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    ~Timeless Angel~

    {December 25th, 2023}

    In the halls of insanity a woman in blue told me to continue, as she led the way with a flowered lantern. The wind around her fluttering her hair. The waves of her voice drug me to not care.

    Soon enough I found myself tied to my mind in a place no one could ever find. The tears on her face as it melted into the wall, the stars in the ceiling beginning to fall at the sound of a raven's call.

    No water could freeze in this place of gloom. No flowers would die but forever bloom.
    Bloom the beautiful thorns of insanity.
    In this garden I sit here tied, my dress torn by the glass outside. Blood stained the bottom hems, as if I swam in the depths of sin.

    No water could reach my eyes so grey in this world of blue and prey.
    My wings fluttering against the chains, my voice silent to the waves.
    The woman was back, her face gone. A mask in place.
    Everything in her was gone, what humanity was left, was tainted to the core.
    She grabbed me by the wrist and led me to the door.

    That is where I came face to face with the shadow that caused me remember gore.
    The trauma I went through to get to this point, laid out in front of my eyes like an un-welcoming prize.

    No scream, no fear, nothing could change the way I saw her.
    The girl in the reflection as the clock ticked.

    It rhymed, soothing me to a fateful demise. Surrounded by ghosts I disappear into the mind of lies.
    Here I lay on the floor in front of an empty door. No where to go, no where to see, but humanity being me.
    What would it take to get my hope back?

  • london_sky 4w

    Scream Raven Scream

    {February 10, 1992}

    Words I want to say, things I want to tell, but I can't due to the lie ridden on my lips.
    Sewn with the thread made by the own devil himself.
    Hoping he can watch, torture, and pick at what's left of my soul.
    Like a vulture they sit there, watching, waiting in their shadows.
    In the light the angels just stare, tears falling down.
    Why is no one talking?
    The scene around me leaves, and I am in a garden.
    The woman in the white dress, there once more.
    Bird cage in here lap, lies on her lips, voices in her wings.
    Who am I to come face with her?
    The all powerful one who defeated everything?
    Yet she is the only one guiding me.
    She suddenly turns to me with a smile and reveals a white dove in the cage on her lap.
    The dove soon turned into a raven in which she opened the door and set it free.
    Suddenly the stitches were gone off her lips and she said to me, "That could be you one day, never strive for something less than what you're worth. Always look for higher places to fly".
    I didn't believe her, I just cried infront of her until she disappeared.
    The scene just turned into a garden full of ash.
    How could I stop myself?
    These hallways, these doors.
    How could I do it without coming forth with a blade of iron and silver to end my soul?
    How could I force this angel to leave my side to end the whispers in my mind?
    The thing is I never will, these promises keep my bind.
    Bind to the earth of my own mind.

  • aayushi28 8w

    Hidden it into bag

    My brain burning into hot fire, thoughts are running on fumes n they are going away in the form of ash

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    Do read the previous parts for the continuation.��

    Imaginary storyline (part 3)

    Image credit- unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©LiamTruong

    In those drizzles when he pressed the button of a rusted-stick umbrella involuntarily forcing and retaliating the monsoon's stringent, familiar scent which he forcibly breathe, he got out near the signal to see the butterfly images and water color sight of wheels splashing ruthlessly and arguing why the wheels hated a decent drive. He could cross the road but not his thoughts. He reached a homely feel as he stepped the Nariman point as if the air had decided to wrap him around to forget a perpendicular drawn to a chord that bisected his other side.
    He sat on a concrete seat covered with few sand grains that flew upon to make the seat realize, "we won't stay longer and dust you more however when people be seated upon you, they would always make their seats cleanse". Why the calculator showed error when he could square root his enfolded life, was it irrational? Why the square root? He meticulously exclaimed, maybe the base number had always been fluctuating, he doubted why his proportionated experience were at a perpetual state of denial but the number inflated the wrong way for the misrepresentation.
    "unless we sight the sigh, there's no cold", he was taught that, the rough palms wiped the swollen eyes, he was yet vulnerable, realizing the last week had been just creeping under the broken mirror, he spoke to the sea, while he saw another man wailing beside him, he glanced over a reunion sight, all were yet theatrical but real as he pinched himself as he stared over the queen's necklace of Mumbai, His phone was never given a ring, preferably switched off but that dusk could only be late as he counted the white light emitting from some far source not so bright, illuminated from the far, now the only difference that would be between the lightened body and him was he wasn't levitating in the space but was still a little celestial life trying to survive a fall hoping to not become a shooting star.

