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  • yashashwani 4d

    "If people really understand the truth,there is God in heart and everywhere, they would not do violence in their mind or in this physical world. Actually they are not sure about that there is God in heart and everywhere, so that they think shit and do shitty things."

    jai shri krishna

    Jai shiv shambu

  • nostalgic_queen27 5w

    Souls of the amethyst

    The folklores my mother used to tell me
    About dragons and fairies
    About hags and shapeshifters
    But there lives a folklore, close to my heart
    Of an ocean called amethyst
    Somewhere in the middle of nowhere
    Like a sapphire water with tints of sparkly azures
    And the deep starry night, empyrean lies above
    The sailors, fishermen and pirates
    Who lost their way back home
    Psychopomps of dead sea creatures
    Lead them to their humble abode
    Those aureate souls, with there  serene auras
    Sing their berceuse of tranquility, with their solicitude
    And all those people who died in stormy waves
    Souls of the amethyst, will lead them to great beyond
    All those spirits and all those souls  that died in the ocean
    What a ghostly seen that haunts me beautifully in my dreams
    Years have passed since you died mother
    Now that little lassie has turned into a grown women
    You took your clothes, your ducat, your food
    But what you left was your love, your warmth, your benevolence for me
    And took the boat at nightfall and left the island
    Far away from stumbling blocks, far away from me
    And then I realised you will never come for me
    I don't hate you or blame you, what else could you do
    From those islanders who abased you and were fiendish
    From your other half who gave you agony and strain
    When they found your blue dress floating in the sea
    I couldn't bring myself to peace
    I hope if you hadn't left, I hadn't condemn myself
    If you would have fought it won't be the end of it all
    I go to the church every night
    Light up the candles, sit on the bench
    Interlacing my fingers, pray with sincerity
    To the souls of the amethyst of the ocean
    To mystic creatures opening the gates above
    Sing your lullabies, to let people make peace within themselves
    Let your soul light shimmer so the lost foreigner can reach home
    And my mother who never lived in contentment
    Guide her to nirvana
    And reincarnate her into a deer.

  • amoghavarsha 5w

    I am a sky where spirits live.
    Stare into this deepening blue,
    while the breeze says a secret.
    © Rumi

  • moya_lyubov 5w


    When you look at me from a distance among the crowd, I feel secured.
    When you are protective about me, I feel relieved.
    When you ask me "U ate", I feel my hunger is satisfied.
    And then on your bed,

    When you own my soul,
    Holding my hair tight,
    Choking down all your love in my glistening skin,
    I feel I am immortal.
    My spirits get immortal.

  • _who_am_i 7w


    The Guns in my head are deadlier than the ones in your hands.
    Do you know what is even more deadlier?
    The Guns on your tongue.


  • victoriastokoe 12w

    80's fair

    80's Fair
    Whispers shed tears
    I can clearly remember..
    My head swirls
    on a still teacup.
    Where's the man
    to make it spin?

    The past is louder,
    the present wretches
    as mirrors bend
    the bokeh and
    smokey diesel.
    Glass a fragile
    bended barrier.
    Blurry within.

    One stone could,
    One raised voice..
    One stare could.
    Shatter my
    diStorTionS like
    Like sins.

    of things
    I have kept
    in scribbles.
    Like ramblings in
    a notebook that
    now smells old.
    I cannot bin.

    Ghosts remain here,
    failing to haunt me,
    they don't wish to
    stay..Fill me with woe.
    They just remind me,
    to live my life now.
    The only way,
    to let me know.

    l take them
    high, so high up
    on the ferris wheel
    the lights alive
    the heavens glow.
    I take them high
    and in laughter,
    free in the wind..
    I let them go.


  • phoetryst_me 14w

    100th Post in Mirakee.
    1st post after almost 1 year of non-writing.

    Recently, I've been waking up around 3 am most days and some days around 1 am, if not all days. I've been noticing this for the past one month almost, ever since I decided to start a new business in the agricultural industry. It's not as if I got a new idea, it feels almost like I've let open a dripping tap. Ideas keep coming to me so rapidly, tumbling down through my mind's sieve even while I'm at work, cooking or doing my recently found interest gardening. It seems like this was what I was meant to do.

