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    A Hawk With No Wings.

    When I rest my eyes upon him,
    the sorrow comes first.
    His sense of self-worth is so dim,
    he acts as though cursed.
    Cursed with helping others,
    he puts them above himself.
    Doesn't he know of his sisters and brothers?
    We, who put him high on our shelf.

    The next thing to come when I continue to stare,
    is a rush of utter heartfelt pride.
    Pride, for his unending, genuine care.
    For his hard work, every step, every stride.
    He rarely wavers in his continuous battle,
     when he does, he won't show his stumble in the fray.
    He never lets his feathers ruffle or rattle,
    and here by his side, his friends will stay.

    October 5 2019.


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    Tetrehn, A Haiku.

    The people are rough
    Hard edges like their mountains
    Working day and night.

    October 5 2019.


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    Sunset Highway Girl.

    She's got the eyes of a dreamer
    The efficiency of pink puffy sunset clouds
    Her love's like coffee creamer
    Masking life's bitterness in sweet shrouds
    Her smile is simple, no messes, no blur
    And I'm so afraid to lose her.

    September 22, 2019.


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    A Singer With No Voice.

    What a strange person
    His tunes would surprise you
    While his tears worsen
    His words paint red, and black and blue

    To his own tastes, I don't think he listens
    Wanting to look one way, but to not stand out
    If only he knew the way that he glistens
    The way that his dreams could shout

    And the way that he apologizes for everything
    I want him to be happy, so much so I'd fall to my knees
    Because the way he sees others worth so much worshiping
    Reminds me of my own despairing disease

    If anything, I think I'd just want him to know
    That, after everything and everyone that wrongs him
    He's still allowed to move on, to grow
    And that not everything is so dark, so grim.

    September 24, 2019.


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    An Uncharacteristic-ly Pessimistic View.

    Life is full of suffering
    While our minds are slowly buffering
    Trying to catch up to where we are
    Upon the child within us, we add another scar

    Life is full of wanting
    From child to elder, our hunger is daunting
    And we never get what we truly want in the end
    We never get those scars to mend

    Life is full of despair
    So starved for hope we're grasping at air
    With all of life's changes, we are slowly demolished
    Up until we draw our last breath, and are abolished.

    May 6, 2019.


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    His Last Plea.

    And then I saw you.
    You seated there, noble and true.
    Upon your throne of stones.
    You, with your crown of bones.

    I never thought it would be like this.
    I could never think to combine horror and bliss.
    The way the cold air bites the skin.
    The way you make me want to jump in.

    And then you came to me, with your crown of bones.
    And I could see in your eyes, all the shades and tones.
    How many days have you gone it alone?
    Just how many times have you sat on that throne?

    I welcome you, my hauntingly beautiful dear.
    Do not be so afraid to come near.
    I can see that wild, dangerous look in your eyes.
    Come with me, and I'll be your prize.

    Haven't you ever stopped, ever wanted more?
    More than that rough throne upon the floor?
    Come with me, and give me a promise.
    In return, I can give you your solace.

    Please, I beg you, don't do it, my love.
    Please, I beg you, don't turn push to shove.
    Please, my beauty, don't give me the blade.
    For you, anything. I'll even beha-

    April 8, 2019.


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    A Visitor.

    As I stumble my way to the necropolis,
    A dirty, dangerous, dead metropolis
    I'll take a peek over the cracked gravestones,
    Feet nervously slipping on the bones
    Your eyes I see in the dark, dank distance,
    And I know we cannot live in coexistence
    You seek to destroy me, my life, my soul,
    And I cannot let you, you will not swallow me whole
    And so I run, I must flee away,
    And frantically hope the fog keeps you at bay
    I'll hurriedly plea to any gods in my head,
    To please, please not leave me for dead
    I hear the sound, the long, dreadful scrape,
    So I'll hide, and in terror, my mouth is torn agape
    I see your looming figure dart across and ahead,
    And I stay quiet, watching, my heart full of dread
    You turn towards me, and our eyes have met,
    I'm not ready, not yet to repay that debt
    Approaching with an unwavering stare, you smile,
    And my panicked throat fills with bile
    'I'm not ready' I shout, 'I never will be',
    The moment drags on forever, awaiting your dark decree
    'It's been too long' you say, 'Now is the time',
    And my pulsing heart suddenly halts its climb
    And as I sink into darkness, I silently have to wonder,
    My life, my soul, where did it go? Has it been torn asunder?

