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  • zephyrus_ 12w

    I was at the brink of death,
    But I was mercilessly brought back to life.
    They've made me inhuman just to preserve me,
    And my soul is brimming with strife.

    I'm no more than half a man,
    No more than a corpse drawing breath.
    My heart is beating and well,
    But my mind is far beyond the point of death...

  • aasheegarg_ 12w

    Life is not so easy ... n ya not everyone's cup of tea ... that's why some face it being stronger ... while some leave this world for small issues...

    Dedicated to all the students facing boards this year or all those going through tough phases in life ��... be strong n face it!!!
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    You've got just one life..
    Either make it rife,
    Or fill it with strife...
    Worst is to kill it with knife...

  • zephyrus_ 14w


    Surrounded by strife and hatred,
    My life is no more mine, and love is no more sacred.
    I shed tears and blood for a time that may never come;
    My soul is seeping out of my being, leaving me empty and numb.
    I'm being devoured bit by bit,
    And the fires of my funeral shall soon be lit.
    I fall from darkness into an abyss unknown,
    Hated by all, and cursed to be alone.
    I call out to Death, hoping she'll free me from the pain,
    But I have been shunned, and shunned I shall remain...


  • princessesierra 15w

    Low Rise

    Soft skills giving way
    Like floorboards dyed in mold
    A step forward to sink
    Knee deep into soft betrayal


  • m0s4ic 15w


    The folly of my heart
    Beats as though a drum unseen
    Pulling me ever away on a winter's breeze
    The grass rides on the tide of wind
    As my love grace's the air sublime

    Forsaken the center of my mischievous way
    Cast and forgotten as my mind sways
    Loved and adored at full attentions peak
    Till out of sight and forgotten
    When my desire creeps

    Imperfect and flawed
    My focus on thee
    Focused and drawn to the heartbeat of we
    The folly of my heart
    Beats as a drum unseen
    Pulling me ever over
    Last winter's breeze

  • medic007 20w

    The King & The Horse

    From the depths of the void, leaps the light
    From the light , the shadow is cast
    To spite cursed bright
    And at last
    The die is cast
    The stage is set
    Choices align as the moments passed
    All around people have made bets
    The moment of decision
    Equinox, but from here hence
    Whose vision
    Waxes, whose wanes on the reins
    For truly what is the divide  
    Between the king and his horse
    Why do some control and others stand aside
    What decides who sets the course
    Between titans of equal form and force
    Of which even ability cannot divine
    The source
    Equinox, the world in twine
    Is the darkness that men hold
    The hate, the fury, the darker shade
    That make them so bold
    Regardless, of the toll to be paid
    Or the light and love
    the drive to creation
    The will to legacy even in the smallest dove
    That does surpass the pyres of cremation
    Equinox, equity of night and day
    That iota of symmetry in the strife
    For who are kings to say
    The will and way of life
    Yet they do and the horses follow along
    Growing strong carrying their kings
    So who knows how long
    Till for our kings the mourning bells ring
    Yet the cycle remains unbroken
    For now there is only a new head for the crown
    And the horses are thrown an apple as token
    To calm down
    And carry another king
    And still we do not learn
    Only instinct seperates the horse and king
    The will to yearn
    For destruction so that creation may begin
    Equinox, a delicate sonata
    Of virtue and sin
    Of beauty and stigmata
    Which is which is no longer known
    In the minds of men
    And on their lips mindlessly intone
    Talk of coming darkness or great prosperity
    Only the instinct of horses and kings
    Both slaves, differing only in the comfort of their chains
    Ignorant that the pendulum swings
    Both ways, the true masters reigns
    Instinct, innate drive
    The will the change
    To fight with pens and knives
    Or stagnant In fates others arranged
    Unable to see man's seasonality
    They apply excess or insufficient force
    Too much moralizing or mortality
    To correct the course of the king and the horse
    By choosing a third way
    Equinox, acceptance of death
    And decay
    Equinox, to understand life's first breath
    Foreshadows its last
    That man could see the breath
    Of his own nature and his past
    And ascertain the dance of life and death
    Hate and love versus ignorance and apathy
    Emotion versus passivity
    And see equanimity
    The Equinox's reflection in humanity waiting to see
    If these horses and kings
    Can learn the lesson of the sun and moon
    Or if instinct, will forever sing
    It's siren tune of doom
    For it only appears that darkness rises and the light falls
    In the celestial plane a thousand stars piece together the exclamation
    A thousand joyous voices make the proclamation

  • vinimundra 21w

    The Black Phase

    Tears are now a part of my life,
    Every happy story turning into a strife!
    My heart has gone weak,
    Loneliness building up in a streak!

