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    Jane was back in town after a long time to her old mansion & at her first day she went to a secluded room in her mansion out of curiosity but as she started moving in that direction she was getting chills but she made her way to the room and as she went inside, she saw the room's condition was not very good & after exploring it she found a box in which there were four letters but she was nervous to read them as it reflected unpleasant memories of someone. But her curiosity made her to take out the first letter from the pack of four and she carefully opened it as it was already distorted.As she unfolded the paper she was shocked to see her name "Hello Jane"! written on the middle of the letter. As, she got hold of her breathe and decided to read ahead. The letter read " Hello Jane, I'm Emile your grand parents caretaker, when you will get these letter I would be dead & my silence will make you understand what I'm trying to convey to you". As, she began to read ahead the lights of the room started flickering and heavy wind started blowing & the windows of the room started banging with each other.Jane was terrified as the atmosphere was giving her negative vibes but she consoled herself that it might be the fear inside her that is making her feel like this.
    Then she was ready to unfold the letter number 2 it read, Jane you were very small & I used to watch you playing in the fields in your favourite red frock and I used to admire you as my daughter as I didn't had one. I used to bring you chocolates everyday just to make you happy but your parents didn't like my bond with you. They thought I belong to a poor background and might spell black magic on you & keep you under my control but I only loved you & I didn't had any evil intentions then. But your partners scolded & thrashed me if I even stared at you with at most love & I was not able to do anything as I needed work.
    Jane was devasted after reading the letter & she was not able to believe all this as she loved her parents and was sure her parents would never do this to anyone. She didn't wanted to continue further but as she stood up a strong wind pushed her & she fell on the floor, she was so scared and suddenly the third letter got unfolded by itself and Jane was compelled to read it. The letter began by stating " Your parents are evil Jane", Jane started crying but she had to read the letter further the letter said, they chained me in this room & starved me for months with no fault of mine.They didn't even gave me water, I used to scream but no one came to my rescue, I struggled to live as I didn't wanted to die but then I left my body.
    Jane was terrified to her core, she got up quickly and ran towards the door but it was shut, the lights were flickering and dogs were barking loudly outside. Then Jane was pushed and was chained on a chair in the room. She struggled to move but nothing helped.
    Then, finally the last letter number four,opened & was just in front of Jane's eye, she was numb after reading the letter & suddenly the lights went off and it was all dark.
    The letter read, " Jane I wanted a body so that I could take my revenge from your parents & I cursed this chair on which you are sitting right now"!
    Thank you Jane
    Yours Truly Emiley
    The letter ended.

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    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Stuck with bitter sweet time till the end.
    Half seconds to break my heart, decades for it to mend.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Days mesh to months, those months to years.
    As I try to hide and carry on through the fear.
    The fear of this worlds creation, finding a place amongst the chaos.
    Trying to stay neutral in all the biased cases of ethos.
    Though it seems even the radicals have been silenced by their sadness.
    The worlds in disarray, there is no more method just pure madness.
    I mean YHWH himself couldnt even have planned this.
    The worlds living a lie, future generations have been forcibly curtailed.
    I refuse to believe that somehow we already failed.
    I feel all the pain and see the dissarrangement.
    But its easier to see clear without years of sheeps wool entertainment.
    But how do you get the masses to take off their blinders?
    When we were born with them and were given extras as reminders?
    Mind stimulated from birth to be tame.
    But we are more than just our ID's, more than our names.
    More than any possession, any 15 seconds of fame.
    Exactly what we are worth; cant possible be measured.
    But with our great value comes responsibility and there lays the pressure.
    For we are just the protectors
    Of something much more precious!
    We have the knowledge and resources to make the right choice.
    To protect all biodiveristy and give the voiceless and voice.
    To be truly the guardians of the galaxy.
    Explorers of the stars, held together by gravity.
    All intricate parts of an ancient modern puzzle.
    Who need to vow to not give up no matter how hard the struggle.
    I can foresee the logistical nightmare, but still know we must try.
    For the nightmare is a dream of heaven compared to what will actually transpire.
    If we dont help mother nature reclaim her spot as queen of earths empire.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Itll sure be lonely for you if it all comes to an end.
    For we will be no more, no rythme, rhyme or reason.
    But there would be no better fitting punishment for commiting this type of treason
    Than to be cast in pure darkness for an everlasting time
    Just know ill will fight against it, my biggest enemy and very best friend of mine.
    From a child of the universe
    To the bitter sweet body of time.

