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  • ladysag77 6h

    Each day is a gift, from my ❤ to your ❤
    Kind gestures go a long way. If nobody has told you they love you today, I love you ❤
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    Driving force

    Hope onboard and faith driven
    Anything is possible if love is given
    Chances are plenty throughout each day
    Love is meant to be shared and given freely away
    For what you have inside is a beautiful gift
    Conquering any problem, repairing any rift
    Love is the one thing we can't have too much of
    Thank you God for the blessings sent from above

  • ladysag77 1d

    Today I took my first guided journey as I learn to become a shamanic healer. This poem is straight from my soul, I call her Serena, for all the spirit guides I met today. Thank you God for this life��
    #writingcommunity #hope #faith #gratitude #attitudeofgratitude #love #god #godslove #grace #mercy #testimony #unconditionallove #selfacceptance #awakening #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritguides #journeying #walkingwithspirit

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    Glory in truth

    Uncovering my true spirit
    Layers of fear shed during each soul visit
    Coming into my own, embracing my authentic self
    Instinctively knowing this path will amplify my health
    Karmic wealth abundance and joyous laughter
    Discovering my voice in the darkness, listening to the ascended masters
    Grateful that Universe has brought me to where I now belong
    Awake in each moment to hear their magical song
    Thank you each and every one that have supported me all along
    By following my heart I know I am never wrong

  • the_unknown_writer_20 1d


    Spirituality is not a luxury, something for people who have nothing else to do but sit around and meditate. In fact, it is the lack of spirituality in daily life that is causing the breakdown and destruction of our planet and our civilisation.


  • rupaliwrites 2d

    The Astronomy of Life

    When the moments are marching like ants,
    The time is a speeding sports car,
    When the life is rotating like the Earth,
    In an Axis of Tilt,
    When the Life is revolving ,in her Orbit, around a Purpose,
    Just like the Earth revolves in her orbit around the Sun,
    It is a great way to define Life and add meaning to it.

    The Astronomy of Life is full of Magic and Mystic,
    The Beauty of Life is full of Maverick and Majestic!

    The person has to take the efforts to enhance the breaths and moments of Life!
    - Rupali Gore Lale


  • rupaliwrites 2d


    The day passes like a page of a flipbook,
    The social media is buzzing with activity,
    The mind is in search of creative satiety,
    The hand searches for pen and paper,
    The words are written in tapers!
    The words are typed faster on the phones!
    The joy of writing on paper is ineffable,
    The fun of writing in social media is effervescent,
    But a balance of online and offline activities
    Can balance the equation of the real and the virtual!
    After all, there is a greater bliss in seeing a rose in person
    Than watching it on a screen!
    Online sessions inform, educate the user about a variety of topics and stances
    But the delight of travelling, visiting places have an energizing experience,
    So, a Balance is a challenging experience!

    - Rupali Gore Lale
    May 24, 2020.


  • rupaliwrites 3d


    When trust is there, there is always a risk of trust being dishonored by the person, whom we trust.
    Whether there is any reason to trust, will depend on the truth value, we assign to that person!

    - Rupali Gore Lale

  • rupaliwrites 3d

    Errors and expectations

    The errors and expectations are similar,
    The more errors , we make,
    The more expectations, we have,
    The more Energy strain and Emotional stress,
    We will experience....

    - Rupali Gore Lale

  • diksha_singh 3d


    Devils do care but just too much to break every sanity.
    They know how intense their needs are.


  • rupaliwrites 3d

    The Wise and Knowledgeable

    There are loads of information and data, everywhere.
    There are loads of knowledge and wisdom, everywhere!
    But, very often , Information and data is more widespread than their friends- 'knowledge and wisdom'!
    Knowledge feels lost in the Crowd of Information!
    Wisdom feels worthless in the plethora of Data!
    It takes an effort of their friends, ' Analysis, Creativity, Rationality and Learning ,
    To Convince ' Knowledge and Wisdom ' , about their True, Shining, Magnificent Persona and Aura!
    And make them feel good about themselves!
    - Rupali Gore Lale

  • rupaliwrites 4d


    ज़िन्दगी में उद्देश्य आपको ढूंढ़े, इस बात का इंतज़ार न करें,
    खुद अपनी ज़िन्दगी का उद्देश्य ढूंढ़े!

