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  • krishnajha 1w

    मुक्तखोरी नई रीत

    भेड़ो की झुंड की औकात देखो
    नया नुमाइन्दा लाया है
    लालच है बिना मेहनत के पाने की
    तृष्टिकरण को नई राह दिखाने की
    मिलाप कहां है शेरो में ..
    सदियां इसकी गवाह है
    खड़े है कई जयचंद राह में
    सुनहरा भविष्य ..
    सेक्युलर होने पर बलिदान है
    खड़े है राख़ की ढेर पर
    हैसियत बताने को !
    चिंगारी धुंआ है
    कल्पना इक रोशनजंहा है...

  • chappsyo 2w

    Virtual Reality

    When you are lost in a chat, your tyres do get flat,

    it's good to make it a not, in the urge to get a knot and

    that's a way to be smart without a second thought ‍♂️

  • krishnajha 3w

    तूफानों से निकले, तूफानों में पले,
    मझदार में कश्ती
    है हम भारतवंशी
    अपनी दिलदारी का रोना
    संविधान के परदे तले...
    गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं


  • susiewp 4w


    Everytime I open social media
    I feel like a failure
    In every aspect of life


  • 321_butterfly_321 4w

    गैरो से नजदीकी बढ़ाते-बढ़ाते,
    अपनों को पीछे छोड़ दिया मैंने ।।

  • faisal_khan 4w

    19th Jan Sunday market and Sunday sale of our emotions
    #social #media #inspiration #friendship #diary #thoughts #poetry #life #travel #love #nature

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    Love is a good reason for everything to fall apart...


  • emotional_reader 4w

    Missed Connection

    Amazing how a text message conveying affection
    Regarded as a few lines of dejection
    Amazing how a photo of joviality,
    Regarded as a fallacy
    Amazing how a video of life's best moments,
    Ignites a fire of jealousy, a ring of volcanic
    comments surging with scorching words
    Amazing how my likes and comments strikes
    another's conscience.
    Belittling their importance since being popular
    means everything
    Having the most followers means being a valid
    member of society.
    Amazing how the fame of being a social media
    phenomenon is the best thing in the
    Nothing could replace the missed connection that you and I share.
    Among the shared posts and counterfeit
    feelings of emojis,
    We lose what it means to connect to one another
    Rather than living in life's moments
    Everything is about me,me,me
    not you, 'cause my posts matter more or my self-esteem
    A missed connection of what reality means,
    Above the ubiquitous screens emitting blue light
    Fill in all of these captured memories
    Not through a glowing device,but through eyes of authenticity
    Experiencing what it means to cross the bridge between an idealized world to mundane.
    A missed connection of what reality means
    For once, put down that screen and live in reality with me.

  • faisal_khan 5w

    We are lonely in the real world
    But we are surrounded by millions on social media
    We are a sad generation
    But busy posting happy pictures on social media !!!

  • khwahishaan 5w

    नमस्कार, अस्सलामु अलैकुम, सत्य श्री अकाल,गुड मॉर्निंग,जय हिंद

    दोस्तो हमारी पहली प्रतियोगिता में आपका बढ़ चढ़कर भाग लेने के लिए तहेदिल से शुक्रिया, इसके जरिये हमें बहुत अच्छी रचनाएँ पढ़ने को मिली,जिसके कारण हमारी आगे के लिए काफी राहें खुली लेकिन अफसोस किन्ही दो को हमारी पहली प्रतियोगिता में चुनने की कोशिश थी इसलिए ख़्वाहिशाँ टीम के मुताबिक हमारी पहली प्रतियोगिता की दूसरी विजेता��
    @ritupandey007 ��( बाप बेटी और दहेज ) रहेंगी जिनको हम सर्टिफिकेट के साथ हमारी एक किताब भेंट करेंगे। 27 वर्षीय इलाहाबाद (प्रयागराज) निवासी ऋतु पांडेय का परिचय वो बीएससी के अलावा कानून की पढ़ाई की हुई लेखिका है जो सामाजिक व महिलाओ से जुड़े मुद्दों पर खासकर लिखती है। साथ ही हमारे दूसरे प्रतिभागी निराश ना हो वो हमारे साथ जुड़े रहे हमारी कोशिश रहेगी जल्द ज्यादा विजेताओं के साथ एक दिलचस्प मुहीम चलाई जाये जिसके लिए हमें आपके सुझावों की खास जरूरत है।
    टीम ख़्वाहिशाँ
    #mirakee #mirakeeindia #mirakeeworld #instagramwriters #instagram#womenempowerment #dowry #social #writer #life #pain #contest #khwahishaan