    April 7, 2019.


  • the_void 37w

    Lies of yours left you and crossed me for years now,
    Trust hid any realisation of your patterns,
    Little did I know your few truths obscured your many poisonous fabrications,
    Final discernment took its toll and my person, it shattered,

    Your exposed lies had scarred my senses,
    And it would seem, for all the time to come,
    You stood happily by as my blossoming trust was killed by my permanent suspicion,
    I had morphed into my worst version of my innocent, trusting person,

    I then thought to myself, why am I bothered,
    By all the negativity you harbour in your vitiated soul,
    Suddenly pity for you was all I felt,
    I realised my sadness was caused by my distrust of trust, my lack of a whole...

    This is purely a work of fiction

    #potd #pod #pattern #patterns #the_void__ #mirakee #story #storypoem #storypoetry @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Discernment - realisation
    Vitiated - Damaged
    Blossoming - Growing
    Morphed - Transformed

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    A simple worked girl
    Can marry the most handsome prince
    If they truly love each other
    And so for our love
    We will keep on fighting

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    Held captive in this old mansion
    Imprisoned by its thick walls
    With rich background history
    I would wonder through every halls
    Chandeliers glimmering like stars
    As they light up the gloomy darkness
    Daunting paintings on your room
    And greek statues that are armless

    People would likely be horrified
    By the sight of this old mansion
    But growing up i got used to it
    Since i was placed into sanction
    They gave me hundreds of rules
    But only one is the most important

    "In under no circumstances are you allowed to leave the mansion"

    But i was never in accordant.

    In the phase of my school age
    I was determined to leave this place
    At night i would make an "exit plan"
    But that wasn't always the case
    Mrs Andrew, the head of the house
    Would send maids to guard every door
    She would order them to lock it up
    Even the one's at the highest floor

    Outside is a place that im really intrigued
    What things would i witness there?
    A goddess whose skin is so fair?
    Though i already know from the start
    Outside is a place i could never reach
    Because in this old massive house
    I have no freedom of speech

    #story #poem #storypoem

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    Chapter 1


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    The affair was no longer secret

    Left and forgotten,
    Man you loved was no where to be seen.
    Forbidden apple have poison you.
    Now, all is gone.

    Drunk from your desires,
    You drown in the wine of sins.
    As you go back to the shore,
    You realize that you lost it all.

    Tell me love.. What happened to you?


  • weirdlymagical 49w

    Secret affair

    Man of dreams,
    Man of lust,
    Will you come tonight
    And swipe me off my feet?

    To the garden, to the balcony
    Even to the bed
    Whisper me as if we are in love!
    By promises and compliments.

    Gentle yet charming,
    Mouth full of roses,
    Lips taste like honey.
    Let's fall into each other's arms!

    And Let's take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

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    The mirror in me

    "What are you good at?"
    Screamed the mirror;
    Loathing in agony and disbelief,
    At the way I whiled away time!
    Moments of self-doubt,
    Hovering over my clouded brain,
    I set myself off;
    Embarking on this momentous journey.
    Pressure being highly enthalpic,
    Entrapping beads of emotions;
    Confined to a raging heart,
    Which has forgotten; Being loved!
    Scribbling random lyrics,
    I scramble with my vocab;
    In the quest of bringing out,
    The twinkling light Exuberating underneath!!
    The mirror still glaringly repeats,
    "What are you good at? "
    I wake up with a start,
    Realizing it was all a dream!!!!

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    coma, part 2

    I tried to regain thoughts, the reason for this incident
    Closed my eyes and counted to ten
    Now, it's been revealed that I had an accident
    Stuck in this broken dream of mine once again

    At this time, I had felt complete loneliness
    In this world of mystery, bluer than blue
    I closed my eyes and just asked, confessed
    What did I just do?

