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  • keithallencovell 14h

    Moves To Me

    The exact same feeling
    When I swipe a new note
    My piano sings for me

    When I feel lonely and dispirited
    My Roli moves to me


  • bclark2681 3d

    Serenade the Moon

    I wrote a song about her
    And I serenaded the moon,
    For the moon seems to be
    The only artifact that cares
    To listen to me praise and
    Glow about my enchantress

  • sleepingsoul 2w


    You are like a song which I want to sing till eternity

  • mmbftd 4w


    It was Christmas
    As I saw my parents
    Through their front porch window
    Waving and blowing kisses
    Through my mask
    I had rarely missed a Christmas
    With them in all my 51 years
    I saw my father begin to cry
    As this pain of being so close
    Yet unable to hug each other
    Set into us both.
    My mother, always the strength
    Bore a smile of resilience
    As we spoke through our cell phones so we could hear each other.
    We left humble gifts to be saturated by lysol and washed and rewashed
    So no particle of sickness
    Could get to them.
    We all lived in fear. They are both in their late 70's.
    I hadn't hugged my parents in a year. A whole year.
    And last Christmas we all took togetherness for granted.
    We had laughed and hugged and held hands and kissed and sat close on the warm couch in front of a red hot fire. We had made plans and spoke of dreams and goals and life...
    But that was the last normal interaction we had.
    Now Covid-19 ravaged our country and the world.
    I had only left my home about 7times in this year of Covid-19.
    I was agoraphobic before all this!
    And I thought of my best friend, who's dear father had died a few months ago. How his Christmas is so different from any of his others. How the hole in his and his mom's heart would never be filled again.
    And I looked at my dad through this window and wept because I was so grateful for having him still.
    I'm so much more fortunate than most this year.
    And I got to see my little brother too, as he was able to be with them. I hadn't seen him since last Christmas on that couch in there. They showed yummy food behind them on the table, homemade Cuban food from my mom's loving hands.
    And I realized how important all these traditions are. How recipes handed down can never be learned too soon. How jokes made by siblings heal hearts. How singing with my father in a harmony only genetics can grant, is so valuable. To watch him play that ancient acoustic guitar and be happy singing all the songs he wrote in his Du-Wop days.
    And mom giving the tour of the house and projects or improvements she had made recently. Or getting the gallery show of her watercolor paintings in all their detailed beauty.
    These are memories now. I won't forget. I won't let them fade and I won't make the mistake of taking these moments through this window for granted. Not when I know how our world's can change so swiftly.
    I live safely. I live in fear. It's not political. It's not because I'm a sheep. It's because I'm not sure enough of anything to bet their precious lives on a careless decision I make.
    I can't be that selfish, when a hug I crave more than anything just might become the last one.
    It was Christmas and I saw my parents through their front porch window...and I'm so damn grateful I could burst.

  • deepflowsoul 5w


    Nothing makes my heart sing quite like mutual gratitude and shared love!
    We all breathe under broken wings,
    A bunch of passionate mourning doves.
    When two souls meet, and carry each other,
    We embrace our truths as sister and brother!

  • charfire_m 6w

    #v5e 🔴#soul #vsoule #sing #vsinge #timetreavel #vtimetravele #quantumphysics #vquantumphysicse #quantumentanglement #vquantumentanglements
    🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚪️#Lifeisagift that you get to open, smile your the zest in life loving life/you and you being in life zesting it up; your beautifully beautiful, your kind of IAM.... for this is a fractal universe, you to be you in many ways, in here and now space+time as you+yourself to be enough as only you can be you being you🟪🟦🟩🟨🟧🟥 🐛#v2020e 🦇#2020 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living
    #lifessmile #backatyou #youarelifesmeaning #lifesmeaning #meaningtolife #meaningoflife #findingnewmeaning #inlife #findingmeaning 🦚 🐾 #beingenough #iamenough #yourenough #enough #soultruth / #highertruths #whatami #whatwillibecome #whatistheanswer #findingitout 🦏 is a🦄#lovingself #Beingfree #lifeandlove #answers #iwilllovemyselfthroughthis #trustingself 🐉🌵☯️♒️ #Highertruth ====#alwaysbewilling #tobe being a #continuumthat is #continuallysending #loveandlight #toallforms #oflife 🐲☘️🍃🥒🥑🍊🍌🍆🫐 #vblackandwhitee #blackandwhite #am #vame #am #vame #above50 #vabove50e #bed #vbede

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    Life is an echoing souls
    1one:06 am 50% bed
    Life is an echo of souls singing together, sometimes they are singing together, the musical of life; sometimes it’s a small play with only some singing different parts then it cuts in and out to the Harmony of the musical
    I give you a hug, a kiss a hug a kiss a hug and see that Of energy can’t stand in a cosmic filled of quantum physics and quantum entanglement; the past grows you higher and higher, the “life seed,” that came from the ageless times of energy a base means of things in Motion....an endless ripple of fractal beingness
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  • sauda_02 7w

    "Maybe the absence of sings is a sign"
    __Marc Klein

  • jigna___ 10w

    क्यूँ.. न हमतुम चले टेढ़ेंमेढ़ें से रस्ते पे नंगे पाँव रे..
    चल भटक ले ना बावरे....