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  • arowyn 5w

    Socially Unacceptable

    Something made me blush
    A stupid, little game
    A conversation
    Littered with frustration
    And garnished with my shame

    I said something I shall regret
    Something sharp and small
    But still it bites
    And is sure to ignite
    Embarrassment beyond all.

    But I realized something yesterday
    A tiny sliver of hope
    Someone reminded me
    And confided in me
    Which told me how to cope.

    She reminded me about something she said
    Obviously gnawing her mind
    Something little
    But a seemingly brittle
    Situation in sight.

    She told about a conversation
    That happened just two months ago
    And I must confess
    My surprise to attest
    That I had forgotten the show!

    If I had did it I surely would have
    Dwelt on it far too long
    Dissected and picked
    Prodded and nicked
    Until the shame had become strong.

    And so I realized something I needed
    To know most of my life:
    That most people forget
    And they won't dwell on it
    Even in your strife.

    For Copernicus rung
    To call my ego
    To slap it into check:
    The entire world doesn't revolve around me,
    And I'm just another card in the deck.


  • vandanarani7 6w

    My story

    Itna kuch ho gaya ,tab bhi bado ke dil me wahi jaat,biradari ki baate aati hai,chahe biradari wale kitne hi kharaab ho,par samaaj ke dar se ,log kya kahege is dar se ,baap apni beti ko narak me jhok deta hai.....kya ye sahi hai❓10*01*20

  • addictiontowrite 6w

    दावानल के महाप्रलय में
    बेजुबान भी चीख उठा
    था जहाँ बसेरा उसका
    संग उसी के जल उठा
    छुप गया सूरज भी उस दिन
    इस राख के गुबार में
    फिर भी तपती रही धरती
    अपने दामन की आग में
    त्राहि-त्राहि हर पशु कर उठा
    माँ का आँचल जलता देख
    लग गए छाती से उसकी
    अपने अंत समय को देख
    कुदरत भी हैरान थी
    इस मिलन को देख कर
    शायद वो अश्रु की धारा ही थी
    फुट पड़ी जो ममता देख कर...✍️

  • piyushjha0 6w


    सभी के साथ, जो मिल बैठे वो पानी हैं।
    कभी कुछ भी, जो कर बैठे वो जवानी हैं।
    हमारी और तुम्हारी मोहब्बत भी, कहानी हैं।
    जो कभी मिल बैठे तो कत्ल-ऐ-आम मचानी हैं।

  • shivanjal 7w

    Kiss baat par itna gooman karu.
    Jo kab tak jiunga iska koi pramaan nahi.
    Kya kamaya kya gawaya iska kuch pata nhi.
    Ijjat kai saath upar jayenge ya sarm kai saagar mai doobke mur jayenge.
    Sarir ko bhi apne hi aag lagayenge.
    Naam kai aage swargiy likhwayenge.
    Lagta hai uparwale nai unhe chiti likhi hai ki aapke ghar ke bujurg ko swarg mai bharti mili hai.

  • writerpratik 7w

    I am not antisocial person.

    I have just different perspectives outside of biased beliefs.

