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  • rodney 2d

    6th August, 2020.
    8:58 p.m.

    #sex #sexual #sextalk

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    Sex, with its accomplice.

    Sex needs two bodies.
    Love needs its place.

    While one thinks of vulgarity.
    The other paints its pictures.

    Deprived of human vanity.
    What would one do without all these imprisoned sensualities?

    To bear a baby, to sing a lullaby.
    To feed her darling with the milk from her bossom.

    She is not a factory.
    Yet she strives hard to satisfy—

    Eyes, ears and stomachs with her selfless body.
    She's love and her baby is born with no claims for its custody.


  • aka_natasha 2w

    When you tell me your watching me

  • aka_natasha 2w

    Not even my toy compares to you.

  • aka_natasha 3w


    Trying to keep busy as to keep you off my mind.
    It never works because my body unconsciously craves you.

  • thejewls 3w

    My hearts breaking

    For you my heart has shattered leaving gashes that are going to scare,
    For you I pray you make it through the rest of your days knowing your not at fault for this happing to you.
    Brave hearts lead this world knowing what kind of pain some people have caused for us, Your a brave heart with strength that touches the almighty sky,,my heart shattered, just broke completely apart.
    Time becomes the healer in a empty to nothing thought.. the thought is going to haunt you, I don’t ever want you to stop!
    Hold your head up my dear I’ll hold you up there’s nothing in this world that can stop us, especially one with such a beautiful soul carrying the wait of the world on her shoulders.
    A soul that has been lead a stray by a demented human-being, my hearts breaking, just shattered in two, Hoping ,praying, wishing this would have never happened to you! Baby girl the only person in this world that can love you like you need is to become close to oneself, you have an army behind you ready to stand because your not going to fight this battle alone, Such a beauty to look at with such a kind sweet soul I’d give you my heart yet it’s broke in two.
    Watching you shake, a quick thought rolls by bring everything you just went through to light.
    Let the emotions out you it’s enough you have to listen to such insensitive people.


  • rhythm_of_the_heart 3w

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    As she lay on the hospital bed,
    Morphine drained into her veins,
    And clutched at her chest.
    The wounds on her thighs,
    The fire under her skin,
    The acid on her face.
    The morphine blotted out all the pain,
    And yet her tears
    Showed the agony of her heart.


    Tried to tell a story here. No other words
    #rape #sexual #assault #pain #sadness #sad #tears #blood #hurt #mirakee #readwriteunite #pod #writerstolli #writersnetwork #shower #clean #life #nature #thoughts #poetry #love

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  • aka_natasha 3w


    Your back...I fall...I'm always nice...you take what you can.
    I freely give myself to you, selfless I am with you.
    Why? Because I love you.
    💗 📷 📷 💗

  • rhythm_of_the_heart 5w

    A torrent of boiling water,
    Sizzling and steaming through my skin.
    Rubbing at this parchment,
    The scars left by broken nibs and knives,
    Make it a bumpy ride,
    Over the once smooth flesh.
    Hacked and burnt, twisted and torn,
    A prey to those eyes, filled with scorn.
    Yet, the boiling water washes over me,
    Washing down my follies and sins.
    Like the rust being scraped off iron,
    To reveal the new being within.


    To those who've ever been assaulted sexually, I'm sorry. I don't have anything else to say. Because I know that there's not really much that anyone can say to heal you. Except a promise to stay by your side for as long as it takes for you to heal yourself.
    I'm sorry it happened to you, I really am.
    #rape #sexual #assault #pain #sadness #sad #tears #blood #hurt #mirakee #readwriteunite #pod #writerstolli #writersnetwork #shower #clean #life #nature #thoughts #poetry #love

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  • aka_natasha 5w

    Cat n Mouse

    The cat is away and
    the mouse will play.
    Why you ask?
    The mouse is free.
    The cat doesn't know
    if he wants the mouse.
    You see, the cat needs to speak up.
    Not later because
    it might be too late.
    🐱 📷 🐭