    -रूपाली गोरे लाळे

  • ladysag77 4d

    Waking up to the truth that is boundless and unconditional love. Blessings and love to all������������

    #hope #faith #gratitude #attitudeofgratitu #love #god #godslove #godslove #grace #mercy #testimony
    #unconditionallove #selfacceptanc #awakening #spirituality #spiritualawakening

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    Tears flow releasing the pressure just below
    Love, expansion and abundance radiating the glow
    Light so brightly shining from the inside out
    Rising and falling give way to the everlasting
    Recognizing all that has brought me here
    Rejoicing in the salvation of these revelations becomes crystal clear
    Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes I am reborn
    I emerge free form
    A chorus echoing gratefulness pours from my lips
    My heart joyous beats anew with excitement it skips
    Thank you God for showing me your grace
    Heart centered in love I eagerly resume my place
    Walking hand in hand with all your creations
    Observing life beyond my wildest imagination
    The beauty, majesty and magic all around
    Witnessing the shift and understanding it all is so profound
    My soul at peace, my heart so full
    Amen, Amen and Amen

  • ladysag77 5d

    Listening to the messages loud and clear. Love one another. Watch that love cause a ripple effect, impacting each other on a cellular level. We are all interconnected. I am love. It is everywhere. God is within each of us. Share that love. Imagine what could happen. Be the change you want to see in our world.

    #hope #faith #god #godslove #grace #soulwork #spirituality #spiritualawakening #thegreatawakening #feelingalive #writingcommunity #eternallove #nature

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    Soul language

    Stirring... I rise....now listening I am still
    Something grabs me from deep within
    Cloud shaped colors dance dazzling my vision
    Trees whisper truth as I enter their trance
    As I watch God's creatures move to life's rhythm
    I weep at their innocent beauty
    He is everywhere communicating love
    Inside us all and in everything we see
    Do you hear it? Can you feel it?
    I am a simple note in the chorus
    Orchestrated hum
    Universal vibration, we are all one

  • krishna20 5d

    Challenging life...

    A rich man named 'Alfrando' had two sons. He was very fond of his property. His sons grew with everything, all available to them whenever they desired. However, his wife was a lady who grew in a spiritual family. She would always give her sons spiritual knowledge. She would teach them the value of having everthing in life, whether it's money, power, rewards or even grief and failures. So the sons grew rich in a rich family with rich moral.

    While the elder son was about 8 years old, Alfrando died. The whole family was shattered, from a family which had everything to come their home as it arrived in market to a family sharing share chapattis just to fill the stomatch. But the mother did not break. She believed in God and his divinity. She had a strong will that everything will be normal soon. The elder son completed his schooling with money his father had earned and started earning for the family. But one ill day while driving back home, he met an accident and died. Again a big thunder hit the family. This cheerful family of four was now a family of two. Everyone pittied on the lady and her son for having bad fortune. However, the mother did not break neither did she cursed God for being ruthless to her.

    After the funeral was over, she and her 14 year old son were standing in their brenda under the black sky but bright stars. The mother said to her child," Son can you see there are uncountable stars in the sky. They always appear whether it's our good night or a gloomy one. Do you know why they do so? So that when the life is good we can admire them and thank them for what we have. And when the time is bad, we can still thank them for what we had."

    She added," Never think you are alone my son, your dad and you brother have become angel now. They are with you all the time. And you can call them for anything and everything, they'll help you."
    The son listened her words carefully but did not uttered a word.

    Days passed, both of them worked hard believing in God. Life was somewhat normal in 3 years, when the boy met a monk in his high school. He was captivated by them and desired to learn from them, to find the answers of his unasked questions.
    He was doing graduation and alongside he started reading spiritual books. Once, he met a sadhuji. He asked him some of the questions which were disturbing him since childhood. Sadhuji said," Son the answers are all within you. Go search them from your within." The boy got even more confused. He then heard about meditation from one of his friends who went to attend art of living sessions. He started searching about them and was so desperate and had never giving up spirit. He participated in an article writing contest, the topic was "Nature"... He wrote spiritual contents and ended with the words his mother had said. He won the competition, but the winning was not all. His article was selected to be published in a magazine. It got popular to extreme extent. He then was asked by another magazine to write another such article for them. This was the turning point of his life.

    Now 12 years have passed since he wrote that article. The son has become one of best selling author, an activist, an spiritual speaker and motivator, and a novelist. His novel named "Alfrando and family" in which he delicately described his whole life story and was sold in billions also was translated in several different languages. He also donated good amount to charities. His mother was a member of an NGO to help people who have suffered big losses in their lives.

    MORAL: Life is difficult to live. If you've come to this
    world you will encounter problem. But it is
    upto you how you want to live.
    (Mother and the son would have got devastated. But they saw life as challenging putting faith in God, devoted what they had in service. They are respected and will be adored for ages for their great work.)


    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli #story #moral #challenginglife #miracle #service #spirituality

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    Chapter 1

    Challenging life...

  • rupaliwrites 5d

    The Kaleidoscopic World

    When the kaleidoscope creates innumerable patterns,
    The bits and pieces seem to create classic art collectively!
    Individually, the same bit is a bit jaded!