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    You know I was very happy when you said you will talk to me ..
    I waited for a long while.
    You will call, we will talk.. so many thoughts would be shared... but you didn't call me back. My tears rolled down and again like always another day was gone, waiting for you, my beloved love...


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    When I was in 6th grade I learned the sad truth about myself. I was too innocent and grew up in a very safe environment that things kids my age knew I didn’t. I wasn’t exposed to anything inappropriate or In other words not for my age nor did I know anything about it. I had no idea man had different body parts, nor cussing words existed, and what happens between two people in a relationship. So the day my “best friend” decided to spill the beans I was put in the lost and never found. Not wanting to look stupid or boring I went along with everything she was saying and acted as if I knew what was going on. Little did I know what will become of me to keep HER in my life.....pt2????
    #storytime #schooldrama #drama #stories

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    My dirty secret

    Will you read my story?

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    Story time

    A story unexpected,
    A story like no other,
    A story worth telling to my kids,
    Hey, this is how I met your mother


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    Everything was normal for next couple days. No weirdos, no unknown calls, no stupid texts. It was almost as if nothing happened. But those calls started again. He would just call her, wait for her to pick up, call back again if she doesn't pick up, completely silent if someone else picked up instead of her, text her if she picked up once and then shouted and hung up. It was making her crazy. She couldn't sleep, couldn't focus on her homework. She freaked out every single time that phone rang and would run and grab it to see if it was him or someone else.

    After a while, every ringing phone started giving her chills and she would just black out for a second or two. Initially she thought that whoever that person was, he would just realise that she was not interested in whatever shit was going in his head but it just kept getting worse. It was pretty obvious that it was now just a game for him and he was really enjoying it. There were moments when she wanted to talk to her parents about what was happening and it would all go away but then she also didn't knew what their reaction to that situation will be like. Her parents were not the kind of people who were really friendly and open with their kids so she wasn't sure if she could trust them or not. It was just a lot for her little brain. She just stopped talking. She tried talking to Ritika but all she got from her was, "I told him that it's not my number. I asked him not to call you. I can't do anything if he doesn't listen."

    It continued for 6 months. He initially used to call after her school when she was at home but then he went on to calling her when she was in school. Her mother once picked up the call but he didn't said anything as he didn't recognised her voice. She didn't tried calling back thinking it was a wrong number. Once, she was watching TV with her father when the phone rang. Her father was about to answer it but she got to it first. "Hello?", she said. He started talking rubbish like always once he recognised her voice. Her father was still sitting right next to her so she just disconnected the call and told her father that it was a computer call.

    The moment she said it, she realised that it was a mistake. She should have said it was a wrong number because he was going to call back again and it would look bad. He called back again and this time, her father answered it. He kept saying "hello" but no one answered back from the other side. He disconnected the call thinking that it might be some network issue. That was the moment she knew she had to really do something about it. She had to tell an adult, anyone but her parents, just in case the situation got out of control. She thought about it for days and made a plan that was really risky but at the same time, sounded pretty much perfect in her head. She decided to talk to Ritika again and ask her to talk to that person and make it all stop before she actually carried on with the plan. Her reaction was, "you can do whatever you want. I don't care about you. You can't do anything. All you have is just words". That's the kind of motivation Aayasha was looking for so she left by saying, "you asked for it".

    She wrote a letter for Ritika's aunt explaining everything, gave it to her 6 years old daughter and asked her to give it to her mother the moment she reach home after school. She had a lot going in her head that day. All the possibilities of it all going wrong and biting her in the ass, what might be happening in their house, what if she decides to come over and talk to her parents? She couldn't sleep, partly because of the fear that everything might go wrong and partly because she felt like she betrayed her friend. Next morning, she saw Ritika in the school bus. It was written all over her face that she has been crying. Later that day, Ritika's aunt came to talk to her after school. She already got a heads up about it from one of Ritika's cousin in the morning so she was prepared for it. The moment she saw her in school, her first instinct was to run away because she had no idea what that conversation was going to be like but then she had to go see her because one of her teacher got involved. It was not a pleasant conversation but it could have been much worse so she was a bit satisfied. She gave that phone number to her aunt and that teacher when they asked for it. That person never called her again and her parents never found out anything about it. That number was printed in every single cell of her brain by then and she knew that she was probably never going to forget it.