    फिल्म:- बर्फी.. गुनगुनाइए।
    सुन.. ओ हमदम ये ठंड़ी हवाओं का पैगाम है,
    कुछ नादानी मन कर ले.....
    चल देती सदाएँ घटाएँ हैं, क्यूँ बैठता छिपाएँ है,
    तू खोल दे, हाँ बोल दे,
    राज़ दिलों के खोल रे..

    चुप.. बड़ी है ये नदियाँ भी मुँह बनाती है,
    पर सुन तो ये क्या सुनाती है....
    ये बहे तो कहे तू भीग ले, चल संगी मेरे तू जी भी ले,
    मचल मचल, बदल बदल,
    बातें दिलों की बोल रे..

    सुन.. ओ हमदम.....


  • srisaptoawaits22 12w


    Stars tide,
    Rising waves,
    Indulges in the shores of heart,
    My wishes,
    Your prayers,
    Lure in the sunsets,
    Often in the dusks,
    Veiled clouds sing us a song,
    Encloses our lips to sing together!

  • deepflowsoul 14w


    A request to go within has been sung.
    Center yourself in your truth,
    Breathe, and develop your song.
    Words and actions are impactful,
    But don't live in fear.
    You must sing for anyone to hear.
    Be patient with your heart,
    This is a huge change.
    This construction takes time to arrange.

  • shrihari_nandini 17w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #govinda #lakshmipati #greatest #of #all #madhav #sarvottam #sing #praise #enjoy #hurray ��

    SING WITH ME!!!!

    श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम!
    -भव्या गोगिया

    हरि सर्वोत्तम, श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    लक्ष्मीनारायण श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    हरि सर्वोत्तम, श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    जयति जयति श्रीहरि पुरूषोत्तम
    कृष्ण देह मन सुंदर निरुपम
    अतुलित छवि सुख धाम तव रूपम
    चतुर्भुजाये शंख चक्र धारी
    पद्म गदा हस्त वैकुंठ विहारी
    अनुपम श्रीवत्स कौस्तुभ आभूषन
    हरि सर्वोत्तम, श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    लक्ष्मीनारायण श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    जयति जयति श्रीहरि पुरूषोत्तम
    उर्धव तिलक सुशोभित शिर पर
    सुदर्शन पंचजन्य श्रीधर
    अंगवस्त्र लोहित, लोहित वर्ण नयन
    लोहित अधर शेष क्षीर शयन
    पूर्ण चंद्र सम मुख अत्युत्तम
    हरि सर्वोत्तम, श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    लक्ष्मीनारायण श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    जयति जयति श्रीहरि पुरूषोत्तम
    नील मेघ वर्ण हेम वर्णा पति
    जय गोविंदा जय लक्ष्मीपति
    करुणा करो हे, दो निज शरण
    भजु प्रतिक्षण श्रीहरि चरण
    विनय करे नित नित सो मम मन
    हरि सर्वोत्तम, श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    लक्ष्मीनारायण श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    हरि सर्वोत्तम, श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम
    जयति जयति श्रीहरि पुरूषोत्तम


    ShriHari is the Greatest!
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Hari is the greatest, ShriHari is the greatest
    LakshmiNarayana, ShriHari is the greatest
    Hari is the greatest, ShriHari is the greatest
    Victory and Victory be to ShriHari who is the greatest among Men
    He has a Krishn(dark and attractive) body, his Mind is beautiful and Unmatched
    His body is unparalleled, and his form is the abode of bliss
    He has four arms which carry the conch (Shankh) and Discus (Chakra)
    He has Lotus and Mace in his hands, who sports in Vaikuntha
    He has the incomparable ShriVatsa and Kaustubh as his Jewels
    Hari is the greatest, ShriHari is the greatest
    LakshmiNarayana, ShriHari is the greatest
    Victory and Victory be to ShriHari who is the greatest among Men
    He has the Urdhav Tilak (U shaped Tilak) decorating his head
    He carries Sudarshan (Discus), Panchjanye (Shankh) and Shri
    His cloth is red, he has red coloured eyes
    His lips are red, he reclines on Sheshnaag on Ksheer Sagar (Ocean of Milk)
    His face is very enchanting like the full Moon
    Hari is the greatest, ShriHari is the greatest
    LakshmiNarayana, ShriHari is the greatest
    Victory and Victory be to ShriHari who is the greatest among Men
    His complexion is like the rain clouds and he is the husband of the golden complexioned Lady (Ma ShriLakshmi)
    Victory be to Govinda, Victory be to Husband of ShriLakshmi Ma
    Be kind on me, have mercy on me, give me your shelter
    May I always worship the lotus feet of ShriHari
    My mind prays this every single second, moments
    Hari is the greatest, ShriHari is the greatest
    LakshmiNarayana, ShriHari is the greatest
    Hari is the greatest, ShriHari is the greatest
    Victory and Victory be to ShriHari who is the greatest among Men

