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  • writerdew 2d

    Enchanted shadows stand in front of me,
    Trying to Block my chain of Thoughts,
    But I dare to walk on my own path,
    Even if it's too DANGEROUS

  • raangin_lekhak 1w

    Death...I know you're always with us,
    Wandering discretely in the background.
    Watching...waiting...biding your time,
    Ignored, for you make no sound.

    You have no hidden agenda,
    Your work is known by everyone.
    Despised and hated by many,
    But a blessing and saviour for some.

    You know I look for you in the shadows,
    I am intrigued as to what I will see.
    Is the face of Death torture?
    Or is it the face that sets you free?

    For in Death there is no more pain,
    No more heartache, no more sorrow.
    No more dark clouds to darken your day,
    No more praying for a better tomorrow.

    So yes, Death, when you call on me,
    Into your arms I will run.
    I will gladly lay my head on your chest,
    For in this world... I am done.

    #waiting #death #hidden #shadows

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  • saudadedreamxc 1w

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    HOW FAR?


  • mr_kumare 2w


    The beauty of two shadows fall at sunset only to rise to love each other more at dawn.


  • khalyan_krishna 3w


    Missing Her Shadow's


  • london_sky 4w

    Woman of Hopelessness

    There the girl stood at the top of the stair case, the sounds of the screams echoing down the halls she just ran from.

    Quickly she made her way down but soon found herself back where she started.
    Everytime she would run down those steps thinking she made it somewhere, she was just back at where she started.
    She was beginning to get so scared, so frustrated.
    She just wanted this all to be done.

    The black and white cedar marbled stairwell spindled on and on forever.
    Unyil she heard the snap of someone's finders and soon she was met with a lady dressed in black.
    The woman from the piano.

    She walked up to the girl and smiled down at her. The slim silky dress hugging her figures as the train dragged behind her like smoke.
    The flare in her eyes like a hawk with prey.
    "I finally got you now, master would be proud".
    The girl widened her eyes and tried to run away but the woman stopped her.
    "Who are you?", the girl screamed at the woman in black.
    "Who am I? I am your Hopelessness, Depression if you will.", the woman said with a smile.
    The girl collapsed on the floor in front of the stairwell, suddenly surrounded by sounds she didn't know.

    The darkness surrounded her as she tried to scream but nothing came out, her body started to shrink down to the bone as if she were suddenly losing weight rapidly.
    She cried as she fell dizzy and weak.

    When the darkness cleared and the girl was lying there with nothing but flesh and bones.
    She saw a way out and did her best to reach the next set of halls, to get out of this place. However she was too weak, she was so dizzy and kept collapsing.
    At this point she had reached her brink in front of the stairwell. Everything had suddenly become bleak.

    The woman in black returned and put a pair of thorned cuffs on her wrists surround by loads of beautiful wild flowers and daisies.
    "Run, I dare you. Reach that light over there. I bet you, you won't make it. Not like this.", the woman laughed and made her way up the stairs before vanishing into black smoke.

    The girl laid there silently staring at the door to the other halls.
    What if this side was worse?
    What if it was better?
    She really wouldn't know unless she reached the otherside right?
    At this she did her best to crawl but the door seemed to be getting farther away, at this she finally broke.

  • lavender_lizzy 4w

    A dark poem about a forest
    #forest #dark #noises #shadows #feelings

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    Just a Forest

    The trees loomed over me as I walked through the dark
    Darkness surrounded me as I went, deeper, deeper, and deeper
    I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched
    I started walking faster

    Faster, I kept going faster
    The feeling, I was being watched, I knew it.
    I whipped my head around to see
    No one was there, it was just me.

    An owl hooted in front of me, so I whipped my head back around
    Are my eyes deceiving me?
    Or is that a figure that I see?
    I backed away, but still couldn’t shake that feeling...

    I kept going forward through that forest
    Noises, there were noises all around me
    The more I walked, the louder it got
    Till’ the noises surrounded me in the dark.

    The forest seemed to close in, I couldn't escape
    Then before I knew, I felt the sun on my face
    The sun came up, the shadows and figures were gone
    The noises were no more.
    That feeling was no more.

    I kept walking once again but this time to a different place
    Away from the forest
    The forest could no longer harm me
    For it was just a forest.

