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  • chahat1samrat 1w

    God! Pls stop cramps
    No more periods

    I no wanna bleed more
    I no wanna love menses
    I no wanna future kids..
    When I saw old mother shelters
    At roadsides..
    When I found ill old mother work
    to feed her old I'll partner
    When I saw brothers
    fights for deciding mothers place
    When i saw wrinkled faced, tingling hands
    Try to work on roadside for their survival...

    Even mother beginning start from about 12
    After that every month she shed litres of blood
    Just to stay a future soul wid a kind heart in it...
    But now I think what matters n why????
    Only for
    Throwing old mothers on roadsides, fighting together for her little bites, deciding her place in wrinkled days..i
    I wish to god EITHER he
    may load a great mind in
    Today's generation for thier heaven the maa
    Stop. Girls menses
    Why she more face it...

    Pls love your mumma as much as yours partner
    C damage self to gifted u a beutiful heart, a well body , every organ which works to motor up your mind..
    Never hurt her badly..c don't expresses but hide n cry more inside in slowly goes to bad death ..

  • ahabyang 1w


    In the lonely woods
    No stars in sight
    Burried beneath the clouds
    Under the naked sky
    The moon as her only light
    Stumbled upon a human gang

    'One her kind', she thought
    Prey, prey, prey is all they saw
    Like they had starved all their life
    Their mouths dripped with thirst
    a thirst only she could quench
    Their feet itched and inched toward her

    One of her kind?, no, these hungry beasts
    Grabbed and knocked her to the ground
    One (two) after the other(s)
    They took turns
    Her screams traveled so far, yet near
    Bouncing back as echoes in her ears

    With no breath to gasp
    Her mind traveled thousands of miles
    With beautiful memories of her son
    A mother I was to you,
    An angel I will become for you.

  • modrashko 3w


    Person who is less favorite for everyone, but do you ever think why he is so hard ?

    He is hard because in the deep inside he is softer than your favourite person. Yesterday was her day today is his day for someone.

    He asked me to make myself clean and well dressed, I cleaned my whole face and turned myself into well-suited from the beast. He is so happy when he saw me and said this is my boy. Ofcourse we can't give surprise or gift to our parents , it is not possible in our whole life. Only they can give us surprise.


  • jaydmarvin 3w

    A true loving Father
    will never leave you
    no matter what wrong you do?-instead
    He always wants to forgive you
    and embrace you in His arms forever,
    As you are his beloved son..!


  • elisebeth 3w

    He calls me his mom

    Sticky little fingers
    Messy little mouth
    Noisey little voice
    Calling me his mom

    Silly little jokes
    Endless amount of giggles
    Broad bright smiles
    Greets me every time

    Toy cars all scattered
    Race tracks and figurines
    All laid out just to play with me

    Hugs as far as his hands can reach
    Kisses too many to count
    How could a tiny heart carry this much love?

    How favored am I that the heavens saw fit
    To grant me a gift
    Who calls me his mom


  • elisebeth 3w

    Letter to my son

    Love planted
    You grew
    The life in me overwhelmed
    By the task it bestowed

    An honor badge
    I wear with pride
    As I encourage you to bloom
    Better than your father and I

    With hopes that our past never become your future.
    And the stones thrown at us builds a greater path for you
    A path that allows you to appreciate life in its entirety
    And to handle it with grace and humility

    Oh, but my greatest wish is simple and true.
    Be honest with yourself through all of it.
    The good, bad and the ugly
    Because life has no mercy for those who don't.

    Fear not though,
    My honor badge came with a specific and clear instruction.
    That once my heart wills it,
    You will never face this life alone...

  • roshanabhishek 3w


    You are the smile, that I wear everyday,
    You are the peace I have in my mind,
    You are the calm, I provide the world,
    You are the happiness I always find.
    That light in me, you kindled through,
    It's nothing me, but all of you.

    The part of you, that is me today,
    Has less to speak but more to pray,
    More than the gods you told me to seek,
    You rose me up, when I became weak.
    The countless sacrifices you made,
    If only ever they had a clue,
    It's nothing me, but all of you.


