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    वसंत ऋतु

    तुम वसंत की तरह आना,
    मैं पत्तियों की तरह दूँगी साथ तुम्हारा ।।
    तुम चलती हवा में थोड़ा सा गुनगुना..
    मैं पंक्तियों की तरह दूँगी साथ तुम्हारा।।
    जब चलेंगे हम साथ -साथ,
    तुम हाथ मेरा थाम लेना ..
    मैं जिन्दगी भर दूँगी साथ तुम्हारा!


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    Toota ayna ( broken mirror)

    Mera Jeena hai ab us sapne tak,
    Jo Dekha Mene khudko bikharne tak,
    Uske baad hai Sab muqammal,
    Bas shayad hi hoga uske baad koi pal,
    Khali hai meri Yeh jholi,
    Rang toh hote hi hai, jaise Ho holi,
    Bas Mujhe unki baate rang degi thodi.

    Na rahegi koi shikayat Ankhein moondne par,
    Aur Yeh kisi ki shikayat na ho jaye yahi hai dar,
    Khair Jee raha hu apne saanso me,
    Warna me toh reh gaya un lakdiyo me,
    Jo jalenge ab mere jeene se,
    Lekin janaze par na rona mere,
    Jab na hi the tum kehlane ko mere.


    My life is devoted to that dream,
    Which I saw till I was weakened to bones,
    After that, completes everything,
    Leaving no moment for my life later,
    My bag is empty yet,
    But there are colors like the one's in 'Holi'
    Alas! I got covered by their camouflaging words.

    It won't be the same once I close my eyes,
    And I hope people won't complain even for it,
    Well I live in the breathes,
    Otherwise I was remained in the pyre,
    Now Burning as I live more,
    Don't worry, don't cry on my funeral,
    When I didn't belong to you all anymore.

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    Toota ayna


  • nixiefiksi 5d

    Summer's love
    Warming, bright sun
    Delightful like your smile..

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    This is the fifth out of seven letters. This is a continuation of the first three letters. You can read them at #wbltsagent

    In this letter I refer to the 'Imaginary Prisons', which is a series of art prints by Venetian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi. I've included an image of the first print for those who are curious in #fifthletterinfo

    This is long and I'm not sure if it makes sense, but yeah, did my best. ��

    Happy reading ��

    @writersbay many thanks for hosting this fantastic challenge. It's been a wonderful experience ������

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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    -The fifth letter, found in an open prison cell-

    To Oblivion,

    Some letters don't deserve sweet endearments. I have called you 'dear', have named you 'beloved' and I have declared you as a 'treasure'.

    But never have I addressed you as wholly mine.

    Today, I call you mine, in every sense of the word, because it is the day I have decided to be yours.
    Or rather, be you.
    Well, I guess those are just semantics.

    Thus, I name you Oblivion.
    My Oblivion, or your Oblivion?

    I'm beginning to understand that they are the same thing.
    You are no longer the ethereal stranger of a winter night, for when I show you a piece of my soul, you show me a piece of your own, as well.

    One day, I will find out who you are.
    Not yet, though. Right now, I'm busy tasting Oblivion.

    Here's the thing.
    Change is HARD.

    I never understood how difficult a process, metamorphosis was.

    Never did I consider the sheer amount of pain that Winter goes through in order to become Spring.

    I used to think stagnation was the only kind of prison.
    But not all prisons are blessed with the safety of four walls and a barred window.

    Change is the most ruthless jailer, for he wields Oblivion, instead of Chains.

    When you are in the prison of Oblivion and Change, you begin to crave the manacles, because they will keep you tethered. The bite of cold iron will cut your wrists, but what is a little blood, compared to the systematic break down of the life you built?

    We humans hold on to things so tightly, with no consideration to whether those things are good or bad for us. Maybe that's the only thing we know.

    And now, you've broken me out of one prison, and put me in another.

    I feel as if I'm a wanderer in Piranesi's Imaginary Prisons.
    There is no sense of time or direction. I'm simply drunk on vertigo.
    No warmth, no cold.
    The only thing I can feel is me, tearing down parts of my soul, opening doors, letting fresh air in to the musty rooms.

    The wide hallways echo with the cries of ghosts. They are the remnants of 'what had been's and 'what would have been's. Perhaps my own ghosts are here. Maybe your ones as well.

    But all prisons do have an ending, and that suggests that there is another beginning as well.

    After all, the end of an end is another beginning.

    With hope,
    A wanderer in search of beginnings.


