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  • dreamyc 5h


    go on, take the happy pill
    last stop before eternal glee

    from the stash in the medicine cabinet
    tucked in the corner atop the fridge

    beside the paracetamol
    behind the cough drops and bandages

    hide them in your pocket
    the last time you need to hide anyway

    no more masking your sadness
    or acting as if you don't want to die

    run to your comfort zone
    your breeding place for bad thoughts

    where you drew up your plans
    and you slit open your skins

    make sure everything is in place
    all ends tied, all cracks glued

    every letter is sealed, every truth written
    you lay it gently on the desk

    you wonder whether they will cry
    whether they will blame themselves

    whether you're feeling regret or lost
    whether this is selfish

    you catch a glimpse of yourself
    staring back from the mirror

    the sorrowful eyes once filled with light
    the matte mess of hair, chapped lips grim

    "she's so ugly" you can't stop thinking
    "waste of space, boyfriend crazed—"

    it's still not too late, we can still fix this
    the parents and siblings are at the movies

    you're home alone and no one can interfere
    no one can blame you when you're gone

    you lie in your bed, shoes still on
    suddenly remembering that you forgot water

    but this won't hurt, I'm sure
    the pill is only so small

    so small but can do so much
    so plain but it brings the sky down

    you look at the bottle in your hand
    hear the rat tat tat, the pill hits the plastic

    there must be a few dozen in there
    an endless supply of happiness

    you brace the pain as you swallow
    the things scratching your throat

    the lack of water, the too much in you
    the urgency of getting it down

    the excitement of leaving
    the last gulp you'll ever take

    sleep greets you like an old friend
    it hugs you with its cold embrace

    you wonder if this last time
    is going to be a nightmare or a dream

    if it is worth it to trade loved ones
    for a sense of eternal peace

    you feel as the last pill enters your guts
    and your heart slows with exhaustion

    bless it, it worked so hard
    now we can finally rest.

    ac | ©dreamyc

  • thoughtstruck 1w

    Why in the world:4/5

    Many rape cases have been registered which happened just because of the inequalities in caste and religion. One of the recent case was that which occurred in Kathua. A little Muslim girl was gang raped by monsters. The reason why they did this breaks my heart. Muslims were a minority in that area. So the so-called Hindu men wanted to banish them from that area. The easiest way they found was to rape a girl who belonged to the Muslim community and ignite a fire of fear in their minds. They raped her inside a temple which is as pure as a new born baby. They tore her down in a place where it’s believed our Lord Almighty dwells. People’s hatred towards one another’s religion has cost a little girl’s life. Many such incidents have shook the world. Indians, instead of being ashamed of their terrifying acts try to protect the culprits. Some hide inside their four-walled caves till the fire settles down , so that they could go back to their personal life. What is the necessity of such kind of religion?

  • jasirah 1w

    Funeral rites

    Feeding off my body.
    Tearing off flesh.
    Don't I look alive,
    Covered my mouth
    With their clumsy,
    Rusted hands.
    Oh darling, this is all so fine.
    People go through worse.
    You're a puppet,
    Don't you know?
    Couldn't you fight?
    Oh so fragile,
    Poor you.
    Golden skin,
    Too pale, too soft.
    How do you fight
    Who you can't see?
    Didn't I tell, my eyes were covered?
    Red, velvet, stagnated cloth.
    Cold, blue room,
    Too savage to be tamed.
    Is it over yet?
    Is it summer yet?
    Were I a good host?


  • spadesunderground 1w

    I'm all warm and tucked in
    My ocean of blankets and
    Suffocated self worth
    As my eyes plead
    With the ceiling tonight
    To whisper to me
    The encouraging words
    I can't even utter myself.


  • self_writer_ashu 3w

    In this era of fighting for girls justice...
    who thught we will fight to a women for a dog justice..
    it is really terrible and unexpected from a women to assume that..
    if someone can't speak up for themselves.. then you don't have the right to mute them more..
    please show some humanity..
    even my words becomes less to express such behaviour...

    This is Really shameful, better grow your mind


  • shivi04 3w


    Shame, shame!!
    Oh! Don't use your brain,
    it's from down there, you little wreck,
    using locker-rooms for this trek,
    slut-shaming women,
    is that ,what we should know of men?!
    hormones in abundance,
    utilising it to relieve grievance,
    posting nudes
    oh! but you are just dudes!
    prepping to rape her?!
    have some humanity mister!
    you should be behind bars,
    you are a criminal, not just a teen-ager.


