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  • _yurio_ 4h


    The old body is now filled with diseases.
    The cataracts cloud the vision,
    The right hard to tell apart from the wrong.
    The nails rotten black, spreads it's darkness
    To the flesh.
    The wrinkled skin, does not look pretty no more. Instead it is filled with marks and scars.
    The legs give out, ever so often, not being able to take a stand.
    The mind is fatigued, from being used forever, and senility makes the new wisdom.
    The ears almost incapable of hearing anything new.
    But, the taste for blood, still haunts.


  • deep03 4h


    Bina paise k kaam krti hai.
    Koi lalach nhi faraz maan krti hai.
    Bimari me bhi theek ho milti.
    Chehre pe muskaan rakhti hai.
    Bina jiske hai hamari duniya adhuri.
    Voh AURAT hi hai, jo sabka khyal krti hai.
    Roop hai MAA, BEHAN, BETI, PATNI.
    Jo bhi krti hai, jaise bhi krti hai.
    Be-umeedi k saath krti hai.

  • whatrealityisthisagain 6h

    Mental Illness

    "It's all in your head" 
    "Breath, calm down,you know lots of people have it worse" 
    "Get over it. Learn to deal with it"
    "Just think about it logically"
    "You're stronger than this, just fight it"
    "There's no reason for you to feel this way"
    "You're being dramatic"
    "It's not like a disease" 
    "It's not like cancer, it doesn't take over your organs" 
    Oh, But it does. 
    We know we shouldn't be feeling this way!
    We know other people have it worse!
    We know we're being ridiculous!
    We know we should be fighting harder!
    We know it's all in our heads!
    We KNOW! 
    We know and it only makes it worse.
    We know it doesn't suck away our appearances and kill off our organs. 
    We know it isn't visible. 
    Now let me tell you something we don't know. 
    It IS visible. 
    You see it, or you wouldn't have said it. 
    It DOES suck away our appearances. 
    Lack of sleep, sagging shoulders, unhealthy eating, being blue or distraught! All of even the MINOR symptoms have an effect on our appearances and body. 
    We have no energy or too much energy. 
    We WISH we could sleep!
    We eat TOO much or not enough! 
    We CAN'T find the motivation to GET OUT OF BED! 
    Yet we often times do. 
    We hold in our tears all day. 
    We want nothing more than to scream, and break things, and just be listened to! 
    Be hugged! 
    We don't need to be understood. 
    We just need support. 
    Now let's address something else we dont know. 
    It DOES take over an organ. 
    It DOES destroy the functionality of an organ that is VITAL to living! 
    The brain is the organ that IS us. 
    It runs ALL of our organs. 
    It keeps us breathing. 
    Tells our heart to pump. 
    It's how we speak,
    Why we move.
    How much we know.
    It literally controls everything about our bodies.
    Our brain IS us. 
    The brain is a wonderful thing that no one truly understands. 
    But there is a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN change in our brain's function with different mental illnesses. 
    So yes. 
    It is like Cancer. 
    A cancer that everyone turns their heads to. 
    A plague that no one wants to accept. 
    Not even those of us with it. 
    It attaches, and there is no cure. 
    It's always there and will come back at the most random moments just because. 
    There doesn't even have to be a trigger!
    There doesn't have to be a reason other than a chemical imbalance! 
    But that's just in your head. 
    It's not like missing A+ blood type with B-. 
    It's not like Asthma that stops your breath. 
    It's all in your head. 
    So it must not be real. 

  • gargis157 1d

    #Stop body shaming

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    Say no to Judgements

    They say she is too thin ,
    They say she is too fat ,
    They say she is ugly
    They say she is too much
    When you judge someone by his or her appearance that doesn't defines him or her but that defines you and your mentality

  • rajaastha_ 2d


    And soon a day came,
    She started ignoring
    She started being herself
    She started caring
    And most importantly
    She stopped explaining the situations
    She stopped all those dids which would hurt her in the end.


  • _vermin_writings_ 3d


    Understanding isn't so difficult for people but people often stop understanding it

  • backstorypoetry 1w

    Keep working.
    Keep trying.
    Give your best.
    You might fail. You might fall. But don't you dare stop or quit.
    Because failures might happen again and again but you gotta keep going.
    Someday you will succeed for sure and that day you will be proud that you did it. You didn't quit.
    That's strength, faith, belief and motivation.
    #fail #failures #success #succeed #fall #stop #quit #keepgoing #proud #strength #faith #quit #motivation #motivationalquotes

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    It doesn't matter how many times we might fail.
    Remember that we only need to succeed once.

  • wifey_suicide 1w

    Anxiety, were not friends

    Anxiety, were not friends.
    The day you came to me, that day you were filled with fear. The lost of trust that came with it too. With my heart opened wide, darling please come here.
    I'll comfort you until you get back on your feet.
    That day I messed up. Cuz now you're like an everlasting period that just floods my brain with emotions and torment. And all I did was open my arms for you, so you can take my hand. Just so you can see better days.
    But with you, why do they seem so far away?

    Is there an actual cure or I'm I stuck in this rampage?
    I'm hurting to, because every time I go on into a conversation, it feels like I'm on a stage and the words I spill out slowly fade... Into mumbles and decay into the dreams of jokes that could've had people even choke. But now the conversation is dead, and nobody is woke.