  • a_gentilischi 1w

    Since seven letters are going to be written, I decided to write them as a continuous series. So give your thoughts on this. ��
    And, it's best if the first two letters are read beforehand. You can find them under #wbltsagent
    Happy reading ��

    Much love out to @writersbay for this amazing challenge that pushes our limits. ������

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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    @writersnetwork @writersbay
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    -The third letter, left where spring meets summer-

    Treasured Summer,

    Can I call you Summer?
    You never told me your name, and well, this is what I've been calling you in my head. I hope you don't mind.

    At first it was because, when we met on that winter night, you looked so out of place. Only later did I realise that you weren't wearing any winter gear, even though it was freezing. I'm still not sure if you were a hallucination of an angel.

    Now I call you Summer, because you are MY summer.
    You're the inexorable force that drives my winter in to Spring, then, right in to your open arms.

    My dearest, you are the breeze that gave wings to my last letter.
    You are the sun that kisses the snow covered mountain tops, to make them lush and green.
    You chase away the barrenness that is the mistress of the dark cold.

    You, Summer, are the essence that I want to drown in, till every pore of my frostbitten body is suffused with the warmth of hope, till my body and soul are overflowing with it.

    But first I have to reach you.

    You reached out to me that first time. A child of summer, full of life, what were you doing crying on a winter night? Why did you taint yourself with the blizzards of vitriolic hatred?

    Was it for me?

    Winter has barely ended for me. But Spring is coming, I know it is. I can feel it in the way my heartbeat quickens, like the earth awakening from the slumber. My thoughts are stirring tentatively, like bulbs of daffodils, shivering in anticipation, exhilarated, and on the cusp of blooming.

    Darling, I know that summer doesn't last forever, but will you wait for me?

    Wait till the last traces of frost melt and I grow back sprigs of fresh leaves. Don't leave me until I'm heavy with blossom, a vision out of the riverbanks that Monet painted.

    Stay until my spring transcends in to the glorious summer of your embrace.

    My heart will meet yours at the place where Spring meets Summer.

    With love,
    Your Winter that is turning in to Spring


  • ciara1 2w

    I can not wait until summer. By Ciara Webb

  • beckiejordan 2w

    peaches on a summer evening

    getting high by the beach,
    his teeth, the bite, my peach.
    the juice, his smile and jawline.
    an essential of mine,
    he's breathing with his head on my shoulder,
    we're watching the dusk,
    it's getting colder,
    he pulls me closer, and finally,
    i don't have to wear my mask.

  • sarahrachelea 2w

    It's never a winter
    It's a sleeping summer


  • lavender_lizzy 3w

    I wrote this poem for a school project and decided to share it here! The assignment was we had to write a poem on the four seasons.
    #winter #summer #spring #autumn #schoolassignment #seasons

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    The summer rays shone down in the northern hemisphere as the axis tilted towards the sun
    The air was hot and bees were buzzing, the grass was a luscious green
    Kids were running around, splashing in the clear, blue waters of the ocean
    Skys were blue, the sun was blazing, but in the southern hemisphere all was different

    While the sun was shining in the northern hemisphere snow is falling in the southern hemisphere
    The rotation of the Earth turned blazing heat into windy cold air,  green grass to a blanket of white
    Cold filled the air, the winds were wild and they chilled and bite
    The bees and birds were gone, the world was white, as quick as winter came it was gone again

    Flowers bloomed and the vernal equinox started today in the northern hemisphere
    Birds chirped, daffodils filled the fields, and the air smelled fresh
    Children danced in the fields and wished on dandelions, blowing them away in the wind afterwards
    The world was bright, children laughs filled the air and everyone knew that spring was here

    The autumn equinox came around as leaves turned yellow, red, and brown
    Sweater weather came, pumpkin spiced lattes got bought, the season for autumn is surely here
    The air is crisp and cool, trees leaves fell to the ground and they blew through the wind
    The cold breeze blew and everyone knew that autumn was surely here

    Seasons change, every year, all four come and go
    Spring, sunshine, autumn, and winter, this is how each year has to go
    One is down, the next came, repeating, repeating every time
    Weather changing, fresh air, bright sun, crisp leaves, white snow, that is how the year goes

  • shubham_20 5w

    Garmee main itne hot hote hai ki describe nahi kar sakte hai


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    21 Jan 21
    05:24 pm
    Thank you so much for the kind repost @writersnetwork

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  • sproutedseeds 5w

    Summer season is a picnic time to rejoice with family as it is vacation time for kids and also relatives visiting each other.

