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  • hawaii 3d

    Inside Voice

    I look at my watch for the time
    It's seven past nine
    there's a war going on in my mind
    I'm in need of a bottle of wine
    still searching for the right rhyme
    in the middle of the night
    rain is pouring heavily outside
    I just need to confide
    cause I can't hide
    I'm on a perilous ride
    and I can't help it
    can't put a cap on it
    constantly under the heat
    can't control my heart beat
    I'm shaking with hands and feet
    keep biting my teeth
    and clenching both my fists
    looking at the empty grids on the paper
    my sweat turning into vapor
    I'm a dying battery in need of a new adapter
    as the ink meets the paper my mind clears
    and the voices go silent in my ear


  • hawaii 4d

    Some Men

    We so wick-ed
    can't wait for the week-end
    to be swimming in the deep-end
    all four locked-hands
    with dried up sweat-glands
    no introduction all satisfaction
    next morning knocking-on-the-door
    kids playing-on-the-floor
    your 0.5 wanting-no-more
    sweating in the kitchen making breakfast
    weeping in her heart with a happy face
    'why is this happe-ning'
    'should I just ask-him'
    'he provides the food and nap-kins'
    'but he's not home after Friday eve-ning'
    she thinks but don't speak
    she's all weak and full of greed
    inside she's sick all week
    the meek don't flick or tick
    so that freak of a prick
    goes out to lick and get licked
    while she picks up the kids
    and cleans their leaks
    Shout out to all you hard working moms out there!
    We love you!


  • ronit_b 1w

    Light fades and darkness glooms that’s when the soul endures the eternal dooms.

  • saikiran52 1w

    Every person has two faces in and out. these faces appear based on the situations faced in our society. every one pretends to be happy outside but inside their is a lot of pain burried deep down the heart. we can manipulate the heart by brain... but deep down the heart itself can't tolerate the pain.


  • rosegardentoash 2w


    Addictions are not a choice but a need for something

    Some people need drugs or a drink

    However, I need a six hour nap a day

    I need a pillow to cry in

    I need to stare off and remember all of my inner pain

    Again, addiction is no choice, it's just something your mind fucked you on

  • jan_balan 2w

    Love promise

    Kneading our heart
    Cramilmizing with wide smile
    Sprinkling some suprise lies
    Dallops of hugs
    Mirnating memories
    The delicious love food
    Entered our life.

  • jan_balan 2w


    We are different.
    We survive
    Witnessing dawn and dusk,
    Pain and suffering.

    We are different.
    We communicate,
    Often fail ignore and
    Disagree around us.

    We are different.
    We share love,
    Cultivate joy, Spread -
    happiness to living things

    We are different.
    Don't we think...
    It's necessary to respect
    The ideology of being different??

    Yes, it's difficult to be grateful. I can get it Try it once. The joy is boundless

  • still_fragile 3w

    Hey. If you are reading this stay strong. Stay alive for me.

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    Life is beautiful,cruel, wounded and in pieces. Sometimes or maybe very often it gets hard, really hard to see the beauty and to ignore the cruelty because you are suddenly ripped into life, and life is pain, suffering and horror. Sometimes I wish life would be as easy as painting on a wall or as dancing in an empty room but it isn't

  • wordsmaze 3w


    Why each has to go through grievance,
    Why each has to fight through the inner demons. #1

    Love, meant to be a remedy,
    A sweet feeling of ecstasy. #2

    Not everyone reach the shore when it comes to love,
    No matter how hard you shove. #3

  • shineegirl97 4w

    No dream is worth suffering for

    Hurt and hurt and hurt
    To further the dream
    Is an excuse
    To not be happy

    To be deluded that
    What we want to do
    What we really want to do
    Should be a thorn filled road

    Because what isn't hard
    Looks unworthy
    What looks smooth
    Is berating yourself

    Why so hard on self?
    An excuse to dream?