    The whole world has fallen down,
    I look upto it in a frown,
    Wearing the detached crown,
    Looking at my life all brown!

    The saga of love has ended for me,
    Nothing to offer in my soul to see!

    Curling itno a ball,
    Risen to a deep fall,
    Response to the god's call,
    Step by step I ought to crawl!

    With no one by my side,
    Sulking in the low tide,
    All the open ways tried,
    In the end, I always cried!

    Life was all colourful,
    Slaying the word beautiful!
    Then came the black phase,
    Bringing agony and pain in my face!


  • medic007 22w

    Scion of Ultor, Mars

    I am one with the warrior inside
    My dominance cannot be denied
    Once I was brought lo
    My blood smearing the whitest snow

    And as I heard the snow cackle and crackle
    I let loose my shackles
    Becoming one with the fire inside
    Recognizing my darker side

    Seeing through their lies
    Divining demise
    The Sable shade mixing with the light in my soul
    As something new grabbed hold

    Hear my song
    Hear my right and my wrong
    All those who have been crushed
    Trampled into the dust

    Wallow no longer
    Take my hand and become stronger
    No longer take their blows
    For every man from defeat hath rose

    Has grown their thorns
    Show them your scorn
    An Edelweiss
    atop the unforgiving height

    Above their Pettiness and spite
    Held forever in the loving arms of night
    Look up to the curtain of stars
    Beloved son of mars

    Take Ultor's spear
    Make peace with me here
    Come reckon with your soul
    Who do u want to be when you grow old

    Shall you stay in the dirt or challenge the sun
    The shadows of fire in your eyes tells me I have already won
    Feel purpose bringing power
    No longer wallow in your dower

    But Rise and make thyself a new rendition
    Embrace your ambition
    Become all of thee
    Embrace your own majesty

    For ONCE in your life know pride
    Refuse to be denied
    Hear thy soul howl
    At the fates foul

    Become the predator no longer the prey
    An all consuming fire in the fray
    dire Wolves, dread wolves on the hunt
    Sons of Mars storming all fronts

    As loves labors are WON
    No longer shall you "patiently wait"
    But charge towards the rising sun
    In spite of all their hate
    Sing retribution, restitution, RESOLUTION

    as we stand atop the mountains of man
    Defying times sifting sand
    Broken ones
    Reborn as sons, of a blood red sun
    Never to be undone

    Sons of Mars
    Breakers of all chains, all bars
    Set up your spears
    For all the years I have loved you here

    And I shall give you an empire
    For your eyes an eternal beacon, a pyre
    On which the sun never falls
    And where the only darkness that may grace these halls

    Is restful sleep
    Comforting and deep
    That holds you graciously
    And you will not need to see

    For you will already know
    My voice that will help you sow
    Blessed peace
    Where all your pain shall cease

    All you must do is stand
    Act like a man and demand
    Your birthright your place
    refusing your sickly state

    And This pathetic form
    In which I find you, that deserves only scorn,     shall be washed away in the storm
    Giving birth to my, each and every son, and like an arrow shot true
    Will show you the heart of you

    Noble and true,
    The Edelweiss, untouched even by the morning dew
    Such is its power
    As master of its will and way, it's every hour

    For each shall only know pain as the blood left by lesser men upon its petals
    A strange form of dew which settles
    So beautifully on its trappings
    Upon it's wrappings

    That it has ever since
    Dressed itself up in red
    To warn the quick and the dead
    That it is one with the warrior inside
    Lethal grace which cannot be denied

    Dancing where it was once brought lo
    And beginning to sow
    Atop it's darkest day
    A Garden for all its children to stay

    So are my glorious sons of mars
    Whose petals reach for the stars
    And beneath their shade
    A small piece of paradise is made

  • stoic1317 25w


    Ignoring the casted shadows of sundial
    showed no mercy with those gauntlets
    rusted along with the cuisses
    Ignoring the morality and virtue of words
    Showed no humanity beneath the cuirass
    tarnished along with the gorgets
    Ignoring the mountains of dust
    Showed no heaviness of guilt on spaulders
    verdigrised along with those greaves
    Covering those insightful eyes in sallet and bevor ...
    slaughtered mercilessly,
    sacred was the blood,
    decayed along with thier gambesons

  • heavenly_broadcast 29w

    Love shines bright

    Without the

    Appendage of strife.


  • monarchicalwritings 29w

    Tame the Rain

    Storms will come, the storms in life,
    those of trouble, risk and terror,
    those of sadness, loss and pain.
    Rise and march against the strife;
    try against the fear of error.
    Rise above, and tame the rain.

