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    And....with this, I'm back again on Mirakee....
    But only for a short time. I might have to halt again in a few days. But that's okay. I would try to keep bringing out my thoughts on this amazing platform and keep you all updated.


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    Please please please share this post!! I would like to have open discussion on this very topic. Let's go y'all!! It's something that I always wondered. I've heard and seen such disgusting thoughts of people on this very topic and I can't even begin to explain how sick all of this makes me. If you too share my sentiments then pleaseee let's have a discussion in the comments ��


    I've heard tons of interviews, done enough case studies and read about enough incidents to surely last me a lifetime. But everytime I come across something like this, the biggest question that always strikes my mind is that, no matter what I wear, what makes the other person think that he's allowed to do whatever he wants just because I'm showing some skin? Like, what gives you the right to harass me? Their control issues is their problem and not hers. Even if I'm running around naked, you still won't have the right to touch me. Just sayin.
    Don't make it her problem. Don't make her go through additional suffering by blaming her, after what she's faced. And please for god sake, point your fingers in the right direction, it might do the world some good��


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    To all the people with disastrous minds.

    To all those people with petty mindsets
    I hope you don't mind my questions
    But do feel free to answer.

    This won't be too long I promise.

    But I ask you, If there is a man,
    Outside his home late at night
    Would you still call it a mistake?
    A mistake, as people might take advantage of him and of the darkness outside.
    Afraid that if he doesn't change his stance
    He might get harassesd
    Just because he was wearing half pants?

    Huhhh.... Sounds odd... dose'nt it?
    Because the situation you just stated was stupid

    But I wonder? Would it still be as difficult a question to answer,
    If only, there was a "her" instead of "him"

    Because that is just obvious right? After all who told her to wear shorts? Why couldn't she just stay at home? Why did she have to go out at night? She is the one who invited those monsters to her and sadly, as a consequence it happened, what should not have happened.
    After all, "she was asking for it", right?

    Answer me!
    Answerr Mee!!

    I tried to not make it long. But I guess I can't help it at all.
    Because this is something that goes on and on and on.
    In this dirty game of monsters,
    she always becomes the pawn.

    No one ever knows the entire fact, but what they do know is, whom to blame, and that one thing always remains intact.

    To all the people with such disastrous mindsets. Please wake up.
    It's not her fault. No one ever asks for it for themselves. You might be stupid enough to think it actually to be true,
    but the victim is much more intelligent than you.




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    Silence on violence road
    Taken into the world of wilderness
    Got fire to the desires
    Locked inside the smoke of heart
    Killed the will of battle
    Pulled out the skull of angerness
    Being blind with mind and body
    Cooled with full of disappointment
    Fed up with dead words from own
    Frightened with brighten ideas
    Folded with bold arms in front of accused
    Memories of old harasses will make you gold
    Told by world who sold to affaulter
    Crime committed by submission of wilders


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    Ye shabd nahi aaj ke kuch naujawano ka taaz hai,

    Jahan dekhooo aise ghinono ka raaz hai ,

    Inka na koi dharam na imaan hai

    Bas patloon mein basi inki jaan hai ,

    Insaan ki shakal me najane kaise haivaan hai ,

    Har ladki ko dekhe aise jaise inki mauz ka samaan hai ,

    Shabdon ke liye chama nahi maangunga

    Aaj in kafiroon ki dhoo dhoo ke utarungaa

    Najane kaha se yeh badhe chale aate hai

    Ma baap ke sanskaar ko bina soche bech khaate hai

    Behan maa ki kadar karna inhone kabhi jaane nahi hai

    Tabhi toh aurat ki asli murat ko pehchana nahi hai

    Sirf Sazaaa deke inkoo kya milegaa

    Kidaa toh saraaa dimaag mein bharaa hai

    Zaruri hai us wajah koi hi marnaa

    Aur wajah dafan hogi toh ise soch ko bhi ek na ek din padega harna


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    Something we really need to talk about #molestation #eve teasing #raped #sexualharrasment #prayer #mirakee

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    The Little Prayers

    That little prayer at 5,
    To not to be the last One
    to get off from school bus.

    That little prayer at 8,
    Wishing not to get left alone
    with that some random relatives.

    That little prayer at 10,
    When you have wished to Run
    rather than that chocolate you were given.

    That little prayer at 14,
    When you have wished papa maa
    don't take you to any crowded place.

    That little prayer at 18,
    When you have desperately wanted
    to get off from your seat ,
    Tired of that continuous touching
    and rubbing.