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    Vivian's whip

    Mrs Vivian is my boss.
    Although she is very strict,
    She scares me mostly when no one is around at work.
    In the dark, she does those things to me.
    She is actually nice, using the cow whip on me.
    My other masters, will let everyone use the iron on me at work.


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    This is part two of the storyline, do read the part 1��

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    Image credit - unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©Liamtruong

    Imaginary story: part 2

    August 2016.

    Alarmed bells and sirens inside the psyche could buzz the nerves to the wreck. Fiery afternoon had come to surrender its losing wrath to the gap of wrinkled shawls on the beds, appealing me to slide down my back through the ruined walls, sitting down to the chilling floors, it was the rush hour of 6'O clock!
    I held on with the support of my decaying roots of the fallen embrace, I looked up to the mirror and blasphemed my own unholy name! I just pulled off the wardrobe door and snatched down the clothes to as I got enraged to be dressed white.
    The local arrived on platform no.4 is 6hrs 15mins fast local for churchgate..... The gloomy yellow lights struck his eye's vision as he heard the railway waging it's way ahead, the train made a stoppage and his invisible figure in the crowd of hundreds got inside yet unnoticed. The compartment was over crowded to be suffocating to the only windpipe that was not windy. Few minutes later, the crowd was settled down, 'to have travelled and got a place have never been same' , he got it and that too an unsettling view of trains passing by.
    The quite unclear speaker could not announce the next station but only showed an error on its sign board. But the whereabouts known is a half nostalgia! The trains stopped at the last station, he got down with the trembling legs as he walked out to reach the dreamy sea hitting shores of Mumbai!

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    @ckfilvan @redolent_smile

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    Image credit :unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©LiamTruong

    Imaginary story line (part 1)

    August 2016.

    Have you ever counted the petals before they wilted to notice your vase had run out of your graceful caressing upon the thorny rose you caged by the dining table, little innocent and harsh they would behave when I gently touched. Would you blame the vase for the fake porcelain couldn't be holding the love struck rose? Or calling roses immature for not withstanding the mistaken stereotype of a heavy headed person?
    The sun could quietly rise above and play with the shivering winds, who made a buzzing sound as they blew, as if the last whispers were hallucinating again. Fluffy clouds chained the blue skies for its reflection was too penetrating even upon the roads where once exhaustion mingled the desperation for the luring shadows.
    I woke up to the hollow skeptical yawns tired of the sleep.
    I thought, " Man let's go to dilly dallying to the fields never been before!
    The conscious me reiterated and harshly spoke, "Again alone? Why? The evening has been awaiting your arrival? Where would you go?"
    And there the rope was started being stretched inside the psyche which had been in a dormant state of equating the inequality through variables. I stubbornly exclaimed, "why the fallen sun always pulls the blanket before I go home?" the regretful agenda had been a conjuring of a magician. I stopped and waited till it alarmed me.

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    Widened streets under the reverie


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    Fall Into The Deep

    {April 22, 2027}

    I'm going down into my mind of deep slumber, where everything is making me forget to remember.

    The chaotic ticking of a clock hidden somewhere in my mind.
    I hear a whistle then a windchime.
    All of it joins together to create a sickening rhyme.

    The voices within me shaking and making sure everything is aching.
    My thoughts fly and fly but never reach my mouth let alone my actions.

    A soul inside a dead man's body on puppet strings, being controlled by many things.
    The songs that I hear twisted against me in time.
    How can I defeate the band of shadows within my mind?

