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  • queenwriter 4w


    Surrounded by love from a few
    Looking back on days before I grew

    Stressful days has crossed my path
    I turned my sadness into all laughs


  • queenwriter 4w

    Great performance brings forth many.
    One mistake, costs plenty


  • aka_natasha 8w


    Coming to my senses once again,
    it seems to be happening a lot lately.
    I feel like such a fool, because I've been played, controlled and manipulated for so long that I have been blinded again.
    I always see the best in people its who I am.
    You think people will be nice, peaceful or treat you right.
    But they don't.
    Even if they say they will.
    Actions always speak louder than words.
    Two different situations are happening in my life...
    One is proving everything I thought would happen but didn't want to believe he would.
    Second has always told me up front and has never lied but there is no future.
    Just someone to pass my time throughout my transition in life.
    It's ashame I fell in love.
    I have only hurt myself with an unrealistic expectation that I knew would never be since the start.
    I don't regret my choice...
    I've wanted out for years.
    I was never strong enough or had the self confidence back then.
    It has taken me 2 years to change my mindset and realize my worth to get the courage and boldness to leave.
    I will make the best life and I will do my best always for all my children (adults/minor).
    I will move forward.
    I will survive.
    I will find love again.
    Someone will be my knight.

  • loftydreams101 11w

    The Endless Passage

    I will cut apart the apron strings
    When the foghorn calls
    For me to depart

    Through the daybreak mist
    Where my former wants
    All former foes
    Will fade to ghost white

    To the new open port
    So crowded with ships
    Filled with young vagabonds
    On their endless passage

    © William Wright, Jr. 2020

  • samhudson 22w

    Lost Highway

    Packed my bags, cashed my check.
    Leave this town, done with this shit.
    Said goodbye to the few that I love,
    Hit the road, followed the sun.
    Headed out west, to rebuild my life.
    But wherever I went, I was followed by strife.
    Things I missed, memories of the past,
    No escape, the sadness lasts.
    The highway keeps going, on into the night.
    The sound of the engine, rumbles in delight.
    But somewhere on that dark, desert road,
    I had to stop, my mind on overload.
    I stepped out and looked above,
    Infinite stars burning their love.
    Maybe they were pointing the way,
    For me to go on this lost highway.

  • grim_lyssa 30w

    What can I say,
    What can I do,
    The void in my heart,
    Is there cause of you,
    But today's a new day,
    So I start something new

  • expiredangel 33w


    & so it begins. a new day tomorrow. maybe, just maybe i'll be okay after all.

  • dbelles_writes 39w


    I will heal myself
    I will start afresh
    Not agonise over
    men, nor money,
    nor death.


  • music13guitar 50w

    A Liminal Place

    18 candles in 18 days
    Not a candle a day, but
    18 candles in 18 days

    You never know exactly when you were born
    Some know, but I bet they're wrong
    I have my own format
    When the last candle burns out,
    I'm a year older

    Sometimes my "birthday" isn't even my birthday.
    It all equals out

    In 18 days I'll blow out 18 candles
    In an instant my life will change

    Obviously not.
    But it's the first time I'll have to
    Admit It to myself it will

    Stepping into a liminal place
    Away from my old life
    Into a new one

    18 days 18 candles

    And once they're all out
    I don't know where I'll end up
    Or who will be on the other side

    18 days 18 candles
    I'll get to start over again


  • loftydreams101 62w

    June's Hellfire

    After the shooting flames,
    When the ashes soar high
    I sprawl on and on,
    Nothing stirs in me for miles

    But I'll teem again
    As a forest of pines,
    Before June’s hellfire
    Even gleams from afar

    © William Wright, Jr. 2019

  • leemarie 64w

    Admitting defeat

    Sometimes, giving up isn't really giving up.
    It's letting go of holding on.
    Holding on to all of the people, the places, the things that are preventing you from becoming the best version of you.
    Sometimes, giving up means suffering in the moment, to allow a future of happiness and bliss.
    So I can't get on board with those who tell you to never give up, because sometimes you just have to.
    Sometimes, giving up is the best thing that you can do for you.

  • lyrikklhyy 64w


    Time is going and going and going not stopping,
    Just going and going and going..

    Intertwine, In-between, Left Behind..
    Hurry Up, Slow It Down..
    Wanting to just Pause, Stop, & Rewind..

    Clean slate, just starting over
    Barely moving, yet still Overcoming,
    Slowly but surely in time she'll have won..

    All in Time She Will Overcome
    With Time On Her Side
    She Will No Longer Have To Hide Or Deny
    Just Spread Her Wings & Glide Gracefully Through Time,
    For She's Been Given A New Chance At Life..

  • yoliyeve 66w

    Step One

    A new beginning is upon me once again. My favorite part is the fresh start. I never get tired of starting over. Only of starting wrong.

  • anonymouslyscarred 73w

    #startingover #becauseiloveyou #thisisntover #loveisforever

    Believe in me like I believe in you...

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    Mending what’s been broken..

    You should know the reason I can’t just stay.

    Hurricanes don’t readily dissipate over night.

    This wasn’t just another stupid fight.

    I hurt you because of the amount of toxins flooding my mind...

    You hurt me back because you only knew how to use those few cold words...

    Forgive me for not giving up on us, forgive me for wanting some distance to fall back in love...