    I have felt similarly inspired by starting up a food trike, but I found many challenges in the way of getting it done. However I didnt used to wake up in the middle of the night for that. It was my research into starting my own food business that led me to get a job as a Food Product Developer, with no real job related experience to it (although I'd had plenty of real life experience).

    That role continued into another more responsible role as a Technical Compliance Coordinator under the same umbrella group of companies. Here, I was involved with all aspects of each and every processing and ingredient that went into my factory's production. I started looking up alternatives to the commonly used chemical ingredients because I hated designing nutrition labels with a long list of ingredients and lo viola! I found exactly what I was looking for. They seemed so simple that I wondered why people didn't use them and I started checking up their prices to try and make a batch myself. This is when I realized why it was impractical to use those new found ingredients - they were hardly affordable.

    I went into looking how they were produced and it seemed to be a very simple process. Then why the cost was so high? Simply because they had to be imported and so had to be in a non-spoilable form, which required much more processing, time and labour, than if it were made locally and used as fresh. This caused me to look at such growing and harvesting practices in the country where I currently live & work, aka New Zealand. And I was astonished to find that there were hardly any large scale growers of this stuff. So I thought, why not grow it then? And then supply it to the company I work at. Hence, the seed for the dream was sown and a deep desire for growing created.

    Coming back to waking up around 3 am, I was just searching up it's spiritual significance, and found that it's a time of veil thinning - when the veil between different worlds are the thinnest and our spirit guides can communicate to us. On reading it, I knew exactly what I was going through and who was coming to me - my grandmother. Remember how I used to write so regularly once upon a time last year and then almost completely stopped? Well, I wrote most when I'd gone to India for vacations - almost one piece every single day.

    I used to feel a calling to go to the church and within three days of going to the church, I discovered that my calling hadn't come from the church itself, but from it's graveyard, where my grandmother and grandfather were laid to rest in one "kallara", under the same gravestone. I used to go there, have conversations with her, ask her for her blessing with my relationship and tell her how my days went. People used to call me crazy and all sorts of adjectives I wouldn't use on someone because I used to go the the graveyard and never bother entering the church for mass. Well, I had my simple reason - I'd go for mass when the priests did exactly what they said and when they could answer all my questions satisfactorily. Till then, I'd be a Christian who believed in the values of sharing and caring, but nothing more than that - no church, no mass, no Jesus youth meetings for me anymore ( I used to be really active once). Even now, it's the same.

    I felt closer to my grandmother this way through her grave, although to be honest I've not spent much quality time with her when she was alive. But she's never stopped inspiring me, with all the hard work she and her eldest daughter did to bring up her 10 children (+1 who died early on in life). And I've often heard people say I look a lot like her. Even my church name is her's, Rosa. Even before I'd heard or read about Vladimir Megre's "Ringing Cedars of Russia" featuring Anastasia, I used to go to the grave for my every vacation, almost every single day I spent at home. Anastasia's explanation about dolmens strengthened my belief that my grandmother was out there, close enough for me to talk to her and find an unusual best friend in. And today, that belief is even stronger, as I feel like she's the one nudging me awake at strange hours, inspiring me to do something different, something that would keep with her values and hard work too. And that's just what I intend to do.

    In my research for my future business, I intend to do a proof of concept and through my research I found a couple in US, who used to live in NZ and had set up a system, the 1st of it's kind in the world, in NZ, very similar to what I had wanted to do, but my dream being more elaborate and more inclusive. I contacted them through their email and now they are my mentors and the lady, she considers me almost like her own daughter. I feel so blessed and thankful to my grandmother for helping me to connect those dots in life.

