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  • wonder_land_3 8w

    I love the way my face lights up when I hear the music
    My heart beams with pride knowing it is I who came up with it
    It's not something I tell people often
    But boy do I love it!

    My fingers trail the piano keys
    Black and white and black and white
    Each having a potential to tell a story
    To evoke an emotion

    It's like magic
    The trailing of sounds
    The streaming of senastion
    It's phenomenal

    And if I could sit and play the music all night long
    I would

    Let me be your dreamcatcher
    A dispatcher of goodness
    A whisper to your ears
    That you will always be enough

  • ashish_ve 9w


    Acche ko acche lage hum, Aur bure ko bure.

    Jinhe jitni jarurat thi, wo utna hin samjhe hume...

  • shynishyns 9w


    Framed hanging paintings,
    Mural of cherry tree
    On the wall bloomed in pink,
    Myriad coloured flowers
    Fixed in vases
    Chant my lovely name
    As my pretty hands gave birth to them;
    Never I stained my mind
    With the dirty thought of loneliness;
    I take it as a rewarded opportunity
    To excavate my latent talents
    Rusted and buried deep inside;
    I am neither Picasso nor Michael Angelo;
    Once my hands held paint brush
    It blew in to a mesmerizing art;
    My paintings wink and smile
    And relieve me from all worries;
    Never I see objects around me as it is
    I evoke the art stuffed in it;
    Papers, carry bags, disposed bottles
    Garnish my home as artistic vases,
    Roses, Lilies, Gerberas...
    I can't smell their fragrance
    But the aura of happiness emitted
    Always refresh my soul
    And I am proud of my skill....

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    I am Artistic...


  • commoved_1803 9w


    They think that they are playing with my brain,
    But in my inside I decipher all the mask, all the feign...
    I may seem prosaic, perturbed or even perplexed,
    But I know within a man, there are many faces, many men...

  • ink_trovert 9w

    #mirakeeanglo #secretskill @writersnetwork @mirakee

    You know what, I'm a thief. Yes! a Word Thief. I'm the Phantom word thief who has splendid skills in this art of stealing.
    I have this secret hidden skill of stealing words just to accomplish the luxury of phrases and paras, to gain the richness of wisdom from them. Am I anywhere wrong, to steal the words that were scattered and waiting to be stringed in the necklace of phrases? Like there was the book thief Liesal Meminger, who stole books to escape the outside world of hatred, to teach and heel herself through reading. When she had nothing with her, there were books that gave her courage and hope to live. These books gave her strength even then when she didn't know how to read them. She had an appetite for books Like I have for words. Parallely I steal words to heel the broken ones, bring smile to the broods, add confidence to the dubious ones, bring love out of loveless ones and fulfil my own need to wander in my words and get my questions answered. I'm a word seeker to articulate and pen, to bring out the reality and change the deformity. For me stealing words is the most romantic sport to do and I'm assured that it ain't gonna leave me through my entire life, surely it's going to stay with me forever. This is something that cuddles me up while I'm cold, listens to my chit chat calmly or accompanies me when I'm alone. These words are the love songs that play into my ears. I like having a chemistry with words that I steal and these words do return my love that I give them. I'm the one creating goodies out of them and if they ever hurt me I can blame myself as I'm the one to steal them. I'm here to take love, happiness, care, fights and hatred provided by the words. No matter what, I'll have them to embrace me in my gloom.
    For this comfort of life and to gain this luxury of words I would gladly take the title of The Word Thief.

    The Word Thief♠️

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    An open letter from The Word Thief.
    Read the caption.....

  • bohemian_ballerina 9w

    My 2 assests!

    Many are associated with some NGOs, rest of them have already proven their prowess in varied fields of esteem respect in society, few have actually put a leg forward to establish themselves anew...
    But if I try to do something out of my will, it becomes a nothing for the viewers...
    There are two things that bring me ecstasy, that keeps me high, that gives me a kick to keep doing it repeatedly, again and again:
    1. Making people happy/at least trying to bring a smile on their faces (be it my close association or any stranger for that matter). Even if I try very hard, the end result on their faces is worth relishing!
    2. Handling babies!!!!! Many just swoon over the idea of playing with a child (who's cute - pinkish skin,deep blue eyes, chubby cheeks, dimpled chin!) But with me, it is just A CHILD, any child. We have a clique instantly. Wherever I go I immediately hit it off with a baby - be it at the mall, the theater or just some random labourer's child.

