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  • sneha_asb 5h

    I am like a flower,
    In the hottest desert,
    Where there aren't any spells of shower!

    A blooming flower, that's what I wanna be,
    But the conditions aren't favorable,
    They are too cruel and harsh on me!

    Yet I will bloom, just like a garden's flower,
    Cause, I want you to see how far I came,
    And NEVER give up; that's my super power!


  • maheengazi_22 1d

    Kuch baate dil me hi reh jane do....

    Zindagi yuhi guzar jane do...

  • verifiedeccentric 2d

    finding that
    I do love myself:

    I just never
    s l o w e d down enough

    to acquaint
    myself with me.


  • chai_neek 3d

    Perception of self
    The mold for one's vision
    when point of contact
    is everyone else

    Views of the world
    are shaped by
    aesthetics that melt

    A mirror, a moment a minute
    Becomes an image
    so murky
    yet so resilient
    glass cleaner won't help

    Nor do we need it
    What is present is perfection
    With self reflection
    comes wealth

  • bhavyaaa 3d

    Hey! I wanted to share my story of body shaming. B I want to tell people how dangerous body shaming is and about it’s noxious effects. I'm a medico and we learn a LOT about mental health. However, we are never made aware of how debilitating and incapacitating it is to be going through a mental disorder. So, my point is. I was overweight. Way too overweight after i finished my school. And i used to get comments like ‘moti km khaya kr’, ‘moti hr roz do kilometre bhagegi toh jaakr kuch baat bnegi’ amongst other disturbing ones. The words ‘moti’,‘fat’, 'too healthy’, ‘khaate peete ghr ki’ passed at me as mockery was too much for me to bear. I couldn't take it anymore. I started to purge and purge continuously. I felt obsessive with calories, way too obsessed than a normal person should be. I hated every inch of my reflection. I ate very little. In other words i fell prey to Anorexia Nervosa. I used to run 4 kms each day, exercise and play table tennis for 1 hour and purge after every meal. So, please, my message is that before you body shame somebody please consider the turmoil their mind could go through after you casually call them 'moti'.
    -Anonymous (19)
    Himachal Pradesh
    #selflove #saynotobodyshaming #loveyourself #thinkandspeak #censorwhatusay #loveeveryone #selfacceptance #selfcare #anorexianervosa

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    I fell prey to Anorexia Nervosa.


  • queenofhearts1491 4d

    If we talk a walk through nature, we can learn a lot from it to my taste. The things that are not perfect are often the ones that are most fascinating to us. So why can't it be like this about human beeings too?
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    What nature taught me today ...

    Now take a look at your surrounding ... What do you see?
    "A tree", you will probably say, pretty simple.
    But look more closely ... What do you see?
    Is it crooked and bent and looks a bit spooky?
    Did it lose some branches during a heavy storm?
    Would the other trees gossip about it if they could?
    Didn't it find a way to grow and be strong despite everything?
    And don't you think it looks beautiful eventhough it's totally different?

    Now take a look at yourself ... What do you see?
    "Well, myself", you will probably say, pretty simple.
    But look more closely ... What do you see?
    Are there freckles, scars, stretch marks or other things you would like to hide?
    Did you lose some battles, got hurt or heartbroken some times?
    Would others point their fingers at you for beeing who you are?
    Didn't you find a way to keep fighting and be strong because you know there might be something good coming your way one day?
    And don't you think all this makes you even more beautiful than anyone else?


  • queenofhearts1491 4d

    We all face different Expectations throughout our lifes and our first impulse is to try to meet them. But is this really always the best Choice for us?
    #expectations #perceptions #pressure #role #daughter #lover #friend #student #employee #selflove #selfcare #despair

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    They asked me to be a good daughter ... So that's what I became.
    I was caring, I helped wherever I could.
    And they appreciated it, but still they would rather point out all the times I wasn't there.
    They wouldn't understand I also needed time for myself, they would just expect an improvement.
    I struggled. I failed. And they were puzzled.

    They asked me to be a reliable friend ... So that's what I became.
    I always listened to their sorrows, I adjusted to their wishes and needs.
    And they told me I was such a great support, but in my own times of need, there was no one around.
    They wouldn't even notice, they would just expect an improvement.
    I struggled. I failed. And they left.

