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  • pj_animation 15w


    Referring to our nations as "HER" to elect male leaders to prevent it from being monosexual but the the females become constituents to make it bisexual...
    Think about it

    Parking lots filled with corruption free zone posts and letting the offices become a free corruption zone
    Think about it

    The badge of honor holding 'utumishi kwa wote' but the rage is filled with 'wote ni watumishi'
    Think about it

    And as the wise ones said love is blind so the love for money made our humanity soo blind and we've been nourished unkind
    Think about it

    Religion is a balance of food chain taking from the poor and feeding the rich through a biblical intermediary to cover the greed of their feed... Vultures!!
    Thinks about it
    Always is to be 'you must know how to love in order to hate' why not the vice and versa
    Think about it

  • pj_animation 18w

    And here comes a new dawn
    Away they chase as a yawn
    Friend or foe all's gone
    And to danger I'm prone
    With this fight I'm never done
    I hope the fear gets out-grown

    From the shadows they prey
    But to you I always pray
    You may let my calm stay
    And keep the enemies away
    In peace that I may lay
    As down shuts the day

    I fake it all with a smile
    Inner emotions running mild
    I hold this thought for a while
    But my rage is fresh and wild
    I cover alittle the coming mile
    Surrounded but still a lonely child

    With a mask on my face
    My emotions play a chess
    And the tears far away I chase
    For its never the time nor place
    In my emotion a drowning case
    And my next move I have to guess

    To my cries I play blind
    To the faked joys I must bind
    And my tears I let only at hind
    And my joys give out of kind
    For love is always blind
    Only to feed their pride


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    For so long I've had a mask that even now I don't need one to shield myself. For much long I've been dead inside without letting a cry.

  • joyoviomaigho 54w

    Choose Peace

    Surrender to the rythm
    of peace that lies
    dormant in your soul
    Peace calls out to you;
    "Leave your worries behind
    Dance to the tune I play for you"

    Worry has never
    solved a problem
    It adds nothing
    Only subtracts

    Let go of those worries
    Move to the rhythm
    of peace within
    your soul

    Yes you too can hear
    the peace song
    You too can enjoy
    the experience
    You too can have
    Peace of mind.


  • joyoviomaigho 55w

    Maybe you think it's weakness
    to admit that you're tired
    Maybe you think if you admit
    tiredness today and do so
    another day, "they" will
    start to complain that
    you're always tired

    So each time someone asks
    "How are you?"
    you summarise your
    sometimes near-death exhaustion
    with "I'm fine"
    then keep walking around
    like a zombie
    praying in your heart
    That you don't pass out

    Admitting tiredness
    and the need to rest
    doesn't make you weak
    Rather, admitting our weaknesses
    is an indication of strength
    A reminder of our "humanness"

    It's a new year and
    we have made new goals
    but let's not forget to stop
    once in a while to
    catch our breaths
    Let's not forget our humanness
    and the need to
    rejuvenate through rest

    Life doesn't give us points for
    acting like we're superhuman
    to our detriment.

    Thrive Gracefully!


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  • joyoviomaigho 55w


    Beneath the surface
    of all that is seen
    lies a whole world
    of things unseen
    Real to the core
    like two sides of a coin
    incomplete without the other

    These things are
    not seen, yet ever so present
    Not seen, yet felt so strongly
    able to alter tangible things

    Have you seen your emotions
    or the switch that makes
    you want to give someone
    a knuckle sandwich
    Have you seen depression
    or the owners of the voices
    that tell their sufferers to put
    a stop to their existence?

    These things are
    Not seen, yet so real
    Not seen, yet cause great anguish
    able to turn life upside down

    Have you seen your mind
    and all the thoughts there in?
    Whether or not we see these things
    Will not change the reality
    of their existence
    Ignoring them will not
    make them and their effects disappear

    Awake now
    Become aware of your mind
    and the hints it gives you
    of your psyche and it's health

    Pay attention to the clues
    of growth or malnourishment
    of strength or frailty
    If you see the good
    let gratitude saturate your heart
    If you see the negatives
    still welcome gratitude then
    go out of your way to find healing.

  • my_love_story_with_jesus 117w

    Being judgemental and hypocrite

    When people speak their heart out,
    Remember not to judge them at first,
    But think wisely to his/her speech
    before calling them being hypocrite
    Or judgemental.

    Always remember that you can be the one
    Who first committed to this sins..


  • charmpgalag 148w

    Such a time as this

    Unshackle every chain of sorrow
    they tag upon your soul
    Shake off the dirt
    You must stand tall
    Now is the time for you to get up
    And arise above from the pitfall

    My warrior princess
    You are not meant to sit still in dark abyss
    You are created for such a time as this
    Be dauntless
    Choose to hit your fears right on the face
    I have summoned you by name to walk in
    my ways so spirit of cowardice will be dismissed