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  • dewyeyed 2d


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  • yourkindofyellow 3d

    No, it is not just a feeling of falling in love with you -- it is actually more than that.
    You have given me this bizarre feeling 
    of falling in love with simple little things.
    Through all life's many uncertain surprises, 
    You made me realize that there is more beauty than what I am seeing.
    You taught me to slow down, 
    to take a deep breath, 
    and to fall in love with life...

  • mrstoryteller 4d

    You 2

    I want to express;
    Not to impress.
    To someone who has eyes opened;
    But emotions closed.
    For now, for sure;
    Still a part of me longing for that slit hole;
    A key to open what is closed.
    For tomorrow.


  • mrstoryteller 4d


    You left me unanswered;
    I still waiting for answers.
    Knowing you won't talk now;
    Still I am clouded by emotions.
    I know you carry an umbrella;
    When it starts to rain.
    I hope someday;
    That umbrella will fly away.


  • your_someone 5d

    Hey ,
    You know what happened today that made the whole world shook?.
    Do you?.
    No .
    Your smile.
    Because your smile was what they were captivated of.
    Did you see them grief yesterday as your tears dropped?.
    That is why you think you don't matter.
    You matter dear.
    A lot.
    A lot more than you think.
    I won't take long today but just wanted to help you see.
    People will be moved once they see the real you.
    You have those powers of kindness inside you.
    And deep inside me I know ,
    How you will be .
    You see you're not alone in this fight.
    I'll be by your side until the end.
    But you'll have to fight on your own .
    This is your fight.
    But I'll be there.
    As always .
    Waiting for you to return.


    The day the snowflakes will fall right above your head and yet you'll enjoy them.
    For they have waited a thousand years for you to notice them.
    For I wil have tears in my eyes that hour.
    And you'll be what you were meant to be.
    The winter I'll be waiting beside you.
    Until that winter,

    With lots of love,
    Your someone.��❤️


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    The snow will fall and you'll see.
    That your beauty is not much less then theirs.
    And still enjoy the winter ,
    With me watching from afar.


  • inaitsa_elevent 5d

    your tear is gold

    Your tears is gold for me, don't drop it, it's very precious, don't ever be sad when it's with me

  • bevan_babuu 1w


    Benaam rishte ka na
    Jane Kaisa ehsaas hai
    Baat tak nahi krti fir bhi
    Na Jane kyun khaas hai

    Ehsaas nahi tmko me pyaar karu kitna..


  • lezysul 1w


    I used to think I was being too picky but fuck that.

    You deserve someone who wants to know about you.
    You deserve someone who wants to hear about ur dreams as You hear theirs.
    You deserve someone who accept ur "past" without judging.
    You deserve same energy n effort You release.


  • your_someone 1w

    Today the breeze was down .
    So I knew you will be too.
    You adored the breeze so much for that.
    And it didn't visit today.
    It's okay dear ,
    I'm here.
    I'll scold it tomorrow for being late.
    There . You'll be okay.
    I'm not giving you fake hopes.
    I promise the first thing you meet tomorrow will the breeze.
    I'll make sure you do.
    The breeze lives only a few blocks away ,
    So it won't be late .
    The breeze loves you too much to leave you alone with people.
    Just the way I do .
    You're too dear to leave my one .
    Whoever left did a great mistake .
    I'm sure they regret it now.
    Because you see most important things value is felt after we leave them .
    Don't cry and waste your tears for them .
    But if you want a shoulder ,
    I'll just give you a shoulder.
    Without words I'll comfort you.
    Without my presence i'll make you feel warm.
    You're too special.
    You're too good.
    And that's your speciality.

    I hope you know that one day.


    You shall be whom you want to be.
    And I'll wait as always.
    For I'll wish all the happiness in this world .
    Because you deserve it.

    With love ,
    Your someone ❣️��

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    #love_through_posts #love_for_you #love #life #foryou #me #someone

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    Those who left shall regret.
    For those who forgot shall remember.
    They who laughed at tears.
    And who cried at your smiles.
    For I have seen yet stayed.
    For you and only you.


  • bevan_babuu 1w


    Dear God
    the girl I love
    is in the worst time
    of her life, make her
    life beautiful and
    give me whatever
    Her sorrows troubles are
    and fulfill all her dreams


  • wakandu 1w

    Shadi me hi bula lena

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    I wish you all the best and maybe someday we might even meet again

  • xting_tha_shrink 1w

    What COLD WORLD is it to be ALONE

    An era of moral degradation, an epoch of loose commitment;
    A time when the truth doesn’t matter, whistle blowers demands to be paid;
    There’s neither brotherly love nor communal living, Primitive actions dominate the normal;
    Our Leaders place value on things without life, they care-less for the Displaced;
    There’s neither transformation nor revolution, they even shut Doors of solution;

