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  • abdrahman 13h


    I'm the only one and I shalt walk alone
    Through the boulevard of broken dreams; where all the realities of life shalt be kept at bay
    And my deed shalt be devoured by an errand-ghost

    Cometh the hour, cometh the faithful
    Reminder of somewhere ages and aging hence,
    whence I shalt return
    And his quill of protection shalt be ruffled

    Cometh the hour, cometh the faithful
    Thou art indeed just
    Friendly than a friend
    Familiarly than a family
    He never forsakes me
    I live for him to liveth
    He lives for me to liveth

    Cometh the hour, cometh the faithful
    His stoic nature i admire
    I have dominion over his life
    I dictate how he lives
    Yet he chooses to be in tow.

    [FB:Kemist ab]

  • newbiepoet 1d

    I'll be your shadow which you can't see in the darkness.

  • its_aniaks 3d

    The Light Can't See The Shadow It Creates


  • vishusaxena 3d

    SHADOW( part 1)

    I have a shadow
    Who gave me life
    Take care of me
    From starting and
    End of her life
    Face many trouble's
    I have a shadow
    Like my mother

    Give me a whole
    Take a part
    I am Star of her eye
    And her heart
    Work like maid
    Day and night
    In different weather
    And in adverse circumstance
    I have a shadow
    Like my mother

  • thearishkhan 4d

    My best friend

    She's always with me
    She's so delighted and beautiful
    She helps me find my way every single day
    She is the one who keeps showing me who I am. The only one whom i care about and never will lose as i love her.
    Yes she's my best friend.She is my SHADOW.

  • she_writes21 5d


    ना अपनों की
    ना परायों की तरह

    मेरे साथ रहना
    मेरे साये की तरह

  • ramzu1 1w

    That's my final post on mirakee, i tried to put on all the key words of the challenge i know that this app is so stupid to care about important letters or work but Anyway that's all i have to say for mirakees citizens

    A special thanks for my loyal readers the real one i mean @b_l_u_e and @enidlar31 who they supported me in every post

    And for the suckers here mentioning @writersnetwork and ofcourse @mirakee and the fake profiles as @soulworld or @i_amsadah
    Whom they only repost works of idians and girls
    Which totaly not fair for the other writers and that's the purpose of this letter to show that the writer who can make success have to be an idian or a girl, and it's the same thing about followers

    So all i have to tell good bye fake people enjoy my last post and by the way that's an arabic type of poem call al quafya for people who don't know this it's where you make two lines end with the same rhyme

    And here's the keys you may find

    #last_post #poem #quote #short_story #recognize #shadow #kite #abandoned #zodiacsign #goodbye
    #region #time #grief #equity #equality #feminism #human #racism #heart #injustice #emerge #urge #room #appreciation #dedication #yarn #treasure #art #life #disappointment #lies #sad #deep #robots #beings #creative #feelings #time

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    Letter to mirakee

    I've been here for a wild and it's already felt like home
    Even though there's no contacts, not even a chat room

    But it's okay, that's what we can only tell or say
    Making this as an excuse, only to continue, only to stay

    At least it's a good way to Express your art
    Precious words written from deep heart

    Poems that true feelings were melted in
    A quote inspired by an experience living

    But all this creative work was never appreciated
    And never been tooken as serious as dedicated

    Erecting and fake people like robots. that's what i recognize
    Liking with no reason in a second of posting. that's what i realize

    I asked why, always been asking why
    Even though posting something i always try

    What's the point of exposing all those feelings
    And only by few readers, wonder if they're robots or human beings

    I thought that my success someday would emerge
    to get more followers and true comments i had to urge

    I thought mirakee was really a miracle full of precious treasure
    But it turned to be empty blank and really leisure

    Continue here would bring but sadness and grief
    The fact that there's no purpose nor a motif

    I thought it was made for all human beings
    But only racism and sexism i have seen

    Giving the budget after a month making me loose the hope
    The hope of continuing the challenge force me to cancel and drop

    Don't ask us to write five words about gender equality
    While you show only sexism, feminism, racism, bigotry and iniquity

    If you're a guy and your race is not indian
    Don't expect any success because you're not from the region

