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  • avanthikaleesha 5w

    Are you brave enough to love her,
    Even if she lives within her dreams
    To taste a little bit of death half asleep?

    You prefer to hold on to her,
    Even if she loves to sip bitter emotions
    To spill poetry from dreadful scars?

    You wanna exchange rings with her,
    Even if she inhales awful misery
    To show off an outcome of victory?

    Would you dare to marry her,
    Even if your days and nights
    Get agonized by nightmares
    Twisted from her knotty dreams?


  • avanthikaleesha 6w

    The sun hasn't risen yet?
    It's okay
    Let's count the glowing tiny stars
    Is the morning taking too long?
    It's okay
    Let's sleep for a little longer
    Are you lost in darkness?
    It's okay
    Let's brighten up the room with candles
    You get what I'm saying, right?
    Everything is okay,
    The tears, sweat, rejections, scoldings,
    failures and heart breaks
    As long as you have another day
    So, let yourself get a little lost today
    To figure out a unique path tomorrow


  • avanthikaleesha 7w

    When my soul gets renounced as a whole, I creep into my hazy imagination to impregnate her with unfettered emotions and devolve myself into an embryo to take solace in her umbilical cord of reveries...


  • avanthikaleesha 7w

    Reminiscence of A Lush Yard

    There was once a tiny yet lush yard
    Where pure green grasses conceived
    The vibrant charms of childhood
    And the gentle breezes gave birth to
    Some comforting melodies of lullabies.

    The vidyarambh* of a tremendous life
    Was celebrated within its brownish soil
    Where the heart beats of toddlers
    Stumbled and cried time and again
    Before succeeding in their baby steps

    The honeycomb of blossomed scarlet
    Freed the ground of all its thirst and
    The sunburns of daylight got numbed
    In taste of the sweet cold fruit salad
    That fragranced of warm camaraderies

    The yellowish leaves of maturity veiled
    The impoverished land with wistful smiles
    When the thuds and claps of lively youth
    Were fading with the vivid four seasons to
    Melt in those illusions of love and care.

    Now, the yard is gone so as the hums,
    The fragrance, the view and the joy and
    What's left, is an aloof desert where even
    The flies and bees are starving to death
    In dearth of all the berries and merries.

    *Vidyarambh: an Indian ceremony related to the beginning of learning.

    _ Avanthika


  • avanthikaleesha 13w

    I wanna fly
    Breathing the sky
    Neither to touch the stars
    Nor to bring the moon home
    But, just to feel the joy
    In flying pretty high


  • avanthikaleesha 14w


    I'm insane
    Someone who lost identity
    in a split of second
    I laugh, I cry
    but, the tears I shed
    no longer wet your heart
    neither my blood
    since I completely lost it
    _ my dreams, love and dignity

    I'm insane
    A prisoner without a crime
    if my existence doesn't count
    I scream, I weep
    but, the noise I make
    no longer shakes your heart
    neither my silence
    since you ruthlessly stole them
    _ my opinions, thoughts and emotions

    I'm insane
    A soul who lost meaning
    in a few mental breakdowns
    I listen, I see
    but, the words I utter
    no longer excite your heart
    neither my poems
    since you carelessly threw them out
    _ my curiosity, vision and ideas

    But, I'm still alive
    A man with flesh and blood
    I breath I sense and I stumble
    in the firmly fettered chains
    made of unwritten laws
    I dream I love and I get hurt
    in the silver key of contempt
    I have been locked into
    until my deserted heart
    faces an untimely demise
    within the shock treatments that
    penetrates sanity and wisdom


  • avanthikaleesha 14w

    Sometimes we are nothing other than coffins sheltering lifeless souls. Everyone dies a few times before the pretty lively ticks, because a breeze of death is essential before the blossoming of life. For a while, everything around us goes dull and weary, but we just pretend we are alive, listening to the gentle hush of our sighs. Even the air that gives us life goes out of motivation then, striking our nostrils with weight of breath instead of the tender poke it used to give. The repeated visuals that keep flashing before our eyes percolates through our head, exhausting both body and mind and the strident noise of silence takes us to another universe where even the whispers of leaves rattle our minds. We get resurrected when we break out of that dangerously quite world to the former one with a revamped soul which can persist even in the tedious flow of life. We get to live again in the breath we take, visuals we see, sounds we hear and the things we touch as they will celebrate the gift of life from then on having done with the miseries of death while we are still alive.


  • avanthikaleesha 16w

    A GUILTLESS THIRST (Short story)

    My nerves are breaking out of my body, tormenting me from head to toe and my heart beats like crazy as if it wants to explode. I hear the noise of something getting broken, but is it the fiber flask that slipped of my hand or something within myself? May be I’m also shrinking into small particles along with these shattered pieces of the expensive fiber flask. After that call, I haven’t been in my right mind as it emptied out every bit of my sanity. I hugged my pillow with all my might, hoping to calm my upset stomach and tensed chest. Running towards the yard, I threw up out of extreme stress, but failed to desert my memories along. Even her pretty smile I used to admire turned into a terrible memory that provokes my anxious heart.