    Dreams set you ablaze
    Not burn you to ashes
    Dreams thrill you
    Not bring out the stress

    Dreams paint your life
    Not extract the colors
    Dreams make you run
    Not cripple your abilities

    Follow your precious dreams
    For they keep you alive
    Enjoy the effort you put
    Because in the end,
    that's all really matters

    Live the journey
    It's a one-way road
    But let not yourself suffer
    It's important to stay happy

  • sole_survivor 4w

    Rape: story of demons

    Drowning in lust your eyes treat me as a tool
    Understand me i am not for sympathy you fool
    Burning candles with my soul dying in dark
    Pull me out someone is tearing me apart

    Why me the void needs to fill?
    Answer me silence is not your will
    Time heal my wounded scar
    Pain seal the tragic night so far

    Nightmare dreams with sleepless night
    Soul is terrified where is hope of light
    Demon stab me with knife of hate
    Good is leaving me is it too late

    Rain of falling tear
    My heart in fire of fear
    So much anger i have too bear
    Why your ears not able to hear

  • teokannan 5w


    If you attach your internal happiness to external events, you will always suffer.


  • memosfrommomo 8w

    When we look inside ourselves we rarely like what we see, but it's okay to acknowledge that. The truth is that we are broken. It's like in sci-fi stories where the good scientist made a beautiful invention but an evil scientist who was envious inserted a corrupt chip in the creation, setting off a curse and now it does not function as it should.

    But the good scientist, who loved his creation so much, knew the only way to set his creation free from the curse was to throw himself into the heart of the evil force, and destroy it by being destroyed by it.

    So now the creation is free, but when you look inside, there are still remnants of the corrupt chip, but they are temporary. The scientist's death created a vessel that gives you his own power to fight these remnants. But wait! The plot twist is...he is still alive!

    The good scientist was wiser and stronger than the evil scientist. And he is leading the creation to him, through him. To a place where all the remnants of the corrupt code cannot enter, and the creation will finally be good. Very good.

    So when I am discouraged with myself, I look to Jesus. He is the perfecter and finisher of all we should be, of the goodness of God, the image of God, and He's made us able to walk in His perfect footsteps, no matter what missteps we make. Thank You Jesus.

    #good #evil #scientist #christian #create #bible #suffering #love #hope #ourfuture

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    When I am discouraged looking in,
    I look up.
    Life is more than what we see.
    If there is a door to good news that has not yet been opened, current despair is all you know.
    But when you open that door, everything you know changes.

  • thoughtsofaditya 8w

    I hope this year will ease all the suffering and pain caused by last year.


  • deepflowsoul 8w

    Turn your spotlight toward what you love,
    Allow what you fear and loathe to melt above.
    This is suffering turned into hope.

    Yes, we can do it.

    #true #free #spotlight #allow #melt #above #suffering #hope #loathe #love #above #spirit

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  • angeldisco 8w

    Finding Meaning

    Finding Meaning

    Elizabeth's Story

    Who called you barren?
    I did
    They did
    We all did

    When I got married
    I knew I had hit the jackpot
    A handsome, rich man of standing
    Zechariah the priest
    The world was my oyster
    Only good things would happen to me
    I was young and naive
    He was kind and sweet
    The best of men
    Making me the luckiest woman alive
    Those early years of conflict and bliss
    Joy in every kiss
    Learning to thrive
    Falling in love
    Coming together as a team
    Felt as good as it could get

    10 years went by
    And sorrow was added to the dream
    Every woman I knew who married when I did had kids by now
    Here I stood alone
    Having everything in the world but the one thing I longed for
    A child

    Zechariah and I clung to the Lord
    With each monthly disappointment
    Sometimes a little less frequent but more agonizing
    I would feel my body change
    A few months would go by
    Only to end in a flood of tears and loss
    Every sound of a baby crying tore through my gut
    Each time a child laughed inside I wept

    And the questions became more intense
    When are you and Zechariah going to have children?
    Maybe you should see the doctor
    Have you done something to anger God?
    Did you disrespect your husband?
    Remember David and Michal
    Keep respectful
    It could yet happen

    I watched in pain as Zechariah was blocked from the Sanhedrin
    And others questioned him
    He was not fulfilling his duty to be fruitful and multiply
    And in their eyes he was disqualified

    And me?
    I was raised to believe
    That motherhood was meant to be my identity
    Wasn't that the definition of a woman?
    The foundation of my social standing?
    I felt like a second-class citizen