    And of course, I wouldn't be in a position to think of all these things, if it hadn't been for my parents who put their hard earned and built house on loan for me to come to New Zealand for doing my Masters in Food Innovation. It cost me 15.5 lakh Rs for that one year degree and although the course in itself is worth for probably only less than 15,000 Rs, for the amount of new things I learnt during it, it can be now considered as investment for my business. I'm still paying back it's loan after almost 3 years of taking the loan, but now I can rest peacefully in the hope that all that money wasn't wasted for a stupid degree at a stupid university, but rather was the seed capital for me to open my mind beyond thinking as a worker and letting myself take greater risks for the benefit of myself, others and the economy.

    I'm truly grateful to my teachers at Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir (there aren't many people who took as much care of me as much as those teachers), assistant professors at Waljat College of Applied Sciences (they were a mixed lot of some very caring and some not so caring, but good humans mostly) and lastly, gratitude to some of the faculty members of Lincoln University (though not to the inhuman professor(s) who made life nothing short of hell!). Aah, school was best, closely followed by college and unfortunately, university doesn't deserve a place in that list at all.

    So, I hope to be posting more often now that I have heaps to talk about. New developments happening, learning new things, connecting with lots of people, and so on. Have a good night for now, friends in India. It's almost 4:20am, Thursday 15th October here.


    #dawnwaker #school #college #university #dreams #spirits #ideas #agriculture

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    Waking up at 3am

  • waterman_junior 23w

    Life's been fine.

    Away from the glory
    and the load of fortune
    Life's been okay.

    For whatever the gods utter;
    and for whatever the sanity
    which spirits administer;

    I thank the man
    who walked a lost way
    and has found a just semblance
    in the
    little happinesses.


  • angels_halo_shines 23w

    At A Glance

    Photographs, you can take one and bring back, a million memories. You can feel if one was happy, sad, angry or depressed. Sometimes, photographs reveal certain things portrayed as something they're not. I have been gifted to do so. Not sure if luck was on my side that day. It certainly does blow my mind, to this day. While others just see a picture, I can see ones entire being, and feelings at a glance.

  • angels_halo_shines 27w

    Angel Kissed White Rose

    The white rose brings purity.
    Purifies wonders that can dwell.
    Farewells are said to purify,
    With a single white rose.
    A white roses can purify a room.
    Smelling like a fresh summer day.
    Dad he used to grow white roses.
    So beautiful and bright white.
    As if Angels kissed them.
    I think they did.
    White roses, the Angel kissed flower.
    It must be the secret to their perfection.

  • ciara1 28w

    The Abandoned House Up The Block

    Sitting there in wonder waiting on the bus in the dark night, 
    who were the people that lived here in this terrible sight?
    The house is empty and the windows are silled,
    the house is now at a stand still.
    They are all gone away,
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Through these broken glasses, and walls blow the dreary and sharp:
    They are all gone away,
    Nor is there no one today
    To speak to them about the good or bad:
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Why is then we go astray?
    I wonder where they stay,
    They are all gone away.

    Why do kids come here to play?
    For them has left this house is wasted skill:
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Pondering and asking my mother who was the people whom lived in that abandoned house a block away?

    Why are you sitting by an abandon house anyway?
    But when I always sit there, I pray.
    You better pray somewhere else before you get taken away.

    But mother, whose going to snatch a grown woman away if I stay?
    It doesn't matter if you are grown or a child's play,
    They go come and snatch you away.

    Whose coming to snatch me away?
    They say, that abandoned house a block away is cursed by spirits in everyway.

    I don't believe in spirits, and who is they?
    Our neighbor Tammy and some other neighborhood said.
    Well I don't believe in what other people say.

    Who did they say who lived in that place?
    They say, a man and a woman lived there and both was killed there.
    How were those poor people killed that stayed?
    They say, the man killed his wife and shot himself in the face.

    Were these people black folks who lived in that place they say?
    Yeah, and your uncle say, he sat there one time in the day, 
    And he felt something hard touch his back, he say, it felt something was trying to pull him in that place, 
    But as he turned around he did not see no one and he walked away.

    That abandoned house up the block has been boarded up 30 years til this day.

    Well that was why I thought I heard shrilling noises in that place,
    It was probably there spirits wandering around in the day.

    Seeing that house is ruined and decayed
        In the House up the Block
    They are all gone away, faded away, decayed away and  moved away to an evil space,
    There is nothing more I can say.


