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    Nowadays, sex has become a symbol of being cool. People are bullied if they are virgin. A girl in college is called boring by her own friends reason being that she is a virgin. A boy is bullied for not getting a girl laid when he has just reached 11th. In previous times, peer pressure was of scoring more in exams but recently peer pressure is on having sex. Underage people who enjoy sex, Ya........ I know that it's your choice and all but have you ever thought if by chance things go wrong the court won't listen that it was your choice because having sex is only legal after the age of 18. People were called boring when they didn't speak much or didn't play games and all but now getting intimate is generalised with the term coolness.
    In 2020, we are already facing a global pandemic so atleast we should stop bullying others and try to lift others mood by making them happy.
    Let's unite for a happy world and not for a world in which people are depressed because of being bullied coz they are virgin.
    Let's come together and bring a change in society.

    #words #sex #bringchange @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Having sex doesn't make you cool
    (read caption)

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    It's strange how a few short seconds can lead you in a whole new direction,
    it alters how you think and act.
    From a single moment on, my life was forever changed,
    like everything I previously knew had suddenly been rearranged.
    No one will ever understand just how I felt that day,
    but deep within this poem I shall try to convey.
    I was married to my husband as a virgin.
    For no man have I ever lay down or given all but my husband.
    I didnt know anything about orgasm or climax because I have never experienced it until that day.
    It happened that Myles my husband's close cousin had came to visit us and as always they drank beer as they were chatting.
    My husband got drunk, wasted, hammered,
    plastered, intoxicated and passed out.
    Not knowing what to do, he went looking for me and found me in my bedroom naked.
    He saw my beauty.
    He removed his clothes,showed me his manhood and came close to me.
    He asked if I was nervous.
    Before I could talk he started touching my private parts.
    I was frightened, I begged him and cried but he wouldn't listen.
    As he was entering me, I was supposed to feel pain but that wasn't so.
    I felt a kind of electrifying sensation that I have never felt in my whole life.
    He thrusted forward and I moan in pure ecstasy.
    He pulled out so softly so I could feel every inch going out and then coming back in.
    He was going deep inside me;
    going so far into my pussy;
    giving me it all.
    He let me rode him up and down,rolling my hips as to get every inch inside me.
    It felt so good and he was so hard.
    He took my nipple and placed it in his mouth,gently nibbling on it and he got me even wetter.
    He kissed me while licking my lips sensually as I did the same.
    I screamed
    "Yes Oh God!"
    "You're the best!"
    "Don't stop!"
    when I wanted to cum.
    Yes I had my first orgasm through him and since then my life hasn't been the same.
    He took me three rounds which I came in all.
    Now every time I am having sex with my hubby it doesn't feel good and I end up fingering myself to satisfy myself wishing Myles were here to feel my pussy tighten and get even warmer and wetter than it was when it went all over his d**k.

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    Are you ready?

    To lose yourself in the blissful pleasure?
    Are you ready to look in my eyes, as I peel your dress?
    Are you ready to moan my name, for my every deep thrust?
    Are you ready to give your shyness a holiday, and let the beast in to work full time?
    Are you ready...

