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  • bluecamitte 1d


    A veces quisiera estar soltera..... a ver si las olas se despejan ,si mi remolino se disipa tras la tormenta ,si mi respiración alcanza para otra guerra,no derramar mas lágrimas es mi meta , a veces quisiera estar sola, sin que nadie me hiera,soltera, hasta que el difiera y hasta que de verdad me entiendan.


  • shizukaa 2d

    That was a stormy day....

    All were excited to go out and see it
    I smiled and thought oh it's better to see it inside me.....

  • thoughts_onwheels 2d

    #storm#just le it be #
    Its okay ..not to be okay !!

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    Just ...let it be

    At first, there is this
    storm of energies
    that carry you away
    Like you belong to them !!

    Then there is conflict
    Between your own self
    And those energies surrounding !!

    You run fast to move out
    Of that whirlpool ..but
    The strings attached take you back in
    And the process repeats !!

    Tierd of trying ..u just sit in despair
    Then admist that choas
    Comes a voice from within

    That unknown magic
    It will ease you up
    Makes you flexible to
    untangle the strings with ease
    And just walk out of that storm
    As if nothing happend !!

    So ,just let it be
    As for sure there
    Will be a way out
    But,till then keep trying
    Who knows .. Maybe there's
    A reason ,why the storm chose you !?


  • twaritamahato 3d

    People curse the storm ... but no one blames those high pressure regions which created it...

  • thewanderingsoul 3d


    खिडकीत उभी राहून एकटी
    का एवढ्या आतुरतेने वादळाची वाट बघतेस तू?
    ते नाही येणार इतक्यात...
    आणि जर आलेच इकडे वाट चुकवून?
    तर काय संगशिल वादळाला?

    कोण मी?
    छे...मी बिचारी काय सांगू त्याला?
    समुद्रात सोडलेल्या आठवणी परत आण म्हणून?
    आणि आठवणी कोणाच्या? प्रेमाच्या?
    नाही हो...उलट वादळंच मला विचारेल
    तुला सोबत नेऊ का?
    का नुसतीच मिठी मारून निघून जाऊ?
    त्याने ही तेच केलं होतं ना?
    एका वादळासारखा आला....
    आयुष्य विस्कटून निघून गेला...

    ते वादळ तेव्हाच शमलं...
    पण मनातलं वादळ?
    त्याचं नक्की काय करू?
    वाटते मनास माझ्या... वादळाला कवेत घेऊन दूरदेशी नेघुन जाऊ...

    ©R. Raje

  • ___alxita 3d

    -- Shatter --

    Twelve midnight strikes, a full moon of luminosity
    Windows palliating for what's a sublime lividity
    Of the storm with its flashes of radiance booming
    Across the fabrics of space, loudness oscillating

    For a hypnagogia to worry of, the windows lull you
    For its shield still protects the room from the doom
    Platitudes they'll chant so you will stay calm
    But unknowingly veils them from caliginous times

    Now, the tempest blasts its hurricane of synchronicity
    Foreshadowing a conclusion to deal with pragmatically
    A glass of innocence shatters, into a million fragments
    In which it will reside down the floor by their statements

    Fragments are not the jigsaw puzzles to solve
    Dress it with glamour, the whole structure stays devolved
    A night and a tempest will tell you a realistic lesson
    As the winds blow by, glass will not be in unison

    #poetry #glass #fragments #night #tempest #storm #rainshowers #lesson #learn #truth #reality #sleep #destroy #hope #shatter #tale #mirakee #life #alxita_june_twenty #cessreposts

    Poem no. 106
    Jun. 3, 2020, 11:16 AM (GMT+8)

    A post dedicated to a Mirakee prompt of writing about #fragments

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    Fragments are not the jigsaw puzzles to solve
    Dress it with glamour, the whole structure stays devolved
    A night and a tempest will tell you a realistic lesson
    As the winds blow by, glass will not be in unison

  • amiravana 4d

    The storm in my mind on high if I try to settle it down I become a character of a type and I don't want that
    #amiravana #character #imagine #imagination #storm #mind #me #loose #settle #how #thestorm

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    How do I settle the storm
    in my mind
    If I settle it down
    I will become a character
    I don't want to be
    a character
    Because I loose me then

  • queenc 4d


    Wondering thoughts should be left in the eye of the storm.


