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  • floating_head01 5w

    " हो? "

    ठीक-ठाक लिख ही लेता था,
    पर अब वो बात नहीं रही।
    शराब गिर गई तेरे बिस्तर पर,
    जो शराब नहीं रही।
    लिख बैठा सारी जान उन रुबाइयों में,
    बाकि अब कोई साँस नहीं रही।
    यूँ तो कहानी ये मुकम्मल कहाँ,
    फ़िर भी हर पहर जो रही तो याद तू रही।
    कहने को तो आज भी बहुत है इस दिल में,
    पर छोड़ अब वो बात नहीं रही।
    अब तो तू इन ज़ख्मों की मुलाजिम हो,
    नज़्म लिखूँ तो अब तू ही कातिल हो।
    किसी पहर तो कमबख्त तू भी शामिल हो,
    गुस्से से मेरे कुछ तू भी मुखातिब हो।
    पर मुकदमा हो ही नहीं तो क्या ही साबित हो,
    हो तो जब होश में यह बेशऊर कातिब हो।
    बाकि तो चल कुछ हो ना हो,
    जाने से पहले सुन मेरा कल रात ख्वाब रहा जो।
    कि फ़िर से किसी रोज़ शाम वही हो,
    यूँ भी बस बेवजह, फ़िर कोई काम नहीं हो।
    वही सिगरेट का धुँआ तेरी, हाथों में जाम वही हो,
    हो तो सुकून थोड़ा, थोड़ा कुछ आराम वही हो।
    उंगलियों में उलझी ज़ुल्फ़ें तेरी, लबों पर तेरा नाम वही हो,
    मैं कर सकूँ यह इश्क बयान, उन्हें कोई एतराज़ नहीं हो।

    ©Devansh Arora

  • vaibhavgupta05 7w

    Teri ek muskan

    तेरी एक मुस्कान पर फिदा हो जाता हूॅ।
    शायद यही प्यार है,
    इसलिए आज भी दोस्तों की गालियाँ भी खाता हूॅ।

  • thehalfsoul 7w

    : don't worry, these nights will pass.

  • dreamer4 8w

    If you say..one more time.. seriously one more time..that life has something in stock for me, I will lose my shit. Don't you think I have seen enough?

  • zikra_ 12w


    I cut my wings with my own hands
    Even when I was flying high.

  • smilywrites 13w

    I miss your voice
    I miss your smile
    I miss your voice.

    I'm the one who's lost
    My existence is disappearing
    But I still miss everything about you.


  • zikra_ 13w


    Better to be called as toxins
    Getting dissolved in my veins.
    Incomplete memories,
    The most deadly ones
    That brings out the
    Cry baby sitting inside.
    Beautiful memories,
    Yet hurting? It is.
    Those tears might not
    Fell on my lap
    But the heart gets drowned.

  • inked_it 17w

    I remembered!
    For the very first time in my life
    I felt like, things were done,
    Nothing was leftover
    In the worst way it was done
    While the devil is still free
    Who is roaming here & there
    Its an old dusty closet
    Covered with cobwebs of memories!!!

  • blotted_ink 19w

    What if,we are all just the bird droppings,shed everywhere to pollute the planet!

  • sarahrachelea 20w

    Don't mess with his/ her feelings
    If you're unsure of yourselves
    Remember, karma is real
    And life will reward you the same shit soon


  • anunknownwriter 22w

    So yeah that means you



  • parselmouth94 23w


    When do people get better?
    How do you stop yourself from feeling this helpless?
    I have noticed I mostly have questions
    I have few answers.
    That's sad.
    There's also another sad thing that's happening to me lately.
    I have been listening to happy songs
    And I then cry myself to sleep.
    I hope it stops.


  • deadpoetu 23w



  • floating_head01 25w

    " R A N T "

    Music turning faint, bitch be acting like saint,
    Saying I should be daint, but problem is I just ain't.
    Dancing slow with class she robbed, mugged,
    Now all I know is I was memory fogged, drugged.
    In the hue of that rainy night, got me cornered tight,
    She knows I would never fight, can't even if I might.
    Oh so sparked up eyes of her, those magic spells of her,
    Tried some whiskey to get them blurred, oh a storm did they stir.
    Throwing out the words I baked for this but my mouth blocking all of it,
    Maybe I too wanted that one cursed kiss, guess my heart has won this split.
    Whiskey takes up some time but acts out perfectly well,
    This one I consider my crime so I guess its swell.
    Running back and forth through that house of mine,
    She knows it all, she knows how to cross every single line.
    I'd be letting go all by midnight but I'd have to let it go by the daylight,
    No matter how many wars I have had to fight all the damage shows up in hindsight.
    Call it my weakness, be it her witchness,
    All I could think of is the poisonous sweetness.
    Oh that kiss, the last one I miss,
    Feels like bliss, all till I miss again her lips.
    Oh that bitch, damn the heart she snitch,
    That beautiful witch with the dark so rich.
    Might be the style so quaint, might be that old complaint,
    But everytime a rainy night I paint, there's always her taint.
    Music turning faint, bitch be acting like saint,
    Saying I should be daint, but problem is I just ain't.

