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  • uhan_barman__ 3h

    Destroying your beautiful face with my lust was always the kinky sin that I wished to portray
    Starring your eyes and letting you feel helpless and wet in a kinky way
    You shall be untouched yet be touched by my erection
    A personal slut you say and I prove it that way.

    #cum #erotic #erotica #turn_on #sex #horny #moans #lust #dripping #loads #indian #saree

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  • milliespoet 4h

    Bind Me

    I love to tease him;
    Oh! The way he begs...
    any little bit he can get from me;
    In between my legs.
    I get off knowing that he does too;
    Encouraging him brutally,
    a maddened coup;
    Dangerously close, too close to the edge,
    Lets fall over swiftly, the future to dread.
    I'm happy to call him master,
    but I too like control...
    I'm happy to switch,
    to change up the roles...
    Bind me. Blind me. Fuck me. Love me.
    Drink me. Sink me. Fill me in your love.
    Bite me, scratch me, cuff me, snuff me...
    Because down here? Well, anything goes.
    So close to heaven and so close to hell;
    Fucking me madly, a perilous trail.
    I fell from grace, further astray,
    Out in the deep, the negative space.
    Limbo; for the drunks and the hedonists,
    The unfaithful, finding love;
    A hole of nothing but deep despair,
    I never wanted it like this, my God I swear.
    ©Millie S. Poet

  • aka_natasha 1d

    Wanting you all the more perhaps I should just let you slip through the door.
    Time for me to back off and give it a rest. Not sure where you stand but no, this isn't a test.
    It's all about me, can't you see, because you mean the world to me.
    After today, I need a break. It's really late, I hope these words aren't fake.
    📷 ❤

  • the_village_poet 1d

    Immortal Kisses

    Hands caress a face
    Eyes gaze deep into another's
    Fingers twirl curls in silky hair
    Kisses planted unlike any others.

    Talks about love
    Words spoken and given
    Compliments about beauty
    Kisses of love's dew glisten.

    Similarities of life stories
    Offers to run away
    Wine passes across the table
    Kisses silence doubts and stay.

    Scents so intoxicating
    Tastes so sublime
    Tongues wetting lips
    Immortal kisses frozen in time.

    Stacey Welsh

  • mysticgirl17 1d

    Man Craves For Unlimited Pleasure And Happiness

    People have this wrong notion about happiness and satisfaction. They look around and feel everything else that's not them is bound to give them happiness.

    The rich people seem to own a lot of good clothes and feed themselves to a luxurious life beyond the imagination of a mediocre person.

    They feel overwhelmed by the feeling of being left out on so many pleasures that the world has to offer. They make a subconscious mental note to acquire what their brain interprets as happiness.

    After all, that's how the rich and the popular pose in those photos which flood their Instagram wall. This seems like - happiness? Maybe satisfaction? Or maybe both?

    How many of them can peek into their hidden psychological experiences and the states of mind which they go through?

    Physical appearance is greatly misleading. The supermodel you see striking a pose before the camera, exposing as much as skin as possible seems to have achieved everything a teenage girl can dream of? What makes you think they are satisfied with their lives at the moment? Your misdirected presumptions about the world of rich and poor.

    The rich are as much troubled as the poor in terms of feelings, worries, anxieties, depression. Their poverty lies at the level of the psyche and just as any human, they worry about every little thing. If material pleasures brought satisfaction then no celebrity could've ever committed suicide or undergone depression. They too suffer oldage and death. What's so special about them? Their talents? Material accomplishments?

    We are much too identified with out bodies. The mind is of little to no importance to the ordinary man. His priorities are practical and material oriented.

    He longs for a big house, weekend trips to tropical islands, sensual pleasures, millions of followers on social networking sites, a beautiful partner, fame, prestige......for WHAT?

    To feed his psychological poverty of being dissatisfied and unhappy with his present. He thinks about the past and dreams about the future.

    He wants to experience unlimited joy and happiness. But he does so by gathering these little bits and pieces which he finds on his way. Together they make up memories of happy moments which he experienced in between the neverending struggles of his life. He wants to experience unlimited pleasure.

    He does so by experiencing sexual pleasures as much as he could but they don't last for long.

    The Unlimited happiness and joy he craves to experience so bad is an underlying hidden instinct of the Spirit. The Spirit feels a supernal pleasure when it's united with the Divine.

    You call it God. I call it Pure Consciousness. There's no time interval in between the experiences of joy and unending pleasure. A pleasure of a different kind and a thousand times more intoxicating and nerve wracking than short lived human emotions like live and sensory pleasures like sex.