  • yashvibansal 5w

    I See How You...

    I see how you bundle up your insecurities and stuff them under a cloth of confidence.
    I see how you worship mosaics and abstract art, all the while tracing the mess you are in their fractured strokes.
    I see how you splash colors on canvases,
    Braving the grey you actually are.
    I see how you whisper sweet nothings to the shadows around you
    Ignoring the way you battle with the darkness.
    I see how you advise other people
    Hiding your own chaos.
    I see how you display a facade of ice
    Pretending you don't feel fire.
    I see the person you actually are
    Behind the angel you try to be.
    2 February 2021

    #wod #fearless #brave #angel #devil #fire #ice #chaos #darkness #shadows #grey #colour #insecurities #confidence #pod #lifeNlove @mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #insidec @writersnetwork

    Cause in the end, we are all human.
    Kudos to all of you trying to improve the world, but remember, your pain is pain too.��

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    I See How You...

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  • _jaja_ 6w


    "A beam of pale moonlight streamed through the window, making
    soft shadows on the ceiling. Lara and Philip lay in bed, naked,
    watching their shadows move above their heads. The ripple of
    the curtains made the shadows dance, in a soft, swaying motion.
    The shadows came slowly together and separated and came
    together again, until the two became entwined, became one, and
    the movement of the dance became faster, and faster, a wild
    savage pounding, and suddenly it stopped, and there was only the
    gentle ripple of the curtains."

    An extract from

  • kidluvari 6w


    morning returns
    the shadows are gone
    pain lingers on my chest
    it‘s called constitution
    don‘t need revolution
    a moment to forget


  • mystery_in_words 8w

    A new year, a deeper urge to run away and start over!
    #runaway #startover #hidden #shadows #past
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Can you see me yet?
    I, constantly on the run, cannot be known.
    Not a person but a shadow. In fact, shadows of past selves. Some proud, some buried, some ripped apart. However, still scorching under the harsh sunlight as dawn hits and I run behind those shadows - to make sense of the self I was or even could be. I run to the other side of the Sun, in search, to choose a hay from the haystack, to relate. The trail of hays I left behind in the quest, catch fire as the Sun turns. Good. I don't have the time to destroy clues to where I am. Do I know where? All I do is run behind darkness and hope that the wind will one day guide me. To disappear. To not worry about hays.

    03.01.21 - 02.00

  • fireflynarratives 9w

    Shadows of the time.

    I don't know if this will ever be.
    I don't know if this will ever come.
    I don't know if this will be as it was before.
    You can do things and be okay,
    And don't do things and still be okay.
    The most mundane of'em can be as exciting at times, and the same can be exhausting too.
    May be it's all in your head,
    Or may be not.
    I mean,
    Who is going to ask you anyway?

    No matter,
    If you are on the top floor of a 50-storey building,
    Or on the top of a mountain,
    By the beach,
    Or for that fact,
    On the terrace of the same old home that you grew up,
    If the sunset excites you each day,
    Makes you believe that endings are indeed beautiful,
    If you can admire the enormous silence that it creates, and be in it,
    Makes you find peace each day a little bit more,
    Makes you resonate with whatever you believe in,
    And creates hope for the next day out there,
    You are very much alive,
    You are infinite,
    And you can still make that difference.

    Sometimes in those most-planned approaches that you create, you often tend to forget
    the meaning of what you chase.
    It is in those most-haphazard of the ways,
    you often tend to find a routine.
    And it is a loop you can't break. The plan is to just be in it, no matter what.
    Hope you never forget the meaning of what you chase and never shun to try out new routines.


  • bclark2681 11w


    Shown to this world is only
    What I want visualized,
    Secrets stay hidden within
    The privacy of my shadows

  • palak_bansal 13w


    I often wonder if my colors are fading away. If the pinks and the yellows, the brightness and contrast of my being is getting dull with each passing day. But a mere look inside tells me it was just the silhouette that I was looking at. The soul is still bright and colorful

  • bhumi_me 13w

    Hello to myself

    Life is just too fickle
    perchance I'm wild
    perhaps a bit more or Little
    with uncanny thoughts
    and encumbered soul
    under the orange Sky I behold
    the Shadows of my blithe ways
    As Its never about the time and fate
    For its defined by the choices we made.