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    Wrong number!
    (Part 2)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

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    If you are new here, please visit #horrorstoryormolestationstory to read the previous stories of the series and don't forget to leave a feedback if you read any.


    It was time for the longest vacation for Indian school kids! Yes, you guessed it right. Summer vacation! Aayasha, a 13 years old girl, was very excited to live a month without having to step a foot out of her house. She was always like this. Sitting in a corner, busy in her own world, cooking up stories and doing homework.

    One fine afternoon, a friend of hers from school, who lived in her neighborhood, came to seek her help with some project work. Or at least that's what it looked like. Aayasha and her younger brother were sitting on the terrace doing their work when she came. Their mother, who was busy with household chores, directed her to the terrace. She looked a bit in rush and out of breath. "I want a phone. I have to make a call. It's urgent. Please. I want a phone", she said. Aayasha tried to calm her down but she wasn't ready to listen. She just kept repeating it and denied to tell her anything except that she would get into really big trouble if Aayasha didn't get her a phone. She started crying and Aayasha, completely lost and clueless of what was happening, came down and asked her mother for her phone. Before she could ask her anything, Aayasha said that her friend upstairs wanted another classmate's phone number. She was shaking because she has never lied to her mother before but she somehow controlled herself and ran back upstairs.

    Her friend snatched away that phone from her sweaty hands and started pressing the keys like a maniac. Aaysha didn't wanted to invade her privacy but her mind just wanted to make sure that she wasn't in any big trouble so her ears were trying their best to catch hold of some of the conversation. All she could hear was, "you need to break that SIM card or I'll get into so much trouble". She disconnected the call after the conversation was over, turned back to Aayasha, gave her the phone and said, "I told my aunty that I am going to Aayasha's house to ask her for her computer project and if I don't get back home soon with your file, she'll get suspicious". Aayasha tried asking her what was happening and if she could do anything to help her but she just ignored it and left with an almost empty project file.

    It was just 5-6 minutes since her friend left and Aayasha was lying down, soaking up some sunlight and processing what just happened when that phone rang. It was an unknown number so she ignored it. It rang again and this time she actually picked up the phone to have a proper look at the number on the screen. She froze. It was the same number her friend dialed a while ago. She knew that because she saw some of the last digits before her friend deleted it from the call history. ".......313". She kept staring at it, waiting and praying for the phone to stop ringing. It eventually did and she called her friend. It was her aunt's number.

    "Hello! Aunty namaste. Has Ritika reached home yet? I accidentally gave her a wrong file. Oh! Okay! Can you please ask her to come back and exchange it with the other file as soon as she gets back home? I need that file. I was working on that project when she came and I have to finish it by tonight". Ritika came back and was really mad about Aayasha calling her aunt. Aayasha told her about the call and asked her to call that person back and tell them that it was not her contact number. She did as Aayasha asked her to and left.

    The phone rang again roughly an hour later and it was the same number. She wanted to block it but couldn't because she didn't wanted her parents to get all suspicious about it just in case they somehow end up checking the blocked contacts lists. That person just wouldn't stop calling so she finally answered it. "Hey, listen! I don't know who you are but you need to stop calling. This is not Ritika's number", she said and was expecting an apology from the other side. But, "I don't care who you are. I just want to talk", that's what's she got. She was really angry and just so done with that person. Aayasha was usually not like any other "normal" teenagers but she was really short tempered. She wanted to shout but couldn't because her parents were home and she didn't wanted to grab any attention so she just hung up without saying anything. That person just kept calling her until he was just gave up.

    【Next part coming up tomorrow. Follow if you haven't already and keep the notification on just in case I forget to tag any of you. It would really mean a lot to me.】

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    Wrong number!
    (Part 1)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • pen_and_my_heart 10w

    I sipped the last drop of my coffee.
    It was a cold morning.
    My phone buzzed.
    "Code Red." From Mr. X.