  • falak_k 1w

    I don't what is happening nowadays. First this pandemic and lockdown, we also hear in news that cases have been spiking up day be day. In fact, around 150 cases were discovered alone in my city tomorrow! And this has yet not ended and we experience an earthquake in delhi ncr.
    And there are also heavy downpours since the past 3 days! Although I'm enjoying this one a lot *_*


    Your feedbacks and corrections are always welcome ��

    #writersnetwork #pod #wod #rain #nature #storm

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    To make it up to us
    Nature always has it's ways
    Even at home it's giving us the missed out
    Delight and pleasure from the past few days

    The zephyrs of it's love
    Touch my heart eternally
    Then the breeze turn themselves
    Into strong cool blowing winds sternly

    Suddenly some water droplets fall
    From the clouds making big dots
    On the ground, I step back to see my prophecy
    Come true as small drops change into big shots

    I hideaway under my roof witnessing
    The rain that falls ruthlessly on earth
    Flooding the streets; the whole atmosphere charges
    With thunder and lightening that's just been given birth

    After an hour, when water droplets
    Start hiding, allowing me to come out
    But then it starts again, wetting all my clothes
    "I spide u", i hear it scream and shout

  • thatgeekgirl 1w

    Coming Soon - to a Sky Near You!

    There wasn't a cloud at sundown last night
    As though taking a polite absence of leave
    Out of respect for those below them hurting
    To allow them time and clarity to await reprieve

    Where did they go if not in the sky?
    It's only natural one should wonder.
    They paid me a personal visit of offer.
    They brought along, rain, lightning and thunder.

    Together we're uniting in collaboration
    To craft a gift from myself and the skies.
    Writing a script for a sky-show due for you
    Rehearsing a play of relief for your ears and eyes.

    Clouds are being fitted out by costuming
    In stark cold cloaks. Sheets being weaved for the rain.
    Thunder and lightning practicing percussion and timing
    To play their duet: "Sorry to Hear of Your Pain".

    Their preparations aren't quite finished yet,
    They're not quite ready to perform your show
    Once their secret matinee rehearsal has been perfected
    The night they perform it, you'll certainly know.

    The Clouds will drift across the stage,
    With perfect arabesques and demi-pliés.
    Dressed in Solemnity, dancing, then exiting stage-left
    Hopes to symbolise carrying your troubles away.

    As Lightning's bold dance lights the sky
    Bassdrums by Thunder will play alongside
    Their choreography serves to bring a healing ensemble
    To listen as you take sanctuary inside.

    Joining the sky-dancers for the big final act
    The chorus-line, the singers of rain.
    Together high on a platform, centre-stage,
    Their musical finale entitled: "We See Your Pain".

    Just like in the theatre, it's the same in life too,
    "The show must go on", albeit a struggle or fight.
    We hope our show brings peace to your heart
    When you're ushered to watch on opening night...

  • gray_ci 1w


    No matter how careful you treat life,
    No matter how meticulous you decide life.
    It all doesn't matter
    Cause life will happen when it wants to.
    That's life for you.
    Just live life and enjoy every moment.
    You can never be careful enough.

  • over_the_horizon 1w

    I've been that fragile boat.
    I've been those raging waves.
    Now, I've got to be the storm.

  • inked_feeling 1w


    सूरज ने मुझे यूं जलाया ना होता,
    अगर बन के साया तू मेरे साथ होता।
    समुंदर ने मुझे यूं डुबाया ना होता।
    अगर कश्ती बनके तू मेरा साथ देता,
    टकरा जाते हम भी तूफानों से ,:
    अगर उन तूफानों का मददगार तू ना होता।।

  • pujith_66 2w

    Breeze and the Storm❤️

    Anyone can stay with you in the gentle wafting breeze.
    But the one who stays with you even in the wild storm matters..!


  • princessluna 2w

    The New World

    The earth will shake in its own will,
    Creating disco on floor.
    Malady will come crawling like a snake,
    And quitely plague the earth, bringing balance in Nature.
    The wind will dance in its destructive way,
    Going round and round in her beautiful gown.
    The fire will fall from the sky,
    And heal the earth with its burning aura.
    The water too, will make a move towards the land
    With its huge waves, cleaning away the sins.
    And at the end, will come together the spirits of eternity,
    Revealing themselves to the world,
    Illuminating its aura all over.
    And thus from the ashes of the old world,
    Shall the new world be born.
    A world free from all sins.


  • thatgeekgirl 2w

    "Tide Tanka"

    Wind pushing high tide.
    Forcefully controlling waves,
    It thinks it's in charge.
    Storm clouds loom prepared above,
    The ocean's bold upper hand...