    We went through treatment after treatment
    And it felt God stood by silent
    As I felt the stares and the judgments
    Old friends withdrew
    Helpless in face of our torment
    Or frustrated at our lack of repentance from some unnamed sin
    We were so desperate we even called the exorcists
    Anything to fix this
    But nothing worked

    Zechariah and I remained faithful
    Prayed nightly
    I copied scriptures all over our home
    Clung to them tightly
    Stories of Sarah and Hannah
    The beautiful passage in Isaiah
    "Sing O barren woman
    Burst into song
    For more are the children of the desolate woman
    Than of her who has a husband"
    I pondered, I meditated
    Faith blurred into desperation
    Zechariah joined me and encouraged me
    Our love for God and each other
    Became our everything

    Eventually hope became excruciating

    Decades passed
    One day awakened by hot flashes
    Grief revived afresh
    Searing pain through my heart
    The death of a dream
    This was it
    The end of our journey

    Our tears had dried
    Replaced by overwhelming numbness
    We let go
    Pouring our energy into efforts
    To bless all we saw in pain
    Animal or human it made no difference
    We embraced the life we had
    Even though it wasn't what we wanted

    And then ...
    Zechariah was chosen
    It was his turn
    We had felt the stirring of excitement
    This once in a lifetime event
    My husband would meet with God
    At the risk of his life
    And all I could do is wait and pray
    Anxiety fused with anticipation
    All I knew for sure was that my life would soon change
    But I had no idea what was coming

    Butterflies stirred wildly inside
    Waiting became unbearable
    I wanted to fast forward time
    My level of panic approached unmanageable
    This was taking too long
    What in the world was going on?

    When he emerged I breathed a sigh of relief
    But then - he couldn't speak!
    The other priests stirred
    He burst through the crowd
    Gesticulating wildly
    But I knew he wanted me

    I approached, unable to see what he held in his hand
    When he showed me, I gasped
    God said it is now time to be pregnant?
    Now that the energy of youth had passed
    And my heart had let go of my dream
    And it suddenly made sense
    That all I had been through was for this
    I wasn't cursed
    There wasn't something wrong with me
    I was taking my place among the chosen
    Ready to protect this gift at any cost, I went into seclusion

    It was too much for anyone to comprehend
    God's choice of me
    So when my cousin Mary arrived
    Another piece fell into place
    She was young and I was old
    I had faced disgrace, the kind she was soon to know
    I had wisdom to impart, love to give
    I carried the Voice that would cry in the wilderness
    And had the privilege to witness
    The arrival of God in the Flesh

    My pain not wasted
    My disgrace turned into glory
    I knelt I'm gratitude
    And thanked God for choosing me.

    Perhaps in this Christmas season
    You have faced pain, disgrace, suffering
    I pray that in the right time,
    God will also show you the meaning
    What you've been through is a badge of honour
    Birthing through you a Voice
    That prepares others
    To experience the Presence of the One
    Who resurrected my womb
    Took away my disgrace
    And will resurrect you too, removing all shame


  • memosfrommomo 9w

    God delights in using the lowest of people
    To show the greatest heights of His glory.


  • deepflowsoul 9w

    Above and Below

    From the perspective of an alien we are one,
    A single species classified under flesh commanding drones.
    Yet to us we are divided and mostly alone even though we belong to the one.
    Sharing poetries about our attackers,
    Suffering, crying, and begging below.

  • sivanu_narah 10w

    Kuch dooriyan majburi ki hoti hain,
    Kuch dooriyan waqt ki hoti hain.
    Kuch dooriyan na cha ke bhi hoti hain,
    Kuch dooriyan marji ki hoti hain.


  • juhiyverma_ 10w

    यादें समेटते अब थक चूकी हूॅ
    तुझे समझ के अब सम्भल चूकी हूॅ
    कुछ ज़ख्म,
    तुझे जी कर भी
    और जीना चाहती हूॅ।



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    यादें समेटते अब थक चूकी हूॅ
    तुझे समझ के अब सम्भल चूकी हूॅ
    कुछ ज़ख्म,
    तुझे जी कर भी
    और जीना चाहती हूॅ।