    I started to sweat.
    This can't happen. I called Rohit
    "Hello, Rohit. It's me. I got a message from Mr. X. Code Red. It means somebody is coming to get it, Right?"

    My eyes drifted towards the military green bag.
    "I should have never received it. What do I do, Rohit?"

    "You are coming. Thank God. Come fast."

    My body began to shiver. I took the bag and put it under the bed. I came out . The screens were open.
    I closed them.

    Somebody is coming. Who?
    My phone buzzed again.
    "2 men to attack in 15 minutes" From Mr. X.

    Shit. Where the fuck is Rohit. I needed to do something. Think. Think. Think.
    Ok. A brainwave.

    I went and took my first aid kit. Medicines are chemicals. By mixing the right chemicals, I can create a bomb.

    Ok, not a "bomb" bomb. But a small bomb to make two people unconscious. I did my majors in chemistry. I should have continued in that stream. Too late for that.

    I did all sorts of scientific stuff to make the desired product. The sleep bomb.

    I placed the sleep bomb near the gate. Positioned it in such a way, that it explods when the door opens.

    I wait behind the cushion. The clock is ticking.
    Tick tick tick tick....

    There was a knock on the door. I embraced for impact.


    Two people fell. I looked up. Yes. It's done. I moved them in and closed the door. They were wearing masks. Similar to that we used during the Pandemic.

    Where the hell is Rohit. I called him. His ringtone rang. In my room. I turned around. It was coming from one of the guys lying down.

    I removed his mask. It was Rohit


    The guy who introduced me to this field, is the guy who comes to loot me.

    The clock was still ticking.
    Tick tick tick tick...

    End of part 1.

    Hi guys. Hope you enjoyed this part. If want to read the next, comment "Next one". I will publish under #coderedpenandmyheart Until then, bye.

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    Code Red
    (Thriller story - Part 1)


  • pakhi1738 12w

    Heaven comes to me
    When I see you smile
    Like a morning sunshine
    In my stupid dreams!
    Never realized
    How real you were
    And how close I was
    To breaking!
    I left that town
    You once lived in
    To ice my bruses
    And to shelter your pain
    Within me!
    The shelves in that old corner
    Of my mind
    Are now full of dust,
    Full of blood stains!
    I was trapped by the demons of the day
    And they were asking me to stay
    I was so stupid to try to ignore your pain
    And tell myself that you were gonna be okay,
    Over and over again!
    And I knew the pain that you were
    Dealing with
    Broken and unseen
    And I knew the smile
    That was fading in that smoke screen!
    I know it wasn't my fault
    But I was so busy crying
    That I chickened out
    Instead of even trying!
    Now I have blood on my hands
    And it creeps me out
    Just won't let me sleep
    And it makes me scream!
    So I roll it up
    Into some fancy words
    Trying to fool myself
    Trying to fool the world!
    Am I losing my mind?
    Am I losing my soul?
    'cause it hurts so bad
    But I just won't let go!


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  • pakhi1738 12w

    You feel hatred and rage
    With your whole heart
    It's buried in your soul!
    You keep telling the same story,
    Over and over again
    To feel a long lost pain!
    You don't want to fit in
    You don't want to play
    This follow up trend game!
    You don't want to be
    Who they want you to be
    You don't want to stay
    But you stay, anyway!
    Playing the same old song
    To make it all fade away!
    Making a toast for the lost one's
    You try to reincarnate those souls!
    People ridicule you again
    For being so dramatic and insane!
    You break the last vial of hope
    You never knew you had!
    It's a mixed feeling
    Of being angry and sad!
    You realise you should have said something
    But now, the moment has passed!
    Living in a limbo of dead
    People pretending to care when you are around
    And laughing at your back!
    In one moment they say you are useless
    In other, "you need help!"
    Lost somewhere in confusion and hypocrisy
    You lose patience, you lose your sanity
    And as the memories from your past starts to linger
    You smile back at the world with a middle finger


    #magic #beheretomorrow #theysay #peopletalk #semicolon #lifeasweknowit #nomoresilence #remembered #memories #dreams #writers #stalker #love #insanelove #crazylove #writerscommunity #thegirlwhowrites #emotions #khayal #thoughts #poetry #storytime #storiesarelife #post #poetry #life #virtualworld #dreams #moonlessnight #darkness #alone #forgotten #hopeless #mirakee #mysterious #thegirlwhowrites #depression #anxiety #rage #smile #fakesmiles #soul #shadow #mitti #manzil #kahani #kaarvan #pankh #randomthoughts
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  • thehealer10 13w

