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  • highs_lows 2w


    Humans can never experience absolute freedom.
    We are in strong shackles of so many things and breaking them is not possible.

  • bclark2681 4w


    Not trying my hardest in life has
    Increasingly, over time, got me feeling
    As though I created my own prison
    Sentence to which I am permanently
    Shackled to with no escape in site

  • sourabhvijaykumarraykar_ 5w


    The mirror only shows what you like to see,

    Smiling on the outside while inner demons lock you and lose and key.

    Slay them one at a time and they'll flee, a magical little birdie tole me,

    Pinch of hope, faith and courage breaks the shackles and set free!


  • leena_afsha_ishrot 5w

    Breaking shackles,
    I walk long long way
    Climbing up with humiliation,
    Whenever I take steps towards my bright side
    They try to build walls on my way
    Instead of introspection,
    They block my path
    However, I can be resembled with water
    Which finds a direction to flow, anyhow

  • _harsingar_ 7w

    उम्मीद बदलाव की
    #Prayas20 @misty2004

    बदलना है दुनिया को गर
    शुरुआत तू खुद से कर

    सुबह जगाना है गर सबको को
    तो खुद पहले उठना होगा
    रौशन करना है गर पथ को
    मशाल तुम्हीं को बनना होगा

    नई पत्तियां लानी हैं यदि तो
    खुद पतझड़ बनना होगा
    मौसम बदला है, वो बदलेगा
    सावन तो इक दिन बरसेगा

    बदलाव कुदरत का है दस्तूर
    इससे कौन कब बचा है
    चट्टान भी बन जाती मिट्टी
    इक दिन हो कर चूर चूर

    याद करो वह भी इक दिन था
    हम सबके सब ही पराधीन थे
    आज़ादी के परवानों ने ऐसी अलख जगाई थी
    धीरे धीरे सभी जनों ने ली ऐसी अंगड़ाई थी
    गए फिरंगी आज़ाद हुए हम घर घर खुशियां अाई थीं

    फिर रूढ़िवादियों से देश घिरा था
    बाल विवाह और सती प्रथा का
    हर गांव शहर में कहर बड़ा था
    यदि बच गई कोई विधवा
    उसका जीवन श्राप तुल्य था

    राजा राम मोहन रॉय जैसे पुरुष थे तब
    इन कुप्रथाओं को दूर किया था
    सती प्रथा भी कहां रही अब
    कुछ पुरुषों में भी बसता रब

    नारी हैं हम जननी हैं
    हमको आगे बढ़ना है
    पुत्र अरू पुत्री में भेद न करना
    समान भाव अब रखना है
    नारी को सम्मान दिलाना
    हमसे ही वो सीखेंगे
    मां ही तो प्रथम शिक्षक है सबकी
    नींव हमीं को रखनी है।

    उम्मीद की किरण : > )

    स्थितियां काफी बदल गई हैं
    क्योंकि जननी जाग गई है
    सही गलत में भेद बताती
    फिर दुनिया से परिचय करवाती
    बालिका हो या फिर बालक
    भेद न करता आज का पालक

    कई बेड़ियां टूटी हैं
    आगे और भी टूटेंगी
    समय कभी वो भी आएगा
    मुरझाएगी नहीं कली जब
    परचम अपना वाह फहराएगी।

    डॉ सीमा अधिकारी

    #rajarammohanroy #socialreformer
    #childmarriage #traditionofsati #shackles
    #mirakee #mirakeepod #hindiwriteup #writersnetwork

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    उम्मीद बदलाव की


  • when_silence_speaks 11w

    Free from my mind!!

    Silence was what I craved
    Not the silence around me,
    But the silence that flowed all through me.
    I wanted my mind to be silent.
    Constantly speaking in an unknown language,
    My mind was on a talking spree.
    It never stopped
    It never rested.
    It went on and on.
    It talked to me about the past.
    It warned me of the future.
    It made me see where I was going wrong
    My mind played the dictator.
    It was never satisfied with what I might try to think.
    Yes I tried to think independently.
    I tried to create my own thoughts.
    I worked hard to free myself from the bondage.
    But the chains my mind put on me hurt every time.
    The torture was unbearable.
    I wanted to break free.
    I wanted to escape the torturous regime.
    I wanted to breathe.

    "I had enough!"
    I shouted out loud, one day,
    "I had enough of your dominance,
    You better open the shackles, or,
    I would burn down your kingdom"
    My mind was taken aback.
    It had never been shouted at.
    The bully in my mind, got scared
    It got scared for the first time.
    It tried to keep me down.
    But, I had fire inside.
    I had a fire that could burn everything.
    My mind saw that fire.
    It was scared for the first time.
    It tried to explain to me that what it did was for my best interest.
    But I knew better.
    I refused to give in.
    I had to break free.
    I had to live.
    I had to breathe.

    My mind gave me a muted discourse on how wrong I was.
    It tried to reason it's own actions.
    When all efforts failed,
    It opened the shackles.
    Finally, Yes finally, I was free.
    I was free to think my own thoughts.
    I was free to take my own decisions.
    I was free to make my own mistakes.
    Finally, I was free.
    Free from my mind!


