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  • shre_ya55 1d

    अमूल्य है नारी

    अमूल्य है नारी का त्याग बलिदान।
    इतिहास भी करे इनका गुणगान।।

    कभी बेटी कभी बहन कभी किसी की मां।
    किरदार है कई, अन्नय है इनकी भूमिका।।

    कभी ना बताती , क्या हाल है इनका।
    पर रखती है ,खयाल ये सबका।।

    देश के रक्षा के खातिर, सौंप दिया पुत्र हजार।
    छलनी हो गया मां का सीना ,जब पुत्र लौट ना आया द्वार।।

    मदर टेरेसा, लक्ष्मी बाई, रजिया सुल्तान के रूप में।
    धरती मां का गर्व बनी है, बारिश हो या धूप में।।

    नारी हर रूप में होती है प्रेम का भंडार।
    नहीं समझती है ये, रिश्तों का व्यापार।।

    शिक्षित हो जो नारी, बनेगी घर का अभिमान।
    करेगी देश को रोशन। करेगी जग में नाम।।

    सहनशीलता की देवी है, नारी होना नहीं आसान।
    लड़ती है कदम कदम पर, सर्वोपरि है इनका मान सम्मान।।

    अमूल्य है नारी का त्याग बलिदान।
    इतिहास भी करता है इनका गुणगान।।

  • hawaii 2d

    Happy Birthday Cena! (a.k.a Jemaix, Hope, Moon-Eye,.... lol)

    My better half
    strong and tough
    a little reckless and rough
    you're more than enough
    I'm so blessed to have you
    I could tease you
    laugh with you
    play with you
    cry with you
    cause lately it been us two

    You know me better than anyone
    With you I'm an idiot having fun
    I'm the moon and you're my sun
    With you I can be myself
    With me you can be yourself
    You know my inner and outer shell

    You are a goddess walking on earth
    All the wealth in this earth
    couldn't match you worth
    My true friend
    who will be with me till the end
    My best friend

    Today is your day
    Happy Birthday!
    Eventhough I'm far away
    My heart is with you always
    I have nothing to give away
    So this is all I can say
    "I will love you till the stars go away"
    "till I stop living and my breath goes away"
    "thank you for all the good and bad days"

    -Your loving annoying brother (©hawaii)

    #family #sister #birthday #siblings

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    Happy Birthday Cena! (a.k.a Jemaix, Hope, Moon-Eye.... lol)

    I'd rather have no one else
    I'm not sure there are many like us
    You know my inner most thoughts
    and my little and big secrets
    I have no regrets
    I thank God for this person I call "sister"
    May the Almighty bless and guide you always
    I look forward to seeing you soon!


  • truman 3d

    #mirakee #sister #brosislove #didi #hindiwriters #भाईबहन #Truman #mirakeeworld

    भाई बहन का प्यार सबसे निराला होता है। दिन भर झगड़ा और मस्ती यही इनकी दुनिया होती है।
    वैसे मेरी बहन नही है , और मेरी जिंदगी का एक हिस्सा उसके बिना खाली है। फिर भी एक छोटा सा प्रयास बहन के लिए कविता के माध्यम से।

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    किलकारियां जोर जोर से वो करती है,
    पापा की डांट मुझे जब पड़ती है,
    अजीब सा मुंह वो बनाती है
    मां मुझे जब ज्यादा प्यार करती है।

    मेरी हर बात को ऐसे बताती है
    जैसे सारी गलतियां मैं ही करता हू।
    आलसी, पागल और क्या नहीं कहती ,
    जब मैं अपने में मस्त रहता हूं।

    नखरे उसके बहुत है वैसे
    हर बात छुपाने के मांगती पैसे।
    खुद गलतियों का अंबार लगती
    पर जताती मैं बुरा हूं जैसे।

    पर हां, उसके बिना घर सूना सा लगता
    हो वो तो हर पल आसान लगता,
    मां के सुकून में वो है बसती
    पापा की मुस्कान का है वो रास्ता।

    दुखी देख मुझे वो परेशान होती,
    हर पल मेरे संग वो रहती ।
    मेरे पसंद की वो हर बात करती,
    मेरे लिए वो दुनिया से लड़ती।

    यादें उसकी ही दि हुई है
    मेरी प्यारी सी ' दी ' वही है।
    चहचहाती सी उसकी हंसी है,
    बहना मेरी, सबसे सही है।

  • sandeep_indraganti 1w

    She : How will you look after me?