    They asked me to be a caring lover ... So that's what I became.
    I expressed my feelings, I made sure they felt loved.
    And they told me they had never met anyone like me before, but they would still point out it wasn't a relationship as Hollywood movies picture them.
    They wouldn't see I had my own way of loving, they would just expect an improvement.
    I struggled. I failed. And they gave up on me.

    They asked me to be a successful student ... So that's what I became.
    I studied a lot, I worked really hard.
    And I got good grades, but all they would care about were the times I wasn't successful.
    They wouldn't ask why, they would just expect an improvement.
    I struggled. I failed. And they were disappointed.

    They asked me to be a hard-working employee ... So that's what I became.
    I took my work very seriously, I was thinking about nothing else anymore.
    And they liked my approach and my commitment, but they couldn't connect to it because it was just too different.
    They wouldn't consider I had another view on things, they would just expect an improvement.
    I struggled. I failed. And it made me quit my job.

    They gave me a blank sheet of paper and asked me to paint myself ... So that's what I did.
    I put out all my crayons, I wanted to solve the task as good as possible.
    And the result was great, but it was rather a picture of who I am not and who I want to be.
    This wasn't me at all, I expected an improvement.
    I struggled. I failed. And I put the paper away.

    Many years passed, many failed expectations followed, until I pulled out the empty sheet again ... But this time I started painting because I wanted to.
    In the beginning it was quite a blur, but with time it got clearer.
    There I was, with my own perceptions of relations, friendship, love and success.
    And for the first time in my life it felt right, it felt true.
    I keep my picture with me all the time to add some more colors or some darkness if it's necessary.
    I smile. I succeeded. And I am happy.


  • queenofhearts1491 4d

    We all have our struggles in Life and it's okay to have them. You can't force yourself to get better, it takes Time.
    #depression #healing #inspirational #taketime #selfcare #understanding #sadness #anxiety

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    Here's to the "Don't let a bad day make you feel like you had a bad life"

    We all know these so called 'inspirational' or 'motivational' quotes, don't we? We find them in magazines, on Social Media or as pretty displays for our living-rooms.
    But let's be honest, do we ever find them helpful? I don't mean the sunny days when everything is bright and shiny. No, i mean the days when all is grey and black and there's no hope left. Would you consider them helpful then? Unlikely, i guess. It's more like a 'What does the author of this stupid quote know about my life? And how does he dare to tell me how to feel?'.
    Let me tell you something, it's totally fine to feel like everything is miserable sometimes. As Christina Perri also sings in her song 'I'm only human and I bleed when i fall down'. Oh yes, we do. And some wounds can't be seen from the outside but still they take their time to heal. So give yourself some time, don't force yourself to pretend that everything is fine by any quote or person. Be gentle with yourself.
    It's all up to you. It doesn't matter how long it takes until you get up again, the most important thing is that you do it when you feel ready.


  • astroanomic 4d

    My heart is made of broken glass
    And I had spent years trying
    To align the pieces together again
    No matter what way I force them
    They refuse to compose themselves
    Looking at my hands, all I see is red
    Splattered from my jagged wounds
    The painted glass glistened and shone
    Reflecting the dampened light within
    It was then that I realized the beauty
    Of a stained glass heart

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  • in_fragments 1w

    my head's a mess lately... the war for self care is fought invisibly, every single day. your synapses are soldiers. it's okay to not be okay.����
    #anxiety #depression #dissociation #ptsd #pod #poem #mentalhealth #selflove #selfcare #writerstolli #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    /the break-ing down--
    of thoughts--

    electrical codes
    sending-- glitchy- signals through-
    my- tottering brain
    waves-- distorting- catastrophizing--
    blockaded body- shocked veins-
    short circuiting ideas-- perception explodes-- reality- shuts down---
    buzzing- static-- stops the-- broadcast-
    then-- the- all-- encompassing----
    Discon--nection---- begins/

  • shiva87 1w

    These pieces of my heart

    Broken pieces of my heart
    Are tearing me apart
    Dissolved in a dust of guilt
    Dismantling what I have built

    These pieces won’t leave me alone
    Entirely soaked to my bone
    These pieces consume my body
    I am exhausted, with no energy

    Dust of guilt melting away
    Evolving in a new way
    Welcomed by the earth
    In the soil, giving birth

    To new pieces of my heart
    Ready for a new start
    Now growing within my soul
    Filling up an empty hole

  • pikuuu 1w

    Back to basics?