  • thatgeekgirl 3w

    Beautiful, Wonderful Two

    One from my recklessness
    One from somebody else's
    Neither are themselves, though.
    My beautiful, wonderful two.

    Chalk and cheese? Such an understatement!
    One outgoing, full of moxie; one a gentle, old soul.
    Both entirely parts of me, amplified,
    My beautiful, wonderful two.

    They've gifted more than they realise.
    They've matured me in a way I couldn't alone.
    They make a chain houses a now warm home,
    My beautiful, wonderful two.

    Words alone can never tell them
    Just how much they mean to me.
    Each in their own way, they've set me free -
    My beautiful, wonderful two.

    I still don't know what I'm doing half of the time.
    As a parent, don't think I'm alone
    Yet even then I know what guides me to give it my best:
    My beautiful, wonderful two...


  • onlywarrior 3w

    My mother taught me

    Always raise your head .
    Walk through miles ,
    Make sure to take rest .
    Re-energize yourself ,
    And create momentum ;
    To cover the rest.

    Success are key to unlock another door
    Instead a place to reach .
    Failures are there to teach ,
    What you have to breach .
    Remember to build others ,
    Is the another part of your ride .
    That's how you conquered the world
    And I will be proud because you are mine.

  • daffodilpearlzz 5w

    With loads of solitude;
    A 2020 summer day;
    Ever for that first time;
    Son near a father;
    To take care of his old dad.
    He felt he was stuck at home.
    Neither could he go outside,
    Nor there was a good aquaintancce.
    Only a father and a son.
    Fastly did he know,
    what love was.
    Hardly did he understand,
    What meaning it took.
    A dad is a guide,
    But for him; a burden;
    A responsibility with no owner,
    A duty with no understanding.
    "Son, could you please lift
    my leg up to the bed??"
    "Son, could you please help me
    to tie the knot of my trousers??"
    Much more was the irritation,
    to the son who knew,
    how the world works.
    The son; felt like to escape.
    From hell but O! not to heaven,
    to the colourful world outside.
    Didn't talk,
    Didn't look,
    Didn't understand...
    But still one day;
    he saw a smiling happy face;
    in place of his father's old face...
    Amidst all the adversities
    and all the illness - the old age friends.
    Quite astonished - just a little...
    He sat thinking..
    Of what was there,
    that made his dad so happy,
    that made his-self not!!!
    Daysss passed...
    Locked within four walls...
    Just to escape from a deadly disease.
    The son; felt almost dead.
    Until one day his dad
    who had a minor heart attack
    still looked satisfied and pleased...
    That day,
    He asked,
    " Dad..."
    Father smiled.
    "What is it that makes you happy??"
    His father said,
    "Thats you!!"
    and took his last breath....!!!


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    Only a father and a son.

    "Son, could you please lift
    my leg up to the bed??"
    "Son, could you please help me
    to tie the knot of my trousers??"

    Daysss passed...
    Locked within four walls...
    Just to escape from a deadly disease.
    The son; felt almost dead.

    He asked,
    " Dad..."
    Father smiled.
    "What is it that makes you happy??"

  • sarahrachelea 5w

    Dear Son,
    Don't ruin her mascara
    And caused her eyes to shed tears
    You're only allowed to ruin her lipstick
    By gently kiss her lips


  • shraddhaugle 6w

    Wait.. I just got a doubt..

    Does feminism challenges gender equality ?

    Because there are such a respectful men in my life at the places like father, brother, husband, friend n son!


  • shreyasharma_04 6w

    Tum ro nahi sakte kyunki tum ladke ho na!!!