    Shri Madhavacharya Ji said 'Hari Sarvottam, Vayu Jeevottam' that is ShriHari is the greatest of all, and Vayu is the greatest among Jeevas. This is true, ShriHari is the greatest of all. He rules over everything!! Let's enjoy singing ShriHari Sarvottam- my little attempt to sing a song using this sweet phrase. ������

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner ☺��
    ���� ������ ��������������: 1.) All Devatas worship LakshmiNarayana including Shiv Ji and Brahma Dev
    2.) ShriVishnu reigns over, is the Antaryami of Shiv Ji and Brahma Dev, ShriVishnu is pure Satva
    3.) ShriKrishna himself says in Geeta that there is no truth superior to him. ❤����

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    श्रीहरि सर्वोत्तम!
    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • dennzz 17w

    A girl who sings,
    Who lived in her own world of fantasy,
    She never thought her dreams would collide,
    In the race with slippery time her words were the only one to live till the eternity.

  • phinaoma 17w

    Sing me a dream


    When my lids can't shut off this outter world
    And take me to the world beyond
    Where i re_experience and re_live my day
    Please sing me a dream
    I want a dreamy lullaby
    With lyrics non catchy
    I don't wanna see the bad moments of the day
    Sing me a lullaby
    With lyrics of peace
    Indulge happiness
    And beg calmness to cuddle me
    So when I finally dream on
    I would have to sing the song
    Of how you saved my night.

  • nita13 17w

    #sing @mirakee @mirakeeassistant @mirakeereposter @writersnetwork
    It seems that parents should love there children equally .But unfortunately isn't in every case.
    Lisa was n unplanned child she had born when her parents just graduated fromUniversity .Unfortunately they have perceived the birth of the child as a huge obstacles to their happiness they wanted to pursue a career ,but as they had a child they had many difficulties with it.Then grandparents decided to take care of their granddaughter .Infact they insisted the birth of the child against abortion.
    So like this time passed . Finally young parents managed to find good jobs and settled down and Lisa started living with them .However the girl did not get the love n atteintion to her n they started their business. Both the parents focused more on their work than their little daughter .When Lisa was 4 yrs old her mother became pregnant again .However this time was a desired pregnancy .The parents were looking anxiously for the appearance for the second daughter. When Lisa sister Roise was born everyone was very happy .The parents love their baby n gave her all the attention .
    Lisa was looking at the situation n thinking why was sister getting everything but she wasn't .She was very sad because she was not receiving the love that only parents could give her.
    Later Lisa was sent to the village where her grandparents lived for all her summer vacation .At end of the vacation they were too lazy to pick up her. They asked Lisa to take the bus n get to the city herself. Lisa asked her grandparents if she could stay with them n do her schooling here. Her grandparents accepted n they loved here granddaughter very much. When Lisa's parents found out about her decision , they were very happy.
    After that Lisa became a villager.She was going to school n was making friends. Lisa's voice was very sweet. She could SING very well. Every evening ,she used to shill her grandparents mood with her singing.
    Several years passed, Lisa completed her schooling n came to the city to live with her parents. But when she came her parents didn't even asked that how was she know that her parents hated her, but she still continued to love them. She loved them as she moved into rearms of FANTASY that one day , they would return her love the relationship between Lisa n rosie was not good enough. Rosie used to blame Lisa for her own mistakes.The Parents always believed Rosie n punished their elders daughter for what she hasn't done.
    So, like this yrs passed n Lisa had to take care herself. On the other hand Rosie was growing up spoiled n arregent .Lisa graduated with honors n even got a scholarship to study at a university in another city.Her university had rent her a nice apartment but they didn't want to do it. Lisa started packing up her things before morning out.But her parents didn't even noticed that she was leaving. Before leaving she wanted to buy some new clothes n asked her mother to accompany her. But her mother told her to go by herself n buy whatever she want.When the next morning she was heading to the store to buy some new clothes , she saw her parents n Rosie on the way. They had brought Rosie expensive clothes.Lisa approced them but her parents ignored her. Having return home, the girl burst into tears as she understood that her parents didn't need her. And with a heavy heart ,she left for university .
    5 yrs passed n Lisa graduated from the University .After Lisa left home, she almost never saw her parents n sisters.Once or twice a year , she went home but no one was waiting for her. But she still missed her parents n sister.
    Lisa graduated from the University n was one of the best student in the University .Immediate after graduation, one company offered her job with a good salary.She finally realized that her efforts were not waste.Soon she become a member of the team of the specialist .Everything in her life turn to be perfect expect with her relation with her family .
    One day Lisa's mother called her. Lisa was very happy on her mother call. Her mother didn't even asked her how she was doing n immediately came into the point for call.Her mother said that Rosie had a fall on the washroom as the floor was SLIPPERY.Her leg was broken n all their money had been spent on her surgery.Now they enough money for the business n their company is in the way of reuinal they had sell their property n car to save their company.Her mother asked Lisa for some amount money.It was a special moment for Lisa as she had never heard her mother calling her daughter.
    Lisa went to the nearest bank n transferred a significant amount of money to her mother.The next day , she called her mother to find out how they were doing n whether they have received the money,but no one answered.A week later her father called again to sent more money. He said that the money she sent last time wasn't enough. Lisa said that she will transfer the money as soon as possible.She was going to give most of her saving but before that she want to find someone on her family on social media. She was not able to find her family members but she easily find her sister sitting on a expensive restaurant with her mother.Her leg was too fine. All the photos have been uploaded after she transferred the money.Lisa couldn't believe it, she couldn't accept that her loved ones r stealing her.But she firmly decided not to send anymore money to them.
    A week after that her mother called her complaining her that she still didn't sent the money.Lisa hang up the call because she was feeling terrible n changed her phone number she was not willing to listen to her upsetting words.Lisa accepted the fact that her parents never loved her n decided n not to keep any relation with them. She only thought that she just had a COLLIDE with them on the way of her life.