  • tabithas 28w

    The irony is that my spirits were elated by your empty words and promises.

  • angels_halo_shines 29w

    Who Will Save Them

    One day she fell in exhaustion.
    The wings of her broken soul,
    Tried to catch her, she fell hard.
    Everyone said how strong she is.
    Or was.
    Her strength was drained.
    Slowly seeping from her battered soul.
    Those days were so very difficult.
    She tried her very hardest.
    Only to grow her weakest.
    That's when the souls,
    Deep within her came out.
    Talking to her.
    Coming to save her.
    Saving her from herself.
    Saving her from the world of despair and pain.
    "It's time." they said.
    All was quiet, faint whispers,
    Came to her.
    She said "What time is it?"
    "It's time for you to save yourself."
    "Instead of saving everyone else."
    "Save yourself now."
    She said "Who will save them?"
    They whispered from within,
    "They can save themselves, just as you can."
    Today, is the day, she did what they told her all along.
    To do her, before anyone else.
    She needed to just catch her breath one time.
    To breathe.
    Take time for herself.

  • angels_halo_shines 30w


    Oh, how I wish I could give you a hug. Laugh with you, cuz you knew just how to make me laugh hysterically. I remember listening to Bob Seger, Springsteen, and riding along. They say you never know what you have until its gone.
    They are right. I knew you were the best Dad I could have been blessed with. I just wasn't sure how to go on without you. It's been a long 22 years. Cold and in Hell I wait for my time. You keep saving me Dad. I'm not sure why me, I'm told not to question. Then others just think I lost my damn mind. Let them think as they must. Just as I still talk to you. I had to, to get where I am now. I guess not many people understand that part. I had to believe you heard me. When you are lost, and you are finally found. With even a glimpse of hope wouldn't that make one wonder even more? That's what happened to me. I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day!!! (I can see your smile gleaming through the sun as clouds roll past!!!) You are still the best Dad, and missed so very much. Keep an eye on us, Lord knows we need that.

  • james_taumas 30w

    Patrons gathered
    A pint or wine
    Spirit or two
    Conversations and laughter
    Longtime acquaintances
    Meeting new people
    Last orders
    Contagion walks in
    Main room a desert
    Dust blanket covers all
    Bar is closed.