    He : I will Protect you like a Warrior
    I will Care for you like a Father

    I will Comfort you like a Mother
    I will Understand you like a Sister

    I will Support you Like a Friend
    I will Love you Like a Husband

    I will Cherish you Like a Lover and
    I will Walk with you Forever


  • good_soul 1w

    Devotion of a Mother,
    It surpasses all the other!

    Her love is an Ocean
    Of which we aren't worthy,

    Her cries are full of emotions...
    Her anger is just Her blissful mercy.

    Her care is an immense Galaxy
    Her affectionate words are it's bright stars,

    Her sixth sense is an evidence of Her majesty!
    All the Perfection in this world is rightly Her's.

    Her Universal Form is Eternal
    She lives in each and every heart...

    All the love in this world is merely maternal!
    Without Her presence, everything would go inert.

    She incarnates Herself as per a man's needs
    All Her different forms are eptiomes of Love...

    All Her life She sweats and She bleeds...
    Her Natural Affinity for him is all above.

    She's born as a Sister,
    But a Saviour for life...

    As Supportive as the elders,
    As Innocent as a child.

    She's there as an Aunt,
    Always ready to sacrifice...

    When Mom is what we want,
    She's always there in Her disguise.

    She's coupled as a Lover,
    A Perfect Partner for life...

    Sketching his life with each and every colour,
    Being a Recharger, at times when he's dried up inside!

    She's a humble holy Cow,
    Providing Her children with milk...

    But they don't even mumble a sorry, they don't even bow...
    Before slaughtering thier own Mother, Who's Heart is as soft as silk!

    She's present there as Lady Nature,
    Pleasing us with Her wonders and beauty!

    Weeping everyday for the loss of each and every creature...
    She's being torn asunder, everyone has forgotten their duties.

    She's bearing us as Mother Earth,
    Oh! How we've become Her cause of burden...

    How badly She is trying to converse...
    Oh! Only if we so kindly hearken.

    Go out searching for Love,
    There's only one personality you would discover...


    The Love of a Mother...
    Is supremely above than any other.


    #mother #love #mom #maa #motherlyaffection #motherearth #mothernature #sister #aunt #lover #wife #partner #cow #krishna #motheryashoda #yashoda #vrindavana #goloka #god

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    M a a

  • aditya_pandey1303 2w

    Fight between
    Brother and sister are awesome
    They can be sad
    for some time
    but they don't leave
    each other

  • iexist 2w


    Armoring me from the world’s cruelty
    Protecting me always
    To make me happy,
    You know hundreds of ways.
    When I am with you
    I feel like the tinniest person alive
    When I am with you
    I feel so brainless and naïve
    I can feel your presence
    Even if we are far apart
    It will seem unnatural
    If I call you smart.
    We laugh at each other
    Call each other by stupid names
    Mimicking each other
    Playing senseless games!
    Irritating you
    Is the best feeling ever!
    Making you angry
    I always try to endeavor
    Nonetheless, I can’t deny
    That the time I spend with you is the greatest.
    You are incomparable
    For you are the best
    You protect me like a shield
    And fight for me like a sword.
    Your each and every quality
    I have always adored.
    Whenever I am stuck in confusion.
    You always come to my rescue
    For everything you have done for me
    I want to give you a heart full thank you..

  • iexist 3w


    While i cried on his shoulder
    He stood next to me
    Without making no noise
    He stood there with serenity.
    My muffled voice
    Filled the air
    I could feel his presence
    Slowly, his hands rose up
    And landed up on my shoulders
    My elder brother's arm so heavy
    His hands felt like boulders!
    He embraced me
    And stroked my hair
    Gradually, we settled down
    And sat down on the stair
    I didn't let go of him
    And he didn't let go of me
    Curled up into each others arms
    We slept there peacefully
    Thats my brother
    The brother who scares
    Thats my brother
    The brother who cares.
    Often called the unsympathetic one
    Often thought of as careless
    Believe me, you are not cruel
    Nor are you a total mess


  • izingizer 3w


    More than couple of months Gone like a whisker 

    Since you left us leaving in teary pools of despair







  • k_i_n_g_32 3w

    others : my life my
    me : my life my sister

  • mehna_2006 7w

    Life was really good.
    Until i knew my sister.
    But without her.
    my life will be Hell without the devil.