  • aka_natasha 6w


    I still smell of butterscotch and cigarettes
    I still taste the grape from your lips and tongue on mine
    I still see the happy grin on your face in expectation of my touch
    I still feel your body coursing with mine
    I still hear you moan and saying my name in our heated times
    I still feel we are connected to some degree
    I still feel our souls fighting to see if we are meant to be
    I still remember how you look, taste, feel, smell and that voice
    I will always remember us
    I will always want you

  • _mitakshi_ 6w

    "So you and I, we are strangers yeah?
    (he whispered)
    Let's see if that's the truth yeah?
    (His fixed intentful eyes)
    "I wonder
    (His fingers traced my jawline)
    If that's all we are, strangers Eh? "
    (Pulling me closer, bodies not even an inch apart)
    "I wonder if strangers
    (His warm breath on the nape of my neck)
    Make your heart race likewise"
    (Kissing me, he pushed me on the counter)
    "I wonder if strangers
    (Thrusting his fingers inside)
    Take your breath away likewise"
    (Brushing the locks off my face)
    "Look into my eyes
    (His other hand around my throat)
    Do strangers know your body likewise?"
    (Making circles on my body in the meanwhile)
    "Tell me!"
    (He pushed swiftly inside)
    "Do strangers fit in perfectly likewise"
    (A shiver ran down my spine)
    "No they don't"
    (I replied)
    "Then are we strangers?
    (He pushed harder)
    Or is it that you are mine?"
    (His mouth on my neck lingering, stopping moving inside)
    "All yours!"
    (My nails dug deeper inside)
    "Come on now
    (I pulled him)
    We are short of time"

    #nature #love #life #inspiration #travel #friendship #poetry #thoughts #diary
    #sexual #nights #skin #touch #deep #feelings #aroused

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  • ayalavan_369 8w

    Sexual pleasure is a legitimate right of the human being.


  • ciara1 10w

    Sexual Market Value

      Two years ago there was this new store that was opening up in my area on the east side of Commercial Avenue. I was walking by the store and there was a heavy set dark skin woman sitting in a chair.  There was a security guard with dreadlocks standing by the door gawking at me. It felt like he was undressing me with his eyes. He did not look or dress like a security guard. He had on regular clothing.
      "Hello, I see you like to match, if you are looking for something better and nicer, we got it here, " the woman said. " Do you sell bright clothing? cause I just like to wear bright colors instead of solid colors," I said. 
    "Yeah we got a lot of the bright color section, we got shoes and leggings you can get 20% off discount, " the woman said. "Awe okay," I said. I decided to check out the place because I really wanted a dress that I can wear to church.
      "Do you sell any nice dresses for church?" I asked." Yeah, that neon dress right there is good wear for church,"  she said. "This is a pretty dress but is it appropriate for church?" 
    "Yeah girl, you can wear it to church, family events, and at the beach," she said. "Here are some shoes to go with that dress, I know you would like these with them pretty feet of yours, " the security suggested. I had felt uncomfortable with his remark. I was saying to myself, "nigga don't you supposed to be outside, this ain't your job to do this." I did not say anything when he made that remark. I had gone on and kept talking to the lady.
    "Do y'all have a fitting room?" I asked. "No, we don't have a fitting room yet because we just opened, " she said. "Awe okay, " I said. I had gone on and bought the dress anyway.
      "Let me know if your dress is a good fit, send me a picture of it, here is my email address, " she said handing me her card with her email on it. 
      "Thank you, and I will, " I said.
    When I had gone home, I was eager to try on that dress. The lady at the store called it a neon green color. But in my view, the dress is a high lighter green dress. It was really bright. When I had tried it on, I looked in the mirror. I was disappointed in how I looked at it. Do not get me wrong, but I did look sexy in the dress. I was exposing everything a man could have. The problem was that it was tight, and if I worn it to church. I would attract a lot of attention, and I do not want that in a church setting. I can still look nice going to church without exposing my cleavage or wearing tight clothes. I did not take the dress back to the store. I decided to wear it on a Friday when my boyfriend and I go to a restaurant. 
     Friday came and my boyfriend picked me up. "You wearing that to dress to church?" He asked. "Naw, imma just wear it when we go out, like today. That lady said this is okay to wear to church, she just wanted my money, " I said. "Yeah, if you wear that to church, all the men go be on you, " he said. 
    When we had got to Olive Garden restaurant, I was getting a lot of choosing signals from all the men in there. That tight dress that I was wearing was on the market with a lot of stars. I still have that high light dress today in my closet. I can not wear it now to a restaurant because in this pandemic being at home seems like clothes do not matter.
    The men that are reading this. I know you all had moments before this pandemic where you would take your girlfriend or wife out to a nice restaurant or any social places. Where there were men looking or staring at your woman. That means your woman is working with something. Every woman is on the market when they step foot outside. It is in a woman's nature to get attention. Men should like it when their woman is getting some kind of attention from other people instead of getting jealous and insecure about their woman. Trust me, if your woman was unattractive, she would not get any attention. 