  • leela_priya 2d


    Mmm yeah
    He drilled well
    On ma wall

    She Moaned


  • uhan_barman__ 2d

    Bow down as I command you
    Lay down as I say you
    Hush ! I own you tonight
    Be my whore for a while.
    #erotica #erotism #moan #moon #erotic #sexy #horny #Sex

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  • theeroticafreak 2d


    He strangled my throat, denying me every ounce of breathe. Tears began dropping down my eyelids as he shoved himself deep inside me, every thrust banged my spot mercilessly and yet it brought my womanhood closer to the edge. My senses give up to the pleasure squeezing out of his roughness. Mixed sensations, pain and pleasure were like heaven on earth, the owner the of the heaven was he The Sex God.....

  • taipenious 4d

    Letters to B - 7#

    A foot on the head
    Unlocked hell gates, unleashed me
    Into Demonlandia.


  • taipenious 4d

    Letters to B - 6#

    New competition:
    Jump higher than my laughter
    Innocent army-boy.


  • taipenious 4d

    Letters to B - 5#

    Don't tell me i'm safe
    If you can't make the effort
    Of walking me there.


  • taipenious 4d

    Letters to B - 3#

    The frame of us in the car,
    My finger in your mouth,
    Your tongue embraces it to suckle,
    Will remain ingrained in my memory lane.


  • alljahknow 4d


    does not exsist

    we have yet to know love

    and fullness of bliss

    you can't know love

    from ceresing of skins

    or the idea of perfectionism

    we forever will miss

    love birthed from son

    God's most precious who gives

    the blood of his beloved one

    who freed us from sins

    if you want to be loved

    in his salvation and gifts

    better get to know Jesus

    Or remain alone on this trip

    everyone's exactly the same

    forevermore lost without him

    a broken hearted glimmer adrift

    through the eye of the storms

    alone forever in the darkest


  • _the_disguised_scribbler_ 4d


    A time when loving a beauty is fame,
    Counting girlfriends is a game,
    Casual dating is a common ritual.
    Less for love, more of sexual.

    A time when, breaking up is easy,
    Soulful love is more of dizzy,
    When addiction is the new fashion.
    Cigeratte, alcohols, and sex, the prime sensation.

    I search a world, where love is real,
    Feelings for someone is surreal,
    Where still one sided love exists.
    Where love and lust is distinguished.

  • feliciastar 4d

    Under the Covers

    Under the covers we stay,

    forever we play.

    As I taste your flavor,

    for it's what I savor.

  • taipenious 4d

    Letters to B - 2#

    He likes when I call him "sir"
    After my stardust will sattle
    Mixed with tears and sperm
    That might be the only thing
    Which will remain.


  • brianbrainz 1w

    Love seduction :

    Call me weird but you have to do just more than your body to make me fall for you because I make love to the hour glass shape of your mind and the cleavage of your soul.

  • anillusionn 1w

    I finally gotta chance to write an article about it...
    A simple question from each one of you
    "Does having that pleasure makes a person SLUT?" Obviously NO, this is what I expect from all.
    But one thing that I never expected was a girl herself saying that " I don't know what kind of girls are they who do it without relationship or love... They are nothing but SLUTS". I used to think that this is only the mentality of the elders of our society until now, until this coming out from a girl's mouth of our age.

    I ain't here promoting sex without love or relationship. Sex is amazing with love or without.
    What I'm trying to say is that it's complete an individual's choice to do it with whoever they want.
    Let me be very clear a person's virginity doesn't reflect their nature & character, what I see is an individual's behaviour towards me and other. You and I have no right to judge a person by their virginity. And if you think you can judge... Then it's mad design, go get a life.

    I know some are going to hate me for this article I'll even get negative comments on this saying " Tere sister ya friends kare to tu unke against rahegi" Abhi reply Karti Hu iska "I'll never... because this is their decision, and yes I'll never be against them instead, if the things doesn't go right I'll always stand by their side."

    I never understand why people are hell curious to know what's going in other's lives instead looking in their own life. This judgmental attitude needs to change.

    I know some are going to judge me for this article too.....
    But you know what


    #writersnetwork #mirakee #judgemental #sex

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  • penoplasm 1w


    Tied and teased
    I laid on the bed
    Naked and breathless,
    Hard and erected.

    She kissed me there
    Where the heaven
    Meets the desire,
    And I laid lifeless.


  • penoplasm 1w


    Weekends must start with
    A hot cup of espresso,
    A fresh mind
    And some smoky teddy sex.