    The angel and demon face off wondering who will take me in the end.
    Whether I will fall to the dark under the knife or fall to the sky where I am meant to fly.
    Either way I have no future.

    The strings pull me here and there soon enough I have no care.
    No thoughts, no feeling, nothing but missing emotions,
    As my mind follows those potions.

    Every breath a sword hits my lungs, every heart beat I have done something wrong, every word I lose something to myself.

    Dancing and dancing with a menacing smile while the inside of me has been lost in my mind's file.

    Who can reach me? Who can accept me?
    Can I really show what is hidden behind this mask?

    The monster inside grins as my mask covers it once again.
    What is going on?
    Why is this all restarting once more?
    I thought I left my blood on that door?

    Soon enough I am dragged away to the sleep full of imagination and evil.
    Hoping I will fail to wake and defeat the devil.

    I cry and reach for the edge of the cliff where my hope stands but instead I am being tugged farther and farther and I can't escape.

    I am falling into a punishment I deserve but can't take.
    I can't breathe, I am suffocating.
    But no help comes and I am left decaying.

    Alone, alone, alone, alone
    So alone I have been for oh so long.
    How can I suddenly trust this song?
    You gave me this light but why does it feel so wrong?
    I don't want to follow it because I know I will fall.

    Crying here on the edge I grasp one last time for my last breath.
    Instead I wake up to reality confused of where I am, only to see I made a mistake while in my mental state.

  • london_sky 13w


    I am currently going through so much mentally and tried to portray it in this poem. However I plan on posting another to sequel this one. To show the insanity of my mind that my subconscious that my past has formed in my mind.

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    Maniac Music Box Dancer

    {April 9th, 2024}

    I hide behind these masks of imperfection, the clockwork pieces in my mind leading my body to perform past exhaustion.

    The clock ticks in my mind as everything within me begins a search to find what is no longer mine.

    Sanity within my heart beginning to wither away as the loneliness comes out to play.
    Every tear, every feeling of fear begins to decay, as the darkness of my shadows release lies instead of what I was meant to say.

    On these strings like a puppet I begin to fall under the hands of my mind's trumpet.
    The call it gives to hide behind the mask once again.

    Tick tock, tick tock
    Repeats over and over as I watch the timer
    The timer of when my life will be over.

    The black and grey voices of the deep blue caress me into the lies I breathe.
    I close my eyes and feel the pain spreading throughout my veins.

    As an angel the torture I put on myself within my humanity causes the girl in me to plea.
    "Please stop! Be a light amongst others! Be a living star!"
    However this demon inside swallows me whole and I can not face that light once more.
    These voices I hear giving me warmth but my mind tortures me to the core.

    I am left for dead at my own fateful door.
    No one to save me, I am all alone, No one to hear me but the voices in my head as I lie awake on this rose covered bed.

    I closed my eyes and saw a dancer of perfection in my visions, but when I opened my eyes she was hanging by acid covered ribbons. Her wings gone. Tears rolling down her face in the dark as her performance was put to a gruesome halt.

    I the dancer in my mind follow the beat of the death beating at my door. Following the steps of people who have failed before.
    I look to the window and see them staring in, the people that love me but can't save me.
    The blank stares on their faces, some worried as they can see past these paces.

    Please tie me up within my mind let me loose to become an art piece worthy to be displayed in the chimes.

    In the distance I hear the piano and the strings of a broken song I once wrote, dragging me closer to my eyes.

    Dancing on and on in this music box world called my mind, I run through all the hallways and doors to find myself in this game of crime.

    Please allow me to be sane past the lies my lips keep on replay.
    Please release me of my mind as the music and clockwork winds.

    Please release my heart into the moonlught tonight.

  • london_sky 14w

    Eyes Of Darkness

    I the swan have been hung by my wings facing everything I want and need yet I am slowly bleeding out.
    The stars below me in such a jumbled galaxy. The gold on my fingertips washing away along with my black tears as everything in me goes numb to the thoughts, to the sensation of spiraling.
    The insanity I withhold grabbing me and pushing me down into an enchanted hole.