    It will be a lie if I describe this news as unexpected, because I had foreseen it a long time ago. I saw the devilish misfortune coming towards everyone subsequently. But still, this is too unfair for me, because Arathi was the only light that reflected upon me in this terrible darkness.

    Only after living in this horrendous dystopia of bloodshed, I realized how peaceful my life was before. I lost count of time and date ever since I began residing here, a place where clouds are filled with blood rather than water, and vivid colours of vibrion are overshadowed by terrible shades of red. When my feelings began to get numbed in this hell, she lighted the first ray of hope to my life.

    For me, she was a mood enhancer who turned even my pessimistic thoughts into something meaningful. She kept hoping for a better tomorrow, avoiding the reality of human greed and its consequences. My ears had worn out from her advice to consider the troublesome present as a dark age before a bright future, where all those violence would just be some memories of a peaceful city. But, I knew some futures were supposed to remain as futures forever.

    My desire to see her one last time gave some strength to my body. May be my mind is being generous enough to fulfill my last dream, the dream of giving away the words I left unuttered with a kiss on her frozen head. But, how am I supposed to look at her face when it doesn't bloom that pretty smile anymore? May be I never had a right to see her happy face as I always ignored the sorrowful shadow it carried. But, what made her do such a thing? What was wrong with her life? Was it too miserable that she had no choice but to give up on it? I can't think of anything other than suspicions on her incredulous act. The things she liked and admired are injecting a sense of despair in my mind, reminding me how our last breath blows off even the slightest joy of our achievements.

    I took a cab to reach Gonola street, the place where she was found dead. Reaching there, I ran towards her flat room, devastated and anxious at the same time. The sight when I opened the door took me aback, forcing me step backwards. The heart touching lines I piled up for her eulogy got vanished in the weight of her breath.

    "You are okay?"
    I wondered why I heard such an absurd news.

    "Look at the blood in your hands."
    She said, startled at my sudden appearance.

    "Oh! I'm bleeding. When did I get injured?"
    I raised my eye brows in surprise.

    "You are not injured Ren. It's not even your blood."
    She seemed disturbed by my presence.

    I looked at my hands carefully, trying to recall how it happened. When I observed closer, my brownish hand seemed pretty in that red bathe. I noticed my drained throat that's eager to satisfy thirst.

    "Was it you, the one who spreaded false news? "
    While licking the tasty blood, I asked.

    "You despised coming hear even if I requested, right? Then why are you desperate now? I think I know why.
    Because you are a filthy vampire who is fond of cold blood... "
    She replied with disgust.

    Her contempt isn’t strong enough to cause me guilt, as my eyes overshadowed my hearing when they wandered around seeking a perfect corpse to suck in more blood.

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    "The things she liked and admired are injecting a sense of despair in my mind, reminding how our last breath blows off even the slightest joy of our achievements..."


  • avanthikaleesha 17w

    A Courageous Hug

    I used to be a coward who prioritized rational mind over emotional heart. Even if I heard the weeps of my poor soul writhing in discomfort, I veiled its sorrowful face with excuses. One day, I embraced that soul with all the courage I mustered up so far. It was too cold to touch and too fragile to lean on, but that hug vanquished my existential crisis in a fleet of second, giving me a super natural power to survive a thousand snowfalls. That second gave beautiful meanings to all the little things I have ever done in my life.


  • avanthikaleesha 17w


    One day, I fell asleep in
    an abyss of diffidence,
    Swimming through my
    Vibrant passion, savouring
    Both bliss and anguish
    In deep and heavy lines,
    Ardently befriending
    The exotic creatures in
    Lucid dreams,

    When I woke up,
    My feeble heart
    Committed suicide in
    The mediocrities of reality
    to retrieve that immortal soul
    That meanders through
    Alien planets, seeking
    New languages to pen
    My friekish emotions


  • avanthikaleesha 18w

    Life that gets spelled within a time, how does it feel like? A poem on someone who lives within the shadow of death.
    Inspired from 'Uncontrollably Fond'. ��

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #loneliness #death #silhouette_poetrywrites

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    A Life Shadowed by Death

    When earth wakes to sunrise,
    Death lies narcotized in moonlight

    The raindrops that adorn nature
    Fades in a touch of his futile soul

    The soil that lusters in sunshine
    Chants the silence of graveyards

    Glorious night asleep dreams of
    him shivering alone in a cold coffin

    Glow of fleeting joy gets dimmed
    In the sorrow of eternal darkness

    Leaf of new hopes hangs herself
    In an umbilical cord of despair.

    Fantasy of life gets vanished in
    The grieving reality of departure

    Weight of breath tangles with lungs,
    Making him pant for the last sigh

    Eventually that shadow percolates
    Through his veins, replacing the
    Anxious nerves with nullified bones...