  • ciara1 31w

    God's Wonderful Plan For Joseph

    We all have a hard time forgiving people that has done us wrong. do not get me wrong, I am still having trouble forgiving the bullies that has picked on me from elementary school and through high school. The devil always made me say, "I hate all bullies, I wish all bullies were dead." But I have to find a way to forgive those bullies. I know now that I should not blame the bullies. I blame the devil. it is the devil's fault that for making us hate on one another, and making us hate our friends, siblings and parents that did us dirty. So today, it is not the those people faults. It is the devil's fault. I hate the devil, but I love God.
    That is why I honor for his forgiveness of his brothers. when Joseph made himself known and cried out to his brothers when he said,  “Come close to me.” I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt! For two years now there has been famine in the land. "But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.  So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God. He made me a father to Pharaoh, lord of his entire household and ruler of all Egypt. Genesis 45:4‭, ‬6‭-‬8 NIV. How would I have responded to that is I would have been angry after two years seeing my siblings. I could not face that moment. Seeing them would hurt me and it would have taken me back down to memory lane. It is a challenge to forgive someone that had done you wrong. That is why we need the Lord in our lives to help us forgive. It takes a lot of prayer to forgive someone. That is why most people struggle with forgiveness.
       When I read his entire story, I said to myself, "wow, I understand what he been through, I been through the same hell as he did." Jacob favored Joseph the most out of all his children.
      "And when his brethren saw that their father loved him more than all his brethren, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably unto him. Genesis 37:4 KJV.
    That reminds me of when I was in elementary and high school. There were a lot of teachers that favored me the most than all of their other students. Some teachers would tell me upfront that I was the best student they ever had, and a lot of students heard that.
     When I was in 8th grade, a teacher, in particular, told me that. Her name was Mrs. Johnson Black.
     "Ciara, I wish all my students were just like you, you are a good student, we need more students like you, I told the other teachers that you are my favorite, " she said.
     At that moment, I was flattered that she liked me better than all the other students. She liked me more because I was the only student that listened, and I always set up front in class. I followed all of her instructions and did every single homework assignment she had given me. The others were lazy and they did not want to do the work. They all were joking and fighting in class. Mrs. Johnson always rewarded me every day at the end of the class, giving me chips and candy. When other students had gotten aware that she favored me the most. They envied that and hated it. That part reminds me of when Joseph's brothers said to him,  “Here comes that dreamer!” they said to each other. “Come now, let’s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns and say that a ferocious animal devoured him. Then we’ll see what comes of his dreams.” Genesis 37:19‭-‬20 NIV. That reminds me when the students would see me every day, they would call me the teacher's pet. They had kept picking on me with that until the bullying escalated into a fight. My anger had started getting the best of me when I kept getting bullied all the time because of favoritism. I even made death threats to those bullies. That is why today, I do not like favoritism. I feel that favoritism is a sin because I believe you are supposed to show kindness to all of your children and students. Loving one child more than the other child is a sin. Even if that child gives you a hard time, you still supposed to show love, not hate. That is why I thank the Lord for my child Kiara Powell. She gives me a hard time all the time. But with the grace of God, he helps me with my frustrations. That makes me show love to my child. I do not like it when people say he or she is my favorite cousin or brother. Favoring someone can get someone hurt. We all supposed to treat people the way we want to be treated. That is also my worst part of the story is dealing with bullies and favoritism.
       While reading the story of Joseph, my emotions were all over the place throughout all the chapters. The only part I felt vengeful was Joseph's upbringing of what his brothers did to him. This was my first time reading this story. I was thinking to myself that I wished God had a way to make sin vanish from the earth and sin will no longer happen even today. I wish the whole world was at peace, and everyone show kindness to one other. I wish anger, bullying, hate, scorn, favoritism, and hell did not exist. 
    As I was wishing for that, I had some skeptical questions in mind. If God had the power to make sins and the devil disappear completely on earth in biblical times. Will there still be preachers and teachers? What would the pastors teach about in religion if evil did not exist? How would the world be like if the devil was gone completely? Should only happiness and kindness be going on in the land?
    This challenge was given to me by my evangelist. I learned from her that favoritism is not a sin. I had to rebuke that thought. God has his favorite worshiper. God is a jealous God, he sees and hears everything we do. Being someone's favorite is a not a sin. The only thing that can make favoritism a sin is when someone tell you that you are their favorite so others can hear it. That is a sin. Like what my teacher did when the whole class heard it, they were against me. Now that is wrong. But showing favoritism in a spiritual way, is a good thing.

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  • anyelia 31w

    Voices in the Dark

    From the depths of the darkness, a voice called.

    He knew better. He told himself that as he shifted in his bed. He knew better than to look.

    The voice whispered to him, the words indistinct, but sweet.

    He squeezed his eyes shut, pulling his quilt tighter over his head.

    They had been coming for him for weeks now. Every night since the eclipse. Every night since they took his sister.

    He had watched them as they had taken her.

    Neither of them had known what they were. No one on Earth had. No one had expected the eclipse to be anything other than the usual astronomical light show. No one had believed in magic or the supernatural.

    Certainly, no one had expected the ghostly bodies to materialize in the air above them as the Earth's shadow devoured the moon.

    But there they had been. Translucent. Colorful. Almost humanoid.

    They'd drifted through the air, like jellyfish in a still sea.

    They had been mesmerizing. An unknown both beautiful and impossible.

    And their voices. Their voices were heavenly. Like angels descended upon the Earth.

    "Listen to them," his sister had said that night, a smile spreading across her face. Her eyes followed the glistening spirits, the wonder growing there contagious.

    "Its like music," she breathed.

    "I wonder what they are saying," he'd said, his sister's awe fueling his own.

    A green one had floated near him. Close enough he could have touched it if he dared. They shimmered as they moved through the air. Like the surface of a stream in sunlight as it flowed to the ocean.

