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  • saudade_soul 4w

    Special strangers

    Wₕₑₙ ₐ ₚᵣₒₘᵢₛₑ ₜᵤᵣₙₛ ᵢₙₜₒ ₐ ₛₒᵣᵣy
    ₐₙd ₛₒᵣᵣy ₜᵤᵣₙₛ ᵢₙₜₒ Gₒₒd₋byₑₛ
    ₜₕₑₙ Gₒₒd₋byₑₛ ₗₑₐdₛ yₒᵤ ₜₒ bₑcₒₘₑ ₛₜᵣₐₙgₑᵣₛ
    ₛₜᵣₐₙgₑᵣₛ wᵢₜₕ ₘₑₘₒᵣᵢₑₛ


  • niyatiagrawal 6w

    Each and every person on this earth have one or the other problem but that doesn't mean you stop dreaming
    One must have certain goals in their lives. If you keep striving towards those goals, one day you'll be able to achieve it just as the stretched land meets the golden sky
    Throughout these difficult time, all you need to do is to keep the calm and patience and the day you'll meet your goal, you'll shine just as the horizon

    #horizon #treacherousland #striving #spirit #nature #barren landing #fable #ambition #golden sky
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words

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    The stretched land encrusted with sand
    Unfold the barren land into an eye-catching band
    The distressed land immersing into the golden sky
    Has made me awestruck at the horizon nearby

    The treacherous land seeking for a life
    Had been battered through every dawn and dusks
    The aloofness gradually swallowed its existence
    Yet it kept striving to kiss a sun one day in a far- flung distance

    The silence in the air and the patience in the mind
    Retained the high spirit in the distressed land
    Tirelessly kept stretching the barren land to the golden band
    Delighted by the beauty of the horizon
    Which kept the land brighten

  • flames_ 6w

    #striving not to be perfect

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    Fear and mistakes

    Donot fear of doing mistakes.
    Do mistakes but learn.

  • pru0001 10w


    In this transience,
    Striving for constancy..

  • arfi_h 23w

    Flawed Wings

    Transcending my boundaries,
    Accepting my flaws;
    What I am already you can't alter it for sure.
    My flaws are my companion.
    So I can't incline towards your opinion.
    Let it remain with you...
    And let me fly with my flawed wings as high as I can go...


  • exiled_phoenix 44w

    ThE SuCcOuR

    If to mend the bond one needs to toil,
    then to fend off the behemoth within,
    one needs to passively recoil for the battle to win.

    Whether to heal a scar, it has to dim,
    then in order to proliferate, all it requires is a gleam of hope within.

    If to tame the feral, one only needs to ease,
    then to advance into the advent, one needs the irrelevance to cease.

    If in order to transcend, all it takes is to let go of the surroundings,
    then certainly a boulder determined enough to stay, can delineate a storm-tossed river into two serene streams.

    As everything is veiled by a sheath,
    it is recommended to consume as much as one can eat.

  • ahappygirlwrites 56w

    You are blossoming in the environment, you never thought you could survive.
    You are winning battles, you never thought you could fight.
    Life isn't easy, but you are doing your best.

  • rishiwriter 58w

    #fallen mode
    Abounded by failure.
    But still does not lose.

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    The period of depression is only the notification for the period of succession only if you overcome!


  • loftydreams101 74w

    Black September

    Farewell, black September
    To your venomous sprawl
    To the sands eroding
    Wherever I roam

    To your sweltering bog of disasters
    To the blood-letting swarms
    Buzzing in your white smoke

    Goodnight black September
    Your infamy will roll
    And rambled unchallenged
    To the fringes of time

    © William Wright, Jr. 2019

  • mrgrey 94w


    To be a great man for me,
    To cherish you for me,
    To be humble for me,
    To be loving for me,
    To be honest for me,
    To make sacrifices for me,
    To see love in you for me,
    To put lust below for me,
    To have integrity for me,
    To have compassion for me,
    To have self control for me,
    To have love me for me
    To have it all shine on us,
    To have self love and respect,
    is to let it shine on the one you love,
    Striving for perfection 24-7- 365

  • blanche237 94w

    In this ocean of friendship,
    I pray for strength cause sometimes,
    The waves hit really hard.

  • the_disaster_of_a_poet 95w

    Does anyone really know
    Who they are
    Are we supposed to know
    When Adulthood hit
    Worse you've been caged
    All your childhood
    Trust was weary
    Love was favouritism
    Goals were for the Princess with most words
    Talents were for guys with balls and words
    Not for the deaf or the motherless
    It's hurtful
    How in life People choose the covers
    And Trash the deep thinkers
    It didn't matter the little you
    Your never gonna be the ones they like
    Always the striving to make them happy
    While tears filled and drown your propriety
    Grins and Masks they will always choose

  • selann 97w

    My soul is tired of striving with all that is flesh
    Other souls believing that they are gods
    I tire of other created beings like myself
    Who has long forgotten that they are only pilgrims
    Made from dust
    With frames that can be emptied in a moment
    And blown from its place by the East wind.
    Still they long to occupy the place of their creator
    Lost souls, desiring worship
    Wanting praise, begging for a stroke of the ego
    That dares to look down on others...brothers, sisters
    Dust like themselves.
    My soul is tired of their striving
    My soul is distressed within me
    My soul is pained

  • uniquegenome 97w

    Settle Down?!?