    Evenings are planned to be spent by many
    families, to get relieved from the heat,
    go to the beaches and sea shore to enjoy the
    Zephyr winds blowing all over with kids
    enjoying the rides, the water, eateries etc

    Some step into the water for the first time.
    That fear that joy is priceless.
    Then all of them sitting and eating yummy
    snacks, melting ice cream..........
    This joy is endless..............


    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️

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    SUMMER season

    S tanding at the shore in the evening
    U ltimate happiness in the water
    M elting ice creams to enjoy
    M unching pop corns
    E ating snacks sitting on a mat
    R eflection of the sunset on the water.


  • karenallen284 5w

    Sunshine filtering through my windows,
    Until it's really late.
    My thoughts forever wandering
    Marveling almost always at my fate.
    Excited about the next chance of seeing you so that we can resume
    Refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves.

  • landagedream 5w

    My Favorite Season

    Summer, cause I'm a baby born in June

    Under the moon, I like to sit, when it rises

    Make a wish under the stars, that are so close and so far

    Marvel at another year that alive, brings tears to my eyes

    Eternal grateful for the day, I wake early or late to

    Ready for the barbecue, I believe it starts at two


  • roel_gonz 5w

    I was breath away
    from turning my heart
    into cold winter day,
    but you came
    to warmth slowly,
    crept into my skin
    crawling into my bone
    through my soul.
    Deep down through
    my desires
    A storm of emotions
    Joyous tears trickle
    down to my cheeks.
    Summer season turns
    my love for you
    Burned my passion
    with affectionate embrace

  • accalias_memoirs 6w

    Summer lovers

    Warm summer,
    young lovers.
    Together a cold rushing rain.
    Tangled in each other's worlds,
    The warmth has never been this great.
    The summer wind carried the smell of love.
    For it was the summer that drove them mad with love.
    Love. Laughter. A tear here or two.
    Singing and kissing, dancing and running.
    The meadows witnessed a lot more of life.
    The summer went by, but the warmth of that summer will never run out of their veins,
    For it was the summer of their dreams.


  • james_taumas 6w


    Cracked and thirsty
    Merciless sun
    Strips and burns
    Green memories fade
    Livestock cry
    Carcasses lay baking
    Crops become tinder
    Clouds tease hope
    Rain never falls
    Farmers say a prayer
    Sacrifices unrewarded.


  • himayan_writes 7w

    You are ink flooding out on paper each night.
    You are the poetry I write.

    I struggle with your rhyme sometimes.
    Unmatched syllables, scratched out lines.

    You are monotonous and tedious at times
    Or completely out of rhyme.

    The wrong metre drives me mad.
    When I try to fix, it turns out bad.

    No matter what.

    Whether you rhyme or you don't.
    In the end I am happy the way you are.
    I'll always know you by heart.
    Even when you are away somewhere very far!



  • uttkarsh_15 7w

    FIRE AND ICE (Seasons)

    The paradoxical seasons,
    Let us crave for both,
    The Fire and the ice ,
    Are the nature's Balancing pattern of cloth,
    The winter let us crave for the fire,
    We shiver in the fogs,
    We Hope for a warm coffee,
    A nice blanket
    Or a bornfire with friends
    We always desire,
    Where sunlight is not less than the god's ray,
    The kids sometime plays,
    Or wait for the man with sleigh,
    Some work in snow in the weather too hazy,
    Some are not even able to ,
    Get themselves a cup of water,
    Maybe because they are too lazy,
    The summer is just the totally reverse ,
    But for the winter lovers it's a kind of curse,
    Like I get in sweat on my hands all over when I write something,
    The same sunlight feels like the queen bee's sting,
    But the people love the hot chai even in summers,
    Just like the car lover's love their favourite hummers,
    Where icecream is the kids joy ,
    It's the way that they truly enjoy ,
    The fire and ice are just 2 sides of coin,
    One travels a leap,
    Afterwards another rejoins.....

  • shunya_ananta 4w


    The sweet smell in the air,
    Everytime the wind blows,
    That sweet smell comes and goes.
    It keeps you wanting for more.
    It leaves you with an inexplicable curiosity,
    Where does it come from?
    Where does it go?
    My mind keeps wandering to make sense
    of its essence,
    There are others that take its place,
    There are other fragrances,
    but none can captivate my mind,
    As this one does.
    And now that it's gone,
    I wait patiently in the hope
    That it will come back again.