    My heart made of stone of all the thoughts and feelings I used to create those walls, yet the warmth of the sun reaches my heart, something I long for in my art. As for now the devil has my card in his hand ready to tempt me to join his black band.
    To fall into the black river of fallen ashes. To join the others who couldn't make it past this revolution called depression.
    An angel hung by it's wings so fragile yet so strong to bleed out and still survive giving life to things around it.

  • london_sky 14w


    Slowly and slowly and slowly I am starting to crumble
    Underneath the pressure I put on myself
    Slowly and slowly and slowly
    I go insane
    Playing in my own game
    I seem to have no fame

    Please hear me and rescue my name
    Please help me find my place
    I know I know
    I can not be saved
    But please help me survive

    Falling and falling and falling
    I seem to hear the angel's calling
    As they slowly drag me away
    But in the midst of the shadows
    I heard a silent cry
    Then I began to wonder
    And I became lost in time
    Slowly and slowly I follow the sound
    Before I knew it I was below the ground

    Please hear me and rescue my name
    Please help me find my place
    I know I know
    I can not be saved
    But please help me survive

    After all these things I've done
    I didn't think I would have won
    But the shadow inside grabs me by my feet and drags me into my defeat
    What do I do
    What do I say?

    Please hear me as I am falling
    Please hear me as I call my name
    Please help me find my place
    Cause I
    I know I won't survive
    I can not be saved
    But for the sake of my name I must move on
    But how can I
    How can I

  • london_sky 15w


    Breathing gets difficult once again on nights like these where I just want to close my eyes and let go.
    However I am unable to do so.
    A chain around my neck glowing white prevents me from touching that knife.
    I laugh because it is the torture I must go through.
    I live because I can't die.
    There is no reason for me to be here yet I look at that shadow in mirror.
    I face myself and suddenly the water becomes clear in my mind,
    I almost fell one more time.
    These thoughts are beginning to drown me before I know it.

    How do I escape when I am being pushed away?
    I guess I am here to stay until someone rescues me from my own decay.

  • london_sky 15w


    Spiraling and spiraling my memory fades day by day
    I keep repeating to myself I am okay, I am okay
    But the voices the whispers in my head make me cave, make me cave
    But these things I keep saying are just a lie, just a lie
    Or is it because I am so willing to die, to die?

    Is what the therapist told me all a lie, all a lie?
    Or is it just what I am thinking inside, inside?
    How can I really fly really thrive when all I want to do is die, is to die?

    Hands round my neck, black in my face, the darkness creeps it's way, wanting me to play, wanting me to play.
    "Put on this mask, this filter. It will all be okay, it will all be okay"
    Said the devil with a smile on his face, a smile on his face.
    Haunt me till the end as my heart yearns again, again.
    Alone in the sand, fill my heart with the hope I can stand as my life beats again and again.

    Hands over my eyes I tell more lies, more lies
    As everything around me begins to leave begins to leave
    And I am here on the ground alone begging the sky not to bleed not to bleed.
    Who am I to force myself to live when I am not devil in disguise, in disguise?

  • blame_game_ 18w

    "Gwen and Ben" have been co-workers for a few weeks now.

    The attraction between them is undeniable. At
    the company's Christmas party, the discreetly
    trade amuse-bouche and champagne for
    another kind of treat...

    I was so excited to meet Ben at our office
    Christmas party. It was being held at one of the
    fancy-schmancy hotel ballrooms downtown.

    The dress I had picked out was out of this world -
    short and sequin, and we had been sexting all
    afternoon, so my libido was in overdrive. I couldn't
    wait for him to see me.