    Velvet Bullet

    I can feel it Happening
    Its been such a intoxicating dream
    The land is Blackening
    Ears Bleeding from the Scream

    Determined to remember this Time
    Racing toward that White Blank page
    When will I be Free of this Paradigm
    Wishing we met at a different stage

    Life, I refuse to squander mine Caged
    Found the real me swinging in the Tree
    2020 the Dawning of My new Age
    what started as a breeze
    Now fuels the Rage


  • pakhi1738 14w

    खोया है तू खुदमें यूँ
    सात समंदर ढूंढे क्यों
    कहानियों में लिपटा हुआ आसमान तेरा
    क्या चाँद, क्या सितारा
    उलझी उलझी सी ये कहानियां तेरी
    दास्ताँ कोई सुनाती हैं
    पलकों पर सवार सपने तेरे
    कहीं दूर उड़ा ले जाते हैं
    पंख फैला, उड़ता जा
    चल एक नया नाटक दिखा
    दुनिया ये ना समझ पाए
    नासमझ से परिंदे सारे
    उड़ना ये जो भूल चुके
    पिंजरे में कैद
    सारे टूटे तारे
    टूटकर बिखरा ये जो ख्वाब है
    समेंटकर एक जहाँ बना
    फिर जीना सीख
    फिर उड़ना सीख
    ये जंज़ीरें तुझे अब रोकेंगी क्या!
    तू आग है
    तू ही तूफान
    तू बात है
    और तू ही मकान
    तू रात है
    तू ही सवेरा
    उड़ जा पंछी
    ढूंढने एक नया बसेरा


    #magic #beheretomorrow #theysay #peopletalk #semicolon #lifeasweknowit #nomoresilence #remembered #memories #dreams #writers #stalker #love #insanelove #crazylove #writerscommunity #thegirlwhowrites #emotions #khayal #thoughts #poetry #storytime #storiesarelife #post #poetry #life #virtualworld #dreams #moonlessnight #darkness #alone #forgotten #hopeless #mirakee #mysterious #thegirlwhowrites #depression #anxiety #rage #smile #fakesmiles #soul #shadow #mitti #manzil #kahani #kaarvan #pankh #randomthoughts
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  • ericandwe 14w

    Day 1. Part 1.

    Day 1.
    She walked past my table, I noticed for the first time ever, she smells like my grandmothers blackberry jam.

    I never know where to sit in the cafeteria, I saw an empty table today but there was a boy sitting there who wouldn't stop staring. I wonder if the library is open?

    Day 23
    We had to read a poem in class. I read mine, it was about gravity, and how heavenly bodies always amaze us most when they are dying. It didn't rhyme so my english teacher/ boys basketball coach gave me a B+. She watched me read it. She didn't take her eyes off of me the whole time! Maybe she liked it...

    WHY WILL HE NOT STOP STARING! he always watches me just a little too long. Its uncomfortable. Thats it, im gonna stare right back at him until he STOPS!
    He didn't stop, and we just stared at each other the whole time he read his poem in class. How awkward.

    Day 112

    She cut her hair. Like all of it. Shaved her head...it...it's super cute. I kind of want to compliment her for it, but we don't speak to each other. Maybe cutting it wasn't her idea. Maybe im overthinking it. I should compliment her...ok...here goes.

    GOD I WISH I WAS DEAD! homemade dye job ended up frying all my hair! Mom shaved my head..."whats that...you...you LIKE it?!?!"

    Day 143
    We were told today that we all will have to quarantine at the end of the week because of the virus..like go home, so I guess summer starts early...we still have to do our class work. I won't get to see her anymore. Its now pretty obvious she doesnt like me. But she's never mean, and she's still so pretty. Oh well.

    Extended summer...but im already struggling in 3 classes. What am I gonna do? I wonder if
    any of my friends...no they're all doing worse than I am. Who do I know that's really smart...

