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  • theoffendedteddy 11h

    What it meant to me

    I wish love meant to you
    What it meant to me

    To me
    You were like the first breeze of spring
    That made me bloom
    After a long frozen winter
    To me
    You were like the first rain
    That washed me off
    Of all my grime
    To me
    You were the midnight lamp
    That flickered
    In the vivid darkness

    That was how I loved you
    That was how I saw you
    That everlasting sense of belonging
    That I knew would be forever mine

    I wish love meant to you
    What it meant to me

    I wish I meant more to you
    than leaves to the autumn weather
    Ever fleeting, ever changing,
    Ever more in transition

    I wish I wasn’t so transitory
    I wish I couldn’t be unchosen
    I wish I was enough
    In life, in love, in desires
    I wish I was enough for you.


  • loneink 1d

    "Winter went ..
    You also left like winter
    with a promise of that Spring
    The spring never ever came ."
    Two years passed since then ..
    Even now,I don't wait..

  • pragyaverma 1d

    Warble with me now, rivulet of spring
    Harbinger of the welcome times
    I, a spirit of gloomiest fears and doubts,
    Ask for a dulcet rhyme.

    The snow must melt now,
    As trees send forth their yellow green sprout
    I, a spirit of savage nights,
    Want to blossom over the drought

    The restlessness, I know not why and for what, this soul holds so dear,
    Must glide over the waters..
    And surmise this to be a prelude to blue sky, grass and dew,
    That this desire scatters..

    And let me warble for joy
    For tranquil solitude and cerulean above
    Its spring time, let within me, for me
    Grow a heart that loves.

  • 845doe 3d

    Am I finally ready to forgive?
    Cause I was ready to live
    Without forgiveness' consoling words
    They had flown away like tropical birds
    Left me at peace in the winter cold
    But now they're approaching again
    At the tip of my tounge ready for you to claim
    I'm not sure if it's right
    But just as seasons involuntarily arrive I cannot fight
    Reapproaching tropical birds
    Or the liberation of forgiving words
    They're blossoming at the mere sight
    When you whispered and asked if I might



  • panchhii11 3d

    वसंत ऋतु

    तुम वसंत की तरह आना,
    मैं पत्तियों की तरह दूँगी साथ तुम्हारा ।।
    तुम चलती हवा में थोड़ा सा गुनगुना..
    मैं पंक्तियों की तरह दूँगी साथ तुम्हारा।।
    जब चलेंगे हम साथ -साथ,
    तुम हाथ मेरा थाम लेना ..
    मैं जिन्दगी भर दूँगी साथ तुम्हारा!


  • nonns_poetry 4d


    I float on the breeze of Spring to forgotten fields
    of sleeping daisies where the morning dew
    is like a yawning tear of waking eyes
    waking eyes in the sunrise's sky


  • sugandhswani_ 1w

    The Last Laugh...

    Did you leave something behind?
    I saw you turn your head there,
    Something that is left undone,
    You feel a missing piece somewhere?!

    The sun is closing the doors for you,
    And yet you swoosh in making your way,
    Through the windows back to our world,
    A bit longer I feel, you want to stay.

     Or is it your cold shadow we feel?
    On our backs when the dewy dusk dawns,
    And you have found your bed already?
    To find rest and sleep for your weary yawns.

     For you have worked really hard,
    To blanket the world in gloom,
    But now it’s time for the grey days to go,
    And for Spring to make some room.
    For the fresh flowers and crisp greens,
    And the birds to colour the skies blue,
    So, enjoy your last laugh O Winter,
    We are ready to bid farewell to you.

     21st February 2021

  • thulsayuri 1w

    Spring nears around the corner and I can smell it
    A renewal of the bitter cold death winter left behind
    Where pain has taken it's toll, all is made right
    For in the warmth of Love we rekindle our hearts
    Call it a mindset, but the notion remains true
    The harmony of seasons reflective of our desires
    Some days leave us broken and scorned, but
    In the soft light of the love above we find it
    To remedy one another as our blood flows bliss
    There it is, sensations take over and we forget
    Enhanced by the pain so long felt, you know it true
    Love overwhelming like fresh water to a dry mouth
    I would take all my pain again just to know you now

  • crazy_panda_ 1w

    Letter to season
    My lovely spring ��

    Perhaps; you don't know me, It is just because we are far away from each other. It is impossible that I can meet you. You arrive just after winters. The killing and freezing winter is the wall between us but I can bare with it. You know why ??? Because I know you come every year with grace. Here the purpose of writing this letter for you is.........
    I want to tell you each thing what I love about you. Please don't mind it, I'm writing a poetry for you. I'm an Autumn, so bad at writing lovely things.