  • london_sky 2w

    Let It Pour

    Let it rain let it pour
    Let me become so much more

    In this storm-
    Let it pour-

    Let it wash everything away
    Let it rain-
    Let it pour-
    Let me become something so much more

    Let it rain
    Let it pour
    I can't take much more

    Let it rain
    Let it pour-
    Let me be me with this uneven score

    Let it rain-
    Let it pour
    I can't take it anymore

    Let it rain
    Let it pour
    It's all that I ask for

    Let it rain
    Let it pour-

    Let me walk through this door
    Let me lay on this ocean floor
    Let it rain
    Let it pour-
    Until I no longer beg for more

    Let it rain-
    Let it pour-
    Just hide me away in this storm
    Let it rain-
    Let it pour-
    Maybe my mind will take flight
    In this storm
    Let it rain
    Let it pour-
    Let it pour

  • susiewp 2w


    Whoa.. You're beautiful!
    But I am not. My hair is curly
    And all twisted and black -
    And my soul - a little bit more.

    No. I am perhaps not
    The pretty poet girl.
    My neck ain't draped in pearl.
    Caress me in your words,
    And I will drape mine
    All around your soul.
    I may not have
    That pretty poet's ass.
    But there's no way -
    I won't caress you in my sass.


  • tamanna3 2w

    Drunk in emotions to my brim, from an amazing read
    (Not a poetic translation though, I simply tried to summarize it in my own words)

    Sometimes fate is nothing but a storm..

    Sometimes fate is nothing but a storm..
    You can't hide from it, nor escape it;
    The more you run away, the more it chases you.
    You change your way, the storm adjusts too..
    You play the same game over and over,
    like some age-old tradition.
    In your mind you say "That's a terrible storm", but you know you're playing with it all the same.
    You don't like it, but you let it take over;
    There's no way you can get across it without having
    it destroy you.
    So you let it blow you off..
    But it doesn't, why?
    Because this storm isn't something coming from outside or somewhere far away;
    This storm is you; it's all inside of you.
    So all you can do is to step right inside it;
    Close your eyes, plug-in your ears if you feel you can't take it no more.
    But go on, and walk through it;
    Taking one step at a time..
    There ain't any sense of direction,
    No stars to look up to,
    No moon gazing at you..
    Just a wavering wind, chiming at your soul,
    testing the best inside you;
    The storm keeps on blowing,
    Swirling your insides, up into the dark sky.
    That's the kind of storm you're in,
    Or more like, supposed to imagine yourself in..
    Go on now,
    Feel the pressure of the wind against your skin;
    Let it draw closer, even if you feel it's going to
    swallow you up,
    You've got to make it through..
    This violent, symbolic, metaphysical storm;
    That'll cut through you like a thousand blades.
    Go on, bleed with it, touch that blood with your very hands.
    For once the storm is over, you won't remember how your survived it. You won't even be sure if it's over yet.
    ~The only thing certain is You'll cease to be person you were before you stepped into it~
    And that's precisely what this storm is all about.

    © tamanna3

    #fate #storm #mirakee @writersnetwork #julietscorner #ceesreposts @soulfulstirrings @beautywithinyou @tejaswini_3 @poemsnb @jias_wand @shaiz_fs

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    Sometimes fate is nothing but a storm..

    ~The only thing certain is You'll cease to be person you were before you stepped into it~
    And that's precisely what this storm is all about.

  • biswajitdev 2w

    Dear beautiful florets in garden of Universe
    Drop a ❤️ if you feel so within verse .
    Feel free to convey your suggestions . I'll be thankful .
    ** Blossoming reminds me of
    The storms that delicate petals endure but not wither
    For budding out fragrance from floret to pervade zephyr
    Enticing many hearts with seraphic smile of Nature .**

    * Endure - Go through or deal with, Wither - dry up or perish, Bud out - Blossom , Floret - Small flower, Pervade - Spread through, Zephyr - Gentle wind or Breeze, Entice - Captivate or Attract, seraphic - Angelic *
    @writerstolli @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    #Blossom #Storm #Petal #Bud #Fragrance #Floret #Zephyr #Entice #Heart #Smile #Nature #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #readwriteunite

    Picture credit to the rightful owner

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    Blossoming reminds me of

    The storms that delicate petals endure but not wither
    For budding out fragrance from floret to pervade zephyr
    Enticing many hearts with seraphic smile of Nature .