    He had started at my company a few months
    back and we immediately clicked. We had gotten
    together for drinks the day after Thanksgiving
    and ended up in bed together. I can quite
    honestly say it's the best sex I've ever had, and
    we've been hooking up on a regular basis ever

    As I stepped out of my Uber, I immediately
    started scanning the front of the hotel to see if I
    could spot him anywhere. No sign of him yet. I
    walked into the lobby and saw signs indicating
    that our party was straight ahead in Ballroom
    number one. I could hear loud music coming
    from behind the doors, and excitedly went in.

    The room was decked out with Christmas ligh
    and fake snow. It was a literal Winter Wonderland.
    As I peered around the room, I suddenly felt a
    hand on the small of my back, and quickly turned

    "Hey Babe!" he shouted over the music with a
    huge grin on his face. "Wow. You look stunning."

    He immediately took my hand in his, and we
    walked over to the bar to grab cocktails. After
    attempting to make chit-chat through the noise,
    Ben leaned in and loudly whispered into my ear:

    "I have a surprise for you."

    We sat our drinks down on the table and he led
    me out of the ballroom. My heart was racing.

    "What in the world did he have planned?" I thought to myself.

    We walked down the hall to the hotel elevators.
    When the doors opened we stepped in and he
    pushed "4". He squeezed and caressed my hand
    as we waited for the doors to open again.

    Down the hall we went, until he stopped in front
    of Room 403, pulling a room key out of his

    He opened the door and I couldn't believe my


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    Part 1

  • blame_game_ 18w

    He laid down beside me and pulled me closer so
    that we were wrapped in each other, skin on skin,
    breath to breath. His lips found mine again and
    we lay kissing while our hands caressed our
    bodies continuously. I could feel my dripping
    waters, like Xin had put it, they were soaked in the
    middle of my panties and brushing against
    Norman's folded knee placed in between my
    thigh "What a feeling"!!

    Our bodies tossed on the firm mattress.
    When Norman finally slipped his fingers into my
    panties, he touched the hood of my clitoris -
    soaked in warm juice... and I shuddered in

    His middle finger rubbed the hood and I could
    not take it anymore...

    Yet, he didn't stop.

    His finger made circular movements on my
    juiced clitoris while his lips kissed and groaned
    against my mouth.

    My fingers were digging into the skin on his back
    as I felt carried away in ecstasy...

    My legs began to quake and Norman abruptly
    rose to kneel at my feet. He picked the sides of
    my panties and dragged it down my thighs and
    off my legs. He pushed my legs apart before
    getting down on his stomach. His arms wrapped
    around both thighs and pulled me down closer to
    his face.

    I felt the breath from his nose and it tickled me in
    longing anticipation.

    When his tongue - long and hot, gently stroked
    the length of my soaked bean, I shuddered.

    He went in circles... upwards continuous strokes...
    before dipping his tongue deep into my opening
    to dig in and out.....

    My lips were whimpering at this point and my
    waist rocked in circles, round and round against
    his face.

    My moaning became so high pitched that
    wondered if the walls could contain it, yet, too
    excited to care about who heard us, placed both
    hands on my breasts and squeezed my nipples as
    Norman continued to lap my juices and eat me
    like I was the last snack left in quarantine.

    I had to have me !

    I pulled away and before he could comprehend, I
    pushed his back to the bed, hungrily dragged his
    briefs down his waist to reveal his fully erect rod,
    throbbing from side to side.

    I flung the briefs to the floor and straddled him.
    Almost impatiently, I guided my waist on top of

    He grunted as my walls gripped him. I felt his
    hands take hold of my breasts and I slid down,
    down until he was completely buried inside me,
    then I pulled back up, and went down on him
    again, trailing him with warm wet juices
    It felt so delicious!!

    My waist began to rock faster, moving in different
    angles as the sweet sensation sped through me.

    My nipples were between his fingers and my
    hands pressed down on his chest as my waist
    rode him.
    Our cries echoed....

    I could feel him, thick and heavy inside me,
    brushing as I guided my waist to corners that
    tickled me the most.

    I felt in charge. I felt powerful, I felt beautiful as I
    sat in control, on top of this man.