    We always wanted a lyf Of lying down.. eating all day.. having phone.. watching movies.. spending tym on ur own.. having a semester break and so called lazy n easy lyf.. n now u r getting evrything still sat factor is missing.. we all are nt feeling caged bt realising the importance of real social connection.. we all are bored of electronic gadgets evn.. so wt dis is d cmfrt we wanted.. but i really feel gud in dis .. as d day we will go bck to wrk will be d day we would be doing evrything by hrt... loving wt we do.. realising d importance of real connections n den again missing home after spending so mch tym dere.. we all r back to basics.. to d old carrom board.. to d bedminton.. to rope skipping.. to care of ownself.. tlkng to own family.. eating together.. basic hygiene.. n wt else.. ?? We all hv learnt enough ... lets pray fr dis corona to end .. a lil creature n a huge loss...

  • shaifalibagga 1w

    Seeking Self

    A come back valley,
    Taking on tally
    Rising horizons,
    Digging up serenity,
    Requesting the self to restore
    Allegedly told to vacate,
    The way it was.

    Rebuilding and Restructuring
    Appealing for peace,
    Foraying in mislaid direction,
    Transformation is demanded
    A churn is made
    Waiting for stake,
    Insisted and Resisted
    Stepping up the moves,
    Worthiness questioned,
    Scorching the core
    Inducted into parts,
    Setting up panels
    Taking inspirations,
    Reassembles the self,
    Learning the worth,
    Confirming the probes,
    Rising into a little over,
    Avoided by gatherings
    Served by self.

    Slow but steady,
    Adapting affairs
    Creating complications
    Overcame and regain,
    Combining the self
    Translating potentials
    Served by self,
    The way she achieved
    Was devoted to 'Herself'

  • shiva87 1w

    The Rabbit Hole

    I am falling down, down
    Will I ever reach the ground?
    I don’t know if I'm going to land
    How will this nightmare end?

    Suddenly my feet touch the floor
    It’s wet, moist and smelly
    I want to see more
    My hands ahead of me
    I am trying to reach out
    My eyes getting used to the dark
    One feet after another
    Moving them together

    There is a path ahead
    In the distance, even a shed
    There I could secretly hide
    At least I would have tried.

  • diksha_singh 1w


    There is a very thin line between-
    "How could I" and "Why would I"


  • avesta 1w

    Lessons for Life

    If not anything, pandemic has definitely taught the world some major life lessons.
    Value thy freedom ️
    Self care is lifestyle ✨
    Be grateful for everything and everyone you have

  • ladysag77 1w

    I was tested yesterday for this virus because I was traveling and had a fever. Now I must endure the unknown. Waiting period is 2-3 days. In the meantime I am saying this mantra over and over again in my head. These are uncertain times we are living in my friends. Nothing but love no matter what.

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    I am centered
    I am balanced
    I am encased in white light
    I radiate love from the inside out
    I am alright❤

  • triciajohansson 1w

    Dear Me

    Dear Me, I love that you are logical and bright,
    spiritual and believe in what's right.
    I like you because you are me
    and I like me because I'm the one I want to be.

    I love the way I now can handle stuff,
    even the stuff that are too tough.
    I do things for others too, without thinking which, whom or who.
    I don't expect anything in return, that dear Me, is how I learn.

  • wingsofheart 1w


    Isolation is peace,
    A road to self-care,
    In the world of this chaotic human nature,
    We tend to lose side on what really matters,
    Is it not better to shelter yourself?
    Giving yourself the time to heal,
    or would you rather strain,
    Letting your blood spill,
    A gardener can't take care of his flowers if he doesn't have the tools & understanding,
    Listen & perceive,
    Let go of that unrealistic reality,
    Take care of yourself,
    So you can one day take care of another.