    Oh! my lovely spring
    You are my inspiration
    My heart melts there
    where you comes with
    love and joy.
    You are the gift of Nature
    Hope of new beginning
    You fade up all the melancholies
    of the gloomy Winter
    My soul( Autumn leaf) dancing
    with you just like Daffodils danced
    in Wordsworth's poetry.

    Oh! my lovely spring
    The king of all seasons
    Season of love you are
    All the rose petals waiting for you
    in a grey street.
    And lovers, falls in love every time
    again and again when you arrive.
    My ambition is be with you
    So could I dare to be a Spring season
    of An Autumn seasons.
    I can feel your fragrance in
    my soul, my lovely Spring.

    Spring, this was my small effort to define your beauty. I know your beauty is far better then my poetry but this was my kind gesture for you. You are a truly king of nature. You bring pinkish and purple happiness along you. So could I dare to be your queen with my golden charm. This is impossible right. But I'm happy that whenever you will receive this letter so it will bring a smile on your face, Then my heart will feel thousands of butterflies. And that day I will find the love of entire world in my bowl. You are beautiful and an amazing season. One last thing I want to say something is that, you bring love and hope with you and flowers blossom with you but when my turn comes then all the flowers falls down but lastly the Autumn leaf becomes the flower itself. So here I'm the
    "Spring of Autumn"
    Thanks to be my inspiration.

    Yours and truly yours
    Autumn ��
    with love��

    ©crazy_panda_�� ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    For my lovely Spring season with love.��

    Oh ! my lovely Spring
    Could I dare to be Autumn in Spring ��

    Here Autumn is writing a love letter for its beloved Spring. Autumn is a girl and Spring is boy ( I think so). And today finally Spring found this letter ��

    (Pic credit -Pinterest )
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    My soul dancing with you just like
    Daffodils danced in Wordsworth's poetry
    Could I dare to be Spring in Autumn.


  • the_vacant_soul 1w


    Dearest Spring,
    I've been listening that quote from a very long time that's 'opposites attracts'. I never be that deep to know, but somehow now when I listened narrations, incidents of yours in world, fancies and in scriptures, I'm started to attract towards you. I just love your presence, though our inbetween companion 'autumn' is something that I felt envious about, as that it's our union, maybe for a while.
    Your blooming seasons and the warm days make me to fall to for. As in me, there's only chill and frost exists which's sometime interrupt people's daily life. The beauty of varied flowers, It's exclusive hues and strange contests between bees and other creatures. The world enjoys all of your rationality.
    I wanna be with you, totally. I wanna experience that warmth, inspite the fact, I'll melt down partial but I'll unite. Well, now its my early I just got the way, and soon when I'll end we'll unite and our companion "autumn" we'll be there. I'll be there soon.

    With love,

    Ps: I'm just there...... arriving soon.

  • may_from_beyblade 1w

    #lame#spring#winter#writersbay#Ltseasonc#may1_week_of_letters�� all letters of the challenge will be here.

    Hope it makes sense...wrote it in a hurry��

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    A letter to a season from a season

    Dear magnifique spring,
    A season in which everyone is filled with joy, My mind remembers your name.
    After me you come, decorating the ground
    On which frost melted,
    With beautiful, fragnant, blooming flowers.
    You adorn the empty branches
    Of the sturdy trees, with lush green leaves. Butterflies dance in glee,
    Bees buzz with delight,
    Birds fly high in the azure sky,
    As the breeze carries the sweet smell of
    Grasses and florets; stimulating serenity in People living beyond the open windows,
    Of their houses.
    Once again, I see you approaching,
    As I slowly say goodbye to various creatures.

    I am telling you this, because I heard you crying, saying times have changed; people don't rejoice on your return as they used to, they have stopped appreciating you.
    Do not worry my dear friend, if it requires for me to knock some sense into them through a frigid gale, I will.
    Sending this letter to you through a sparrow, hope it gets delivered. Will write to you again till then, adios.

    Yours, bittersweet winter.