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    "Lisa's Fortune"

    The most perfect thing for a child is parents so..... don't be a devil for ur child be a angel

  • silverjade69 17w

    Sing the slippery truth of our fantasy lives that will collide

    My beloved I long for our souls to collide.
    But I fear that our lives may have become to slippery.
    We must get our lives on the right path, or our fantasy want come to pass.
    The time is near, soon you will hear my heart sing out for you. I hope you hear it?
    This time our lives will intertwine and our souls will become one.

  • davidtalks 17w

    I sing the love song
    So that
    We can
    Dance in romance
    Holding hands
    To collide and unite
    Not falling
    To the slippery
    Ground of break-up
    That cause
    The injury of heartbreak
    That's a fantasy
    But our relationship
    Will never die
    It lives forever

  • divyachauhan 17w

    When I sing, my words collide, as I don't remember the lyrics all the time, cause at the same moment I slip down to my fantasy world, where nothing remains stable as my slippers are quite slippery at that time.

  • nixiefiksi 17w


    Under the moonlit sky,
    listening to the soothing melody you're singing, we dance gracefully..
    Everything is clearly beautiful at a moment,
    As living in one of the sweetest dreams..

    Sadly, I stand on the slippery floor, trip and fell,
    Then, the reality of life collides with the fantasy of love..
    Left me alone as a wreck in the corner of this round Earth..

  • ablaze_writer 17w

    {Ghost's Daydreams}

    On some snowy night as the ghost of memories collide my dreams, will they be pleased to see grief, anger, guilt beautified in ways to make a wish?
    Will they witness murder of my innocent dreams?
    the one's I had when my fantasies were keen, now transformed into repressed scribbles of lives demanding to be noticed by the past, screaming to be heard in the form melancholia songs. The dream where everything is an illusion. You,me the time we shared together, the slippery fields of sunflower, the myriads of waves and sky reflecting back onto the tears fresh out of not so often fears.
    Sun comes up and brings back memories of good dreams.
    But I ask will the ghosts sing the melody of eternal death's daydreams?

  • _mylittletales_ 17w

    She sings songs of melancholy
    Lives in her own delusional slippery galaxy.
    Then she collided with a moon one night
    Shining,blazing and emitting bright light.
    Moon taught her how to relish solitude
    They talked and her singing continued.
    Now she is singing songs depicting ecstasy
    And her reality illuminated by her fantasy.