    Dil me kitna hi gum ka samndr kyun na ho par aankhon me nami nahi hoti
    In Maa ke laadlon ki zindagi aasaan nahi hoti
    Ghar me na raho to careless aur agr bahar jao toh jobless kbhi inki pareshaniyo ko bhi koi samjho na
    Tum ro nahi skte kyunki tum ladke ho na!!!
    Parivaar ke liye hi parivaar se dur rhte hain
    Inke jaane pe log kuch khaas aankhein num nahi karte hain
    Bhaut ghum liye gulliyon mein ab kuch kaam waam shuru karo na
    Tum ro nahi sakte kynki tum ladke ho na!!!
    Maa ke laadle behn ke kutte aur papa se inki kabhi nhi pat ti hai
    Inki jaan to inki yaaron me basti hai
    Kab tak yun ziddi aawara akdu bane rahoge ab thode mature ho jao na
    Tum ro nhi skte kyunki tum ladke ho na!!!
    Maa ki zarurt , bhen ki farmahish aur papa ki izzat sirf inhi sab me apni zindagi bita dete hain
    Sapno ko tod apni family ko chhod ye chhoti umar pe hi kaam karne lag jaate hain
    Papa ke cash pe bahut kar liya aish ab thoda khud bhi kuch kamao na
    Tum ro nahi skte kyunki tum ladke ho na!!!
    Kisi ko bina kuch kahe yeh har mushkil dur krte hai yeh na sach me kamaal hain
    Bina kisi mard morche aur purush shakti ke jeene waale ye ladke bemisaal hain
    Be a Man , Respect women kabi iske alawa kuch aur baat karo na
    Tum ro nahi skte kyunki tum ladke ho na!!!

  • pen_bleeds73 6w

    Yes.. What you read is Right.. here comes the explanation


    can anyone explain this⁉️(can comment down, 'm happy to read and respond)

    anyONE atleast... ONE��
    Yeahhh, here comes my thought as-�� (negative or positive) you will adhere after this��

    I can with an unspelled voice of a baby who passed away without knowing third person��


    A voice over Graveyard⬇️
    which is located at Womb��

    ��RED- is the colr of my grave blood
    ��RED- the stain of your murdered hope
    ��RED- the sunset colour looked up next to your actions
    ��RED- is the sign of alert
    ��RED- red is my Question next to my Death
    One day, your emotion will be gone just like how Clouds do after Rainfall
    Then, the clear guage sky
    Sun will shine again��
    A Garden will grow inside your heart��oncemore
    that might reach-----> Heaven��️
    I will put and re-born for you
    This time not as your son��/daughter����
    Things get well
    Soon or later...

    Soon or later✍️

    #red #blood #emotion #feel #pain #pasthings #love #death #birth #mirakeewritings #motherpain #iwriteforyou #writingsfrompain #son #daughter #family #hope @anonymwriter
    @sparklingteja @spicy_sugar @aishwaryapusarla

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    Color of Red


  • cynical_wolf 7w

    A Letter to my Son

    I feel hopeless. I look at you and my heart begins to pound within my chest and head as if I am a giant pulsating artery. A nauseating sensation of unease begins to slither its way upon my body, it magnifies with each inhalation as I continue to agonize over your symptoms. I know that I am helpless in this endeavor. I am nothing but a useless bag of skin and bones in this critical moment. I am consciously aware of this, so I do what one does when they can do nothing else, and so I cry.

    I shed a tear for my stupidity. I shed a tear for my lack of curative knowledge. I shed another because I don't know what else to do. Tears rain down upon my cheeks for your suffering. I cry rivers because the thought of losing you shatters my heart to irreparable pieces, as a slice of my soul is torn from my psyche, and is lost forever within a consuming tar pit of darkness and despair. I choke and gag upon my agony, as one drowns upon their own blood before dying.

    I can no longer draw life's sweet breath as I witness your unnecessary suffering. The acrid stench of horror and anguish seeps throughout my every pore, enveloping us both in dreads putrid cologne. And like a charge of electricity, my torment calls upon those around us, animating their lifeless corpses as they gather to observe what is now taking place. They stand and stare like the good for nothings that they are, like I am.

    The thought of losing you drives me to insanity's periphery. My life would be numb, frigid, and lifeless without you. I am selfish, so very selfish, I care not about anything more than to have you here with me, so that I may watch you grow into the amazing man you are destined to become. Your death will be my annihilation. You, my son, are a piece of me, and when you leave, you take with you the extraordinary component we share. A piece that binds us together, unifying our bond as mother and child. In your absence, I will cease to remain whole, instead, existing fragmented and devoid of sentience.