  • a_gentilischi 1w

    Since seven letters are going to be written, I decided to write them as a continuous series. So give your thoughts on this. ��
    And, it's best if the first two letters are read beforehand. You can find them under #wbltsagent
    Happy reading ��

    Much love out to @writersbay for this amazing challenge that pushes our limits. ������

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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    @writersnetwork @writersbay
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    -The third letter, left where spring meets summer-

    Treasured Summer,

    Can I call you Summer?
    You never told me your name, and well, this is what I've been calling you in my head. I hope you don't mind.

    At first it was because, when we met on that winter night, you looked so out of place. Only later did I realise that you weren't wearing any winter gear, even though it was freezing. I'm still not sure if you were a hallucination of an angel.

    Now I call you Summer, because you are MY summer.
    You're the inexorable force that drives my winter in to Spring, then, right in to your open arms.

    My dearest, you are the breeze that gave wings to my last letter.
    You are the sun that kisses the snow covered mountain tops, to make them lush and green.
    You chase away the barrenness that is the mistress of the dark cold.

    You, Summer, are the essence that I want to drown in, till every pore of my frostbitten body is suffused with the warmth of hope, till my body and soul are overflowing with it.

    But first I have to reach you.

    You reached out to me that first time. A child of summer, full of life, what were you doing crying on a winter night? Why did you taint yourself with the blizzards of vitriolic hatred?

    Was it for me?

    Winter has barely ended for me. But Spring is coming, I know it is. I can feel it in the way my heartbeat quickens, like the earth awakening from the slumber. My thoughts are stirring tentatively, like bulbs of daffodils, shivering in anticipation, exhilarated, and on the cusp of blooming.

    Darling, I know that summer doesn't last forever, but will you wait for me?

    Wait till the last traces of frost melt and I grow back sprigs of fresh leaves. Don't leave me until I'm heavy with blossom, a vision out of the riverbanks that Monet painted.

    Stay until my spring transcends in to the glorious summer of your embrace.

    My heart will meet yours at the place where Spring meets Summer.

    With love,
    Your Winter that is turning in to Spring


  • pallavi4 1w

    From Autumn to Spring

    Dear spring,

    Bowed bare branches bear the brunt
    Of forgotten forsaken falsified hopes
    In the torn tattered twigs reside
    A sunny springy summer that has eloped

    My once strong safe shady boughs
    Nurtured big beatific bewildering dreams
    The painted pacific pathways lie covered
    With my fallen once luscious leathery leaves

    In the broken battered bulbs lie
    The wish for a hopeful happy handsome tomorrow
    Instead the cold clammy clustered heaps
    Spell undying unbridled unexplainable sorrow

    Dreary dark defiant winters follow me
    To discover silence solitude solace
    My auburn arid autumn leaves
    Are by chilly chaotic cruel snow replaced

    I’m envious of your fresh fantastical flowers
    And luscious luxuriously laden trees
    Bringing a weary wornout winter
    On its very knobbly knock knees

    Your glossy grassy greens uncover
    Aesthetic artistic aspirations
    Cheeky chirping cheerful birds accompany
    Nature as it flits floats fulfils its expectations

    I always wistfully wholly wish to be
    More dainty delicate delightful as you
    You bring a cherubic cheery childlike exuberance
    And sense swathing sweetness known to very few



    17th of February, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • riyabisht 1w

    S P R I N G

    Wake up and see -
    Mother nature has started wearing floral ornaments and adorned like a beautiful woman.

  • poetessangge 2w

    Rise Up, Conquerors

    Take it slowly, don't pressure yourself
    just be a flower, always ready to bloom
    and like a plant who take a process
    but later on it will grow
    make your own art
    with all of your heart
    trust in your words
    even in your actions
    so, choose wisely
    put Him in your center
    and ready yourself
    'coz life is challenging
    you can take it or leave it
    but fly high
    feel every moments
    do your best— your part
    so that even if you failed
    you know
    for the next morning
    you are one of them—

  • sugandhswani_ 2w

    The nature isn't any different from humans... It depicts love, hatred, envy, joy and every other emotion like us. And why not.. It is made of us!

    #nature #beauty #beautiful #sky #landscape #winter #spring #feelings #heart #life #love #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Just like us!

    We meet and share a glance or two,
    Then meet again and utter some words,
    Of friendship, of love, of hatred and envy,
    On people, on trees, on animals and birds.

    We sit beside each other for days to come,
    At times sipping coffee, at times some wine,
    Laying on the grass or walking the streets,
    Sharing conversations and silent time...