    That little prayer at 25,
    When you have wanted to enjoy the
    mesmerizing beauty of the dark night,
    Without mesmerizing the dark creatures.

    The every little prayer that continues
    asking to let only a girl sit beside you.
    The every little prayer that continues
    to not let you experience the hell you
    already have been through.
    The every little prayer that has gone

    No matter how different we are.
    No matter what status we hold.
    No matter If we r ever raped or not.
    Even if we don't feel empathy for each other.
    But, these little prayers connect us together.


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    रूह बेचैन है,
    यूं मासूम चेहरों के पीछे छुपे
    खूंखार भेडियों को
    मासूमों के जिस्म का सौदा करते देख कर।
    © SanjuDeswal

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    Sexual harassment is something that is faced by almost every child mostly at a very early stage whether it's a girl or a boy. People try to take the advantage of their innocence. It's very important for parents to tell them about this. When it comes to safety of their child they should not hesitate in talking about the "wrong touch". They are smart enough to understand all this.
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #pod #sexualharrasment #safety #qotd

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    Dear Mom & Dad,
    Firstly I want to say thank u for everything u did for me. No gift or anything is able to repay for ur sacrifices. U always tried ur best to stay by my side. But I m here to tell u something. There is a phase of my life about which u r not aware yet. It happened with me when I was a small kid. Someone came into my life. In the beginning he was very sweet & kind towards me. He used to give me chocolates, kissing on my forehead & cheeks, used to protect me from everyone's scolding. Soon he became my best friend. But then things became weird. He started kissing me on my lips, tried to touch me here n there. I resisted a lot but he didn't stopped. I tried to tell u all these things to u but u never listened to me coz u were busy in ur work. He threatened me if I tried to tell this to u he will falsely complaint about me. & Then I will get punishment. I was very much intimidated by him. I was confused what to do next. Then I did various attempts to save myself from him. Whenever he used to come to our home I used to stay away from him. I used to shout & behave wierdly to signal u that something wrong is going with me. U thought that I m misbehaving. I started thinking that all this is because of me. It's my fault.I was very scared but I fought bravely. It was not less than a fight for me. I tried to tell u but u ignore all that. Luckily all that stopped one day. My body was safe but my mind was not. I started keeping distance from everyone. I became alone. But u still didn't noticed that. Now I m okay. But those bad memories will always with me. I m not trying to made u realize ur mistake. It's just that I want to tell u that u ignored something very important because of this so called society. U forget or may be avoided telling me about sexual harassment. Coz of which I suffered a lot. I know it's too late to say all these things but still I m telling u so that if some day u meet a newbie parents then u will be able to tell them the importance of this. So that may be a child will be safe from all this. Away from all these bad memories.

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    She was Molested,
    Her Body was pierced,
    Her Body was Paining and Screaming,
    Her colourful world turned into Darkness,
    Her Soul died that Night,
    Her Heart was shattered into small Pieces,
    Her self worth was Stripped away,
    The visible Scars and Wounds were Haunting Her,
    The wounds were deeper, more hurtful than anything that bleeds,
    The little Sparkle in her eyes, Long gone
    Tears were Rolling down, Every part of her Body was crying,
    For the guy it was an act of Pride
    But for Her, Trust in Humanity Died..!!!

  • beautiful_deathx 169w

    glint of sun
    on the knife
    morning rays
    shadowed crimes
    reddened armour
    dangerous shine.

    stolen dignity
    crossed lines
    slashed bodies
    strength so fine.


  • aharna 171w

    If you ever had to face Sexual abuse or sexual Harrasment, don't be afraid.
    Speak up, Be brave and Fight back!
    #MeToo #sexualabuse #sexualharrasment
    #breathe #writersnetwork #rwu #pod #wordporn #mirakeewriters

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    You saw me standing on the street,
    You looked at me like a creep!
    You noticed I was alone,
    So you thought I was a Hoe!
    As I was wearing a modern dress,
    You thought it was fun to stare at my legs!
    You didn't think that it made me feel creepy.
    You came towards me thinking I'll be interested.
    You touched my hand without even thinking,
    It made me uncomfortable and my heart started sinking!
    I looked around for a help but people ignored,
    And you kept crossing your limit thinking me a whore.
    I breathed and slapped you when the bus arrived,
    And a lot of hope in my heart derived!
    I successfully escaped from You,
    But may be it is possible for very few!