    Don't wait for anyone to judge your voice
    Because there's another way another choice

    Don't hide under this app's roof and shadow
    If you may not want to end up like a widow

    Because the first time makes you enchant
    And after a wild you'll know it's just a rant

    For those past days i stopped posting, i was suspended
    And now this app would be from the past and truly abandoned

    Sorry but i can't continue on this road no more
    My pride won't allow me to get myself to the floor

    Because if hypocrisy was a personality in a zodiac sign
    That what would it be for an admin, a manager of lyin

    All my words are flight like a paper, like a kite
    And that's what i left for you this yarn to recite

    my last letter to you mirakees, that's the post of goodbye
    Thank you for your bureaucracy, thank you for wasting my time

  • suryanshyadav 1w

    #shadow suryansh

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    What is it good for?
    Lifeless bodies
    As far as the eye can see
    What is it good for?
    Third rate propaganda
    and fanaticism
    What is it good for?
    Shattered dreams
    Despair and trauma
    What is it good for?
    But with all we have lost,
    Have we really won????

  • suryanshyadav 1w

    #shadow suryansh

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    Out of the night that covers me
    Black as pit from pole to pole
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul

  • moonlight_virago 1w

    When I was younger you
    would call me your “shadow”
    I adored every part of you
    It was clear to many that
    I loved life in your presence
    Your numerous stories of life
    growing up as a young woman
    enthralled & uplifted me
    As I’ve grown up, I can only wish
    that I’ve become half the woman
    and Mother that you was
    And I hope, now you’re in heaven
    That you have become my “shadow”


  • sinister_sage 1w

    What's it? Just a pathway leading to another deadend or
    A convict walking out of the cellar beginning a new journey?
    A beautiful dawn following the dark night?
    What do I make of shadows between the sunlight?
    Nihilistic rage to cage my vices,
    The many Gods makin you wise
    Idolize the stone and create epics for it
    weave in supernatural thoughts
    & fantasized ideas within
    Build bridges of their terrors
    and show the doorway to heaven
    Yet I find these gaps
    a way to escape
    Loopholes in the system
    I'll make another God
    And ditch your fanatism
    But who am I to destroy
    the enticing symmetry
    Constantly at loggerheads
    With my own conscience
    Competing with the odds of entropy
    Is its own marvelous creativity
    Then why the complexes of mind
    Lead me to the tunnel end
    Of dismemberment
    that these ruins comprehend
    Yet harboring illumination, endearing chimes
    I shoot at my whims with the Arrow of time

    #paradox #shadow #sunlight

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  • acetheticness 1w


    sleepless nights
    deepest eyes
    tiring fights
    and tallest heights

    pain unbearable
    bloody admirable
    survived, miracle
    this became a cycle

    my own foe
    that can't let go
    must it throw
    the sharp arrow

    inside myself
    i searching help
    slowly i melt
    fading i felt

  • emortal 2w

    Her eyes were dense forests with
    Hung shadows of past
    Misted in his memories
    Impeding anyone's transgression
    ©emortal & _Vibhavari

  • ibtisum 2w


    We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

  • wilmaneels 2w


    When we give shadows
    The power to control us
    Spewing life into
    Something that's non existant
    Creating unhappiness


  • nuruliffa_emirah 2w

    A #tanka (5/7/5/7/7 syllable counts with total of 31) using the word #shadow
    (It was yesterday's challenge by @mirakee)
    * Yeah , i'm late but post it anyway n_n'

    * and also an entry for #challenge of
    #blue_pov_07 Perspective of shadow
    by @cyan_rose / @bluepuppy01 #bluepup

    Photo credit :


    Shadow ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

    Move steady and slow
    Being a loyal shadow
    So, I just follow
    my master walk through meadow ,
    Hide when dark ; with light , stay low


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    Shadow ~

    Move steady and slow
    Being a loyal shadow
    So, I just follow
    my master walk through meadow ,
    Hide when dark ; with light , stay low

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

    Photo credit :

  • nainajani 2w

    Tanka Poem Shadow

    Follow me everywhere I go,
    Sit, Walk, Dance and Swing with me,
    Let together our emotions flow,
    As you are the only sincere friend,
    I adore cause you're always trailing along.


