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  • miss_cancer 10w


    A sweet story with a sweetheart and another
    Both met by accident
    Got together by accident
    Such sweet incident how could be an accident
    Life love fairytale
    Then comes a witch
    A beautiful picture with perfect smile
    But heart with squid ink
    Painted their life black
    Black as darkest night in no moon day
    Their love got their first yellow card
    Sweetheart stayed calm another didn’t noticed
    Sweetheart started realizing
    Another started messing along with missing
    Sweetheart couldn’t take everything
    Flushes everything
    But another didn’t even believed didn’t even noticed
    That he broke sweetheart down to her knee
    After all sweetheart got apart with her another half
    That was her only part which held her heart
    She separated but left her there only
    Another grew his own half never turned back nor forth
    Went straight for another fairytale.....