    I wanted to look at him, but I kept my eyes shut to
    feel every moment, every sweetness... every
    thrilling sensation as it continued to build in my
    center, and sweep down my legs.

    When I leaned backward and planted my hands
    behind my feet, I felt his right fingers leave my
    breast and settle on my clitoris – his thumb
    rubbed the tip of my clitoris at the same time
    that my waist rocked forward and backward on
    his length....

    This man was driving me to cloud 9
    As both hands continue to work on my nipple
    and clitoris at the same time, warm fluid gushed
    out of my urethral opening and I whimpered. It
    drowned his moving finger and splashed onto his

    "Oh yea-aahhh" he groaned and I didn't stop.
    I was now moving in lightning speed, my mouth
    was agape, eyes shut tight as I felt myself about
    to explode completely...
    He groaned persistently, he was getting there

    I could sense him, just as I felt my walls contrast
    and tingle until I quaked uncontrollably, erupting
    in a satisfying climax!

    His seed, almost immediately, filled me up.


    The End !!


    #erotica #erotic #romance #romantic #storyline #fantasy #desire #love #lust #arousing #life

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    Lockdown in Duxton hill

    Part - 3


  • blame_game_ 18w

    His eyes were blue and they shone even brighter
    when he was talking passionately about
    something he cared about, or adamant in
    convincing me why a shot of espresso contains
    less caffeine than a cup of coffee
    "Hey!" his voice rang into my thoughts.

    I turned to catch him standing at the bathroom's
    doorway and my eyes widened at the sight. As tall
    as the door, he had nothing but a white towel,
    wrapped loosely around his waist. His lips were
    smiling casually at me while his hand had a small
    towel to his brown hair, wiping almost vigorously.
    My eyes looked down from his face to his bare
    chest, and swallowed hard at the firm
    dampened flesh.

    Thad just spotted the V-cut on his abdomen
    when he said,

    The water was great!" and turned and began
    walking towards the closet, giving me a full view
    of his small waist and flat buttocks.

    I remembered what was said about men with
    flat buttocks.

    I turned to my side in one swift, away from his
    toned back and strong legs and I bite my fingers
    pressing my legs together in an effort to contain
    the throb that had begun to pulsate at my now moist folds.

    Spppssshhh went his body spray and I
    submerged under the scent of the woody aquatic
    This wasn't helping
    I continued to stare at the wall as I imagined him
    stepping into his briefs.

    The bed shook when he jumped into it,
    completely engulfing me in his scent.

    I was so turned on.

    "Hey, check this out!" he called, oblivious of the
    war going on in between my thighs.

    I turned my body to look at the Mac Pro sitting on
    his laps.

    "What do you think?" he asked, referring to the
    open Excel page. I could see letters and figures
    but it was all gibberish in my head as I was
    burning too hot between my thighs to make
    sense of anything he was showing me right now.

    His lips were moving - he was saying something
    but I was too dazed to comprehend. Still, i
    watched his moving lips, full and wide, teeth
    breaking forth in a smile now and then and I
    could not take it any longer.

    I reached my hand to rest on his chin, and his lips
    abruptly stopped moving. He turned to look at
    me just as I pulled my body upwards to be inches
    away from his face.

    I watched his eyes squint, first with surprise, then
    desire. He slid his Mac Pro away from his laps
    then lifted his left hand to rest tenderly on the
    side of my face.

    I felt as light as a feather.

    His thumb moved against my jaw and we gazed
    into each other's eyes with nothing but the
    hushed sounds of our breathing between us.

    I melted at this closeness... at this man, at these
    blue eyes, arresting my very soul...
    When his head began to close the distance
    between us, my eyes instinctively slid shut.

    His breath found me first - minty and fresh, his
    perfume, even stronger now, filled my nostrils,
    then I felt his lips - soft and warm, touching down
    on mine, so delicate... like butterfly wings.

    I felt his tongue tickle mine, and I gasped from
    suppressed desire, "Oh, Nor-rman!"