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    One fine day

    What a fine day it was, when we decided to meet. Yes, it was a fine day, not according to the weather but according to my heart. Coz every day we meet is a fine day. Hearing the roar of your bike, I ran out of the house shouting goodbye to my mom. Seeing you smile at me gave me a reason to smile back. Sitting behind you I imagined how it was going to turn up today but then stopped, coz, let's not plan thing I said to myself. Reaching at your place, I opened the gate for you as if I was a member of your house and that felt good. Sitting inside your house, your mom and your sister treated me like family as they always do. But then, they left us, alone. We both knew what's gonna happen, but how. You sat right next to me, looking into my eyes as if looking through me. Your hand was on my shoulder which started working its way to my boobs from under my frock while your lips crawled towards mine. Every kiss was heaven. Your tongue rolled itself with mine life our bodies and souls. You hands touched each part of my body and with each touch I got wet until I was soaking. I wanted to just rip off my clothes and get to work. But you wanted to go slow but steady. Your hand touched my breasts as if it was the last thing to have. Our lips never left each other as if the were never gonna meet again. You left my lips to move to my neck and every kiss there was a key to my body. Then you lifted up frock and under my bra, cupped one of my boobs in your hand and started sucking on it leaving me moaning. While the other one was being rubbed and pressed. You started sucking and biting on the other one too while all I could do was hold onto you hair and moan. I felt horny like never before. You moved your lips up my body and started kissing my neck triggering my horniness. You started on my lips again while your hands trailed their way down. You rubbed my thighs and then my panties just to check how wet I was. I was begging for your hand to get it there. And it did. You slid aside my panties, your lips on mine and your other hand on my boobs again. Your finger found its way into my dripping pussy. You moved your finger slow and steady which made me fall for you to be faster. Then you moved fast and my legs kept apart for you to have more space. Your finger went faster, which made me moan but your lips stopped me from doing that. The faster your finger went the better it felt. My nipples went tight, my pussy was now calling for your penis, hard and big. While you unzipped your jeans, I kissed your neck, biting you, licking you just to make you know how desperate I am to do it. You took your penis out which clearly showed you were as ready as I am. You pushed me into the bed and parted my legs. Coming above me, you pushed your penis into my wet vagina. It pained. But that pain felt good. You moved your way slowly in then out. You went slow. It felt nice. The you went faster. I moaned and shouted. Faster you went and I saw heaven. The suddenly you stopped. Pulled half way out and got back in with a jerk. That felt nothing more that pure peace. You did that a few more time. Then you got into your pace, fast and smooth. My nails digging into your back proved I wanted it to never end. You moaned too. You went faster which was a sigh that you are bout to finish. Up and down you went holding each boob in each hand, at your fastest pace. Then you pulled out to cum. You were panting like I was. But I wasn't done. I wanted more. You knew that, so we did again. And again. Until we were both exhausted and tired. But again, I was never tired of you.

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    Oh this hunger again, this desire to mingle again,
    To hold somebody tight, someone who has the same fire in her eyes,
    That same madness, that same crooked smile as mine,
    That uncontrollable urge to sexualize, that restlessness between her thighs,
    That same passion, that same eagerness as mine,
    That same grin while i rub between her thighs.

    Seaching for a curvy feast like a hungry beast,
    Who see the demon in me right through my eyes,
    Who wants to be consumed by lust one more time,
    Who feels the same high as we grind, that shamelessness in her mind,
    Who enjoys the devil which is inside,
    Who wants to explore her dark side laying by my side,
    Ready for more, ready for every hardcore,
    Open to all tricks, dictated by her animal instincts,
    Who wants to break every rule tonight, every taboo established since mankind,
    Consumed by her hormonal surge, that deep breaths to keep herself on the verge,
    That rawness in her expressions mixed with a tinge of aggression.


  • lust_fountain 2d

    Slow pace sex

    Our lips met splashing swishly, tongues rambing through, I heave her up her legs wrapped around my waist, my hands squeezing her fluffy hips, she was tugging my hair in her might, kissing with sheer determination, I could feel her breath her tongue her lips, she tacked to my throat and bit my neck, I was feeling a sweet pain for utter pleasure, after that I don't know how long we kissed maybe 30 minutes, something kept us attached alongside fondling with each other's body, I feel in her breast, plumy and soft, she took hold of my cock with my pyjama, she squeezing it, I could feel faint of her nails trying to pierce it(thanks to pyjama), I didn't take of her clothes because I knew the importance of foreplay, I wanted to prolong the real pleasure of kissing and feeling our bodies in entirety, relishing on every part and not to ruin the whole thing with unnecessary pace, for that I suppress the strong urge to thrust my dick in her, but that's the best thing u can ever do, if you'll save it for last and long then only you can get the real pleasure of sex.