    I want us to have hope anxiety, but all you say is
    And go to seep till the next day. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, cutting off dreams that will never come back. Twisting up into,
    "no wait! I wasn’t finished with that."
    Like a movie, I wanted to see how it ends. But it isn't the human who wins.
    Christians call it a demon, doctors call it a illness
    But either way you're stuck on pills to dig it away, like an abortion
    "Just go away!"
    As it digs it's claws in your brain, screaming
    "no! It won't be the same!"
    Cuz you're so use to this feeling of fear and over thinking, and as the fight goes back and forth, depression gets in the way
    3 / 5
    Just then anxiety looks like the good guy, but it lies
    Hidden behind the cries, heart beating fast
    Yet you're not ready to die, laying down in a ocean filled emotion as anxiety is filling up it's skin with lotion, smooth and soft.
    So comforting.
    That temporary feeling that makes me think
    Why was I even mad?
    Why was I even sad?
    With those stupid words that just slide out
    "Here anxiety, I'm sorry."
    Until the next time, you're like my best friend.

  • poornimagowda 1w

    People Are So Horrible
    When You Treat Them Good, They Will Talk Behind Your Back,Spread Imaginary Things And Interfere In Your Personal Matters And Again When You Stop Talking With Those People , They Will Say That You Have Attitude And You Are Arrogant
    So Even If You Are Good Or Bad ,People Just Keep On Commenting..So Don't Worry About Such People.. Move On

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • laohlu_ 2w

    #pain #domestic violence #stop the bleeding #words

    Composed: 26/1/2020
    Posted: 15/2/2020

    Hi! So, I took a break from poetry and writing but I'm back now. So, to compensate for me going away on that long sabbatical, I just thought there's no better way to make a come back than to post something.

    I wrote this poem sometime last month when I suddenly realized that I hadn't written a poem in months and even though I like to blame it on school and life, it's really because I was too lazy. So, I told myself that from that day, I'd try to write at least three poems in a month, starting with this one.

    This poem is about domestic violence and about women being abused. It's dedicated to every woman that's being abused (in any form) by the male gender because as much as we like to sweep it under the carpet, it really is an epidemic that should be eradicated.

    It took me close to two hours to finish this piece and I really struggled with my choice of words and maybe that's because I hadn't written a poem in a long while. Anyways, I hope you love reading this piece as much as I loved writing it and I hope it's an inspiration to someone out there.

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    Liars, Cheaters, Scum,
    They swim in the pool of their vices,
    All in the name of fun.
    They get drunk in dark abysses,
    And yet, they say we shouldn't judge.
    They find comfort in all the wrong places,
    They make known their idiosyncrasies.
    They relish the feeling of being in control,
    It gives them a thrill I would never know.
    They play their cards right,
    Only revealing their aces in the nick of time.
    They bask in the perks of their egocentricity,
    So they can impose on us, the gospel of patriarchy.
    And we are, in the end,
    Stringed like marionettes,
    Suppressed and manipulated,
    Limited and violated.
    We stare at the world with hollow eyes and blank stares,
    Our hopelessness hovers around us like a bad smell,
    Our hearts bleed for mercy and our eyes scream for help,
    We say our prayers to the heavens,
    And wait for a miracle.
    Day in, day out, we endure,
    Because Mom and Dad say that's the way of the world.
    And then I wonder,
    Is this the curse of our gender?
    Or the cross that's our biology?
    Or is the world just programmed to this chauvinism?
    How can we break free from these chains?
    When will our existence finally be germane?
    When will we stop existing for the pleasures of another,
    And start to live instead of merely existing?
    When will our voices be heard?
    When will we be free?

  • kajal_pp 2w

    I never stopped loving you.... I just stopped showing it....


  • hanibletheone 2w

    So I'll Stop

    Ok I'll Stop
    Sending flowers
    Setting dates
    Making plans
    Coming home
    Because that's what you want
    So I'll Stop

  • backstorypoetry 3w

    In order to begin working you have to quit talking.
    #stop #start #talking #working #quit #fight #live #motivation #inspiration #motivationalquotes

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    Stop Talking.
    Start Working.

  • shonaya 3w

    #stop sending #your old parents to oldage home

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    काश घर के कोने का फूलदान होते हम,
    घर की शोभा खूब बढ़ाते हम,
    यूँ सड़कों पर ठोकरे ना खाते हम ....

  • sid0861 3w

    #stop playing

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    Playing with heart is an art now a days it is becoming habit for everyone.

  • linkan 3w


    कभी फुर्सत मिले
    तो सोचेंगे
    तेरे इश्क़ में रुकना कहां है?

  • hanibletheone 3w

    I'm Fed Up

    I don't believe that
    You know that right
    I had a dream about you last night
    Every time I have a dream about you
    I'm always right
    I'm never wrong
    This shit is been going on for some time
    That's why I was kind off this morning
    This whole situation between us
    Is bullshit because you're making it that way
    Just want it to stop
    I can't make you stop seeing other people
    I can't stop seeing you
    I hate feeling that way
    Knowing that I'm right
    The only thing that you're going to say is that's not true
    You're lying through your damn teeth
    I'm So Fed Up

  • sauver 3w

    Before you speak,
    Might be your 'a few words' are enough to double the pain they are going through.
    Never comment on somebody's situations.
    Who knows you step in those shoes someday?��


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    What they called showoff,
    Was actually someone's feelings getting insulted.


  • anuj008 3w

    Wandering life#stop it#$!!

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    तेरी यादों का सफ़र अधूरा रह गया..

    भटक कर मै कही और खो गया..

  • _zaineb786 4w

    all you wanna do
    is cry and cry
    never knowing
    the reason why