  • dinfazil 2w


    Her reflection in water
    Tells thousand stories
    It shows a depressed soul
    Trying to conceal her pain
    Looking Emotionally drained
    Barred in a haunted cage
    By terrible and cruel society
    Not letting her free to
    live an independent life
    Enjoy the beauty of nature
    And live her life the way she wants
    she needs to realize her potential
    It is jealousy among people
    That is stopping her to live freely
    They can't see her smiling
    All she needs to do is
    Take hatred in a positive way
    get up bravely and show them
    What she can do.


  • subodhuniyal 2w

    पाक डिस ट्रैक

    हवा भी शमा भी,
    जानें हैं कहाँ भी।
    अंधेरा काली स्याही सा,
    गरजता शेर सा ना बन जा शिकारी भी।
    गीदड़ों या गिद्ध हों ये झुंड सारे एक से।
    ना करना तू रहम, चला दांतों की कटारी भी।
    जंगल ये है तेरा गरजा अपनी तू दहाड़ भी,
    जख्म भी ले चाट पर ना नोचने दे खाल भी।
    खराब भी, टुकड़े चार भी है कपड़े मेरे ये बदन।
    खूनी है ये खेल बेटा किसकी तुझको अब शरम।
    करम मेरा झुकने दूँ ये बात आए बाद
    हाथ पहले तोड़ दूँ जो देश मेरे उठने आए।
    जाए जान जाए पर ना पीठ ये दिखाएं।
    काएँ काएँ करते पाक के ये कवे,
    अब हंसी भी दुनिया ये ना रोक पाए।
    खेलते ये खेल जिसके प्यादे पहले ये सजायें,
    ज्वाला हम में कम ना देते मौत की सजाएँ।
    इनको जीना हम सिखाएं इनको पानी हम पिलाएं,
    भूखी नंगी जनता इनकी आफत फैलाएँ ये भारत
    का बेटा हूँ, वजन मेरी बोली में।
    डर नहीं है बेटे तेरा आजाना अपनी खोली,
    तोली हमने इनके जैसे लाखों की ज़मीर है।
    इनसे बड़े शांणे बनते यहाँ के फ़क़ीर हैं।
    जमीन है ना दो इंच की सोते ये हैं नाके पे।
    फिर भी देखो बम बनाते रोखड़ा किधर से लाते बे??
    किसी ने ना जाना अब तक इनका तो ये राज़ है
    इलाज है क्या किसी के पास
    इनके भेजे बजे बस आर डी एक्स का साज़।
    चीन हो ले इनके साथ फिर फैलाएंगे पाप।
    भीख मांगे दुनिया भर इनकी एक पैर कबर है।
    सबर ले, छोटे तू ना छुट्टे ले तू नोट ले।
    ज्ञान ले छोटे थोड़ा बड़े को तू मान दे
    फर्क तेरी सोच से ना कश्मीर मेरा जान ले- 2
    हिन्दू में ना आते ना ये आते मुसलमान में
    कमाल है छडेने कि आदत जो तेरी
    आफत मेरी जमीन ने मरोड़ा
    इनकी गर्दन को तोड़ा जोड़ा बाई चारे को ना इसने
    जिसने हाफ़िज़ ओर कसाब को हे पोसा
    झोंका बच्चों को है इसने जिहाद में।
    कुरान न समझे बेटे तू तो गवार है।
    जन्नत न मिलती ऐसी मन्नत ये हैवान है।


  • sinfalta 3w

    Pt. 2. I believe that random is more authentic, your word works shouldn't be forced, they should come out naturally. @mirakee #medicine #word #depth #wild #wilderness #feels #pain #agony #life #treshold #emotion #motivation #dark #darkness #drug #addictive #save #shadow #shadowy #alive #painful #help #words (BGP: Justin Peters)

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    you can't force them out
    the depth, the wilderness, the feels
    the pain, the agony
    the life, on treshold
    the emotions, the motivations
    the darkness
    they feed on these
    they're drugs, addictive
    but they save
    shadowy but alive
    painful but helps