    As I am in full isolation
    I still feel the emotion of hate
    It's my fault for being in this situation
    And that it's too late

    I soon realize that people I know
    Are now showing for me, their selflessness
    I lost the chance to feel the joy they'll show
    The reason is my selfishness

    There was no more hate, love is the only emotion
    That I didn't get to feel
    I didn't believe that they would be the solution
    I can't believe that what's happening is real

    It has been the first time for a while
    For me to receive true happiness
    It was the first time I smiled
    There was no more anger and sadness

    They were now painting my life with white,
    It was no longer black and red
    As they hold my hand tight,
    While they're next to my hospital bed
    《story poem》

  • poetdoodles14 60w

    coma, part 1

    I was remembered for being forgotten
    Receiving no love, just hate
    My heart is fading, my soul is rotten
    I guess this is my fate

    Suffering from sorrow and loneliness,
    I didn't have shelter for protection
    Always being known for my insanity and recklessness
    Hungry for the worst temptation

    It feels like someone always controls me
    Like a puppet with a string
    It's difficult for me to breathe, to see
    I couldn't do anything

    I can't find peace in my world of negativity
    Like a victim of abuse and war
    There was no sign of little positivity
    Nothing to fight for

    Full of sadness, full of anger
    I just want my life to be done
    I don't want to be here any longer
    Just wanting to be gone

    I just want to disappear...

    Something changed my life forever
    For me, an example of serendipity
    I'm like a flower that has withered

    My wish to be gone and disappear
    Has actually come true
    But it was a blur, it was soon to be clear
    Of what just happened, I had no clue...
    ...(to be continued)
    《story poem》

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    No mood to write today. Refinished an old draft lying around in my box from a long time ago.

    #justforlaughs #storypoem #writersnetwork #mirakee #purgingdrafts

    Ps: And those of you who insist on finding meaning, assume anxiety is the cat and problems are tortoises



    A curious kitten wandered
    around the lonely banks of a river
    where a stone crawled & pondered
    while the edgy kitten shivered

    She was aghast to see
    the grey brown stone walking
    And if that wasn't enough
    seemed like it was stalking

    today it is here
    tomorrow it is not
    the mystery turned to a fear
    for her mind caught in knots

    She gathered much of her brave
    played footsie, then nudged the rock
    Consequences were grave
    As the stone surprisingly grew a cock

    Guess who was bewildered
    And let out a little meow
    Each strand of her fur quivered
    to find a rock that was endowed

    She leapt out of it's way crying fowl
    Climbed far up, and hid in a tree
    She crept and stayed behind an owl
    Who revealed wise secrets and set her free

    Anxiety and fear finally rejoiced
    As the masquerade began to crumble
    Beneath the armour of a monstrous tortoise
    Was nothing but a worm under a shell


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    Guess who was bewildered
    And let out a little meow
    Each strand of her fur quivered
    to find a rock that was endowed


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    “If you could turn back the time, what will you do?”

    Tic tac, tic tac
    I threw you a rock,
    I envy
    That’s why I make you as an enemy.
    All of the things that I haven’t, you have
    Even my parents’ love
    I threw you a rock,
    And I saw our clock
    Tic, tic, tic, tac
    It’s 12 PM in the midnight,
    When I saw you hanging in the light,
    You end your life,
    Using a knife
    And I saw your note—
    saying “I’m sorry, I just wanted to have a family. because broken family isn’t what I wished for.”
    “If I could turn back the time, I would like to hug you, because you are my long–lost sister that I’ve waiting for.”

