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  • preranarathi 6w

    मौत का धंधा

    जब मौत को गले लगाया,
    तब दुनिया का एक और सच सामने आया।
    सुना था, मरने के बाद सारी परेशानियाँ खत्म हो जाती हैं,
    सुकून होता है और रुह को जन्नत मिल जाती हैं।
    मैं भी चढ़ा था उस खुदा के घर की सीढ़ियाँ,
    पर न आया वो बाहर, न खोली उसने खिडकियाँ।
    फिर कही से एक आवाज़ आई-
    तु तो मर कर भी नहीं मर पाया,
    इस दुनिया ने तुझ पर मुकदमा हैं चलाया।
    जा पहले उन से अर्जी लेकर आ,
    इस दुनिया से मुक्ती लेकर आ।

    तुझे अपने घर में पनाह नहीं देनी तो मत दे, नाटक क्यों करता है,
    जिन्होंने मेरी मौत का षड़यंत्र रचा, उन्हीं से भीख माँगने को कहता है।
    क्या फर्क पडता हैं, मैने खुदखुशी कि या उन्होनें मुझे मार डाला,
    दोनों ही तस्वीरो में, कीचड़ मुझ पर ही तो उछाला।
    मेरे शरीर को कभी नहीं अपनाया,
    और आज मेरी रूह पर भी है दाग लगाया।
    और तु कहता है कि इन फर्जी लोगों कि अर्जी लेकर आऊ,
    मुकदमा जो चलाया इन्होनें मुझ पर, उसमें बेकसूर साबित होकर आऊ।
    ओ मेरे खुदा, तु कितना भोला है, जाकर नीचे तो देख,
    नरक से भी बत्तर सर्वग, इंसान ने खोला हैं।
    पर तुझसे क्या शिकायत करू, तु तो अपना काम कर रहा है,
    जन्नत मिले उसी को, जो बेगुनाह है।
    बर्बाद तो मुझे तेरी बनाई दुनिया ने कर दिया,
    छीन ली मेरे पैरों से जमींन, अब आसमान भी ले लिया।
    पर अगर तु चहाता हैं, तो थोड़ा और भटक लूगाँ, थोड़ा और तड़प लूगाँ,
    जब तक बेगुनाह साबित नहीं हो जाता, बर्बादी का दर्द थोड़ा और सह लूगाँ।
    पर तुझसे एक वादा मैं लेना चहाता हुँ,
    होगा इस मुकदमे का अंत, बस इतना यकीन दिला दे तू।
    क्योंकि मुझे इस दुनिया पर पूरा भरोसा है, ये मुझे कभी रिहा नहीं होने देगें,
    मेरी मौत को धंधा बनाकर हर रोज बाजार में बेंचेगे।

    - प्रेरणा राठी

  • le_tutz 9w

    Staircases leads us to
    higher places.
    Though you may
    go back down
    Though you may
    stop halfway.
    Its better to go up
    than to stay down.


    #poetry #short #motivation #youcandoit #stairs #motivational #original

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    Let's Go Up

    Staircases leads us
    to higher places.
    Though you may
    go back down
    Though you may
    stop halfway.
    Its better to go up
    than to stay down.


  • rritikaa 20w

    He loves the sun more and I'm envious about it.
    #ritikaaa #sun #moon #envious #stars #hug #tight #want #invisible #stairs

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    I want to climb the invisible stairs to reach the moon and hug him so tight that the stars would get envious.


  • ciara1 20w

    The Abandoned House Up The Block

    Sitting there in wonder waiting on the bus in the dark night, 
    who were the people that lived here in this terrible sight?
    The house is empty and the windows are silled,
    the house is now at a stand still.
    They are all gone away,
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Through these broken glasses, and walls blow the dreary and sharp:
    They are all gone away,
    Nor is there no one today
    To speak to them about the good or bad:
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Why is then we go astray?
    I wonder where they stay,
    They are all gone away.