    But we gave them power over us, all of it so they would protect us;
    Yet they stand by while we suffer alone in this Cold and Brutish world;
    Only if they were available for us, THE PEOPLE and not for their pockets;
    Leaving EVERYMAN for himself, though little is what we can do by ourselves;
    This is not the time to be alone, We're stronger together so we need someone

  • devakshi66 2w

    #someone #dairy writer#for self # just be what you are

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    Kuch mujhmein hi reh gye

    खत एक लिखना था कुछ अल्फ़ाज़ बाकी रह गए
    सोचा फिर हाल-ए-दिल बयां करूं पर कुछ किस्से अधूरे रह गए
    मैं तुमसे शिकायत भी क्या करूं खुद को तुम मुझ में ही भूल गए
    मैं वापस तुम्हें करूं भी क्या वह लम्हे तो बीत गए
    मैं तुम्हें डायरी के पन्नों में समेट रही हूं
    लगता है तुम कहानी बन गए
    मैं तो रात थी और तुम धूप की किरणों की तरह फैल गए
    तुम तो मुझे जानते भी नहीं फिर भी मुझे हमसा कर गए....✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️

  • bevan_babuu 2w


    Sab kahte hai kamyab
    Bno zindagi mein inme wo
    bhi h jisse me pyaar krta hu
    Par inhe kon smjhay ki
    kamyab to hum pal bhar me
    ho skte hai Par kamyab hone
    ke bad wo sath na ho to kamyabi
    kis baat ki


  • your_someone 2w

    My dear forgive me if you can,
    I did a horrible mistake.
    I left for days and didn't return.
    I thought you needed some time alone.
    Some time without me.
    I couldn't help but feel guilty for leaving you alone in this cold world without anyone.
    I am sorry if there was no one for you to open to curtains and let the sunshine in.
    I am sorry if there was no one to cheer you at you most bad days.
    I am sorry if no one smiled at you , just to make you smile.
    I am sorry if no-one gave you a shoulder when you cried.
    But I am here my dear.
    I'm here.
    I'm here to make it up for all those lonely days you spent.
    But somewhere in my heart ,
    I know that you are strong.
    That you're not that weak how people tell you.
    I know that you're not afraid.
    Not afraid of telling the truth which people usually ignore.
    You're the most important person for me.
    You will always be.
    Because how much of pain you took in these years are more than I could.
    I hope you know that you are loved and wanted somewhere on this planet.
    If you find a place to be yourself and let loose of all the restrictions,
    You are always wecome here my dear.
    The door will always be open for you.
    This place will always be waiting for you.
    I hope you know that.


    Smile (◕ᴗ◕✿)
    And remember,
    It's okay to cry .

    With lots of love ,
    Your someone.❣️��

    #love_through_posts #love_for_you #love #foryou #life #someone.
    @mirakee @writernetworks.

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    My dear ,
    Forgive me if you can.


  • salosalo 3w

    Mr mysterious

    Mr mysterious be my mystery
    Till mystify solved
    Roaming round the corner
    Heaven only knows where you are now
    Stranger Mr , Mr mystery
    That day won't be long,
    The day we cross our path

  • bevan_babuu 3w


    Bina chhuye bhi pyaar karna
    Wo hai mohabbat
    Juda rah ke bhi sath chalana
    Wo hai mohabbat
    Har roz usi ko chunna
    Wo hai mohabbat

    Happy valentines day my love


  • rajeev_parit 4w

    Dil maang raha h mohlat....

    Dil Mang Raha Hai Mohlat
    Tere Saath Dhadakne Ki
    Tere Naam Se Jine Ki
    Tere Naam Se Marne Ki

    Dil Maang Raha Hai Mohlat
    Tere Saath Dhadakne Ki
    Tere Naam Se Jine Ki
    Tere Naam Se Marne Ki

    Tere Sang Chalu Herdam
    Banker Ke Perchhai
    Ek Baar Ijaazat De
    Mujhe Tujhme Dhalne Ki

    Dekha He Jabse Tumko
    Maine Ye Jana Hai
    Mere Khaawhish Ke Sheher Mein
    Bas Tera Thikana Hai

    Main Bhul Gaya Khud Ko Bhi
    Bas Yaad Raha Ab Tu
    Aa Teri Hatheli Pe
    Iss Dil Ko Main Rakhdu

    Dil Bol Raha Hai Hasrat
    Har Had Se Gujarne Ki
    Tere Naam Se Jine Ki
    Tere Naam Se Marne Ki

    Dil Maang Raha Hai Mohlat
    Tere Saath Dhadakne Ki
    Tere Naam Se Jine Ki
    Tere Naam Se Marne Ki

  • ivak_lura_s 4w


    Life is not about People who weren't there for you or who dumped you, Life is about who was there for you,no matter what they faced or what they were going through.That Is Life..

  • for_love 3w


    Unh muflis ko bhi kisi ka dil ka sahara mille...
    Dub gayi hai jinhki duniya kisi ko dil de kar...