    Day 144
    She...gave me her phone number. I've never had a girls phone number before. She asked for help in some of her classes while we all work from home. She needs a tutor. She looked embarrassed when she asked, I hope I didn't look stupid when I said yes, I was just so excited.

    I think I've got the tutoring problem solved. He's not a bad guy, my only complaint is the way he won't look away when he's caught staring but its not ever creepy stalker stare, its not like he follows me to class or anything. Its more like...an artist sees a tree they like or something. Or, like, how babies stare at ylu in the grocery store? I don't know. But he is a straight A student. And I really need the help.

    Day 202
    Schools out, I passed everything. We still aren't allowed to go anywhere...I don't know if she will want to keep talking to me since its now summer time. But it was really nice having a friend to talk to through the lock down..

    I am NOT ok. I passed everything, EVERYTHING, with either an A or a B. Its the best grades I've ever made. And I've been up till midnight for the last week talking to this wierd boy who is obsessed with poetry and music. I'd never even read a poem in my life now I'm looking up Kalidasa, and T.S Elliot. He's kind of...enchanting. Thats dumb...im dumb...you know he always stares...but I never noticed his eye color...wonder if they're green...

    Day 307
    First day back, I already miss my house. Thats where she lives in my head. Behind my cellphone screen, where we ask each other questions and laugh together. I expect things will be different but maybe she will keep being my "text pal"...oh there she is...SHE'S WALKING TOWARDS ME!!!

    He came back! I didn't think he would. He talked about how much he didn't like school and how working from home had been so much easier...im so glad he came back.

    Day 307 (later that day)
    She hugged me this morning, I swear my shirt still feels warm. She sat with me at lunch, its so much easier to talk in a text message I feel so awkward...her hair is still short, and it looks so cute.

    I wanna bite him. What is that? Why bite him? What a stupid feeling. I do though I wanna bite him. Where is it acceptable to bite someone...he's having such a hard time talking...its adorable.

  • pakhi1738 16w

    They say, God is a light
    I say, he is a man
    Who never had to fight
    For his rights!

    They say, God is positivity
    I say, he is a man
    Who got to say anything
    Without understanding the gravity
    And the sensitivity of the topic!

    My body is not my own
    It never was
    Because I never got a chance
    A chance to say
    I don't want to be a part
    Of this stupid role play

    A play where I bleed
    And I plead
    For it to stop
    But it never does!

    God is a man, I say
    Because I wasn't asked
    Before imposing his own way
    I cry out of pain
    As I die over and over again!

    They say, they don't like the way I walk
    They say, they don't like the way I talk
    And he gave them right to talk about my stain
    When I should be the one to complain

    Motherhood is a blessing
    Brining a new life to the world a magic
    They fooled us with their stupid logics
    And we kept smiling and bleeding
    As they kept on ranting
    How our screams are deafening

    And then I call his name
    God oh god!
    Here I pray
    Bring apocalypse
    Let them pay
    Either kill me
    Or take this pain away!

    I don't know "who" he is
    I don't know "where" he is
    But "if" he is
    He is a "he"
    Because no women will ever choose
    Eternal pain and suffering!

    God is a man, I say!
    God is a man, I say!


    #magic #beheretomorrow #theysay #peopletalk #semicolon #lifeasweknowit #nomoresilence #remembered #memories #dreams #writers #stalker #love #insanelove #crazylove #writerscommunity #thegirlwhowrites #emotions #khayal #thoughts #poetry #storytime #storiesarelife #post #poetry #life #virtualworld #dreams #moonlessnight #darkness #alone #forgotten #hopeless #mirakee #mysterious #thegirlwhowrites #depression #anxiety #rage #smile #fakesmiles #soul #shadow #mitti #manzil #kahani #kaarvan #pankh #randomthoughts
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  • pakhi1738 16w

    सालों से बंज़र पड़े सूखे मैदान सा हूँ मैं
    बारिश के जैसी आती हो तुम
    मुरझाए फूलों की सुस्त पंखुड़ियों को
    धीमे - धीमे सहलाती हो तुम
    पागलपन ये इतना
    न जाने कहाँ से लाती हो तुम

    सावन आए, तुमको लाए
    मेरे मन की मिट्टी को महकाए
    मौसम न जाने कितने आए
    पर दिल को न कोई तुमसा भाए