    Why do kids come here to play?
    For them has left this house is wasted skill:
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Pondering and asking my mother who was the people whom lived in that abandoned house a block away?

    Why are you sitting by an abandon house anyway?
    But when I always sit there, I pray.
    You better pray somewhere else before you get taken away.

    But mother, whose going to snatch a grown woman away if I stay?
    It doesn't matter if you are grown or a child's play,
    They go come and snatch you away.

    Whose coming to snatch me away?
    They say, that abandoned house a block away is cursed by spirits in everyway.

    I don't believe in spirits, and who is they?
    Our neighbor Tammy and some other neighborhood said.
    Well I don't believe in what other people say.

    Who did they say who lived in that place?
    They say, a man and a woman lived there and both was killed there.
    How were those poor people killed that stayed?
    They say, the man killed his wife and shot himself in the face.

    Were these people black folks who lived in that place they say?
    Yeah, and your uncle say, he sat there one time in the day, 
    And he felt something hard touch his back, he say, it felt something was trying to pull him in that place, 
    But as he turned around he did not see no one and he walked away.

    That abandoned house up the block has been boarded up 30 years til this day.

    Well that was why I thought I heard shrilling noises in that place,
    It was probably there spirits wandering around in the day.

    Seeing that house is ruined and decayed
        In the House up the Block
    They are all gone away, faded away, decayed away and  moved away to an evil space,
    There is nothing more I can say.


  • brokenwings_yetpowerfulbeing 22w

    Never lose hope in life. No matter what happens, there's still a long long way to go.

    #mirakee @writersnetwork #writerscommunity #gostepbystep #dontlosehope #keeponwalking #stairs #longwaytogo

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    You can't take four steps at once,
    If you try, you can fall back on the floor,
    But, you can break those four steps into two steps,
    you can go one step by step to go to the last stairs,
    have patience, have courage to walk,
    keep on doing both hard work and smart work,
    these steps are just a beginning,
    to go towards your path.


  • mystical_cupid_21 27w

    There is no elevator to success.
    You have to take the stairs.

  • quarantinistani 30w

    Et tu, Sox?

    I stood at the top.
    And suddenly, I was not.
    My socks betrayed me.

    © goromoto

  • _the_introvert_boy__ 41w

    नजरों से जो उसने बातें छेड़ी है
    लगता है मोहब्बत की शुरुआत की
    यही पहली सीढ़ी है

  • srisaptoawaits22 45w

    Deepened love...

    Step over my heart,
    Run amidst those hurdles,
    Infuse in my arms,
    Moist breathes, and kiss bundles.
    Yes, let's create memories,
    Stepping each day higher,
    Tides of happiness grasp,
    Ambience of love and fire.
    Imbibe me in your heart,
    Rescue me in your deepened love.

  • anthonyhanible 48w

    Stairs that's going nowhere
    First of all
    Why would you go up them?
    But if you do
    What do you do when you get to the top?
    Do you turn around and go back down
    Do you just stand there

  • nleroy8 59w


    Everyone is on their own set of stairs
    We walk talk go up down steps, as some stare
    At others glaring at their position.
    Some are at a golden peak and are only going
    Higher, others are comfortable enjoying coffee
    Sitting at the table.
    Then there are souls who are cold
    Asleep on cement steps with nothing
    Left to leak.
    The high who lie and knock cold souls
    Down with their cynical soles having them
    Believe their life is comical, need to have it
    Flipped the other way around. The middle ground
    Do not want a say cause why should they?
    Another day no fray they mostly feel okay.
    But there are some who never do have no help
    To turn to, and with nothing left to lose
    Using the rest of their energy
    Not to light up, but to
    Fall down
    Only knowing, how to


  • prajkr 64w


    She sat still on the spiriling staircase
    Gazing at the skies
    And playing with her hair
    Like a majestic flower
    At the top of a motionless mountain
    Romancing with the lonely wind
    All I could say was
    She was


  • moonxchild 68w


    I'm bleeding out.