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    Raat mein Sabko maachis jalane ka mann karta hai
    Taaki Andhere ko thodisi aag se jalti hui roshni mile
    Sambhog karne mein har kisika mann hota hai
    Taaki andar ki aag ko bhuka naa rakh sake
    Aaj yeh raat bas hawas ka hai...
    Poojari bhi raat ke hawas ke liye intezaar karta hain
    Batti buji toh bistar pe apna badan garam karneki khwaish bhi safal ho jaati hai
    Jitna aag jalta hai.. usko jalne do
    Apni chutiyyape se usko pani se bhuja mat dena
    Sharam ki kyaa baat hai jab ek insan ko apni saathi mil jaye
    Jo dono ko jannat wali khushiyaan de jaye
    Sukoon toh sex me bhi miltha hai bas apne andar ki aag toh taaza karna padtha hain
    Orgasm (CHARAM-SUKH ) ko bhi sarcasm mein nahi lena chahiye... BEHNCHOD sex ki insult ho jaathi hain


  • eroticabrew 2d

    Let me fondle with my tongue alike a brush on it's canvas carving lust burning desires and igniting lust. Your erected nipples feeling the gulp of my mouth while we lock our eyes, tangerine bites on your naked skin, soft moans in my name and I make a masterpiece out of you in this game

  • eroticabrew 3d

    .As my eyes opens timidly I desire to feel your naked skin against mine under the thin blanket line. You should be aware of my erected manhood gliding against your back waiting for an opportunity to enthral and brew your morning nectar. And as you open your eyes too, you should realise the last night fuck of how you got pounded like a dog kissed with spanks just like you deserve and that shall be enough to lubricate your glory hole or should I just pour my lust from my mouth and rub it gently exposing your timid hole to my tip.
    .#erotica #pod #mirakee #erotic #writersofmiraki #nsfw #eroticwriteups #man #eroticpoetry #blowjob #dirty #eroticwriter #poetry #horny #writersofmirakee #naked #moans #moons #cum #slut #dirty #fuck #lust #lusty #masturbation #Indian #taboo #masturbate #cum #satisfaction #pussy #licking #morning #fuck #manhood #sex

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    As my eyes opens timidly I desire to feel your naked skin against mine under the thin blanket line. You should be aware of my erected manhood gliding against your back waiting for an opportunity to enthral and brew your morning nectar. And as you open your eyes too, you should realise the last night fuck of how you got pounded like a dog kissed with spanks just like you deserve and that shall be enough to lubricate your glory hole or should I just pour my lust from my mouth and rub it gently exposing your timid hole to my tip.

  • _darkhoney 4d

    Night Vibes

    I ran away
    Towards the unknown
    And met a guy along the way
    We went on Grand adventures☺️
    Drank and Smoked weed
    And fucked under the moonlight
    Drunk off each other
    In our moment of passion
    A sickness was growing
    But we didn't care
    We looked into each other's eyes
    And drifted amongst the stars
    Our love was seductive,yet fragile
    It may break and crack
    But in the end
    We felt beautiful

  • bohemiann 4d

    Literally Sex is everything.
    #sex #life #truth

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    Sex is divine. Sex is pure. Sex is healing.
    Sex is giving. Sex is love. Sex is life.
    but all this vibes with one person.


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    Sex aur chocolate dono mein bahut maza aatha hai.
    Unn dono mein yahi farak hain ki SEX mein Wrapper daalna padtha hai aur CHOCOLATE mein Wrapper nikalna padtha hain

    Note : CHOCOLATE acts an Sexual Aphrodisiac Triggering Sexual arousing moments in ones mind.


  • darklife 5d

    Special spot

    Let me lick you in your special Spot.
    Know this Baby, I am addicted to you. I have tasted your Mind, and I can not forget it's Flavor. You are Amazing.