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  • meaner_than_your_ex 1d

    Heya Guys! So I'm now Back with my Awfulness and Scribbles. Hopefully I get you all Thinking about Everything I Write here and Get You Light and Sassier. I'm Now Perfectly Fine. Survived Two Suicidal Points. Got Rid off last remaining Balance of The Past. So here I am. Writing without a Care about what anyone who reads shall Say, Coz I write not to Please but Make thee Feel.

    - Me ��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    #Writersnetwork #Mirakee #comeback #surviving #struggles #overcame #beattheodds #survivor

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    My Comeback.

    I hope I Find Everything I Looked in Thee,
    Because you,
    My Dear...
    Didn't take me Serious. Back Then.


  • mackruis 3w

    Keep growing stronger and stronger, there isn't a energy that can be used to boost you up than staying stronger and surviving...
    Your paths will always fetch you a perfect destination with all your effort's.....


  • suhaaaaana 5w

    Curse - II

    It was 5 in the morning
    Dawn with dead black hues..
    But only the golden broken line in the universe which was lost in the bruise ..
    Each breathe i took was a favour ,
    To the person ruling us known as the "Creator"
    I sat near the cliff ,
    With flipping the pages all through in a whiff ..
    Hard to fight from my own voices ..
    Harder to stop as my heart wants it !
    Finding an escape I sat on the edge of the cliff..
    To end the curse and finish over the sins !
    I fell apart as a victim of denial ,
    It seemed so but it wasn't betrayal !
    My last few wishes were fading away..
    from the tears of the "Creator"
    Known as rain..
    Showers and snow covered my diary ,
    But somehow i saw one of them in a fiery..
    Engraved as so ,
    "To see the eyes of my aurora once before i go"
    The universe would cry that dawn..
    On which a curse will be dead n never will be found !

  • _adiana_ 6w

    ~Blue Moon~

    She was my
    blue moon
    who dazzled in the dusk
    for whom I survived
    all the darkest nights.

  • suhaaaaana 6w

    A Dead Fairytale !

    Sitting beside my window..Hoping to change the world
    Hoping to live that moment once before I stand near my death swirl..
    Frozen glass and wind chime is all left to stare
    The death messengers look at me and challenge me for a dare..
    Nothing could get more worse..Not so strong enough to scream ..Numb and still waiting for a miraculous dream ! A dream to come true , So to feel again ..
    The snowflakes which once indulged in my heart
    Is vanished and torn apart..
    Showers of blessings is all i need ,
    To get through the devils which are left unseen.
    Branches seems pale , The leaves all frail ..
    Its the time of the year again..
    The midst and fog wraps me around ..
    In the lonely roads that i walk on !
    Pale enough to seize , My body feels dead freeze !
    I feel my chest being winded with the pain that once made me calm .
    I walk and fall , To climb the cliff
    Maybe its the time to jump and finish it all in a whiff !

  • hopespeaks 7w

    Heart left

    When everyone left
    my heart packed her bags and left too
    She was tired of waiting for me to find love
    Trapped beneath a burnt hallow tree
    I found solace in the snow
    The winter was filled with chaos and cold
    Free what was left of my soul
    I survived empty and bare
    Bleeding blood for tears
    my heart wanders searching for a worthy soul to call home
    I was still broken and wounded
    Feed on the earth’s energy to stay sane
    Every breath was a high
    Slow and gradual high
    Detaching me from reality
    I lived in hiding from my fears
    In pursuit of the heart lost
    The road was narrow and lonely
    my feet bruised and naked
    Frostbite on my vocal cord
    Silent but screaming
    The need to be heard was bigger than the fear to dead
    So i screamed my loudest in silence
    Pushing my lips beyond its limits
    a white lonely crow found my runaway heart
    Brought her back to me
    The separation made me realize
    Heartless or not
    I can survive

  • skypan 8w

    Gehetzt rennen wir über die modrigen Felder unseres Selbst. Damit beschäftigt, nicht auf den schleimigen Fetzen der Erinnerung auszurutschen, verpassen wir den Anfang vom Jetzt, den Absprung in's Sein.
    Wir schauen uns um. Doch bevor wir uns fragen können was los ist und uns unsere Beine noch weiter tragen, verziehen sich die Gesichter zu einer Fratze und die Maskerade beginnt.
    Ein Drahtseilakt der Fädenzieher und der Puppenspieler-Die Gastgeber des Balls.
    Schwankend, ohne Wissen was Vernunft und Recht, stehen wir auf dem Kopf, mit beiden Beinen an der Decke.

  • jinxtheworld 9w

    I can see the pattern
    It's not etched into words, not
    the visible ones anyways.
    A cycle on repeat, full of
    cracks, calling me
    many names.
    The Soul is alive and so is
    my mind,
    prepared to be tortured amidst
    this life
    Harsh whispers in the dark
    and in the light, as it's
    the only thing that's
    fine nowadays.
    A trail of leaves lies ahead,
    ready to face the wetness all
    over again.
    You and me, in the World
    destined to lose and never win
    this game.


  • nickye 10w


    I wish I could disappear.
    They make me feel like I'm not enough.
    Or like I'm too much.
    I wish it would be easy.
    To just say it.
    And not be.
    I wish I could disappear.
    So I can stop being hurt.
    There is no issues.
    I'm just stading here
    Waiting that something will change
    I'm frozen in time.
    I'm a ghost to myself.
    I'm already dead.
    What could even change?