    Falling for him was like being thrown down an endless staircase. I keep bumping on the steps and hurting myself but I just can't stop the fall. My wrists have been cut and I'm bruised all over the body I willingly gave to him.

    But he doesn't care. He never did. And I tell myself I'm closer to the end as I start to lose my senses. I hope I pass out soon enough and my body stops moving.

    I don't want to love you anymore. You used to make me feel safe but now I wonder "why did you push me down the stairs?"


  • clockworkmiracle 69w


    a poem but unread, a thought that is unsaid,
    like the heart with walls that is blood filled,
    which tries untiringly all day to suck out the void,
    that is how it would have known to beat a beat
    and that is how it would have all started, to live it.
    out of nothing there will be universe,
    these stairs are void too...
    but to the ones who do not take the lifts,
    the ones, who like to leave their foot print,
    out of nothing there will be universe, so hope!


  • rd_writings 69w


    The farther the destination,
    Stairs will keep coming,
    Climb it, endure it, don't give up.


  • stashedviews 76w

    Everyone has darkest of alleys inside them
    But descend deeper and deeper
    You'll definitely find light at the bottom of it

  • arya_ballal 77w

    Take a step everyday,

    Even if the stair is broken,
    Even when the path lies unspoken,
    Even when nobody's on your side,
    Even when you'd like to hide,
    Even when there is insecurity on your mind,
    Even when your love left you behind,
    Even when the terrain does not resist,
    From filling your path with mist.

    Just take a step everyday,
    At the end, you'll reach the top of the world.


  • theycallmelove 78w

    Never lock your thoughts by bitching & stabbing others,

    They are the birds which need to fly in the sky of positivity to achieve the nest of success.

  • ahoneybun 80w

    I fell down
    The stairs,
    The same way
    I fell for you,

  • hharshitha 61w

    " WONDERING! "

    I've been dreaming about you
    From dusk till dawn

    What it's like to be next you
    That's All I ever wanted
    I hope you want the same
    Watching you from a distance
    Seemed so picture perfect,
    Until you noticed me.

    Who is this soul?
    What does this mean?
    Looking at me in a way,
    That nobody else did
    tell me!,
    what's inside your head?
    I don't even know the real you
    But I'm dying to know
    Why are you doing this?
    Making me think about you
    All night long and every day.

    The look on your face
    made me wonder
    Is this love or just an attraction

    How it sounds
    When you call my name,
    Sitting on the stairs
    Watching you pass by,
    Noticing everything about you
    Your cute curly hair
    Your sparkly eyes
    Your cheerful laughter
    Makes me smile harder
    every time!

    Saw you walking down the stairs
    On an autumn afternoon,

    If this is making me fall for you
    But then again,
    Your smiling at your phone and
    I wonder if this smile is for another
    person in your mind other than me.

    How you ride off to nature
    every weekend to the hilly valley,
    Laying down on the ground
    gently kissing the chilly breeze,
    Dreaming about the white clouds
    on a clear blue sky,
    Never knew you had a sensitive
    side towards nature like i do.

    If we'll ever glance at each other
    ever again,
    And we did but this time
    My nervousness took the better of me,
    Cause when your next to me
    you make my heart beat go faster
    and slower without my knowledge.

    How crazy was i to think
    that we could connect effortlessly,
    With every countless thoughts
    of what could have happened right,
    Our magnetic fields had opposite
    We might just getaway with this but
    honey this road can't be lead by
    our blind faith.


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    #blind #curly #slower #knowledge #nervousness #time #glaced #sky #sensitive #nature #blue #white #faith #clouds #cute #chilly #breeze #hilly #valley #mind#ground #down #name #autum #afternoon #phone #smile #stairs #sounds #hair #sparkely #eyes #we #cheerful #laughter #night #day #distance #picture #perfect #noticed #hope
    #dusk #dawn #dream #diary

    P.S. this poem was in my drafts for more than 6 months. Finally I made the guts to finish it. Here it is.

    Do let me know if you could relate yourself to the poem. I would love to know. If y'all don't mind :)


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