    Our lips merged and I swam my tongue past his
    lips into the warm moistness that laid within. Like
    rippled water, our tongues danced, slowly at first,
    and then, all at once...

    "Mai..." he groaned into my mouth and I could
    only breath, wordlessly as his tongue continued
    to twirl warmly against mine.

    He kissed my nose, nibbled down at my upper lip
    and caressed my entire mouth with his.

    He kissed my nose again and licked my chin... my
    entire face was in his palms and I was his to take.
    When his tongue met my neck, I cried softly in

    His tongue trailed teasingly, leaving heated
    sensations as it glided towards my ears.
    The heat rose in my cheeks when I felt my earlobe
    on his tongue. He swirled across my ears and my
    lips cried out his name. "No-r-r-rman..."

    He snatched the duvet away from my body and
    turned my back to the bed. The right strap of my
    red negligee was falling down my arm, exposing
    the tip of my pink nipple.

    Norman groaned gutturally and stroked the hard nipple with a finger before reaching down to lick at it.
    Exciting chills coursed through my body and I grabbed onto his hair for dear life.

    He peeled the other strap of my negligee down
    my arm and began to caress the left breast with
    his hand while his tongue continued to work on
    my left nipple, with his teeth interchangeably...
    licking and scratching.

    I lay in surrender; head dropped backwards, lips parted in soft moaning.

    I felt the negligee slide down and sweep completely off my body, leaving my white panties
    behind. I opened my eyes to watch Norman
    remove his t-shirt, except for his briefs...which was
    engorged in the middle.

    As he lowered himself down over me, I reached
    my hand and touched his chest.


    He felt as taut as a board!


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    Lockdown at Duxton hill

    Part - 2

  • london_sky 19w

    Hidden Within

    There are some lies I tell, some lies I hide
    The ones that are hidden are likely to make me die.
    Yet here I sit on this dock waiting for the water to rise.
    How will I touch those skies?
    How will I become that one star in the night sky that everyone wishes on?

    Beginning to lose hope I close my eyes and cry until my face dries.
    However when I open my eyes I am met with a sun in my eyes, and a sea in front of me.
    However lying across the sea was a path, a path with footprints, a path yet to be taken.

    I grab up all the courage I have and get ready to step on it, however those hidden lies pull me under.

    I am stuck here until I can defeat the thunder.

  • london_sky 21w

    A Solemn Farewell

    I'm being swallowed up by my own mind and there is nothing I can do about it.
    The more I fight, the more I push and pull, the more I struggle the tighter this rope gets.
    Help me escape this forest, this sea of trials.
    I want to wake up one day without forcing out these smiles.
    Please to the heavens who send me the birds, who send me the butterflies, cover me as everything in me dies.
    Take me above the skies and let me fly.
    Help me breathe this last goodbye.

  • london_sky 25w

    Rag Doll

    Lying here on a cold floor in the face of death's door.
    Something I had control of binds me to this door, the door of regretting my life's score.
    Looking around I see nothing but faces hidden under dark cloaks.
    My mind hoping and praying a hero would emerge, I tried to call out but in the end my voice just croaks.
    Moving and being drug around like a rag doll I woke up for a split moment, confused of the reality I was in.
    Hospital doors, bright lights, beeping machines, pain in my arm, and distant voices telling me it'll be okay.

    "How am I supposed to be okay?
    When I am doing nothing, wishing for nothing other than to decay?
    What am I but a rag doll to be tossed around and used until there is nothing left?"

    Here I lie on this floor so cold in the dark.
    The door that stands infront of me very worn.
    When I go to reach for that door suddenly I was met with flowers and moss surrounding the door and very beautiful distant voices, speaking in languages I never heard. I reached towards those voices and where a new sunshine like glow emerged, but when I finally reached it. I woke up in my bed at home, ready to be a rag doll once again.

    However this time, I had something to look forward to. I looked to their faces and smiled, knowing they were the only things keeping me alive.

  • the_unheard_legacy 29w


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