    ले जा मुझको अपने संग तू
    खोले बाहें बैठा मैं हूँ

    ख्वाहिश तेरी यादों में है
    सपने तेरे ही बस आंखों में हैं

    ए बारिश मेरी बस इतना बता
    तू हकीकत है
    या है महज़ एक हसीन ख्वाब सा

    पलकें मेरी ये झुक जाएँ
    आंखें ये बस बंद हो जाएँ
    सपने मेरे उड़ना चाहें
    तुमको जो न खुदमें पाएँ

    बैठी क्यों है छुपकर तू
    चल अब श्याम हई
    घर आजा ना तू


    #magic #beheretomorrow #theysay #peopletalk #semicolon #lifeasweknowit #nomoresilence #remembered #memories #dreams #writers #stalker #love #insanelove #crazylove #writerscommunity #thegirlwhowrites #emotions #khayal #thoughts #poetry #storytime #storiesarelife #post #poetry #life #virtualworld #dreams #moonlessnight #darkness #alone #forgotten #hopeless #mirakee #mysterious #thegirlwhowrites #depression #anxiety #rage #smile #fakesmiles #soul #shadow #mitti #manzil #kahani #kaarvan #pankh #randomthoughts
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  • writeendlessly 17w

    As the cold breeze tickles your face,
    It shuffles your hair out of place,
    You smile warmly,
    As you tuck the burgenden escapees
    Back behind your ear.
    The wind kicks up and you start to shiver.
    Your dark brown eyes,
    Motion to me to keep you warm.
    My arms wrapped around you,
    My nose nuzzled so gently into your hair.
    Cirtus: a memory trigger. A scent I never knew I longed for.
    I hold you, as a whirlwind of brisk air travels around us.
    We are close, keeping one another warm.
    Your head lays on my chest.
    I wonder, can you hear it beat? The thumping against my chest, can you hear it intensify?
    I wonder if the Rhythm of your heart changes too.

  • pakhi1738 17w

    Letting go of something
    Holding on to another
    Looking for a moment of peace
    With eyes searching for a never ending sea
    A sea with a perfect sunset
    And golden sunlight shining like a dream
    A dream so bright, with power to heal
    Even the deeply wounded

    You visit the beach everyday
    To feel your feet in the loose sand
    And the salty breeze on your face
    To listen to the silent roars of the sea!

    And as the strangers pass by
    You look for a perfect home
    A home to hold you in it's arms
    And to never let go when in pain

    You have dreams
    A new one everyday
    You live them like they are your life
    And as the characters of those dreams
    Keep visiting you time and again
    They become a long lost family
    A family from another life
    Still holding onto you

    You love deeply
    And say you've never been in love
    You sacrifice things
    To please others
    You love your stories
    And patiently listen
    To the hush hush chit chats
    Of the stars and the moon
    You talk to clouds and birds
    And end every conversation
    With a see you soon!

    "See you soon!"
    But you don't really believe that
    Do you!?


    #magic #beheretomorrow #theysay #peopletalk #semicolon #lifeasweknowit #nomoresilence #remembered #memories #dreams #writers #stalker #love #insanelove #crazylove #writerscommunity #thegirlwhowrites #emotions #khayal #thoughts #poetry #storytime #storiesarelife #post #poetry #life #virtualworld #dreams #moonlessnight #darkness #alone #forgotten #hopeless #mirakee #mysterious #thegirlwhowrites #depression #anxiety #rage #smile #fakesmiles #soul #shadow #mitti #manzil #kahani #kaarvan #pankh #randomthoughts
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  • _infinity_writer_ 18w

    10.✨ A Promise �� Sorry had too much work but this is fun one a promise i made with my best friend ���� like and share ❤️

    #bestfriends #promise #wedding #boycott #newyork #friendship #roomates #fun #memories #airport #passport #extratickets #signs #runwaybride #coffee #laugh #idiots #writersofinstagram #staysafe #stayhome #anonymous #infinity #storytime #storytelling

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    A Promise

    It’s been 2 years…

    She didn’t notice it first. She saw the date when she just woke up and came in search of her coffee. Memories flooded before her eyes and she started laughing. “ Why are you laughing like a maniac?” asked one of her roommates, coming and sitting next to her. She showed her roommate and long time best friend the date and they started laughing together.