    A day comes and we can't carry this on.
    Life comes in between and it's time to part,
    We might smile and say goodbyes,
    Or shed warm tears with a heavy heart.

    While our feet walk away, our soul wants to stop,
    And run back to what we shared before,
    We know things change and it won't be the same,
    So we take half a step back but move ahead for sure.

    As I went out to see the sky last night,
    I realised that nature is just the same,
    It's time that winter left us already,
    But after all this while, parting means pain!

    The fog had returned to touch the lights
    And whisper again sweet nothings to trees,
    One last time to enjoy together the cold,
    Before the blanket of Spring colours the leaves.

    And why would it be any different, the nature!
    For all this universe is made of us.
    It takes what we give out to the world,
    And somehow manages to bring it back to us!!

    12th February 2021

  • prakashinin 3w

    കുയിലുകൾ വീണ്ടും പാടാൻ തുടങ്ങി. അതെ; അവർ വസന്തത്തിന്റെ വരവറിയിക്കുന്നു. ഞാനും എന്റെ ആൾക്കാരും വരാൻ പോകുന്ന ഗ്രീഷ്മത്തെക്കുറിച്ച് ചിന്തിച്ച് ഇപ്പോൾത്തന്നെ വിയർക്കാൻതുടങ്ങി. ആത്മബന്ധങ്ങളുടെ നൂലാമാലകളിൽ കുടുങ്ങി നിമിഷങ്ങളുടെ വസന്തോത്സവങ്ങൾ തിമിർത്താടിയും ശൈത്യങ്ങളിൽ മരവിച്ചും ഗ്രീഷ്മ ച്ചൂടിൽ പൊള്ളി പരുക്കേൽക്കുന്നവരും ആയ നമുക്കെന്ത് കാലത്തിന്റെ നിറഭേതങ്ങൾ?

  • lavender_lizzy 3w

    I wrote this poem for a school project and decided to share it here! The assignment was we had to write a poem on the four seasons.
    #winter #summer #spring #autumn #schoolassignment #seasons

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    The summer rays shone down in the northern hemisphere as the axis tilted towards the sun
    The air was hot and bees were buzzing, the grass was a luscious green
    Kids were running around, splashing in the clear, blue waters of the ocean
    Skys were blue, the sun was blazing, but in the southern hemisphere all was different

    While the sun was shining in the northern hemisphere snow is falling in the southern hemisphere
    The rotation of the Earth turned blazing heat into windy cold air,  green grass to a blanket of white
    Cold filled the air, the winds were wild and they chilled and bite
    The bees and birds were gone, the world was white, as quick as winter came it was gone again

    Flowers bloomed and the vernal equinox started today in the northern hemisphere
    Birds chirped, daffodils filled the fields, and the air smelled fresh
    Children danced in the fields and wished on dandelions, blowing them away in the wind afterwards
    The world was bright, children laughs filled the air and everyone knew that spring was here

    The autumn equinox came around as leaves turned yellow, red, and brown
    Sweater weather came, pumpkin spiced lattes got bought, the season for autumn is surely here
    The air is crisp and cool, trees leaves fell to the ground and they blew through the wind
    The cold breeze blew and everyone knew that autumn was surely here

    Seasons change, every year, all four come and go
    Spring, sunshine, autumn, and winter, this is how each year has to go
    One is down, the next came, repeating, repeating every time
    Weather changing, fresh air, bright sun, crisp leaves, white snow, that is how the year goes

  • the_charismatic_soul 4w

    Like spring,
    Your love brings the allures of mine.
    With smiles,
    Let's dance under those cherry blossom trees,
    All alone,
    Once again.

    Like spring,
    Let's start new life with hues of love.
    Let's promise each other,
    Those seven promises
    Of love,
    And live once again those moments in glee.

    Like spring,
    Let's sing those chorus of our favourite songs again,
    Let's match the vocals,
    And then make fun of each other,
    And laugh till our belly ache,

    Like spring,
    Let's listen those hymns of flowers to —
    Become one soul.
    Let's celebrate the joy of this occasion,
    Together –
    With deep love...!!


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay @the_alchemiist
    #lunatic_poems #rishikankur
    #ceesreposts #spring #seasonoflove

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    Season of love....❤️

    Like spring,
    Let's listen those hymns of flowers to —
    Become one soul.
    Let's celebrate the joy of this occasion,
    Together –
    With deep love...!!