    A language will be incomplete without the letters , numbers , punctuation marks and words,
    The elements compose together a compound , in Chemistry!
    The game of Cricket and Wickets will be like a candle without a wick, if the two teams are not there!
    Imagine a film without any crew, it will be difficult to brew a hit in the Boxoffice!

    A beach without sand will be so bland,
    A train without tracks,engine and wagons will not be so grand!

    Individuals and Industries are not independent of each other,
    Pen and paper will blink without any ink!
    It is a world of teams and inter-dependence,
    Co-operation and Collaboration!
    It is a World of Kaleidoscope,
    Where everyone has a scope!

    - Rupali Gore Lale

  • divine_love 1w


    मनुष्य होने का अगर तुमने लाभ न उठाया तो मनुष्य होने का हक तुम खो देते हो।


  • rupaliwrites 1w

    Towards a Soothing Relationship

    'Speaking of secrets and leaking them',is a forbidden affair,
    It is so stunted and simply not fair!
    When someone trusts you,
    You must try to respect that ' Trust '!
    Else Relationships will be full of hardships!

    'Communication' is another key,
    Which makes 'Misunderstandings' to flee
    And makes our souls sing with glee!

    'Love and Care' are the ingredients
    Which enhance a relationship's nutrients!

    'Space' is another sustainable element,
    Which does not suffocate a relationship!
    Every person deserves to breathe not only physically, but also emotionally, mindfullly,spiritually.

    ' Respect' is a rendition,
    Which can clear any ' Audition'
    Of Relationship Matters,
    Without any Flutter!

    So, avoid any jitters,
    And ' negativity's litter!

    Love yourself so much
    That you are overflowing with love,
    Which will strengthen you to solve
    Your problems,
    May the worries dissolve in the
    Elixir of Love and Life!

    Just like a Flower's fragrance soothes
    Many a soul,
    A Soothing Relationship creates
    a Romance with The Soul!

    -Rupali Gore Lale

  • diksha_singh 1w


    Doesn't matter how wrong things look, if you go deep into it, every situation can be justified.
    You need to save your energy on cases that harm your cause.


  • rupaliwrites 1w

    The Song of the Sand

    She sings a Sonnet at times,
    At times, a Lullaby,

    She hums like the wind chimes,
    She plays the sand strings
    To perfection...
    She collaborates with the wind at times,
    To create percussive echoes!
    To remember someone's woes!
    The ever changing shapes of sand dunes,
    Love her varied tunes,

    When the dry sand feels the thirst,
    She sings a Melancholy,
    When The Cacti feel too thorny,
    She soothes them with a Melody,

    When the camel feels like resting,
    She sings a relaxing Ghazal,

    When the Mind is meditative,
    The heart is restive,
    She readily sings a song of Sufi,
    Thereby soothing the spirit!

    She is the Earth
    Where Water is in Dearth,
    She is the Desert,
    She lives for those who have not deserted her...
    She guards the scattered Oasis
    Like a Treasure for her children,
    So that her children are not in a crisis!

    Oh Mother Desert,
    You strengthen the soul!
    - Rupali Gore Lale

  • ladysag77 1w

    Each day ushers in renewed hope for innumerable possibilities. Go out and grab ahold of what life has to offer. A beautiful gift effortlessly given to us each day by God��

    #lifeisagift #grateful #attitudeofgratitude #goodvibes #spiritualawakening #spirituality #spiritual #abrandnewday #thankyougod #intentions #grace #hope #faith #love

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    Stirring restless yearning awakens my soul
    Searching for meaning makes me feel whole
    Drawn to the light breaking outside my window
    A new day is dawning building today's crescendo
    Mystery awaits as my curiosity builds
    Energy flowing, I feel tingles and chills
    Excitement and possibility for anything can happen
    Greeting the day with carefree abandon
    Thank you God for another chance to wander
    Leading me to forward with gusto to ponder
    Hope's on the horizon as I gaze into the sun
    Dreams reigniting feelings understanding we've only just begun
    Bursting with song, a pep in my step
    Life is what we make of it and this I do accept
    Love is the magic, the glue and the answer
    Moving through this world as a graceful dancer
    Grateful for this day, this life is a gift!

  • rupaliwrites 1w


    नींद आती है, पलके बंद कर लेती हूं, तो कुछ बेचैनी सी मेहसूस होती है,
    लगता है , जैसे जिंदगी में बहुत कुछ अधुरा सा रह गया है...
    फिर सोचती हूं, अपनी मंजिल के बारे में कल सोचूंगी।
    इसमें मेरी और मेरी निंदिया की भलाई हैं।
    -रूपाली गोरे लाळे