    Flash back

    “Hey, you ready?” asked her best friend, coming into her room. Her wedding was in full swing outside, but she couldn’t muster up the interest. She felt wrong. Something was wrong. “ I want you to do as promised”, she told her best friend.

    “What?... NOW?!”, asked her best friend.

    “Yes, NOW!!”

    “But why?? Thought you liked him?? What happened?”

    “Nope. everything is wrong and i don’t want to get married”


    “You promised!! Please …” she pleaded to her best friend. “ Okay Okay. do you have your passport?” asked her best friend. Only idiots are my friends her best friend thought, pacing in the room. “ I have my passport and two tickets for New York, which I don't know why I booked when I was booking tickets for my honeymoon spot. ” she said, taking her suitcase which she packed for her honeymoon. Maybe it was a sign she thought. “Okay, we have to get down by that back window, go to my home, get my passport. Yes, plan. Change into something comfortable and hurry up. Lets go” her best friend said. Both changed into their pyjamas and got down the window with one suitcase with both their clothes. “Wait , let's throw out our sim cards and put our phones on airplane mode” her best friend told her. “ I love you and owe you so much” she told her best friend and did as her friend told her. “Yeah next time tell me a day before and you have the same promise to keep” her best friend smiled and they left.

    They reached the airport . Sorry mom she thought to herself. “ Okay where will we stay??” she asked her best friend. “I don’t know why i did this but i called my friend in New york and told her about our promise yesterday. Before throwing out my card I texted her our plan and she will pick us up. We can be roommates with her” her best friend told her. “You are the best. We will go there, find a job and have fun. Yayy!!” she mused.


    “What are you two Idiots laughing at? ” asked their 3rd roommate, looking at two people laughing. “It’s been 2 years since I boycotted my wedding,” she said to her 3rd roommate, who caught up and started laughing with them. “ Well, Happy boycotted wedding anniversary,” her best friend told her and raised her cup. The three sat in the kitchen laughing and telling the same story.

    Still the best decision she made….


  • lazycat 18w

    #storytime #poemwithplot

    "A Sheep in Wolf's clothing" (part 1)

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    A Sheep in Wolf's clothing

    They think that I'm fearless,
    That I'm always at my best.
    Fighting here and there.
    Wounded but it's much better

    I feel numb all over my body,
    I can't speak what's happening to me?
    The wound is too deep, I couldn't breathe
    And then the moon that I couldn't reach,

    Comforts me and pull me in to deep sleep.

  • theessence_ 19w


    Ollie was different.

    Ollie was five, with huge rather haunting eyes.
    Within his irises were lavender waves eternally clashing with a spectrum of amber.
    His hair; fiery and ruffled was a deep shade of ginger.

    He had no friends. Save for the moon.
    Ollie always was fascinated by the strange ball of silver.
    It always called out to him; drawing tears out of his sclera.

    Ollie always whispered in his sleep,
    Under the glimmer of the moonlight.
    He would always weep with fright;
    "Don't opin tha door, mama. Don't opin the door.. "

    Mama was always watching intently from his side.
    Fear creeping up her spine.
    What a Queer child, she'd decide.
    But she was running out of time.

    Saturday was uneventful.
    Ollie sat still by the window as usual, mute as a fox.
    His haunting gaze on the door.
    Eyes on the budging locks,
    Then on mama who swept the floor.
    "Don't open the door, mama. Don't open the door"

    Mama froze, her eyes on her queer son whom she loved.

    There was a knock.

    Ollie sobbed.
    "don't open the door, mama"
    Mama furrowed her brows, uncertain.
    "Rosalyn. It's me, Armando"
    Mama was in glee! Her husband!
    She bolted towards the door, ignoring Ollie.
    "Don't open the door, mama" he cried monotonously.

    But, mama didn't listen.
    She unlocked the door, and gasped at the sight before her.

    A headless horseman.

    A noose tightened around mama's neck and before a shriek could escape her throat,
    her head flew across the room; blood splattering on them both.

    Ollie's shriek rang instead as he stared at mama's head.

    The glasses shattered, the wooden utensils clattered.

    A voice reverbated from the chest of the horsemans latter;