  • amina_writes 7w


    A society is a group of people
    living together as a community,
    People who are knotted tightly
    with the threads of humanity.
    No, this is not what I believe,
    Maybe the word society is what
    I have always misconceive.
    Since my adolescence I have seen
    Society in a stereotypical way,
    Where people are interpreting
    the words you will say.
    For me the word "SOCIETY"
    is a group of people always
    judging you for your deeds,
    The one's who will not set you free
    until you bleed.
    The people who will raise questions
    on your dark skin tone,
    Today, I will tell you that I'm happy
    with the color of my body that I own.
    The people who will judge you
    by the amount of fat on your skin,
    Tell them my dear it is biologically
    related to your kin.
    The people who will label you
    with the names based on your clothing,
    Those eyes piercing your soul,
    will give you a hard bloating.
    The people who will tell you
    to keep your mouth shut,
    Don't tell your disastrous past
    or you will be called a SLUT.
    The people who will cut your wings
    and not let you fly,
    Don't be afraid my child
    your struggles will surely pay you high.
    This society will not let you live,
    Either you are good or bad
    Just believe in the one who is
    THE ALMIGHTY and don't be sad.

  • inkandfeather 8w


    If you want to do social work and help lift someone fallen, you need to first learn to bend.



  • harsh_hitman_45 9w

    The citizenship amendment bill 2019 is now a law after president of India cleared it. The citizenship act seeks to amend the definition of illegal immigrant for Hindu, sikh, parsi Buddhist and Christian (except MUSLIMS) immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have loved in India without documentation. They will be granted fast-track Indian citizenship in six years. So far 12 years of residence has been the standard eligibility requirement for naturalisation.

    The cut off date for citizenship is December 31, 2014 which means the applicant should have entered India on or before this date.

    Indian citizenship under present law, is given either to those who born in india or if they have resided in the country for minimum of 11 years.

    Government's logic --
    They says these minority groups have come escaping persecution in Muslim majority nation. However they logic is not consistent - the bill does not protect all religious minorities, nor does it apply to all neighbour nations.
    The ahmedia Muslim sect and even shias face discrimination in pakistan. Rohingya Muslims and Hindus face persecution ik burma, and Hindu and Christian tamils in srilanka. The government responds that Muslims can seek refuge in Islamic nations,

    Large protests against this in different states specially in Assam and tripura because of---

    1) fear of large scale of influx of outsiders.
    2) lakhs of Bengali Hindus living as illegal immigrants will get citizenship.

    The inner line permit is a permit given by state government Without which any Indian from outside the state can not visit or settle there.
    Exemption in cab- the area comes under the sixth schedule of constitution.

    This is all about citizenship amendment bill 2019.

    Now I'm sharing some of my views on cab.
    I'm not at all in favour of this bill,
    India already suffers from unemployment, poverty and many more things. And government are inviting outsiders to come and take citizenship. Safety of our country can also bhi hurt.
    Maybe the govt did it to Distract people from real issues like unemployment, growth rate and all the imp issues.
    Basically it promotes illegal immigration.
    That's all...

    #CAB #social #issue #immigration #protests #asaam #india #goverment #illegal #amendement #states
    Comment below and share your views about it��

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    Citizenship amendment bill 2019

    What is it?
    Promotes illegal immigration???
    It's big I know but you should know what's going on in India.
    Read the caption please.

  • thoughtvik 10w

    New phase

    Starting new course of life.

    Quitting job and

    Starting to learn thought mechanism.

    Interested people can join.


  • krishnajha 10w


    राष्ट्र हित आज की बड़ी समस्या है
    फैसले इतने कड़े है
    सदियों से जमी सोच की धूल
    आंधी की ब्यार सी बनने लगी है
    डर नही फिर भी डर का माहौल बनाया है
    जिनकी हिम्मत नही
    पूर्बजों के फैसले सुधारने की
    अंधी मेरे देश की जनता
    हिंदुस्तानी कहने को
    न जाने क्यू कतरा रही.....