  • hk55555 18w


    I am longing for freedom
    But my feet are tide with shackles
    My wings are cut into pieces to stop me to fly
    But I will Try, Try & Try
    My beak is broken it is difficult to swallow my own words
    They say to have freedom you have to interweave with someone
    Even this interweave chocked me to death
    My free spirit is dying slow from inside
    Slowly it losing its charm for life
    They say for freedom you have to pay the price
    But that price will take away even my last hope to fly
    My freedom don't need your permission
    I will untied myself and fly away beyond the sky
    I am longing for freedom
    But my feet are tide with shackles

  • toniewrite 18w

    Shackles of love

    Sun rise will set in,it will definitely get dark again
    Beaming with the special nature of the stars
    Lonely as I speak to myself
    Days kept passing on
    Hoping to find you, all by myself
    You enslaved me with your love and left without a trace.
    I chose not to be demarcated at the feet of death
    Moving on to wherever my feets takes me
    One day I will take off the shackles
    And be free again.

  • ice_adonis 23w


    Helpless gasps,
    Pained groaning sounds,
    Thrusts that destroyed her,
    The twinge she couldn't bear,
    The shame imitating his rough thrusts,
    Callously stabbing what's left of her pride,
    She watched helplessly as he broke her being.

    Once her escape from the demon that haunts,
    He's become her every nightmare,her chains,
    Less words, more pain, she surrenders,
    to the darkness that beckons.
    In her place is venom,
    Echoes of doom,
    that taunts,

  • chirpersmind 31w

    Your "should be" doors won't hold my "why not!" ideas!


  • thebibliophilicfiend 34w

    Tie me down but I'll never stay,
    bind me to chains and I'll break away from the shackles.
    I was never meant to be caged,
    but to fly free,
    away from restraints.

    ~Shreya Gupta

  • sakinahosennee 39w

    Decayed words on pages
    Kept in drawers long enough to be forgotten
    Too ashamed to speak
    What will they say
    Years and years went by
    Sealed lips
    Closed hearts
    Now is the moment
    The breaking of shackles
    Words are spoken
    Sins are revealed
    Stronger than ever
    Fiercer as the sun


  • she_pana 46w

    The very thing that saved you became the bulldozing crane of your foundation

  • she_pana 47w

    Each curse led her closer to the ledge.
    The only sound louder than the truth
    But not loud enough to earn her a graceful landing
    Blood splattered across the unwashed pavements
    Too consumed by our daily lives
    Only the street cleaners came to wash away her sinful lifeless body.
    A prisoner of her own life
    Conducted her own execution
    But left the true perpetrators running free.

  • devadoothan 49w


    I need to break these shackles that chain me firm to the ground

    For when I'm home in the meadows,

    They stop the wind in my hair and the smell of green grass

    For when I'm home in the sky,

    They pull me down from my flock; a lone lost bird

    For when I'm home at sea,

    They drag me down to the bottom where my sisters and brothers lie

  • jasonmathai 50w


    Let me break those shackles and set you free
    The ones which tie you down from being endowed with the wonderland ahead
    Into the hospitable warmth of my arms, you could lay beside me
    Embrace some of your pain with me alongside , so that I can ease it off
    Open up as I'm the one waiting to end the struggle within you
    Waiting, to taste the ecstacy of the utopian world you offer
    Frantic blood in my veins, pumped by a heart full of passion for you
    You resuscitated me, and now I could take this to eternity.



  • vamps_ 57w


    It's been 73 years
    Since independence
    15th August recently gone by
    Yet I wonder are really independent?

    I see the words thrown around
    Patriotism, nationalism and anti-nationalism
    Love for our nation only seen during Independence and Republic Days

    "Beti bachao, beti padhao"
    To save and educate girl child
    If we were independent
    A girl child wouldn't be seen as a burden

    If we were independent in thinking
    "Swachh Bharat Abhyaan" wouldn't exist
    We wouldn't have to import
    Having "Making in India" exist

    If we were free as we believed
    Our thinking wouldn't be backward
    Criticising the minorities
    Of our country

    If we really cared
    Along with our development
    We wouldn't be forgetting
    The well being of our land

    We may have gained independence
    But yet not we are free
    For we are still binded
    In the shackles left behind


  • theanom 71w

    Dil ke kone

    Chupe hue hai,

    Kuch ankahe alfaaz,

    Dil ke anjaan kono me,

    Jo ab tak anchue hai,

    Dhool si jami hui hai,

    In andhere kono me.

    Intezaar me hai kisi ke,

    Jo in kono me Aakar,

    Chede is Dil Ko,

    Aur jaga de,

    Ek diya jisse,

    Andhera gaayab ho jaaye.

  • akidi_k 71w


    Shackles of my own making,
    Thoughts became a cage,
    that felt like a shelter.
    But holding me back,
    Keeping me prisoner,
    My destiny out of reach.
    Trapped in my own mind!


  • harmonizer 72w

    #Freedom #Shackles #Desire #Temptation #Sin


    We often put out bait,
    the bait of our longings,
    Ecstasy, intoxication, desires
    and hunger for connections,
    for a little tug...

    It's wild, intense
    and so important to us,

    We struggle
    to pull in,
    whether we keep going
    or let it go?

    There is pleasure in sin
    And temptation is a bait
    We are caught with a hook
    And then it has a hold on us
    We are ensnared

    But do we have to stay that way?
    Does falling for the bait
    make us the worst person in the world?

    Can we deal with the shackles
    that kept us enslaved?
    Can we leave the prison
    that our past mistakes have created?
    Are we ever free to leave it?

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    Can we deal with the shackles
    that kept us enslaved?
    Can we leave the prison
    that our mistakes have created...