  • pallavsoni 3w


    Laughing through the memories,
    Some bad ones came up,
    Something suddenly went wrong,
    Every laugh just stopped and tears started to interrupt,
    Somethings are for fun,
    But a limit should be bound,
    Because of fun they shattered their lives,
    And it was late till they figured it out,
    The " Bois Locker Room " gave chills when someone said,
    " You have a daughter but you also threatened someone to rape and make them lie in graves."
    You're not a man if you disrespect women,
    You are not even a boy,
    They are human beings too,
    Don't treat them like a fucking toy.

  • shivi04 3w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Inequality
    #inequality #shame #sorrow #feminist #love #selflove #shivi #care #help #yeswecan

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    Dishes and office don't go together.

  • aishwarysharma7 3w

    ।ज़रूरत "मंद"।

    अनाज,एलपीजी में एक रूपया बढ़ा दो,तो दंगे कर देंगे।

    और औरत के गहने गिरवी रख,घर को दारू से भर देंगे।

    जो बच्चा घर पर भूखा है,सरकार उसे खिलाएगी,

    और ऐसे ही फिर देश से अपने,सारी गरीबी मिट जाएगी।


  • the_krex 3w

    For that group the Bois loker room
    #soch #shame #thinking #lookerroom

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    Ye soch....

    Vaah teri teri soch jaise teri soch hai uss hisab se teri koi aaukat hi nahi hai,
    Kuch toh ijjat kar lete unki kya tumhe ye bhi yad nahi tumhe jisne paida kiya hai vo bhi ek aurat hai par tumhari soch itni gir gayi hai ki tumhe toh sirf ghatiya hi bat dikhayi deti hai,
    Tu yaad rakh jo aurat ek nari hai vo ek shaktishali hai jo durga hai vo hi devi maa kaali hai,
    Tu soch sudhar ye jurm tu na kar....


  • thewriter_ak 3w


    हमारे देश में लोगो की आदत इतनी ख़राब हैं
    राशन चाहिए इन्हें फ्री का मग़र देखों
    शराब के ख़ातिर लगाते लंबी कतार हैं।

  • vasubandhu 5w


  • shubhamjoshi 5w

    हो सकती थी
    मेरे जीवन की एक योजना
    मगर तुमने चुना
    एक दुर्घटना होना ...
    हो सकती थी
    मेरे कानन की वर्षा
    मगर तुमने चुना
    एक रेगिस्तान होना..
    हो सकती थी
    मेरे चुनाव का अभिमान
    मगर तुमने चुना
    एक शर्म होना..

  • shubham41 5w


    थूकने वाले बिरयानी खा रहे हैं।  निर्दोष साधू संत मारे जा रहे


  • tooli_singh 5w

    संत कबीर ने कहा था:-
    "साधु आबत देखि के चरन लागो धाऐ
    क्या जानो इस वेश मे हरि आऐ मिली जाऐ।"

    "संत व्यक्ति को आते देखकर दौड़ के उनके चरणों का स्पर्श करें।क्या मालूम कि एसी में प्रभु स्वयं आपसे मिलने आये हों।"

    प्रभु के साथ ऐसा व्यवहार आजतक शायद ही किसी ने किया हो?!!


  • aatmanirbhar_sasta_kavi 6w

    Two Brahmins lynched to death in Maharashtra is such a henious crime that can not be justified by any means. This is why we need more Yogi Adityanath and Balasaheb Thackeray in India than some people who can go against their family ethics to collaborate with worthless people just for the sake of power.

  • colorful_chaos 6w

    The healing process

    Shame is my baby
    Oh! She is such a sweet soul..
    She fears the voices and hides behind the door.
    She wakes up at the middle of night to weep all long.
    But mommy won't let you give up sweetheart.
    These are all passing waves.
    Let go darling.. trust.
    I would whisper to her,
    Patting the hair gently
    Kissing the frail forehead.
    The little one would soon fall asleep then, panting..
    For mommy knows all she want is to be heard. ❣️


  • the_insane_writer 6w

    There is no shame in
    sorting yourself out.


  • batedillki 6w

    कीटों सी चुभती है उसकी नजर
    जी चाहता है आँखे निकलूं

  • drsheetaldogra 8w

    Living in a secular nation...
    I once felt so proud
    But as I grew I came to knw secularism was no where....
    Rather there was selective secularism
    In air.....
    Wolves roaming around with masks of pigeons
    Preaching peace and spitting hate around....
    That's what many are doing....
    I wonder is that what was taught to them so long....
    #shame who are spitting on health workers
    #shame to those who are molestating lady nurses
    That is I think are naked realities that are coming out...
    Hate can be so dangerous that it can even forget humanity....
    They are not humans but devils in disguise
    I still wonder ��

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    No one likes to die alone....