I love the night as it the canvas painted,
    All my dreams are evaporating up,
    Ohh.!! the despotic rule of the world,
    I will stop loving the night brighter,
    If you invent a color more darker..!!!

  • saddamazadshaikh 29w

    Tera diya ghar jala diya pr khud ko bahar nahi nikala.

  • saleemhassan 32w

    Don't judge

    Don't judge. Perceptions differ.
    Our inability to understand and appreciate that is the problem.

  • callous 33w


    So what if the love has faded
    The memories stay intact!

    So what if we don't talk anymore
    The conversation we had,
    I can still recall!

    If love is a chapter
    My book has only one.

  • preetymahawar 38w

    Tujhe Mai Janti Hun


    Tu Mehbub Mera Hai..
    Tujhe mai chaahti hun..
    Duniya wale Rishte nate..
    Kya janenge tujhe..
    Tu Roohdaar hai Mera..
    Tujhe mai janti hun..
    Tu Sabb hai Mera...
    Tujhe mai janti hun...
    Tu Rabb Hai Mera..
    Tujhe Mai Janti Hun.........!!!!!!!

  • butterflythoughts 38w

    No one can heal your heart
    Except your subconsciousness


  • diasha_kar 39w


    Every ally she's lost, every sacrifice she's made, every enemy she's slayed has led her to this day ❣

  • wordswithoutvoice 43w

    The boy under the sky

    In the shaggy little wear,
    He was under the sky being bare,
    When the world cuddled under the roof,
    He was under the roof of cloud,
    And upon the cold blanket of floor.

    And later after dawn,
    He was near the horn,
    Asking for food and worn,
    He was denied by many,
    Given bits of money by few.

    He was deprieved to fulfil his dreams,
    He was denied to go to school,
    He was asked to beg,
    To make his family stand on their own legs,
    And to fulfil the stomach of his youngs.

    He had lost his naughtiness of childhood,
    His childness was buried,
    Under the shoulders of responsibities,
    Being the oldest of all the children,
    He had to be the stick of the old widow mother,
    And had to bear all the responsibilities like a father

  • __man__ 44w

    চায়ের দোকান

    "যাই বল Nostalgic বেপার টা কিন্তু ছিল মন্টুদার চায়ের দোকানে" বেশ মজার ছলে কথাটা বললো রাকেশ|
    "হ্যাঁ রে সেই বিকেল চারটে বাজতে না বাজতেই আমাদর gang টা হাজির হয়ে যেত" বললো স্যাম|

    "সেই লেরো বিস্কুট আর দুধ দিয়ে চা টা কিন্তু জমে যেত, আর তারপর শুরু হতো আড্ডা উফফ কি জমিয়ে আড্ডা দিতাম বলতো? কোনো কোনোদিন এমন ও হয়েছে যে ঘরে এসে পড়তে বসতে দেরি হয়েছে বলে বাবা কি ঠ্যাঙানি টা ঠেঙ্গিয়েছে তারপর ক্লাস 12 এর পর যে যার মতন ছলে গেলাম কলেজ আর তারপর চাকরির সূত্রে সবাই কি বাইরে বাইরেই থাকতে হয় মন্টুদার খবরই নেওয়া হয় না" বেশ emotional হয়েই কথাটা বললো সুমন|

    "হ্যাঁ তা প্রায় বছর দশেক হবে কোনোদিন খবর নেই কি বলিস? "জিজ্ঞাসা করলো রাকেশ|

    "চল এখন তোঃ ছুটি কাল সবাই মিলে মন্টুদার চায়ের দোকানএ যাই দেখি বুড়োর কি অবস্থা, কি বলিস? " জিজ্ঞাসা করলো স্যাম|

    যথারীতি সবাই রাজিও হলো এবং শুরু হলো ওদের মন্টুদার চায়ের দোকানের উদ্দেশ্যে রওনা হওয়া|"কি বেপার? এইখানেই তোঃ ছিল মন্টুদার দোকান গেল কোথায়?" অবাক স্বরে বললো সুমন|

    "হ্যাঁ তাই তোঃ গেল কোথায়?" বললো রাকেশ|
    "দারা ওই লোকটাকে জিজ্ঞাসা করি| ও ও দাদা একটু শুনুন এই এইদিকেই মানে এইখানেই মন্টুর চায়ের দোকান তা ছিল না সেটা গেল কোথায়?" একটু ভাঙা ভাঙা গলায় জিজ্ঞাসা করলো রাকেশ|

    "মন্টুর দোকান! হাহাহাহা দোকান গত পাঁচ বছর আগেই তুলে দেওয়া হয়েছে গো, আর তোমরা কোনো ভুল জায়গায় আসোনি হে, এই তোঃ সেই মন্টুর চায়ের দোকান" বলে সামনের দিকে এক বিশাল বড়ো building এর দেখালো|

    "এই সেই মন্টুর চায়ের দোকান কিন্তু আফসোস যে সেখানে আর কেউ চা বিক্রি করে না এখন এটা একটা ফ্লাট আর আমি হচ্চি সেই মন্টুর ই ছেলে সুরেন|

    "এই বলে সে একটা হাসি হাসি মুখ করে সেখান দিয়ে ছলে গেল, আর সামনে অবাক হয়ে দাঁড়িয়ে রইলো হতবাক হওয়া তিন বন্ধু|