    ©Devansh Arora

  • floating_head01 27w

    " Its time "

    Guess I'm done, is it time again?
    This the last one? Feels like I'm about to drain.
    A little storm brewing in, clouds gathering up above,
    I feel a wave coming in, guess I should put on the fight gloves.
    Get out, leave while you can, let me go this time man to man,
    Guess its time for another round and its me who has to stand.
    So much blood to shed, too much of comfort to compensate,
    Now's the time for the fight I've prepared so hard, I had always await.
    Will this be the end, I guess not,
    Any chances of winning, I cannot certainly spot.
    But this is how it works, you pay every year for every single of perks,
    A war goes on for days, weeks, a couple months, then its all fireworks.
    Everything, everyone? Anything, anyone? More like nothing and no one,
    I can always surrender but I guess I like the beating or am I too stubborn?
    Stepping out of the ring with wounds all over is best of the feelings,
    Or to be honest, the only feeling in my dealings.
    The fight, the fight that goes on, the fight we fight together, all alone,
    The fight won by none, but the real ones try, that's what separates strong.
    Turn up the music, put on my song, lets bring it on,
    You want to test the brawn? Well keep your meters up, this ones gonna be real strong.
    All I know is when this all goes away,
    There's only one of the two I can say.
    I am loosing it all again, every single day, day by day, I am loosing it all again,
    When the music stops, the noises hit rock, I am seeing my old dreams again.
    Whatever it turns out, all I know is I am done and ready, its time again,
    I hope not the last one, how will I live if this doesn't drain?

    ©Devansh Arora

  • floating_head01 27w

    " A L L O U T "

    I've ran out of ideas now,
    How did I end up here? how?
    All those verses all those words,
    Words, words oh so many damn words,
    Those bare memories I went on to reword,
    All those delusions, my vision's gone blurred.
    Seems like a funeral has been held,
    But how long before I am expelled?
    Isn't this meant to be a world with time?
    Why can't I seem to run out of mine?
    Maybe all it really is a limbo of thoughts,
    Good, the bad, fucked up of all sorts.
    Substance drained out doesn't seem to filling back,
    Been running low even on that cursed med stack.
    In my dreams sometimes I shout,
    When it all wears out, its all I could think about.
    Move on, forget about it, like I haven't done so by now,
    Done it all, do it all everyday but it keeps coming back next day anyhow.
    Only if I could sleep a little better,
    And that if I could loose this fucking fetter.
    A glorious sword running through me all the times,
    One bleeding me for me, all of my rhymes.
    But I guess the bloods and the words are all dried up,
    Its all agony and remorse that's been left up.
    Maybe that's the reason I've been complaining today,
    Maybe now I've come to know, I don't even have to stay.
    To pack it all, to leave it all, guess won't be easy now,
    But staying in here, I know my conscience won't allow.
    Guess its high time to get it all dislodged now,
    I have hated it all but I still wish to feel it one last time, anyhow.
    But I've ran out of ideas now,
    So I guess that calls up for the final 'ciao'.

    ©Devansh Arora

  • floating_head01 30w

    " A E T H E R "

    Think of me as a half minded euphoric piece of shit put together,
    But if I know this ecstacy, I must've known those other emotions altogether.
    I guess its just how they change your weather,
    Someone sitting in heaven or nether?
    A little dead inside,
    Got a lot of debt by my side.
    Despite, I know I can still glide,
    Because I let your opinions slide.
    I don't play by the rules,
    Never followed up in schools.
    I've got my own tools,
    Just good at dealing with you fools.
    A rulebook of my own I'd say,
    Not a place for your thoughts to stray.
    No matter how heavy the situations weigh,
    All must go by it to put stay.
    Not a bunch of gibberish from other lives,
    One can't know the death until one dies.
    A whole bunch blades and blooded knives,
    It ain't nothing my but my life in archives.
    Helps thinking straight, getting it right,
    The decider of every single fight.
    In this world so bright,
    Its that unblinding dark light.
    I've got my rulebook that my life put me together,
    It defines me well but the question is what would you understand rather.
    Am I water, alcohol? oh I am something better,
    Put them aside, I am fucking flammable aether.
    Think of me as a half minded euphoric piece of shit put together,
    But if I know this ecstacy, I must've known those other emotions altogether.
    I guess its just how they change your weather,
    Someone sitting in heaven or nether?