  • rorsczhach 16w


    In your shadow I am beaten to my knees, stripped of my sanity... a beast.
    As I drown in the scarlet river of your rivals you are the beauty that once was me.
    You will never know that...
    I became the animal so you could be free.


  • pallavi4 17w


    Are we the people we claim to be ?
    Are we willing to let go of the
    Facade we create to move
    On in life ? How deep are our
    Own concealments? Are they enough
    To create a completely different
    Visage or merely to cover up the
    Unseemly disastrous people
    We really are ? Two versions of
    The same person - the brighter,
    Perkier, happier versions we want
    To be seen as, to project to the world
    Versus the lesser versions we are
    In reality. Sometimes it seems some
    Remnants of the real us peak through
    The smooth layers of paint making
    Us pentimenti . The challenge of
    Course really is how many layers of
    Paint are required to shield the
    Reality, the real person even if just
    On the surface. Why do the bubbles
    Of truth burst once they reach the
    Surface of the water ? They do
    Because in travelling up they lose
    The strength to fight the environment
    Of the outside world no matter how
    Hard they try and show up on the
    Surface. The truth never outs and
    Thus we are able to maintain our
    Facades - the pentimento.
    Shakespeare had once said “truth
    Will come to light ”.... but does it ?
    Isn’t it better buried and forgotten ?
    Are we really seeking out the truth ?
    Can someone ever be completely
    Understood? Do we really want to be understood or are we cocooned in
    The warmth of our multiple selves,
    Our hidden intentions? We are
    A strange breed - we want the truth,
    We supposedly seek the truth but are
    Unwilling to let others see the truth of
    Our own selves thereby revealing
    Ourselves to them. What if the reality
    Is not the person they wanted to see-
    What if the real us is lesser , much
    Lesser than our projected selves ?
    People who do this- which of course
    Includes all of us, like the comfort of
    Living in the shadows , lurking near
    The mucky bedrock of lies and
    Deceit..... a place that both protects
    And safeguards the darkest secret
    Of all- we aren’t and never will be enough
    For our own selves, in our own eyes....
    And this pretence will never be
    Lifted lest we actually find ourselves,
    Meet ourselves one day - from the
    Depths of the smoke and shadows .


    9th of November, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Box blindfolded”

    #pentimento #pentimenti #duality #visage #shadows #smokescreen @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee #writersbay @writersbay

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  • augustus_ 18w

    Tryin. Just tryin. �� I am not a professional writer nor one that had a training on writing. I am just a bored guy who wants to share what's on his mind. �� Pardon for some grammar lapses if there are some. It is just a random thought that once came out of my prosaic psyche. ☺

    @writersnetwork #pain #shadows #alone #sad

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  • chanda 18w

    The shadows

    Nothing keeps me going anymore
    For a long time now, those fears inside me have bruised me from within by crawling all the way to my very existence.
    For a long time now, my mind has been racing trying to defeat those fears, feels like it is growing tired now!
    For a long time now, I have been wearing a fake skin trying to hide all this going on inside me, showing a happy self to the world.
    For a long time now, I have been followed, by the shadows of pain and suffering.
    So I ran, kept running with all the existence left within me to outrun those shadows.
    When I paused for a moment and looked around, I realised that those shadows are no longer following me, but they have entangled me wrapping me from all around, leaving no way out.
    Those shadows have grown their expanse so thick that they have become an inseperable part of me not even a tiny ray of hope can infiltrate through.
    But now, I feel like I have been drained and defeated, while trying to struggle against myself.
    Now, I feel like I dont want to hold back anymore I just want to give up, I want to collapse and fall.
    I want my peace back again, I want to tear these bushy shadows apart so that I can feel the light back again.
    But with the nill amount of energy left within me, I am no longer strong enough to fight those shadows or fight anything at all.
    So here I lay, with every ounce of life left within me, breathing in the darkness more than life, hoping that the shadows finally engulf me whole and end my suffering!

  • lucent_muse 18w


    They say she is my shadow
    They say he is my shadow
    We smile and nod
    Along with our shadows
    Yes, shadows of each other
    Wait until the sun is directly over head
    Then ask us again
    We are no shadows
    We are one
    But the same.