  • danniswords 29w

    Break me

    I absorb your strife in everyway.
    I made myself a stepping stone,
    Just so that you would stay.
    But you see how you see,
    You take what you believe,
    But underneath your anger,
    Is sadnes,
    That wants to blame me.
    We see two sides
    Despite what they believe.
    "My insight of you is ugly",
    He spills,
    His judgements are his beliefs.


  • kaysalisutitilola 33w

    Caged Humanity

    Men caged in the mystery of life,
    running helter-skelter that they might survive.
    Single day with sumless strife,
    trying all they could to get out of the trap.

    The loop holes are hidden from the eyes.
    The escape route lies somewhere blank.
    Men keep running over and over
    often returning to where they started.

    Nevertheless, among the rest,
    few people are getting out of the net.
    People who keeps looking for the best
    and could see the light through the darkness.

    Kay Salisu Titilola

  • messylifesleekhair 36w

    Dont let me go

    All the words inside
    Screaming to find their way by your side
    I was too broken, when you found me
    I took it for a sign
    You tried to lift me up, oh, the time was so fine
    I felt like i could breathe again, lift the entire sky
    Didnt feel that in such a long time
    But the parts were still broken inside

    You shone like a mirror, so much like myself, that i thought you too were mine.
    You said my love was pure, that it deserved so much more
    Little did u know,
    Similar were the words in the mirror this side, locked away,
    To save you from the broken pieces in mine
    For i hailed from a darker place faced a darker time
    Would never let its shadow touch you even for a little while

    Its like a war in me
    Some fine days, I wish to keep you forever
    For you bring out the best in me
    But I never felt more selfish than ever
    To want to keep you forever
    Some dark nights, I want you to leave me
    For you are too close to my heart
    to be bruised by me and my broken parts,
    so leave me and return never

    Yet I wish every night, you could hear my strife.
    I dont know how to keep you close,
    However hard i try, and it kills me alive.
    But my mind always tells me to keep you safe from my demons inside.

    I know not what love is,
    I always wish if i could ever call you mine
    But it keeps me trying to save you my love,
    From the battles and the mess of my life.
    Its gonna hurt me forever to watch you go,
    For I could never want you to be a part of my ugly strife
    And all the broken pieces inside
    Still silently deep within
    I wish you could listen to the different voice of mine,
    still whispering
    Dont let me go, keep till the end of time.


  • avika_amby 43w

    One day I shall be me

    Wrapped in a flannel,down through the tunnel,
    I could barely see when I watched the world go by,
    The tough held me close,yet the grasp becomes weaker by and by,
    Of my own will,my whim and wish I whisper,
    To the terrible tyranny that I witness at each turn as the road becomes steeper.
    Why must this road be the one they put me on?
    How may I shine through the mask,
    that I have come to don?

    There will be an endearing sense of wallowing that I will shatter through,
    This crystal that surrounds me will not see me through,
    The delicate and the mild mind must wander far now,
    Only then, shall it find the woman inside me,
    It's never too late though.

    One day, I shall be me,
    And the grass will,about me,be green,
    One day, there will be joy in the eyes of the girl who looks back at me,
    One day, I shall find the reason of my breath,
    One day, there shall be an eternal life beyond this facade of dramatic death.

  • katnipssc 46w

    I'm high.

    I'm high,
    On memories.
    On life.
    On dreams.
    On my strife.
    They said ,you won't, so I will.
    I'll make my own destiny,and fulfill.

  • inaffinity 48w

    Melodies Of Rhyme

    Melodies of rhyme
    Have no place in song,
    But with time-
    When words are short
    And meanings long-
    We escape a life
    And this defenseless fort;
    Less demeaning to strife,
    And more love in the world.


  • jv_thorns 49w

    I really love this poem. I hope you guys like it!

    #poem #poetry #freedom #strife #ocean #sea #waves #trapped #adventure #travel #happiness

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    Wash it all away
    The life I'm trapped in
    The walls I live behind
    I want to run away
    Away from all this strife
    So, I beg of you
    Feed me to the sea
    Feed me to the waves
    And unlock the chains
    Let it wash everything away
    I'll find my freedom with the tide
    And one day I might come back
    But don't count on it
    Because here,
    I've found where I want to be

  • poietes 50w

    "Don't let your life evaporate...
    with a stroke of a pen"


  • ic97531 107w


    You say my hands are perfectly smooth
    Just that of an infant's so soft
    You caressed and felt how pretty they are
    Upon gazing upon the stars in the night sky
    You ignored the darkness and dazzled on it
    None knows of how much blood pumps through these veins that are choked
    Just like the numbing cold of winter
    These non-mechanical parts grow senseless
    None can see of how weary they are
    For its nature cannot reveal it yet