  • vidhya_prabha 7w


    You haven't carried me
    in your womb
    Yet you are my mother

    Even how much we'll fight
    You are the one who
    came first to hug me tight

    Our bond knitted with Scratching
    and pulling each other's hair
    But that every cute story
    Has your immense care

    As the earth revolve
    Around the sun
    You are that mother earth
    I'm proud to be that s(o)n

    I still scare from
    Your silly blackmails
    But now want to go
    Back and relive those tales

    You are a precious
    Part of my world
    Whose love care and argues
    Wouldn't be enough to
    penned down with words

    We are miles apart
    But I love you
    From all my heart


    #pod #sister #love#mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork

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  • novonwriting 7w


    Once a boy found someone.
    But never seen before.
    Thinks a lot,
    Never reached and edge of answer.

    Asks clue to mother .
    Then father and nearly whole surrounding
    Just an answer.
    She is your special.

    Though of different creatures came,
    But founds that, it's our own.
    All the questions vanished.
    Without any answers.

    One thing left.
    Never able to understand her mood.
    Sometimes cares and loves like mother,
    And even times like neighbours black dog.

    Although she makes to love her,
    And faster for a big hate.
    She is a brother's whole and soul.
    Love filled in million bowls.

    Even after all circumstances.
    All understands.
    And says : Don't mind.
    It's just a lovely Sister.


  • mirakeehumor 8w

    बड़ी बहन "माँ" की तरह होती है
    और छोटी "दादी माँ" की तरह

  • kashish__gupta 8w

    ##brother #sister#love#tag your brothers ☺️☺️
    @freindsforever --first Bro achhe vale mirakee pr
    @childauthor_345 ��☺️��care krne vala ik or pagal bhai ����
    @amateur_skm ,@depressive_peoples_ -first chhoti bolne vale mirakee pr jo mera nick name h ������
    @itsnav-- pagal bhai ik number ka

    Sorry late tag kiya ��������
    #poetry #lover

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    तु हर राह पर मेरा साथ दे
    कुछ ऐसी ही तम्मना रखूंगी तुझसे...
    तु हर राह पर मेरा साथ दे
    कुछ ऐसी ही तम्मना रखूंगी तुझसे..
    भाई तू तो मेरी जान है ..
    तेरे साथ रही या ना रहूं
    पर परछाई जैसे तेरे पास रहूंगी मै

  • angel_sneha 9w

    Everyone has the one
    Special person in life
    For me , that's you..


  • deepflowsoul 10w


    Nothing makes my heart sing quite like mutual gratitude and shared love!
    We all breathe under broken wings,
    A bunch of passionate mourning doves.
    When two souls meet, and carry each other,
    We embrace our truths as sister and brother!

  • goddess_of_beauty 10w

    To my sister Rose,
    Today I saw your bright smile,
    I listened to your funny stories.
    Your voice is full of excitements.
    And I looked at you.
    Your face is warm.
    There's no tears and pain.
    Then I smiled.
    I hope you often smile bright like today.
    I hope no more tears and pain
    And be the woman I saw to you, today.
    Who looks more hapyy.
    And again to my sister Rose,
    I sincerely hoping your happiness in life.

    #HopeYourHappinessInLife. #SisterRose #Sister'sLove

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    I hope your happiness in life.

  • ndichuu 11w


    Gentle as a zephyr.
    To my scars you're a healer.
    You are my escape when I'm bitter.
    You bring merry to my inner.
    Like cherrywine, your blood is rare and sweeter.
    How I love you my lovely sister.


  • parthvegad 11w

    What Is HAPPINESS (?)

    When A Little Kid Accepts one
    Chocolate From You And You gave
    Them Lot's Of And The Smile
    Come On Thier Face It's called

    When You Never Celebrate Your
    Mother's Birthday And One B'day
    She Was Sleeping And At 12:00 p.m.
    You Give Surprise,,.And The Smile
    Come On her Sleepy Face It's Called

    When Your Father Never Except
    More Percentage From You And
    You Top In Class��...And The Smile
    Come On Shocked Face It's Called

    Once A Night You Come From Work
    And You Take A Chocolate Cake for
    Your Sister And The Smile
    Come On Cute Face It's Called

    In Life Give Your Family A
    Small Happiness....
    Because It's Small For You
    But It's very Big Reason To
    Make Them Happy ��

    #happiness #happy #child #brother #sister #father #mother #work #cake #chocolate #parth_vegad

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