    The whole concept of 'settling down' is misleading. We think we will settle down after finishing our studies (seriously?) maybe after marriage (nope), then we think we might settle down after being successful (doesn't happen), certainly after having kids(do we?), ok after the kids grow up, (absolutely not).
    Life is not meant to settle down, life is meant to struggle, to explore, to wander. to love, to lose, to learn, to unlearn, to fail, to rebel, to live.

    Even our ashes don‘t settle, they fly away in all directions."

  • missgrave 106w

    Striving- Acrostic Poetry

    S orrow once overcame me and I strived to break free
    T he feeling of despair became too hard to bear
    R emembering my past, I hoped my life would not last
    I  felt no sign of relief and craved for inner peace
    V ictoriously I rose up to see the world in front of me
    I n my disbelief I had finally been overwhelmed with relief
    N ow life has just begun and I can finally see the warmth of the sun
    G ratitude overwhelms my heart knowing I have a brand new start


  • azrayousuf 106w


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    A smile that healed me...

    Once upon a time...
    I used to cry on hearing your pain....
    I used to cry when I imagined loosing you....
    I used to cry when you hurt me...
    I used to cry when I missed you....
    But you know what ....
    I cried so badly today when I saw myself in the mirror ....,,,...
    I have lost my smile ...
    I have lost the glow of my face...
    I have lost my laugh....
    I see a broken loser in me....
    I have lost myself in the journey of finding "you"......
    I cried like hell till the edges of sleeves of my sweater got wet...and my head was throbbing with pain....
    No one was around to wipe away my tears...
    I then looked at my own two hands...
    Wiped off my tears myself....
    I hugged myself ....kissed myself in the mirror and said to myself....
    " Darling I m vd uh .......plz take care of yourself .....live for yourself too....you too need healing" and ya remember..
    ..."I love You "...
    Though my heart was still broken ...but my lips had a smile ...a smile which healed me❤.....,.

  • azrayousuf 109w


    What if people could measure the hurt caused by their words......
    I think at least they would choose their weapon wisely....
    I wish people could feel the wreck their words cause......
    So they they could pick up words wisely....
    I wish a machine could calculate weight of their words.....
    For at least they would get the idea how I carry those....
    Wish to put these people in my shoes to make them feel how much pain that oozing blood causes...
    I wish words were a person so that they could see the real person in them hiding knives and whips ...so that they could leave them wounded as well.......
    I wish your words had a mouth to tell how filthy they are .....
    I wish your words had hands so that they could show you how they slap me and make me drink those poisons you gift me.....
    I wish your words had eyes so as they could cry all the hatred you utter....
    At least now you will know how much tolerance I have.....and how I m a fighter...
    For you think you are a winner ....
    And you think your words made you a winner....
    O you silly chaps .....
    These are my words so kind and faithful to me ...who don't fight with you .....for they will come out one day just to say "CHECKMATE".....

  • vallikannu_thendral 111w


    Life teaches us lot of lessons
    The best betrayal lesson,
    The best friendship lesson,
    The best love lesson
    And sooo..
    Into all these lessons
    I felt my life is a good lesson
    In middle of struggles and goals
    Strucked somewhere between...
    Learning to climb up
    With the same hope of best life...

  • the_humble_scribbler_reminders 112w


    No dream is unrealistic
    No effort is beyond measure
    No talent deserves to go unnoticed

  • fatima_aslam 117w

    I am jealous. I am jealous of the artists. I am jealous of the painters. I am jealous of the sculptures and the poets. I am jealous of the writers. I am jealous of the lawyers, of the doctors, of the teachers and the bakers. I am jealous of all those who have their calling in life. I envy the singers and dancers, the actors and the comedians. I am irrevocably jealous of those passionate about their day jobs. I am beyond jealous. I am envious of their peace of mind, of how talent flows through their veins and on to the art form they love. I am envious of how they have found the purpose of their life but i still look for mine in vain. I watch in awe of how they transform the world for those of us who wait. I am jealous, but i am also extremely grateful, for how they change the world around us and make a difference. For if it weren't for all these people to add color to life, we would all have no motivation to find our calling. Because, only when you found your calling, does life become passionate.
    Here's to them and to those like me who wait. May everyone find their purpose in life.

    By unknown writer

    P.S: read it somewhere on facebook and it was so relatable that i couldn't resist myself sharing.

    #pod #jealousy #mirakke #writers #newhere #followme #striving #life #passion
    @writersnetwork @mirakke @mirakkeworld @readwriteunite

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