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    Thoughts about killing yourself and self hurt are very common nowadays. But before trying any of these, give a thought about all those people who have been with you during all your hard times. If you consider yourself alone and lonely, then consider that thought again. The hurt which makes you cause self harm will seem trivial after sometime. I am not at all implying that your pain is nothing. It is. A normal individual will never be able to realize how depression feels. But please hold on to your life.
    Don't end it.

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    When death seems a solution
    Think twice what's left behind
    All the pain finally gone, But
    Those people in your mind.

    Your absence makes them hollow
    They have cried tears of blood
    Your memories and your words
    Wreck in havoc like a flood.

    Can you do that to them
    Shatter them up like glass?
    So when these thoughts come again
    Think again for the lost.

  • jip_cr2em 13w

    In the darkness of night, the lone wolf feels alive.
    Shepherds and their sheep know they must hide. He creeps through bushes, crouched down sly.
    Only the moonlight will give away his hide.

    The sheep know that there's something near, they signal to shepherd that they sense fear.
    So in the early dawn of mist, the farmer looks with gun and dog to help assist.

    As they make their way through the land and the creaky woods, a figure before them masked in a hood.
    Both frozen in a feeling of sudden regret, screams from the home the lone wolf made his attack.
    @jip_cr2em 2020

    Take what you will from what I write, because I'm only one survivor not giving up the fight.

  • khyraaaron 14w

    A smile is my cover.
    Do you like my jokes?
    I've fooled you?

    Humour hides my suffering.
    You should ask questions,
    'Are you okay?'

    The day has come. I quit life.
    Did you really care?
    Don't pretend!

    If only you had listened.
    Like, really listened!
    I'd still breathe.


  • __sni_pan__ 18w

    मुझे नहीं पता
    वो कैसा दर्द होगा
    जिसमें तुम ज़िंदगी से हारे होगे दोस्त
    वो कौन सा ग़म होगा
    जिसमें तुमने कहा होगा,
    बस, अब और नहीं
    मैं तुम्हे नहीं जानती,
    पर मैं जानती हूं, निराशा को

    मैं जानती हूं दर्द को
    पहचानती हूं उसकी कटीली तासीर
    मैंने कई बार उसपे
    अपना कलेजा-चाक किया है

    मैं पहचानती हूं घुटन को
    उसकी सीलन भरी मौजूदगी को
    मैंने अक्सर उसके साथ बैठ,
    दुपहरी को शाम किया है

    मैंने जानती हूं बेबसी को
    और अपने आप से चल रहे महायुद्ध को
    जिसमें मैंने अपने-आप पे सैकड़ों वार कर
    ख़ुद को ही लहू-लुहान किया है

    पर मैं नहीं जानती वो मनोस्थिति
    जिसमें तुमने उम्मीदों के ऊपर
    बेबसी को चुन लिया दोस्त..

    काश तुम जान पाते कि तुम्हारा जाना
    कितनों को झकझोरता है, तकलीफ़ देता है
    काश तुम जान पाते, तुम्हारे जाने से
    ये दुनिया भी थोड़ी खाली सी हो गई
    कितनी सांसें एक पल को थम गईं
    कितनी आंखें हमेशा के लिए नम हो गईं
    कितने लोगों ने मन में पूछा, आख़िर क्यों..!?

    काश तुम जान पाते...
    काश हम तुम्हे जान पाते..

    — काश (For, those who we lost to depression.)

  • the_village_poet 19w

    Closet Shelf

    Can’t you see what’s really going on?
    Depression is slowly taking me…
    On it’s up and down swing,
    I go along.

    There doesn’t seem to be anything left to do,
    Suicide seems to hold the only key…
    To unlock the door between life and death,
    To close the door between you and me.

    Now, I wish to take my dying breath,
    I’m sorry it will cause you pain and strife…
    But depressing thoughts haunt me everyday,
    So, I need to end this hell on earth called life.