    I love you so much, so very much that mere words do not hold the capacity to describe an inkling of what I feel. I know I must remain strong, as not to scare you any further, but how can I bear this weight upon my shoulders when I am so weak? How do I remain calm when my mind sends bodily signals to run and hide under a warm, velvety, blanket of blissful ignorance and pretend that everything is okay?

    Though I feel as if my heart has been kicked and beaten to pieces, I shall find my strength somewhere within the depths of my core, for I must be as strong as stone if you are to recover. I must have the courage to battle along by your side as we defeat this invading sickness. I will not stop fighting.

    I will not allow you to give up little trooper.  In this battle, we fight together, and I shall carry you to victory.

    - Mom

    - Cynthia Cán

    ©Cynical Wolf

  • vodka_lips 7w

    Male, such beautiful creatures,
    I see them everywhere
    Why can't you? They aren't rare.

    Father or husband
    No matter what is the role
    Do all the tasks and trade
    Just to fulfill all your wishes.

    Brother or son,
    they lift the burden
    Of take caring for others
    And achieve your own expectations.

    Labels are put on them
    From the days of birth
    Fulfil this or fulfil that
    Forgetting who you are.

    They forget their worth
    and their own aim
    Not even thinking about themselves
    they accomplished all your goals.

    Why can't they cry?
    When tears are present in their eyes
    Why can't they feel pain?
    When same blood is flowing in their vein.

    Sorrow and depression lie deep in the chest
    Still they show always their best.

    Hop out from your high seat
    Leave that fake feminism
    If the body is made up of flesh,bone and soul
    Why don't you give them more love?

    Surprise them with flowers
    Shower them with presents
    To lean on, give them your shoulder
    After the fight, hold them a little tighter

    If they can treat you as queen
    Do treat them as your king
    If this society made them a beast
    Why don't you be the beauty of it?

    #pod #mirakee #son #husband #brother #father
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee #love #life #poetry #diary #men

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    He has a heart too


  • abhi_jeet_12 8w


    Dad those horse ride on your back
    Was the best happiness pack
    It was best feeling ever on your arm
    You made me feel like I'm your lucky charm
    You always made me laugh
    Like I was your better half

    I was a fool because their was never end of my deeds
    And you never fail to complete my needs
    Oh man!I really loved power rangers
    But never knew I have got best avenger
    Here you made your son capable to earn
    And I think it's my turn

    If I ever got a chance
    I'll make you visit a France
    This is every son's dream
    To make father proud best his son has been
    Thanks God
    Father is all I have got

  • soulful_mess 9w

    The first pay !

    It was just a day, shabby as usual....
    His excitement spurred up when a notification which read "salary credited",popped up...
    He quickly transferred a portion to his dad .
    His dad teary eyed came up to him overwhelming with pride, gave him a sense of validation for his achievements...
    It seemed like all the efforts, the stress, the failures and the breakdowns paid off..
    It was just yesterday that he was a student weirder than anyone else..
    Now he's all grown up, yet a kid inside....
    All of these are new to him..
    Maybe in some months down the line, all of these would sink in..


  • odelia 9w

    Reflect the Light

    Just as the moon has no light in and of itself, but reflects the sun and provides the earth light in the dark,

    So should we reflect the Son, that the world made see the Light and illumine this darkened world.

    John 8:12 "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

    2 Corinthians 4:3-4 "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

    Jesus is the Light!

  • binti_farooq 9w

    My humble dwelling
    I lost my vision
    I lost my scion
    My poor chick
    Faded seems
    This colourful world
    Want to dilacerate my
    Dolorific heart
    Show off my pain that
    Flows in my veins
    Knocked every door
    For equity to my darling
    Alas!none felt my tears
    Assured me with lies
    That are still
    Killing me inside
    And it's that nightmare
    That is repeating

    #mother #son #myvalley

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    Fragmented spirit