    Whatever the world thinks, I'm actually truly proud of these feats.


  • mrscline16 9w

    Unbelievable Skills....

    I have a skill I never knew I had.. It is a gift I was given naturally... I keep learning more about it as I go.. It helps people begin to love their self...

    I have a gift that sometimes seems bad... It is something strong and hard to explain verbally... I keep studying more about myself to learn what I should know... It makes me more open and not on a closed shelf...

    I have a talent that uses a pad... I can use colors or black and white simply.... It can look as beautiful as snow... It helps me know my worth....

    I have abilities that require comprehension to understand what I have.... It blesses me abundantly and regularly..... I never have to second guess a crowd... It guides me by showing me the doors...

  • 2write 9w


    Positive words are totally free yet they create warmest and priceless emotions for everyone.

  • bonitasarahbabu 9w

    I've been blessed with a gift,
    I usually see it as a curse,
    It is the ability to empathize with many.
    I can feel the emotions of people,
    It is absolutely draining,
    But this is my secret skill.
    I was born an empath,
    Then life honed my skills and taught me,
    I was able to soothe others while I took their pain.
    The pain was debilitating,
    But it was something I took on,
    It was not by choice, but it was her life.
    Being an empath,
    It is my secret skill.
    Whether it is a gift or a curse, that's the question.

  • snapzee 9w


    I don’t talk much, instead I write
    If you can’t read then that’s your route
    The journal have become my mate
    Well its pity if you hate
    You will always come late
    Because am not fake

    I don’t say much, instead I paint
    If you can’t see then faint
    I live with my faith
    I don’t write to bait
    I write to gain
    N fade all my pain
    Am just a saint

    I don’t do much, instead I pace
    If you can’t cover, then that’s your case
    I work from the base
    N I don’t show up my face
    I roll my thoughts like a dice
    N cook my rhyme with spice
    Am organised like a meal rice
    It all comes with a price
    Soon enough I will rise.

  • pnair87 9w

    ‘Jack of all trades,but master of none’!
    Well ,I define myself with this proverb .... From my childhood , I got the opportunity to try many things such as dance , vocal music , instrumental music , clay modeling , jewelry making , craft work etc ... I used to pen down something here and there . As the years passed by , studies , work & family took majority of my time , all these have faded into oblivion ...

    I’m a very confused soul... not knowing what I’m actually supposed to do!!! Well , I understand myself to be interested in cooking ... that’s obviously many women are skilled up with right ? It’s a matter of survival too ... Then , I love taking pictures ... not mostly of humans , but of the nature , roads... actually I noticed that when clicking the nature photos we don’t need to use any filters...nature itself applies it all ... here , I could use some of my clicks as the backdrop to my writings ... Thanks to mirakee for that too !!!
    Then about the writing part , like many I too had this writers block I guess ... It has abandoned me for years , and this lockdown and all made emotions to well up my heart and pour down as words after so many years ... So yes , then I found mirakee , which acts as my scribbling pad now , where I could pen down whatever I want ... kudos to this wonderful app ...
    So to sum up I think , I would rather say I love writing , cooking & photography ... skilled or not I can’t make out !!!

    I just wrote this , don’t know whether this fits into the arena ... Thanks for this opportunity mirakee!!!


  • aishwarya_mishra 9w

    #mirakeeangelo #secretskill @hindiwriters

    खुद की Praise में अलग ही मजा है
    ये भी सही है

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    मुझमे में हूँ ,
    एक मासुमियत सी है दिल में ,
    एक ठहराब सा है जीवन में ,
    जो करने की सोच रखती हूँ ,
    वो बेजिझक करती हूँ ,
    मुस्कुराता ये चेहरा ,
    पढ़लेता है ,उन नर्म आंखोकी खामोशियाँ को,
    बिना कहे समझने की खूबी रखती हूँ
    उन अनकहे जज़्बातों को
    पिता को गर्व है ,माँ का लाड़ है
    बारिश में भी सूरज के करीब हूँ
    येही तो हुनर की पहचान है


  • akshiwrites 9w


    "Any secret talent?", they asked.