    People say that life will get better,
    Yet it never seems to happen for me…
    I just want you all to leave me alone,
    So I can escape from all of this pain and be free.

    Killing myself feels so right,
    Because I can be free of this life’s heavy load…
    Killing myself I think about every night,
    When I wish my head would just explode.

    With a shot,
    From the gun on the closet shelf…
    Now all I have to do is pull the trigger
    And kill myself.

    Stacey Welsh

    I am not suicidal. However for a good portion of my childhood and teenage years I was due to trauma and abuse. I survived...but if you need to talk to someone that understands I am here.

  • madhusritantry 26w

    My door is always open and my sofa is super comfy. I don't have the most extravagant place, but it's a place of peace and non judgement; any of my friends who need to chat are always welcome anytime. I am never more than a phone call away. It's no good suffering in silence. There is always something in the fridge to drink, if you like coffee I'm sure we can make a pot or two. If you are hungry I will feed you. But if I don't have what you would like, we can go get something, I got you!! You are always welcome and will never be an inconvenience! I'm sure you all already know this but everyone needs reminding that I have an open door policy


  • shadowcloud 27w


    See I'm living with regrets
    Saying I'm getting better when I sink as low as the sea gets
    Now I'm hitting resets
    Every turn I get
    But see I'm hard wired so I cannot forget,
    these presets,
    in my head that want me dead

  • the_village_poet 31w

    One Of Those Stars

    He was one if those stars
    A little out of place
    Not nestled in a popular constellation
    But in his own unique bit of space.

    The light from him was bright
    Like the colors he dyed his hair
    And his star looked so much different
    Like the clothes he chose to wear.

    Tattoos, anarchy, living on the edge
    He skated away into the stratosphere
    Making me miss and love him even more
    Now that he is no longer here.

    Now, he is happy and shining
    Amidst the tall, old trees
    In the middle of Commerce Street
    I walked there with him in a dream.

    So now I remember to love
    To open my mind and to listen
    To the people in my life today
    For their presence tomorrow is not always given.

    Stacey Welsh ☘️

  • the_village_poet 31w


    I wondered...
    How many pieces
    Can a heart
    Be broken into?

    Like a thief,
    Breaks into it,
    Freezes it
    In time.

    Stealing memories,
    As joy
    Seeps out slowly,
    From these open wounds
    In mine.

    Now today,
    I pray
    My heart gets mended,
    Stitched together,
    Made whole again.

    Sweet serenity,
    I beg you,
    Fix my heart,
    Heal the pain I feel
    From losing him.

    Stacey Welsh ☘️

  • spalymo1002 32w


    Sometimes I still have panic attacks.
    Worrying that I am getting too comfortable with what I see as your happiness.
    I dont want to live in fear, that you arent in a good place.
    All I want for you... is to see you smile, and know its real.
    To hear your laughter, and not doubt its hiding pain.
    I want to know that the life I held inside me 17 years ago, the child I raised and nurtured and love so very very much is ok.
    Actually more than ok.
    I want to know you are loving your life.
    The one God gave you, and know that you have a purpose to fullfill.
    I dont want to live in fear of waking up to a world without you.
    I daily...sometimes hourly...give it to God.
    I hope one day we can look back and see just how far God has gotten you, and how far you have come.
    I trust Him with you, with your life.
    In Him we always have hope.
    Even through the panic, through the pain, through the anxiety.
    He is our hope.

  • hobohutt94 34w


    She writes novels on her wrist,
    For every vein she's ever missed..
    Trying to remember where she lost herself.
    A trilogy of pain,
    Signed in her shame
    The world begs for a new release..
    with nothing left to say,
    She picks up the blade,
    They won't listen until its too late.
    Hate scribbled on her skin,
    Her cover has worn thin,
    They just love the way she breaks...

  • morietur 35w


    Isa kang pluma,
    Pluma na nagbibigay saysay sa isang manunulat,
    Manunulat na nagbibigay buhay sa tula,
    Tula na binibigyang buhay ng isang manunulat.
    Kaya kung nais mo ma'y mawala,
    Marami kang bagay na maaaring matanggalan ng halaga.

