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  • deactivate_user 30w

    String Theory Is How
    Nature Says
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  • mr_edify 63w

    Hey... You...

    I am not what you think....

    I am beyond your imagination...


  • theblueplanet 75w


    Image courtesy to the Rightful owner

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    When the Strings of the Universe Vibrate,
    Harmony of Life Originates..


  • purple_river 81w

    String Theory

    Brilliant minds that never stop questioning
    Set out to find the theory of everything
    They made infinite leaps, covered all the basics
    This world finally made sense with the laws of physics
    But then they see beyond the atoms and molecules
    How were they supposed to study these elemental particles?
    The quantum realm was slipping out of hands
    Could we comprehend higher dimensions with puny 3D brains?
    But then artistic minds display the geometry of space
    A magnificent theory of strings and the multiverse
    The reality as we know it can branch out indefinitely
    Look, how far we've come from the theory of relativity!
    This beautiful world lives through every consequence
    Fiction and magic might just be advanced science!
    I wish my hungry mind could know more,
    Human relationships will fascinate me evermore
    What if the chaos makes way for blissful coherence?
    We'll rise over petty conflicts for universal conscience,
    Someone, someday will decode the meaning of existence
    Then maybe we could beat suffering and rejoice the human experience!

  • mmbftd 101w

    We are

    We are
    A dying constellation
    A conglomeration
    Of speckled eggs
    Freckled beauty
    And terror
    We are a spinning world
    Flat or round
    Anchored to stars
    The further we go
    We are lost
    With wide child eyes
    And narrowed angry brows
    We cry to each other
    Strangers shattered in space
    Spread out
    Too far to taste
    Or touch each other
    We are constellations
    Of conscience
    Spinning wildly
    Arms spread out
    Rotations of abandon
    We are standing still
    Awaiting a word
    Or phrase
    Uttered in the right moment
    And moments are all
    Coinciding simultaneously
    Time having motion
    Yet not linearly as we have been taught to interpret it
    My memories
    With me now
    As I spit words onto the page
    Staining the white
    With deep black feathering ink
    Black like the void
    That cannot exist
    We are too much
    We are everywhere
    We have saturated this place
    There is no void
    Only waves
    Coming and going
    Over us, under us, through us
    Cymatics, synopses
    Feel everything
    But we are numbing and dumbing ourselves
    Endings are burnt
    Fried receptors
    No longer capable
    Of connecting
    I long for the fusion
    The calamity
    The explosion
    The mating
    The joining
    The punctuation
    To end the moments
    And I'm lost
    Just like you
    Cerebral, vertebrae
    Traveling down
    There are creaks and pops and snapping sounds
    The connectors
    Are degrading
    Time is coming around again
    I'm reverting
    To that wide eyed child
    She's been here all along
    With a rag in her mouth
    To drown out her sounds
    Listen as she speaks
    It's important now
    We are a dying constellation
    Of programmed
    And I intend
    To make good
    On my original intent
    Here is my tiny hand
    Take it.

  • dywiann_xyara 116w

    The String Theorist

    Your hypothesis is nice,
    my dear,
    but it can’t be validated in any way
    for it’s all far too theoretical.

    You leave no place
    for experiments,
    rather you wrap yourself
    in analogies and terms of logic.

    Please tell me,
    is this science
    or rather pure

    You seek for understanding
    by what the world
    is held together
    in its innermost.

    Your hypothesis
    is indeed nice,
    even elegant, makes sense somehow,
    but deep down?

    You can’t describe anything exactly,
    but maybe
    that’s our world;
    just a universe of analogies...

  • mmbftd 126w

    I should have learned

    I should have learned
    To read the night sky
    Messaging me
    Through the velvet blue
    Orion burning on
    Three times you let me see
    That Virgo
    Bent and needing rescue.
    And those that came before us
    Knew so much more
    A multitude of burning discs
    Shining on in cymatics
    Vibrating with creation
    Eminating epiphanies
    Straight at us
    Yet we do not see
    We do not even
    Raise our self centered heads to the sky
    The abyss filled with light and sounds
    So many questions
    Already answered.
    We are them and they are us
    Points of light and song
    If we are anything at all.
    Astrologically speaking
    There is so much more to see
    Yet the ancients saw it all
    Mapped it out
    To show us their significance
    And we look down on them
    As they looked up
    To see their inception
    Their song of birth
    Billions and billions and billions of worlds and more
    Like Carl said
    He wasn't wrong.
    And I look up
    At those mystical 3
    Orion's belt has always
    Mystified me
    It beckoned and tempted and enticed my soul
    Like a carrot on a stick
    Who is it calling to me from there?
    Across time's flat circle
    That spiral round and round and then here we are right next to each other all along
    A string of quantum theories
    Played like a symphony
    And I think its just me up there on that burning fire belt of frequencies
    I think I'm calling to myself to see
    That we are all unique points of light and music
    One and the same.
    And we've been here and there and everywhere
    At all moments
    Its comforting to know
    I'd still take the time to say hello
    To myself from so far and yet so close.
    Maybe I'll take some time
    To learn to read our night sky.