  • avanthikaleesha 19w

    A Remembrance of Happiness

    At moments of estrangement, the
    Surprising knocks that rattled my mind
    Take a cab to my dreams, reminding
    Where my insomniac ideas were sheltered
    And who gave me twin sister vibes by
    Intertwining her hands to mine, then
    The stern voice that ridiculed my
    Groundless fears adds voice overs to
    Those visuals, Pointing out a mirror that
    Neither compliments nor discourages,
    But just see things as it is...

    My senses that were numbed for long
    Get boosted in the smell of pakoda
    That baked of care and affection, and
    My left alone heart befriends those
    Teleported fugitive cuss words that
    Flavors both anger and sorrow at once
    And, my quest for life fades in those
    Nostalgic moments when I was
    Nothing other than a stubborn daughter,
    An annoying Sister or a loyal friend as
    It reminds me how happy I used to be...


  • avanthikaleesha 22w

    "If you were that much happy yesterday, why did you pull an all nighter?"

    "The night was cuddling my abundant happiness in silence and I felt I shouldn't waste such a pretty moment in sleep. "


  • avanthikaleesha 22w

    "I don't care if this is a beautiful lie without a slight trace of truth.
    I don't care if this is a random dream that vanishes once I wake up
    I feel this moment, and it feels too good. That's all that matters. "


  • avanthikaleesha 22w

    I'm the fire that warms up your frozen heart,
    The screw that fixes your shattered soul,
    The key that unlocks your imprisoned mind.
    Until your heart gains its beat again
    Until your soul feels life again
    Until your mind is free to dream again
    Let me be your shadow that never fades even in darkness...


  • avanthikaleesha 24w

    A quote from my short story 'A Slice of Me'
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #silhouette_poetrywrites #life

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    "I was neither in heaven nor hell, because I believed ambitions always led to disappointments, but the middle point between them was worse as it lacked life... "

    _ A Slice of Me


  • avanthikaleesha 25w

    A Home Without Me

    After death tied the knot with me,
    he granted me a wish and I
    chose to come back once again,
    not to experience something more
    but to witness a home without me..

    When I entered my bedroom,
    curious to see a place without me,
    Letters of my favourite novels
    were dancing between the walls,
    desparate to meet their reader's eyes,
    and the melody I left unfinished
    was flowing through the air
    seeking a dignified ending,
    and the notes of piano were
    pleading the keys to give them life...

    When I moved to the kitchen
    desiring to meet a mother without me,
    she was sitting in the chair
    trying to laugh for those stupid jokes
    I told her a long time ago,
    and the noodles packet was
    pocking her for freedom from that cage
    unaware of their loses of identity,
    and the oats were turning gray and old
    without touching a perfect tongue.

    When I walked towards guestroom
    hoping to observe a father without me,
    he was stitching my teddy bear
    with great care as if it could feel pain,
    and the places I planned to visit
    were building a grand trunk road in his
    brain, leaving wrinkles on his forehead
    and the jimikkies he promised me were
    crying out their sorrows of insecurity
    without having a chance for shelter

    Facing a home full of myself,
    other than a state of my absence
    I longed for a heart to ache,
    an eye to shed tears of grief,
    a voice to scream out agony,
    as my mind whispered,
    "If only I knew I was so much alive
    I wouldn't have put a full stop
    in place of a comma, but
    rather would have left it blank
    leaving some better choices
    to complete it some other time..."


  • avanthikaleesha 26w


    Wincing from the bruising fights
    I punched the fence with anger,
    tired of the perpetual struggles, but
    ended up hurting myself again.

    Scared by the strident noises,
    I knocked at the barred doors
    seeking a way to break out, but
    got startled more by their echo.

    Suffocated by the visions inside
    I closed my eyes for a brief nap,
    aiming for a relieving dream, but
    was crumbled by zombie dreams.

    The ground was nauseating and
    I was stomped by evil spirits, but
    I embraced the hassles all at once
    after touching the unique key that
    opens the door shivered me in cold
    as I preferred to bear a life of difficulty
    rather than inviting a death of tranquility.


  • avanthikaleesha 27w


    The night is stimulant
    in its luxuriant darkness,
    shaded by delicate moonlight
    and, I disremember sleep in
    the luster of vivid stars that
    keep popping out festively
    from the black blanketed sky
    but I draw an elegant dream in
    the perfect canvas of black
    which shelters mellow lights
    unlike the egoistic sunshine
    that swallows the nuances
    in its abundant gleams...


  • avanthikaleesha 27w


    I was lonely
    before I opened
    the door of cineland
    where countless heroes
    who lives in vivid rooms
    let me stay anywhere,
    offering an emotional ride

    I was lonely
    before I entered
    the universe of words
    where unicolored pages
    froze the time with
    letters that attainted infinity,
    dragging me from reality

    I was lonely
    before I peeped through
    the world of music
    where all the feelings
    got celebrated by
    a magical flow of melody,
    following clarinet music

    I was lonely
    before I visited
    the artistic island
    where every minute was
    vibrated in creativity
    by an embrace of nature,
    showering a rainfall of ideas

    My soul attained paradise
    since my body began to travel
    through those different countries
    and my mind replaced
    the ennui of loneliness
    with the charm of liveliness...