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    There once was a dragon living high in the hills.
    One day he worried about paying the bills.
    He checked the classifieds to find a good job.
    He found nothing interesting so he called his friend Bob.
    Bob told him "try freelance, though it might be a bit risky."
    "Good idea," said the dragon taking a shot of his whiskey.
    He went down the hill to ask around town
    He tripped on a stick and ended up face-down
    "Are you quite alright?" Said a voice like a dove.
    A lady in red smiled down from above.
    "Oh sure," he replied with a laugh and a chuckle.
    "Happens all the time" he said and straightened his buckle.
    "I'm looking for a job" he told the pretty girl.
    "How about a tailor? You could give that a whirl."
    So he sewed and hemmed pants, tied bows and cut string.
    Until he had enough for a big diamond ring.
    He went back to the girl, and got down on one knee.
    "Oh goodness," she said. "I'm married, you see."
    He gasped, nodded and sighed
    As he turned to go hide
    "Please wait, don't be dense.
    We could just kill the prince.
    My parents had sold me to the prince as a wife,
    But I hope You understand how I hate my life."
    So together they planned the most daring escape
    They killed the prince with glitter glue and scotch tape.
    With tape over his mouth and glue filling his tummy,
    They ransacked the place, and they stole all his money.
    Now with the prince dead and more money than could carry
    The dragon and lady were free to get married.
    High on the hill with the sun shinning down,
    The lady was in such a beautiful gown.
    The dragon wore his best suit and a tie,
    And they said their vows, a sacred set of rules to abide by.
    The two of them were a match made in heaven,
    The dragon turned to the lady and said "by the way, my names Kevin."
    The lady turned to her husband and said
    "Nice to meet you Kevin, my name is Red."

  • mr_stellar 115w

    As a reader, if you understand the story behind this poem and it's deeper themes, that'll be a win for me. If not, I have to improve more.

    A devil is looking for food in the night. This poem follows what happens in that night. I present you, a story-poem, "Dreadful Fervor".

    #Poetry #Classic #English #Literature #Thriller #Suspense #StoryPoem #Devil #Story #Poem #Devil

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    Dreadful Fervor

    Chronicles of fright are always so private. 
    They never salvage the humans from their inevitable savate. 

    Hunting for money gives people the pleasure. 
    Hounding for Blood always adds to my ever increasing treasure. 

    Pieces of food are divine for beggars. 
    Pieces of flesh are divine for my kind of demonic eggars. 

    Who will quench the cravings of an animalistic fellow?
    That animal inside me, which never frets about Pecadillo. 

    I cannot impede myself from eating. 
    Men and Women who are wedged in my charms are taken for a newfangled dating. 

    Tonight, I want to have a feast. 
    I woke up my inner beast. 

    I am a creature who hunts all the day. 
    Be it day or night, I will always make hay. 

    My stomach had given me a hungry chime. 
    Dark clouds told me that it is dinner time. 

    An innocent Man walking under lights is my target. 
    I covered myself in a black drugget. 

    I went near him and called his name. 
    He looked at me as if he is a raging bull to tame. 

    His eyes directly looked at me without any doubt. 
    With the prospect of this good meal, I am thinking of getting stout. 

    Oh, wait a moment; my senses are saying he is not a sinner. 
    If he is devoid of bad, then I am not a bread Winner. 

    Ah, I loathe the honest of this World. 
    They won't give my senses, the required amount of woald. 

    "What do you want?", he asked me in an unruffled voice. 
    "I am just looking for food", I said after losing all my inner noise. 

    "Have this to feed yourself. Be safe!", he gave me a ten dollar bill and turned away. 
    "Don't you want to know how do I know your name?", I shouted at him with dismay. 

    "All Devils do know my name. Because, I am the Devil for the Devils", he answered me like a thunder. 
    This is my World's eighth wonder. 

    I played the game with a wrong person. 
    For Monsters like us, Candor is always an illicit lesson. 

    I am still trembling, gazing beyond the darkness in which he went.
    From now on, I wish I never come across his scent.

    I have an unbounded odium towards those who have an honest flavor. 
    They give us, the Demons, a 'Dreadful Fervor'. 

    Well, Fiends like me are also friends with trepidation. 

    Copyright: Stellar Ram


    1. Savate - A sport resembling boxing but permitting blows to be delivered with the feet as well as the hands. 
    2. Eggar - Egg shaped Moths. 
    3. Fret - Worry. 
    4. Pecadillo - Sin. 
    5. Wedged - Caught, Trapped. 
    6. Drugget - A rug made of a coarse fabric having a cotton warp and a wool filling. 
    7. Loathe - Hate. 
    8. Woald - To bring into complete union, harmony, agreement, etc. 
    9. Candor - Honesty. 
    10. Odium - Great Amount of Hate. 
    11. Fiend - Evil Being. 
    12. Trepidation - Fear, Terror.