  • eventhefoglifts 37w

    How to grieve a stranger. Community gatherer. Space holder. Hand squeezer. How to mourn a soul you did not know. Bible thumper. Jesus lover. Hand raiser. Prayer. How to let the sadness in. Holy ghost. Going home. Rapture. How to swallow being human on the days where even the blood of Christ can’t bring you back to yourself. Peace seeker. Hope bringer. Delivered.




  • spalymo1002 37w


    Dont go.
    I want you to stay.
    Dont listen to the whispers
    That lead you astray.
    Dont focus on the negatives
    Thats the enemies games
    Listen to your Creator.
    He never forsakes.


  • praveenthapaa 37w

    Suicide Awareness

    There is help and hope if you seek it and stay connected. I am here to say life is definitely worth living, even when it feels cold, it is warm somewhere.

    I wish that for you, and me, for many years to come.

    Life's beautiful

  • imaniemonique 37w

    Being the sole tenant of your mind can be dangerous
    You live in your thoughts
    & what should be a safe space, can often feel like a battle field.
    A battle filled with intense controllable, control over you...
    Your mind,
    & the things it comes up with, is like playing Russian roulette with your sanity.
    The chamber,
    that is your mind is turning...
    You feel a pit in the back of your throat...
    While laughing and putting on a show for the world (POW!) ONE TO THE HEAD!!
    -You flinched; "Keep smiling" you tell yourself
    (POW!) Ha!! Almost!!
    (POW!) "Just get through the day..."
    (POW!) "Don't break!"
    (POW!) "No one sees I'm dying inside!"
    Where do you take cover?
    Where do you find solace?
    Do you continue to rage this silent but deadly war alone like so many countless others?
    Get out...
    Get out of your mind & seek refuge in your heart.
    Home is where the heart is,
    You don't want to live in your thoughts,
    It's not safe there...
    Find peace in your strength.
    There is beauty and solitude in your ability to fight on...
    ...SO FIGHT ON!!
    Evacuate your current residence & work hard everyday to find your way home ❤
    -Imanie Monique

  • eventhefoglifts 37w

    If you feel like an earthworm flooded from your home. If you feel like you are drowning because today the rain has given you more than you can handle. Stay. Let me scoop the soil from your lungs so you can breathe again. Let me tell you that you are a most glorious picture show when the lightning flashes across your skin. Stay. The thunder is clapping for you. What a life to celebrate. Stay. It is not your turn to nourish the trees. It is not your time to turn to the sky with the birds. The sun is waiting for you on the other side of tomorrow. Stay.


  • susiewp 37w

    Not wanting to wake up alive the next day.. A rather wonderful and deep sleep cz she was too tired after having to deal with the day.. Yet too tired to wake up the next morning.. Too tired to eat although she is terribly hungry.. Just getting up, and getting dressed drains her down.. She just wants to sit in a corner, crying (she doesn't even know, why), but she has to drag herself out.. She drags on her life - one day at a time, wondering if its worth it.. She finds no interest in the autumn leaves leaves and the endless blue sky as she walks to her work.. Everything is dull.. Including her work which she had once craved for.. The little kids she once enjoyed playing with, around her, holds no happiness for her now.. She knows she just has to drag herself, an hour at a time, till its 6.. She doesn't remember to have food or water.. She is relieved when it's finally 7 30, her work is over.. But she is irritated too.. Work had kept her numb.. Again that feeling of having to drag on day after day seeps into her.. She drags herself back home.. Forces herself to eat some food.. Replies to some of the pending texts and calls she couldn't take.. Thinks if she should reach out to people to ask for help but doesn't have the energy to put that effort.. Gives up.. Cries.. Screams.. Tries to sleep.. Finally drinks herself unconscious..