    ©Devansh Arora

  • floating_head01 31w

    " S T A T I O N "

    I wait for a train at 0200 hours,
    Each night, every night, staring at these clock towers.
    Out at the empty station, what city, what nation,
    I tried getting out, but there's no way out of imagination.
    A hundred trains have passed by this route,
    I don't know for which one my heart will shoot.
    A little black one with an open head, just seats, no bed,
    The train that goes out of this place, maybe a train with a steam head.
    To the musing, this is quite a shady place,
    Just alight and four towers with a clock face.
    The clocks which never really tick or go round,
    Like my soul, the time just sticks around.
    Ain't a lot of land to stroll over,
    Far distant mountains, a bench and just a shade over.
    I wish I see that snow or at least had someone whom I know,
    Someone to talk around, to wait with, because the times are slow.
    But I guess I was meant alone to be let in this void,
    Maybe this imagination wants to be, is meant to be destroyed.
    Destroyed and turned into a limbo where there exits no voice,
    No regrets, no fears, no memories, no pain, no rejoice, no choice.
    But to be tamed by me, I'd have to be stronger than me,
    Because I am its creator and destroyer is meant to be me.
    All in all, the station looks like that empty head space of mine,
    The train might never come along, I could be waiting for infinite time.
    I guess I need some time to gain such powers,
    And even if I do, how can I be sure these aren't the wrong drawers.
    I guess I won't mind sitting here for a few more afterhours,
    So, I'll just sit around at this place till the fire showers.
    Till then, I have a train to wait for at 0200 hours,
    Each night, every night, staring at these clock towers.

    ©Devansh Arora

  • floating_head01 31w

    " B U R N T "

    I bought me some whiskey back to home,
    They say my work is all foam.
    But I still like to smear those paints on that stone,
    In the dark, blindfolded, none known, all alone.
    A mad painter if you would say,
    But I could write some rhymes if you stay?
    Oh, I hope they don't show up tonight,
    If they do I would again put up a fight.
    They've been calling me crazy and all,
    But how do I let go of that wall?
    That old cottage with burns all around,
    My only place with some familiar sound.
    Smear them across, drive this knife through them?
    I almost did it all but this shack made me abstain.
    Don't want to go away,
    I live in hope for that one 'somdeay'.
    Someday when you'll come to our place,
    I'll light this shack again and maybe bake some cake.
    I wish I hadn't light that cigar, but now guilt is all I have,
    So I paint these black walls for you, if you may forgive me in case.
    The old cranky man with no words to say at day,
    A guilty con-artist who cries in art as sun goes away.
    I wish those goons kill me some night,
    Or today my psycho will do them, at least it might?
    Sitting with this sharp blade in my hand,
    Everything I loved had end, leaving me to strand.
    Tried to put it through but damn your picture frame,
    A guilt cries, my guilt cries, beats my soul and I can't stand.
    But leaves enough life for that every morning shame,
    I could kill me now, but to die with it all, it'd be lame.
    So I paint, I write all sorts of manias at your tomb,
    Hoping someday you might visit, I might see you home.
    In this dark piece of guilt, where life stays monochrome,
    You could hug me right? take me, so I won't have to roam.
    So, I wouldn't need some whiskey back to home,
    They wouldn't say my work is all foam.
    I wouldn't have to smear those paints on that stone,
    In the dark, blindfolded, none known, all alone.
    Because then you'd be with me all along,
    My guilt won't be at places it has known.
    Take me in, drown that guilt, kill my syndrome,
    I am tired now, just please take me to your home.

    ©Devansh Arora

  • preetchettri 31w


    Abusive relationship and the person who abuses sucks, have you been in a situation where u crawled up in the sheets and cried to bed, have you ever felt you're in love but the other person treats you like shit just bcoz you love them, hits you, kills you with their words, abusers are shy they show all the good from the outside and are clever and cunning from the inside, they are a manipulative piece of shit you will ever see, they can be disguised as caring, protective and loving you but in reality, they aren't and even when you try to dump them they come as blackmailers...stop clinging to them because at the end of the day you will have the same feelings as I did..happy on the outside sad in the inside because the impact they leave in your life is scary, No matter how much they loved you, cared for you once an abuser always an abuser. And no amount of love can change that, abusive behaviour is in their veins.