    "What do you mean?" his sister asked. Her voice was distant, her eyes seeming to see through the night sky rather than at it.

    A pale red spirit floated above her, a hand reaching down to her face. A tendril of its gossamer body inches from her face.

    Even as he watched, she reached up for it, a soft smile on her lips.

    "Can't you hear their words?" she asked him, her voice dreamy, her eyes lost in the night.

    He should have stopped her. Should have grabbed her shoulders, shaken her awake. He should have grabbed that slender hand that reached to the heavens and run with it. Run into the light of the city. Run from the strange spirits.

    He knew that now.

    He'd been too shocked to take any action then. Too slow. Too indecisive. Too confused.

    He had been about to tell her 'no, he didn't,' when her hand brushed up against the pale spirit above her. When her dreamy expression exploded into surprise. When she and the red spirit disappeared before him.

    He did not know how long he had stood there in shock. Did not know how many others around him were taken.

    All he knew was there was no trace of her before him. No sign she had been standing next to him.

    He didn't know how he got home that night. There were just flashes of him running through the park shouting her name. Flashes of him desperately calling the police, desperately shoving his way through the mess of others who wanted to report a missing person when the phone line didn't connect.

    He didn't know how he had gotten through the intervening days.

    All he knew was that they came for him every night. That every night a host of them would swirl in the dark of his bedroom, their voices sweet and melodic, their lights soft and gentle.

    He still didn't understand the words of their unearthly song. But every night, it seemed like perhaps they were just a hair clearer. That touching them might be a little better of an idea than he had initially thought.

    After all, his sister had gone with them. If nothing else, he would be with her again.

    He shook that thought from his head, pulling his covers tighter around his body. It was a thought of madness. Of desperate despair.

    And for tonight, at least, he was not so weak as to succumb.

    Tonight, at least, his sister's memory would be his strength, not the final bullet to his soul.

    Tonight, at least, he would hold out.

    Tonight, he would survive. 


  • prajukti 32w

    This is a poem I wrote for spirited away. When the film ended, I felt something strange. As if something very dear to me was taken away. I ended up acting like a betrayed lover and looked for the same euphoric feeling I felt while watching the movie. I couldn't sleep well knowing that Haku and Chihiro will only probably meet in the afterlife. Irrespective of my overwhelming emotions, I am grateful to Hayao Miyazaki for this film and I will cherish it forever.
    #spiritedaway #bittersweet #haku #chihiro #ghibli #memories #feelings #love #friendship #world #spirits #Japanese #poetslife

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    Other Side Of The Tunnel

    At the end of it all
    When I let go of your hand
    And never look back for once
    Will you still remember me?

    The meadows, the hot springs
    All these memories I lived with you
    Cannot be wiped out
    Even if I tried to.

    As I parted ways with you
    This strange feeling engulfed me
    This bittersweet aftertaste
    As if something has been taken away from me.

    Hope to see you soon
    At the end of the tunnel
    Hope we remember each other
    In every world we meet.

    My doors will forever be open
    For you who belongs to a different world
    For you who ceased to exist
    For you whose memory I shall forever cherish.

  • princessluna 34w

    The New World

    The earth will shake in its own will,
    Creating disco on floor.
    Malady will come crawling like a snake,
    And quitely plague the earth, bringing balance in Nature.
    The wind will dance in its destructive way,
    Going round and round in her beautiful gown.
    The fire will fall from the sky,
    And heal the earth with its burning aura.
    The water too, will make a move towards the land
    With its huge waves, cleaning away the sins.
    And at the end, will come together the spirits of eternity,
    Revealing themselves to the world,
    Illuminating its aura all over.
    And thus from the ashes of the old world,
    Shall the new world be born.
    A world free from all sins.


  • abhish_eks 34w

    You're the sun.

    Soul derives from Sol which is the sun,
    no spirits in nature exists without the power of the sun.
    You're an essence of the ultimate sun, and
    The sun doesn't ask the sky, if it belongs.
    And if you forget just recall that you're the sun!