    I want you to see me as someone you can trust.

    I need you to believe me when I say this is more than just lust.

    Let’s do something different this time,

    Show me your every flaw and I’ll show you mine.

    I will show you the worst parts of me in hopes of acceptance into your heart..

    I can’t stand being this far apart.

    The worst in me will surely come out & then you can decide if you want me or not.

    Please give me time and space to recuperate...

    & if I never change?
    I promise to be the victim of your hate.

    I know that we both contributed to this fuck up, so I’m hoping we don’t end up being the same.

    Show me who you really are, show me all your pain.

    I need to see those rare tears of yours.
    Reassurance; I don’t want you to hide them anymore.

    Show me your empathy; show me your sympathy...

    Wipe the tears away from my face, show me that when I’m drowning your heart starts to break...

    I promise to show you the best and the worst parts of me....

    If you promise to show me the way you use to be...
    Without all of the scars...

    Let’s see the good & the bad.

    Let’s see what really makes us mad.

    I want to find a resolution...

    I can’t just come home... don’t you see?

    I want us to become the best we can be...

    Even if it’s piece by piece.


  • lifewithkikay 75w

    Start of Something New

    Starting over can be challenging,
    but also it can be a great opportunity
    to do things differently.
    - by Catherine Pulsifer


  • starreauxvsqueenie 81w

    Masterpiece on canvas.(create your vision...#Be the visionary

    It's ok to be the blank canvas and start over again.Yesterday was yesterday today is today.Leave what wasn't for you where it belongs.Start fresh,get your paint brushes and paint.Create a new vision run with that vision. Focus on that vision and never stop till you have made your masterpiece.Your canvas that was once blank is now. Colorful with textures, meaning, love and pride in the best way.

  • evolutionaryhues 84w

    Starting Over

    I know I said I wanted to forget you,
    But you know what?
    I can't and I never will.
    It's not just because you're my first love,
    But because you're probably my only one.

    I can't help but peek at that photo that shows you,
    I can't help but wonder how life would have been
    If I'd accepted you sooner.
    I can't help but think that
    My life will always revolve around you.

    Therefore, I can't let go of you so easily,
    I got to at least try and make amends,
    I can't give up so soon
    (Not that I can even if I wanted to, anyway!).
    So, what do you say that we start over?


  • memories_to_paper 89w


    I woke this morning only to ponder one last question... Why am I still searching for the answers? The answers have been in front of me all along... Stop the searching... Stop the everything... I no longer need to know...forget what I know... I Really Don't Know!
    Why does it matter? It's time to live my own life and really live again...
    No regrets... I know my own shame as well as pain... Never look back for there's nothing worthwhile... Be my own vessel to carry me through... And learn to love against all odds...

  • mmbftd 95w


    I told you the truth my love
    And you could not comprehend it
    That after all this time
    Of you shutting me out
    Pushing me away
    Ignoring and neglecting me...
    You could not comprehend
    That this could be the end of us
    That something deep inside me
    Finally snapped into place
    Not who I was just minutes before
    Something deep inside me was suddenly so angry
    At all the time I spent waiting for you
    All the time I spent being so kind and complimentary
    Just so you wouldn't feel
    Less than
    Because I never judged you
    Until you judged me
    I never hurt you, never ever lied or took another man
    Never answered or replied to the men who actually DID appreciate my whole person. They wanted to be around me, spend time with me
    Discussing a myriad of ideas
    Late into the night until the sky turned a translucent blue
    And filled with stars
    They wanted to hold my hand and comfort me
    They wanted to know who I was and how I had become her
    And you swatted me away like flies
    But now
    You seemed so surprised
    That I had been honest with you
    And told you I could not bear another 10 years of this awful isolation right next to
    It will crush me into oblivion and I still need to find my way back to that vibrant woman I was before you
    So, my dear, don't look so clueless and forlorn
    You had the recipe for love in the palm of your hand the entire time
    But you chose to cook a meal for only you.
    You get what you give
    I am done sacrificing every part of me
    For you
    It was not at all what I should have done
    Now, you have all the time in the world for your projects and games
    If you even look up long enough to realize
    I am gone.


  • iamink 101w

    Impossible Choices

    I have to find some clarity, I'm drowning in my dreams.
    There's no climbing out of this, the hole was dug too deep.
    So sick of these thougthts.... I'm so ready to leave.
    Is it possible to process this? So many things to grieve.
    There's no answers anymore, not any that I can see.
    Walk in my shoes......how can you when I run on barefeet?
    I hear all the positive words, broken doesn't mean I don't believe.
    If you lived my life, you'd know the rules don't apply to me.
    If you knew what I knew, maybe then you'd agree.
    I live in a city of ghosts and I'm dying to break free.
    Staying here is torture, my actions are cries for my release.
    How do you mourn an entire life? Everything that you used to be?
    My heart breaks everyday....trapped here reliving memories.
    That version of me is dead and I'm so desperate to breathe.
    I know my roots are here, but I lost the chance to grow my tree.
    I'm not running away, it's just time to turn a new leaf.
    I need to be reborn, somewhere that I can really be me.
    There has to be a place to heal....where no one has seen me bleed.
    It's so hard to say goodbye. This feeling is bittersweet.
    No one can survive living in constant tragedy.
    So I'm saving myself.
    My life depends on creating a new reality.