  • moonspider 11w

    dark sky underneath love-filled kisses

    you see, a star-dotted sky
    flowing through a dark sky.

    and in the mix.
    is a couple of beings.

    noticing the galaxy within
    the other's eyes.

    big and small of love-filled kisses
    with the dark star-filled sky.


  • aka_natasha 11w

    Where are your butterscotch lips?
    That hot sultry kiss where you stick your tongue deep inside my mouth with an I want you now passionate kiss.

  • aka_natasha 12w


    I come home smelling of you.
    Butterscotch and sex.
    What a great way to fall asleep.
    ❤ 📷 ❤

  • aka_natasha 12w

    Thank you for not stroking it after I left.
    Chatting with you made my night there with you and when I came home.
    We had so much fun hanging out and laughing.
    Not touching.
    Just enjoying each others company.
    That's how I want us to be always.
    Sex is not necessary everytime we meet.
    You know that now because I told you.
    I wish I could tell you how you light up my life.
    How I want to be with you always, not as your wife.
    I don't need that twice in my life.
    I'll love you forever.
    ❤ 📷 ❤

  • aka_natasha 12w

    I read, listen and learn to try to figure you out.
    I pay attention and watch your body movements.
    Yet still you are a mystery to me.
    I can only assume you will be until one of two things happen.
    You will stay and open up or close the door and say goodbye.
    I hope and pray we continue moving forward.
    It's now almost a year.
    📷 ❤ 🐱 ❤ 📷

  • aka_natasha 13w

    I burn with desire for you
    Only you...
    I look forward to a text from you
    Only you...
    My eyes cry tears of sadness or joy for you
    Only you...
    My arms want to hug you
    Only you...
    My body craves you
    Only you...
    I want you
    Only you...
    For the rest of my life
    Only you...
    ❤ 📷 ❤ 📷

  • chinwa 14w


    It's effect is like a long term disease
    Which might get healed
    Or never get close to healing
    The effect on the victim is traumatic
    It's painful looking into their eyes
    And all you would ever see is pain
    Why inflict pain on an innocent person?
    What did they do to deserve it?
    Oh thou offender, I know you must have gone through a similar experience when you were growing up
    You're depressed and do not know what to do
    But it's not best to transfer your aggression at an innocent person?
    I know people don't rape for the pleasures of it. But because they enjoy asserting power and control over someone.
    The victim undergoes post traumatic stress disorder, some battle with depression, anger and even become promiscuous. So many lose focus and will never get back on track.
    Only few get back on track and even before they do. They've wasted a lot of time.
    Dear sexual assaulter, so many of your victims can't bear the shame of living with the stigma attached to being raped and they just end it there.
    Stop forcing people to have sex forcefully. They don't deserve to be treated in such way.
    Stop assuming that whenever a lady says no she means yes. She's old enough to know what she wants.
    Dear sexual assaulter stop fondling the private parts of little children. Stop exposing them to what they don't know. It's not fair.
    Dear husband rapist stop using violence on your wife saying what happens between husband and wife is nobody's business. Please she is a woman for crying out loud. She's not an animal. She doesn't need to be treated that way.
    And dear people, anybody that is being raped isn't their fault. Most of them never asked for it. They only found themselves in such situation and couldn't fight it.
    Let's help curb this menace
    Let's fight against sexual assault and harassment
    Save a soul today
    #sexual assault
    #say no to sexual violence
    #say no to sexual harassment.
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    It's also open to constructive criticism

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    Let's say no to sexual assault
    It has killed more persons than we can imagine
    Let's help fight against it