  • mmbftd 131w

    Yellow Sun

    I saw a yellow sun recently
    It made everything glow
    So beautifully
    All the colors of life
    Clear and vibrant
    Of the emotions they made me feel.
    I was so surprised by this yellow sun
    Because it had been so long
    Since I had seen one
    The searing white hot light
    That pulsed and beamed
    And burnt my flesh
    Had become the norm
    The trails smeared by jets
    That covered this white sun
    Was our normal now
    But when I saw the yellow sun
    It brought a comfort and calm
    One I had forgotten
    From my childhood
    Before things had turned to
    Screaming and struggles
    When it was just me
    Surrounded by my little friends
    As we dove into my pool
    Over and over again
    Smelling wonderfully
    Of chlorine and Coppertone
    We stayed in too long
    Until our fingertips were
    Who were we now?
    We floated together in the center of the innertube
    And watched the ripples of light travel back and forth across each other
    Glowing on the bottom of the pool
    And I think I realized then
    But forgot along the way
    That time is not linear
    But all around us in every way
    Every direction all at once
    Like those sunlit patterns on the floor of the pool
    Always crossing over each other
    And then receding
    And pushing right through-
    Like tides but clearer to see.
    As I floated there with my little friend
    Back to back
    our tiny spines touching
    Yellow sun drying
    and nurturing us at the same time
    As the nylon of my bathing suit
    Clung to my freckled skin
    And the breeze cooled me just enough to not realize that I was sunburning
    And oh!
    what I wouldn't give for a yellow-sun-sunburn now!
    To fill me up with that good
    This white hot imposter
    Leaves only anxiety and depression
    It makes me the crazy one
    As no one else seems to notice this strange new sky
    But this...
    This is NOT
    my childhood sky.


  • dewangan_akesh 133w

    According to Quantum Field Theory: There is no creater (GOD)

    According to Quantum Field Theory vacuum energy leads to oscillation into a confined system in a vacuum state that means laws of nature tells us something can come up from nothing. So why do we need GOD even big bang don't need him

  • shubhamwritinglife 139w

    The space time fabric gets folded by gravity, the gravitational waves proved it.

    If string theory is true. The idea of astrology and planets affecting our lives doesn't seem too bizarre.

    If there are really 10 dimensions around us, no matter how tiny and if their is a vibrating string inside the quarks which are inside the electrons protons neutrons which is again inside the atoms.

    Is there a way we can access those dimensions through meditation and yog?

    Are the four types of intelligence buddhi, ahankara, manas and chitta in a way diffent manifestations of these dimensions?
    Because thoughts do not exist in any of the dimensions we can se, neither the feelings can, nor our experiences.
    Can achieving complete consciousness mean that we can communicate with every energy string of every atom in the universe? Can we control every atom anywhere if we become completely conscious or is it the other way round where each and every atom is controlling us. What if the entire cosmos has a certain level of consciousness? Maybe the soul or aatma that we talk about in sanatana dharma which joins the ultimate soul or parmatma after our death is the interaction between our consciousness and that of the cosmos. These are some fascinating questions what will be answered one day.


  • shivom 166w

    Mysterious eyes

    Your eyes are quite similar to string theory.....
    As this theory raises some undefined theories like anti matter,dark Matter,extra dimensions etc just like that
    Your eyes does the same
    One can predict various citations with great efficacy from your eyes
    Every time I look into them they create a kerfuffle in my heart
    You've got most amazingly perfect, exceptionally beautiful eyes and
    That's not the joke of millenium
    ( Its an axiom )
    Your eyes perfectly reflects your-----
    Unflagging optimism which resides there always,
    The kindness of your soul,
    Your inevitable passion,
    And most importantly
    The depth of your empathy...
    Everything is reflecting through the beauty of your eyes in a mysterious way
    Although I always say to myself I've no extra desires left but I've only one desire that---
    I want to become that glare which comes in your eyes when you think of me and smile like an idiot.....
    And in your smile.....

  • this_is_not_your_story 179w

    who else love the idea of parallel universe?.,. #stringtheory

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