    Waking up.. Getting dressed.. Going to work.. Return home.. Some food.. Some TV series.. Some more work.. Sleep.. Repeat.. Something we all do.. Everyday.. EFFORTLESSLY..

    On some of these effortless days, let's give a look around us.. Is it that effortless for everyone around us? Someone comes up to you and tells you she is depressed.. You go on to have an elaborate discussion on how depressed you too are.. Cz you probably had been scolded at work yesterday or sad about some other thing.. She quietly listens, replies appropriately.. Finally walks away..

    Let's all understand depression first.. Depression is not sadness.. Depression is the inability to be happy.. Inability to enjoy.. You are sad, but you still enjoy good music, right? But good music is just noise to her.. You are sad but you still go out to eat that favourite preparation of chicken.. She can't even imagine putting that much effort.. You are sad but you want to talk to your friends about it.. You are willing to do something to get out of it.. She isn't simply willing.. She wants to end that sadness by ending her life.. So let's not make depression a trend saying "I am also depressed" in an attempt to eliminate the taboo, but rather make an effort to reach out to people like her and guide her in getting out of it..

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    Depression is not sadness.. Depression is the inability to be happy.. Inability to enjoy.. You are sad, but you still enjoy good music, right? But good music is just noise to her.. You are sad but you still go out to eat that favourite preparation of chicken.. She can't even imagine putting that much effort..


  • chelscanc 38w

    In Memory

    Imagine a heart.
    Not the valentines day shaped heart.

    An anatomical heart.

    You imagine it beating dutifully.
    You imagine it thriving when in love.
    You imagine it providing life to the body around it.

    But you don't imagine it slowing down, millisecond by millisecond.
    Then stopping completely.

    Imagine lungs.

    You imagine smooth breaths when calm.
    You imagine quick breaths with movement.
    You imagine them filling with air and providing life to the body around it.

    But you don't imagine the breaths becoming more shallow.
    You don't imagine them gasping for air.
    You don't imagine them airless, empty, and done for.

    Imagine a brain.

    You imagine happy thoughts running through it.
    You imagine it telling your body to move and function to get you through the day.
    You imagine it dreaming of loved ones fingertips across your skin.
    You imagine it providing life to the body around it.

    You don't imagine it telling you this is it.
    You dont imagine it telling you there's no where else to go.
    You don't imagine it telling you life isnt worth living.
    And you don't imagine it telling your finger to pull the trigger.

    And then you're gone.

    Now imagine the people who love you.
    And their brains receiving the news you're gone.
    Their lungs shallow and short with desperate breaths just to breathe you in one last time.
    And their heart rampant with heartbreak and confusion and pain
    Knowing nothing they can do to bring you back.

    The finality of death lays heavily upon them.
    Its permanence aching in their bones.
    Left with memories that will fade with time and the terrifying idea of losing them.

    We're broken.
    But you were more.
    And we never saw you falling apart.

  • darbyashby 39w


    This one word is used as a joke. Go kill yourself is used so casually. This action affects so many but is passed over like an overreaction. We pass off the blame. We pass off the guilt.

    It's the thoughts and wishes and regrets...the if onlys that we have left after someone commits suicide. The if only I helped, if only I thought to care more, if only I said this instead, if only someone else showed they meant something. We only have those if onlys and those are wishes, regrets that we have left, the guilt that we have because we did nothing before because we thought we had time.
    But the thing is we all play a small part in everything, our actions do have consequences, our decisions create a butterfly effect. We may not directly cause one to lose all faith in life and feel as if suicide is the only answer, to feel life isnt worth it anymore, to feel it's the only way through the pain is to end it.

    Sadly we as a society dont want to acknowledge someone's elses darkness, someone elses depression, someone elses brokenness. We try to tell ourselves after the fact we tried. We try to convince ourselves. We dont do it when we need but. because of aftermath of this tragedy we need to feel better about ourselves. If we never waited maybe just maybe we could make even a sliver of a difference not for us, not for our peace of mind, but to help save a life.