  • crissi 10w

    A love letter to every child who survived sexual abuse.
    #broken #ptsd #abuse #sexualabuse #selfcare #healing #fear #surviving #childhoodtrauma #diary #thoughts

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    Dear Suvivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

    I dont know you but I know what you've been through. You know what he did to you. When you were just a little child, he touched you in places he had no right to touch. For that, I am so sorry. I am so sorry you had to experience what it was like to be an adult when you were still only a little child. I am so sorry that you will always carry that experience with you. I am so sorry that even though it was his actions, you have to live with the consequences. He sexually abused you. I dont know how many times it happened or what he did to you .. but I hope you know these things.
    I hope you know that you did not deserve that. You did not deserve what he did to you. Not then, not now and not ever.
    I hope that whenever it haunts you, you remind yourself that it was not your fault. In no way, was it or will it ever be your fault. You were betrayed in one of the most brutal ways by someone who you should have been able to trust. You were only a child. You were innocent. And yes, he may have robbed you of your childhood and your innocence but you are not to blame for that. What he did, that's on him. Not you. What he did to you, doesnt have to define you. You are so much more than that man who could not keep his hands to himself. You are so much more. It is not your identity. It is his; he is a child molester, pedophile, rapist. That's his label. But for you, you are capable of being whatever you dream of and the beautiful thing is you will always be a survivor. You survived and for that I am so proud of you. I am proud of you. You are an incredibly brave person. I admire you for that. I dont know who it was to you- to me it was my grandfather so as someone who has experienced similar trauma, never allow anyone to minimize what happened to you. What you feel is justified. I see you. I see your pain and fear and wounds. You aren't alone. I will pray for you, I will hold you in my heart and hope you find healing. I believe you can heal from this. Even when it feels like you cant, remember i believe you can. I hope you know that despite what he did to you, there is one thing he can never take away from you and that is your worth. You are worth so much, you are worth the entire world and more. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of happiness. You are worthy of healing. You are worthy of safety. What he did can never diminish your worth. I hope you never forget that. You have a right to your own body even if he made you feel like you didnt, you do. I hope you love your body even though he taught you not to. You are worthy to be loved by yourself.
    I hope you know that in no way is what he did okay or deserving of forgiveness. You have a right to never want to see him again. Do not allow people to tell you how you should act, you decide what happens now. Never feel the need to apologize for the ways you heal what he hurt. I hope you know you are not alone. I hope you know that you are still beautiful. I hope you know that you can save yourself. You possess the strength to get through this. The journey that lays ahead of you is long and it will be tough but you are so much stronger than you think you are.

    Love from someone who gets it. Xx

  • crissi 10w

    False Sense of Hope

    Too scared;
    To love.
    To trust.
    To try.
    To touch.
    It's too much.
    It's your face,
    But his hands.
    It's my heart;
    Black and blue.
    Broken and bruised.
    Building walls,
    Too tall to get in.
    Isolating myself.
    Left alone.
    In the dark,
    Slipping away -
    Into the abyss.


  • queenofdeath 12w

    I was so busy loving you that I forgot I needed love too.

  • jaxzombie 14w

    It's to all of you who are in their 20s (like me) figuring out life.

    @mirakee #life #20s #surviving

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    In 20s

    A restless heart dreaming at midnight
    Still keeping their broken dreams together
    Work piling up and tired eyes
    looking for a home.
    The great riddle called 'life' you're still figuring out, and,
    years passing in conundrum.
    At the edge of breaking apart, you try to break through
    smiles on your faces still anew.
    Everything's a mess, in and out,
    There are worries and there are doubts.
    Even if at times you think about quitting,
    Hold on, there's time, and, life still has a meaning.

  • melody_ 16w

    She once told me she was sorry,
    For the fact that she was alive.
    I never truly understood why,
    You would be sorry you survived.

    So I listened to her story,
    Of heartbreak and tears,
    Incompetence and insecurity,
    And her voice no one would hear.

    And then I told her a different story,
    A story made of hope and love,
    I spoke to her of a future,
    Where she could be anything she dreamed of.

    When you're sad and heartbroken,
    And you don't have anything to give,
    Speak of your future,
    That will become your will to live.
    #poetry #poems #love #living #surviving #hope #sorrow #willtolive #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    "Will To Live"

  • near_lane7 16w


    Why battle your demons
    When reality gets you down
    Survival instincts will save you
    And will top you
    With a bravery crown


  • veloc1ty_ 16w


    Been experiencing a series of bad events
    My life's a great tragedy
    But I'm still breathing,surviving, not for myself
    But for my family

  • crissi 11w

    Survived the war,
    Recovering now.
    #ptsd #fear #surviving #trauma #thoughts #poetry

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    Living with the Trauma

    I fantasize about people in the most unimaginable ways.
    I pretend that they are coming to hunt me down
    I never quite understood it until I stumbled upon the epiphany...
    If it were people, who haunted me, maybe I would have the chance of survival.
    The problem is, it isn't people.
    Its alive and it's in my mind.
    It's the memories of you and I.

  • sometimestheworstme312 18w

    I find it funny

    How you say one thing,
    But then switch of plans.
    You start thinking again and again and again,
    And you dont ever stop, you are stuck. Just like me
    And you have to live with that, we have to live with that.
    Dont you understand?
    You see, im only surviving because i fought for my freedom. But you,
    I dont know if youll survive, i guess well have to wait and see, wont we?
    Its your time, your turn.

    "May the tragedies mark the words of Art"


  • autumnwillow 18w

    I’ve been depressed for so long...
    I don’t know how to tell
    if my smile is real or faked anymore.
    Am I actually happy?
    Or have I been acting for so long
    that it’s become second nature to smile,
    even when I don’t mean it?
    My mask is bright...
    but when I look at my life,
    I see only darkness.

  • _ashes 18w

    Lone wolf

    You see me independent,
    A lone wolf, away from the pack.
    I stand tall and indifferent,
    but things aren't always how they seem.
    Independence was not an option,
    but a tool for survival.
    For everyone is not privileged enough
    to find people they can depend on.