    "Diving deep into the soul of the one unknown to phrases and expressions", I replied.

  • mahi__ 9w

    I love me

    In this big fat world, everyone is different. Each person has some talents. And when we collaborate all, we can make the world a better place.
    We all have some hidden skills that we're hiding from the outside world.
    But we all enjoy it. You should NEVER BE ASHAMED of your skills or passions. It might be different, but not useless. There are many artists out there, enjoying their lives. And if you don't want to make your passion a career, at least have fun with it. Enjoy it.
    Mine is dancing. What's yours??

  • wripadac_ 9w

    My Secret Skills

    My skills includes WRIting poetry, PAinting, DAncing and ACting.
    Hence the name - Wripadac!

    These are the things that I do when am idle. I have participated in many events that were conducted by colleges or my company where I work and have won prizes.

    And I have keen interest in crafts or DIY.

    These are the things which I feel am best at.

    I do sketches as well, though I don't feel I excel in that department.


  • mcferno 9w


    Word To Jay Z Don't Compare Me To Nobody I Feel Offended

    I Made Honor-grams Because On They IG Stories I'm Always Mentioned

    When It comes To Writing Poems I Goes Hard
    I Got A Kobe Bryant Gun
    Cause I'm The Shooting Guard

    I Jump Rope With My Weed Double Dutchess
    I Workout Like My Cereal Captain Crunches‍♂️ At The End Of The O-line We Stay Tight
    My Flakes Got A Angry- Cold Frostbite❄️ I Propose To Santa Now Merry Christmas
    But My Christ Got Married I call it Mrs. In New York My Jingle Bell's Rock
    If My Feet Talk Back You Know It's Getting Socked/ My Money Is Eating That Mean My Pockets Getting Meals/Mills
    My Teeth Charcoal That Mean I'm About To Rock Grillz/♨️ ⬇️I Slice Down My Fists That Mean You Getting Uppercut
    I Be Doing U-Turns On My Headline Let Me Take A Shortcut↪️‍♂️ I Braid My Pillows I Take Naps I Need A Sleeping Comb
    My Services Got Straight A's That's What You Call A Smartphone ‍ Me & My Sense Got Alot In Common
    Type The Emoji In My Comments

    I Ain't Number 2 But I'm The Shit

  • sadar_ammar 9w


    For I guess my hidden skill is acting, acting like I'm okay when I'm not and making others believe it somehow
    For I'm helping others smile when I can't seem to smile myself I just act like I'm happy and put a fake smile on to make everyone think I'm okay
    For my feelings may seem intact but I just act like it isn't when really it is
    For if someone attacked me I wouldn't react maybe cause I lack the feelings to get hurt or something else
    For my heart is cracked open, broken and shredded but I'm still acting like everything is okay

    For I'm wondering if I'm the only one who performs a show like me but I'm the not only actress in mine, is it the same for you?
    To be exact I'm not okay I just packed my feelings away now I'm feeling empty I'm just acting like I feel things
    For my back is backed against the wall feeling like I'm suffocating but im just acting like I'm not
    For the pain is stacking up everyday and my mask is cracking away
    But I'll try districting myself as always and act like everything is okay when it isn't, wouldn't you do the same?

  • anonymous_562 9w

    Suno suno suno, skill...

    Not losing ourself in the journey of life,
    is itself a biggest skill one should have in life.


  • dhananjay_yaduvanshi 9w

    All our acuity are stored in trees.

    #mirakeeangelo #secretskill

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  • shreybahuguna 9w


    Doesn't matters what kind of skill you have at the time you are not able to usefull with that skill
    My skill doesn't have any specific type but I have my gutts to help people even when I saw with my blind eyes in any kind kind of situation thats my motive in my life.